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Her phone at her ear, bare-footed, Karen was pacing accross her livingroom.

« Come on, David, come on... » She mouthed through clenched teeth.

The man finally picked up his own phone and she hold back a sigh of relief. She felt just as restless as if her blood was boiling in her veins.

« Karen ? »

He sounded surprised and perhaps a little anxious, or maybe it was just her that was projecting her own worry.

« Why are you calling ? Did something happen ? »

She smiled bitterly. Fuck, a normal person would have probably assume she just wanted to chat, or maybe to invite them over for dinner or anything unharmful like that. But that was their lives ; unexpected calls, especially late in the evening, always meant bad news. You didn't come close to death as often as they had without adapting.

« Yes, David... yes, something did happen. »

She inhaled sharply and ran her hand through her blonde hair, attempting to steady herself.

« It's Frank. Some men I was investiguating on, they took him, they beat him, they are threatening to kill him if I don't follow their instructions, and they said I can't call the police because the building is supervised and... »

« Wow, wow, wow, slow down Karen. First of all, I'm not sure I got this straight ; did those men really thought it was a good idea to, like, kidnapp Frank to get to you ? You're sure it's not the other way around ? »

She could have smile, maybe even chuckle, if she wasn't that freaked out.

« Apparently yes, they thought so. I think they might have drugged him or something, or... Look, David, all I know is that I saw a tape where he was tied up and gagged and some asshole has a gun pointed at his head. I don't think he'll be able to get out of it all by himself. »

« Okay... It probably feels like a stupid question, but are you sure this was real ? »

This time a small, unhappy giggle escaped her lips.

« Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure. They sent to me a... uh... one of his fingers with his, like, engagement ring, as you call it. »

Saying those words aloud brought her mind back to her macabre discovery and a wave of nausea hit her.

« Oh shit. Fuck. I'm sorry, Karen, I'm... »

She didn't want to hear that.

« David, I need your help. »

« Yeah, sure, of course. What can I do for you ? »

« I was just thinking you... you can still trace down Frank's phone, right ? »

« … Yes. Yes, I can. Wait a sec, I'm getting a hold at my computer. »

She heard footsteps, some words – probably at Sarah – and then the bipping of a computer.

« Don't tell Frank I still can do that, he asked me to turn it off weeks ago. »

« I think that's the least of our worries right now. »

She still felt kinda grateful, beacause she knew those words were trying to make her feel better despite the situation.

« Hum, yeah. Wait a bit more, Karen, it... here it is. You got a piece of paper ? »

« Mmh-mmh. »

David dictated an adress to her – the same as the one the men had given her, in the tape, asking her to come there to give them their register back. Were there really stupid enough to make her come at the same place Frank was in ? Well, she won't complain, since it would make things so fucking more easy for her...

« What are you planning to do now ? You're gonna call the police, right ? »

« Thanks for your help, David. »

« Wait, hold on ! What are you up to, Karen ? »

She didn't reply – she knew damn well the answer won't please him.

« Nothing restless, I hope, uh ? » He insisted.

« No... »

« Karen. Please, don't bullshit me. »

She sighed loudly.

« Fine, fine ! I'm going to get him back. »

« What ?! No, Karen, you can't do th- »

She hung up before he had the chance to say anything else, to try to make her change her mind. It would be pointless – it won't change, because she knew what she had to do.

She took a deep breath. Now was the time to act. She put her phone back in her skirt pocket, went to their bedroom, tied her hair up in a ponytail, put on some baskets, took a bag. She tossed in it a book who had the same size as the register they wanted to get back, along side with her beloved .380 and some ammos. She paused for a sec, reflexing on what else she had to take with her. She added the keys to Frank's basement, as they used to call it, the place where he kept his guns. She needed something more efficient than her pistol – luckily, now she knew how to use most of them.

As she was crossing their living room again, a spark of light reflecting on Frank's ring caught her eyes. She licked her lips, feeling sick again, then she put the jewel at her thumb – the only finger large enough so that it wouldn't slip – without looking for too long at the blood staining it.

Before exiting their flat, Karen put on her trench coat, because it was long enough to hide a lot of things – like a goddamn riffle – under it, then she slammed the door behind her.



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