The Stepbrother
"So Kagome.what's new?" asked my best friend Sango Shinju.

" Mom's getting married." I said.

"REALLY? Who is the guy? Does he have children?"

"well, the guy's name is Inuyoukai Inabikari. (a/n: lets see.translation: Dog Demon Lightning.hmmm). And yes.he has a son.about a year old than me."

"Inabikari? Is his son Inuyasha Inabikari?"

"Umm..I think so.why?" I asked, wondering how Sango knew my soon-to-be stepbrother.

"Well.he goes to a school about 5 miles from here. I've heard LOTS of nasty rumors about him!"

"Uh oh..what.have you heard?"

"Well..I don't know if any of them are true.but I've heard he's gone to jail."

"For doing what?"

"Killing someone."

"Oh boy! Sango! This Inuyasha guy is going to be my new stepbrother! I hope those rumors aren't true!!!"

"Let's hope so," Sango said before hanging up.
My mother's wedding was in a month.I had better find out if those rumors were true!

~*the next day at school~*

I decided to ask around my school about Inuyasha.first the students. I walked around a bit and found one of my friends.

"Hey, Aki!"

"Hey, Kagome" said Aki cheerfully.

"have you by any chance heard of a guy going to a neighbooring school named Inuyasha Inabikari?"

"oh! That one? The one that broke into the bank and stole all that money?"

"umm.I don't know. But you have heard of him?"

"of corse I have! Who hasn't?"

Moving right along I spotted another one of my friends.but this friend happened to have a crush on me.*Sigh*.well I at least I knew he'd give me the info if I needed it! "Hey Hojo!" I said.slightly unenthusiastically.

"Hey Higurashi!" he said.I've kinda gotten used to it but ive always wondered why he always incisted on calling me by my last name instead of my first name.oh well.

"Have you heard of a guy going to another school name Inuyasha Inabikari?"

"Yea.that one who killed his mother?"

"Umm.I don't know, Hojo.sure."

.*Sigh*.this was getting unbelievable! All ive heard from him is horrible things that he's SUPPOSEDLY (that's the key word here folks!) done..i was getting pretty scared!

So at dinner that night I decided to ask my mom.since I thought she would know the truth.after all she is marrying the guy's father!