The Spirit and The Man of Fire

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Name: Harding Fletcher

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215lbs.

Description: Caucasian, long black hair that goes down to the base of his neck slightly curled at his neck, dark yellow eyes, with a deep burly voice, fairly well toned body, a scar that goes across his right cheek starting from the back of his jaw up to the bridge of his nose. Has thick black stubble on his face.

Date of Birth: [CLASSIFIED]

Place of birth: [CLASSIFIED]

Gadget: FBCD-1 a device that cloaks his entire body to the point he is completely invisible when standing still he is more visible when moving because the cloaking unit doesn't have enough processing power to register and cloak movement on a massive scale. He becomes fully visible when firing his weapon.

Background: Fletcher grew up in [CLASSIFIED], he used to be a well renowned street racer people say that his driving skills were phenomenal. He had to stop racing after multiple law enforcement agencies were looking for him. After he gave up on his street racing career he started becoming a fighter in amateur MMA. When he turned 20 he joined the United States Army and sent through Ranger school he holds the skills of a leader. However his authority issue has caused him to fight tooth and nail for a better rank. He has also only been a squad leader twice in his career despite his ability to lead. He doesn't like to lead unless he is required to. His superiors may not like his attitude on the field or how he performs a task, but they cannot ignore that he gets results. His superiors have granted him the rank of Captain but they have forbade him from going higher in rank. He is mainly instated in a second in command position. He has exceptional skills with a long gun and his exceptional field craft. He was begrudgingly recommended to join the Delta Force, he would only accept the offer if his friend and spotter Mitchell Packston could come with him. His reputation has followed him his entire career and most commanders and other high ranking officers will not work with him unless they are under specific circumstances. It was a long and hard fight for Fletcher and Mitchell to be accepted into the Delta Force. He was put through much more training to earn the title of tier one operator. He specialized in [CLASSIFIED]. He has a strong distrust for the CIA and other intelligence communities. He refuses to filter himself when talking about these communities. Almost every commander he has worked for has recommended him for Rainbow. Mainly to get him out of their hair.

Psychological Profile: Fletcher is not afraid to tell the truth no matter the situation. He is very protective of those he cares about. Especially Mitchell Packston. His authority issue drives from his personal convictions. He has been written up multiple times for this issue. He isn't very open with those around him he primarily keeps to himself. He seems to be afraid to get close to anyone. He is very cautious when he is given intel from an intelligence agency. He will sometimes triple or quadruple check information from these agencies. He has PTSD, episodes are very bad mainly occur in his sleep. Suggest counseling. Packston claims that the PTSD is self inflicted based on the fact that he holds everything in and isn't trusting of people that are around him. He Finds working with tools therapeutic.

Training: Army Ranger school, [CLASSIFIED], SERE

Relevant experience: [CLASSIFIED]

Notes: Most of his files are blacked out

Name: Mitchell Packston

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 205lbs

Description: Caucasian, Short brown hair shaved on the sides and around the back of his head the top of his head has medium length hair generally styled in the front, ice blue eyes, a well-articulated voice, very toned body.

Date of Birth: [CLASSIFIED]

Place of Birth: [CLASSIFIED]

Gadget: Incendiary Grenades, these grenades are custom built to either burn entire rooms or breach reinforced walls, he only carries two of these grenades they are launched out of an M203 grenade launcher that is kept on his assault rifle.

Background: Mitchell was an orphan from birth he went from orphanage to orphanage until he was adopted at the age of ten. He was a trouble maker all throughout middle school consistently getting into fights and stealing, until His freshman year of high school when he met Harding Fletcher who was a year ahead of him in school. Fletcher essentially became his "big brother" and it caused Mitchell to change his ways. Mitchell joined the United States Army when he turned 19 he was sent through Ranger school. His superiors saw that he was very good at improvising and solving problems on the battlefield when things don't go according to plan. They also noticed he had extremely good skills at lock picking and breaking and entering. He also frowned upon by most of his superiors. He will back up Fletcher in every situation and this has caused most high ranking officers to deny him any advancement in rank. he has been stuck as a first lieutenant for many years. He was offered and accepted into the Delta Force alongside Fletcher. Mitchell was put in the same unit as Fletcher after being accepted into the Delta Force. He specialized in [CLASSIFIED].

Psychological profile: Mitchell does not like to talk about his life before high school. He can get impatient at times which can cause problems but is a very controlled individual overall. He is also very good at manipulating people. He blends in very well in social events no matter what type of people are around him. Unlike his counter part he is fairly high energy and is very friendly to most. Whether he is trusting of those around him is still unclear. He has suppressed some memories as he can't remember things that he had done in recent years according to Fletcher. Uses smoking as a coping mechanism.

Training: Army Ranger School, [CLASSIFIED], SERE

Relevant experience: [CLASSIFIED]

Notes: Mitchell and Fletcher are inseparable on and off the battlefield, most of his files have been blacked out

Side note for both operators: They have a stellar good guy bad guy interrogation technique. Both have extensive training in psychological warfare. Past C.O's (commanding officers) begrudgingly give high praise for the both of them. Both have worked specialist Jenson

Chapter one: A Walk in the City

May 1, 2018 0600 hours classified Forward Operations Base "Specter" Ramadi, Iraq

It was a warm day in Ramadi, Iraq as the Arabian sun started to peek over the horizon. Troops were moving all over the forward operations base with idle talk and camaraderie. It was peaceful even though terrorist were still in the city. A runner was sent to one of the trailers that the soldiers called home. A few knocks on the door and a reply

"it's open"

the runner entered the living quarters. The runner looked at the two men

"General Boyer wants to see First Lieutenant Packston and Captain Fletcher"

both stood up and nodded "thank you" said the Captain

The two men walked to the center of the base to meet with General Boyer

"I wonder what the old man has planned for us" Mitchell said with curiosity

Harding looked over and smiled "I bet we are keeping the peace" he made quotation marks in the air.

Mitchell looked at him and laughed some "smart ass"

they walked into the general's office and both saluted him before going at ease

Boyer looked at them "Good Morning gentlemen. You two are going on an intelligence and possible assassination mission we have received word that there are two high ranking ISIS leaders meeting with a White mask leader to join the White mask organization"

Harding let out a frustrated sigh "I'm getting tired of these ass wipes why the hell can't the C.I.A just find the HQ and nuke it?" Mitchell nodded in agreement.

Boyer gave a serious stare and replied "target location is this hotel, I understand your frustration and I know it's been a long tour but we have to do it." he slides a picture of the hotel across his desk "We don't know what to expect for security or ground troops from the other side so be ready for anything, the meet is at 15:00hrs"

Mitchell looked at the picture "So C.I.A is putting this on huh? Are there any dossiers on the targets?"

"Yes C.I.A gave us this intel and no there are not any dossiers dismissed gentlemen" Boyer replied

Mitchell and Harding replied in unison "yes sir" they saluted the general then walked to their living quarters so they could gather their gear

"what do you think I should take? The M40A5, the Barret, or the Ballista?" Harding looked to Mitchell for a reply

Mitchell thought to himself then responded "take the Ballista, If I were you I would also take the MDR as well"

Harding nodded and grabbed both rifles off the wall above his bunk and loaded them he pulled out his Kimber 1911 chambered in 9mm loaded and holstered it, Mitchell grabbed his ACR and mounted the grenade launcher on the weapon he pulled out a Berretta M9 and loaded it after both soldiers had their gear on and ready to go they got in the Humvee with Harding driving

"just like old times right Mitch?" Harding smiled referring to a past mission

Mitchell nodded with grin on his face "Only I remember you almost jumping out because your dumbass thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of drinks in the morning, and you wanted a jar of dirt like Jack Sparrow" Mitchell smiled

"hey, at least I don't get stuck in trees every time we have to air drop in somewhere." Harding smiled at his true statement. They both laughed reminiscing over old times.

30 minutes later Downtown Ramadi

They parked the Humvee in an alleyway behind an apartment complex a few blocks away from the target building Mitchell and Harding made their way to the 5th floor

"we will set up here" Harding said as he entered one of the apartments.

Mitchell nodded and he went out into the hall and set up trip wires and he put C4 into the walls and a few in the ceiling as the building was completely abandoned. Harding grabbed the table in the room and set it up in front of the window. He hung up sheets from the ceiling close to the table to cover the muzzle flash and he adjusted the curtains so the hotel could be seen by only him and Mitchell.

Mitchell walked back in "no one is going to be able to get to us from the hall way" He smiled.

1400 hours, Ramadi

"here put these on the windows so we can hear everything that is being said" Mitchell said as he handed Harding listen devices that could be shot out of a rifle Harding loaded the devices into his magazine and he shot them on to the hotel windows the every device sounded like a suppressed round even though there was no suppressor attached to the rifle.

"Listening devices are set" Harding said

Mitchell pulled out a tablet and activated them. "It sounds like there is a security force inside the building already." Mitchell said listening to the guards talk amongst themselves.

"Let's hope these assholes show up." Harding said scanning the building through his scope.

"Hey Mitch you see that second floor center window?" Harding said looking through his scope.

Mitchell grabbed his bino's (Binoculars) and looked through the window.

"What the fuck is that thing?" Harding asked

"it kind of looks like the bombs recovered from Bartlett." Mitchell replied.

"What the hell is that doing here? E.O.D should have destroyed those after they were defused." Harding said

"Call it in" Mitchell replied.

"Baseplate this is Reaper 0-1 we have a possible chemical weapon on site asking for orders." Harding called over the radio

"Reaper 0-1 C.I.A has confirmed that this is just a shell no chemicals are inside proceed with previous tasking orders." Boyer replied

"Roger 0-1 out" Harding took his left hand off the radio and put it back on the rifle

"How would the C.I.A be able to confirm that?" Mitchell asked not taking his eyes away from the binoculars.

"I don't know, I just hope this isn't a setup" Harding replied.

1430 hours F.O.B Specter

Meanwhile back at the base a Special chopper flew in and landed with the director of Rainbow stepped out and made her way over to General Boyer's office showing ID to all of the guards Boyer was sitting at his desk as he got an important message from the secretary of defense. He looked up from his desk to see the director of team Rainbow

"well you are the last person I would expect to show up here in this hell hole, what can I do for you miss?" Boyer asked intrigued

Six replied bluntly "I understand you have two Delta Force members under your command I would like to speak to them"

Boyer chuckled "very blunt" he noted to himself "yes I do have two Delta Force members under my command but they aren't here right now they should be back soon. Are you sure that they are the ones you want?"

"Yes I'm absolutely sure why might you ask that?" Six replied intrigued "how much of their files have you read?" Boyer asked "the parts that haven't been blacked out, why are you asking so many questions?" Six asked.

Boyer turned to his assistant "Corporal you need a cup of coffee" "yes sir" the corporal said hastily and he ran out of the office

"I'm asking so many questions because they are what's left of one of the most effective Delta Force teams which was Reaper team"

Six cocked her head in confusion "but they all died"

"that's what a lot of people thought. But the demolitionist and frontal assault guy made it out. D.O.D (department of defense), N.S.A (national security agency), and the C.I.A put them under my command to keep them in line and covert" Six looked at him intrigued.

At the forward command tent a voice cut through on the radio "Baseplate this is Reaper 0-1 we have confirmation that Farid Razar and his brother Zark Razar are on site asking permission to take out the targets" Harding said

"roger that 0-1 you have permission to take out the targets" Major Addison replied "Roger 0-1 out"

Apartment complex Ramadi

Harding lined up the shot on the brothers. "Mitchell give me the wind speed and distance"

"Targets are 1,000 yards wind speed 5 knots give a 2 ½ mil lead window is 2ft wide fire when ready"

Harding adjusted the scope. He took three large breaths and exhaled then fired taking the brothers out with one shot

"targets are down we need to get out of here before all hell breaks loose" Mitchell said packing up his gear Harding got up and he put his Ballista on his back and he loaded his Mark 11

"let's move we don't have much time" Harding said

They ran to the door and a flurry of bullets struck the door frame causing them to stumble back.

"FUCK" Mitchell yelled

he fell to the floor kicking the door shut. Harding put the couch against the door.

"We have to take the express elevator" Harding said as put his MDR on his back

"fuck I hate it when we do this" Mitchell said as he took steps back with Harding

They sprinted and jumped out the window down to a roof close by they rolled a few times

"go to the next building I'll cover you" Harding said

He cloaked himself and stood up while taking out two white masks before taking cover behind a roof access and returning fire.

"MITCHELL BLOW THE CHARGES!" Harding yelled as he took cover behind the roof access and reloaded.

Mitchell nodded and detonated the C4 the entire floor of the complex was destroyed. The entire city seem to fall quiet as the building creaked at the breeze of the wind and there was a loud snap. Harding and Mitchell looked at the building in awe wide eyed and the top of the building began to fall in their direction

"SHIIIIT, RUUUUUNNNN!" Mitchell yelled as they both sprinted as fast as they could they jumped from rooftop to rooftop. At the last building on the block they dropped down and ran inside of the house as apartment complex collapsed on top of the house.

F.O.B Specter

Six and Boyer were talking about team Rainbow and the CTU's involved, Boyer's Major came with a sitrep

"sorry to interrupt sir but we have situation."

Boyer looked up "What is it Major Addison?"

"Your team just dropped an apartment complex in the middle of city."

Boyer let out a stressed sigh "do we still have radio contact?"

"No sir we don't we are currently working on it"

"get it done and tell them to RTB the minute you reestablish communications. Get a Blackhawk airborne looking for them"

"yes sir."

After the Major left Boyer ran his hands over his bald head. "That's the third one this month"

Six looked at him "general I can't have people dropping buildings in my organization-"

Boyer cut Six off "This only happens when they need an escape or their hide was discovered and they didn't expect it because they always set up C4 and homemade tripwires to keep their hide safe but if you tell them not to set up counter measures they won't just give them a chance."

Boyer looked to Six who kept a serious look on her face.

1500 hours Downtown Ramadi

Mitchell and Harding got up off the floor coughing

"Get your mask on there was asbestos in the building" Harding said

reaching into his pack pulling out a mask that covered the lower half of his face which was a 3M 5000 series half facepiece respirator. He strapped it on as Mitchell did the same even the mask was the same. They walked out into the street that was covered in grey dust so thick it even blotted out the sun.

"Mitchell we need to find a vehicle" Harding said with his voice slightly muffled by the mask.

Mitchell nodded as they slowly walked the street not hardly being able to see two or three feet in front of them they walked slowly guns drawn. The city was so quiet a pen drop could be heard for miles.

Mitchell walked alongside Harding "I thought no one could sneak up on us?" Harding asked keeping his eyes forward

"well no they shouldn't have been but they must have found a way around the trip wires" Mitchell replied

He ran into something metal "Fuck, hey I found us car" Mitchell said slightly surprised

Harding whipped around and squinted to see the outline of the car he saw a turret on the back "shit you found technical good find get on the gun" Harding said

Harding got in the driver's seat and Mitchell on the turret. The gears grinded on the truck as it was a stick shift and low on transmission fluid

"fuck dude they didn't put transmission fluid in this bitch, come on get into gear."

Harding said as the truck lurched forward hard and they sped out of the alley and there were White masks were everywhere listening to Harding and Mitchell talk just as they sped the White masks opened up with gun fire coming from every direction bullets were ricocheting off the steel plating as the sound of Mitchell on the turret could be heard for miles

"FUCK! HOW MANY OF THESE ASSHOLES ARE THERE" Harding yelled while cycling through the gears of the truck. Bullets were whizzing past Mitchell's head as he kept firing on the rooftops and the vehicles behind them. One of the white masks got lucky as a shot landed in Mitchell's left shoulder

"SON OF A BITCH" Mitchell yelled as he held his shoulder getting in the passenger seat through the back window



Just as Mitchell finished climbing in Harding gave him his handgun and Mitchell returned fire through the window of the technical. They got out of the dust cloud after 10 minutes of being chased. The Black hawk flew over just as they left the cloud of dust

"Xavier 1-1 to base we found them they are on their way back home they have multiple pursuers and they are in a technical permission to engage?" the pilot asked

"Xavier 1-1 engage targets." Major Addison replied.

The pilot of the Blackhawk looked back at his door gunners "light 'em up"

Harding and Mitchell were too busy watching the road to notice the chopper. The door gunners let the mini guns loose on the White masks

"eat shit fuckers" a gunner yelled as he unloaded the mini gun. Harding and Mitchell smiled at the chopper as they made their way back to base. With chopper giving them covering fire.

1540 hours F.O.B Specter

Harding and Mitchell walked in Boyer's office in their combat gear that was black now a grey from the dust of the building with their masks still on. Harding was helping Mitchell with his shoulder wound by holding gauze pads in both of his hands as he used his left hand to cover the exit wound and his right to cover the entry wound he applied pressure to both sides of Mitchell's shoulder they sat down in two chairs.

"Was it necessary to drop the building?" Boyer looked at them with frustration.

"Our hide was discovered and White masks were waiting for us I didn't know he used that much C4" Harding replied and looked at Mitchell slightly aggravated.

"Well you completed the mission and you took out the two of the most dangerous ISIS leaders so the positives outweigh the negatives so I'm not going to reprimand you, Gentlemen I would like for you to meet Director Six."

Six stood up and held her hand out to Harding and Mitchell. Harding looked up at her and rolled his eyes

"my hands are kind of full right now" Harding said shaking his head

Mitchell held out his right hand and shook her hand "I'm Mitchell and that's Harding, what would you like to speak to us about?"

before Six could say anything "hey lady could you do me a solid and reach into the ankle pocket of my right leg and pull out the canister?" Harding asked

He moved his leg out so she could reach it easier. She pulled it out and inspected it as it looked like a small can of WD-40 and handed it to him.

"Might I ask what's in the canister?" she asked

"I could tell you but then I would have to kill you." Harding said as he attached a clear straw to the nozzle of the silver unmarked canister.

Six smiled in mild amusement as that was what Smoke said to her during his recruitment interview.

"I'm just messing around it's actually a foam that seals up wounds and naturally decays as the body heals and after the skin has seals the wound. Mitchell this is going to hurt like a bitch are you ready?" Harding said putting the nozzle at the entry wound after taking off the gauze from both sides.

Mitchell nodded and took a few large breaths and held the arm of the chair. Six was watching very intrigued Harding sprayed the foam in the wound

"FUUUCK" Mitchell screamed out

The foam slightly stretched wound after Harding finished tears were coming out of his eyes and he was breathing heavily. "What did you want to talk to us about?" Mitchell asked between breaths and wiping his eyes.

He and Harding took off their gas masks and helmets revealing a dirt outline around their jaw from where the mask was.

"I would like to offer you two a better job and you can work on a more global scale taking out terrorist threats and you can save more lives. You will also have access to the world's most cutting edge tech."

"Oh, great another job from some damn agency spook this worked out so well for us before" Harding said to himself sarcastically. "Yeah ok what are the downsides? And does this job have name?" Harding asked more intrigued but still somewhat doubtful

"It's team Rainbow and there are no downsides and there is a pay increase" Six said in a serious tone

Harding and Mitchell looked at each other as if they were telepathically communicating. They both looked at Six and back at each other. Harding nodded with a sigh knowing Mitchell would want to go join the team that cleaned up Bartlett.

"We will join" Mitchell said with some joy

Six smiled "there will be a helicopter ready to take you to a private plane and take you to Hereford when you are ready I have other places to be so I will see you gentlemen later." She walked out

Boyer smiled and stood up and shook their hands "Well gentlemen you won't be taking orders from me anymore. But if you need anything give me call. Now both of you behave and don't cause too much trouble"

Harding and Mitchell smiled "you know us we don't get in any trouble" Harding said sarcastically

Boyer smiled his face then went serious "but watch your backs and do try to be open minded I know people have offered you jobs like this before and it didn't end well for you two but this organization will change your lives. You both deserve something better after all these years of being a hit team for the U.S government, now go enjoy yourselves" Boyer said with a smile at the end.

"Thank you, sir for everything that you have done for us." Mitchell and Harding smiled and gave their General one final salute before walking out.