Chapter 33: Aftermath

October 19

0000 hours Location unknown

Bodyguards and their leaders surround a table in a compound. There are lamps around the perimeter of the room and there are two on the table. The door to the darkened room opens, everyone turns to the open door. Taylor walks through the door wear his trench coat and body armor. His mask is fastened to his hip on his belt. Both John and Donny are on his flanks. Taylor takes a seat at the table and taps his cigarettes on the table before taking one and lighting it.

"Sorry I'm late I had to wrap up some issues. We can begin gentlemen." Taylor says huffing smoke from his lungs.

"Why have you gathered us here American?" one of the men asks

"Well, everyone here knows of my success in carrying out the deadliest attack on United States soil. I thought maybe some of you would like to cash in on my operation." Taylor smirks taking another huff.

Some of the other terrorist leaders salivate at the idea. Glances are shared across the room as Taylor waits for a response. There are looks of distrust and some of uncertainty that linger.

"What would you ask from us if we were to join in on this offer?" Another asks

"Good question, I would need men, your support and for you to take my orders. In return I can give you funding to support your causes." Taylor replies

"How can we trust you? You could just rat us out to your government and walk away with no competition." Another leader replies

Taylor chuckles "If you all are considering yourselves competition then you need to rethink your stature on the global scale."

There is shock and anger in the room. Evil eyes turn towards Taylor, He returns an unaffected look.

"Look I'm not here to insult you, I'm here to give you an option for a global scale and actually do some damage to the invaders of your land." Taylor says "We all know that if anyone has a chance of actually taking down any government it's going to be my group."

The men in the room give looks of defeat and succumb to the truth. A couple of men look at each other and nod.

"Me, Samir, and Kalhed will support you however we want our money right away." One man speaks

Taylor grins and takes another huff off of his cigarette. "Ok I'll have an operative drop the cash as soon as we get your men. Anyone else want in?" his eyes glance to everyone in the room.

There is a collective sigh before eyes meet with a nod following shortly after. Taylor bites the filter of his cigarette with a toothy grin.

October 20, 2018

0300 hours, Hereford

Mitchell and Tina are fast asleep, they hold each other close the dark room. Mitchell twitches in his slumber. Tina blinks a couple of times and looks at Mitchell with her eyes in a haze.

"Nate?" Mitchell says

Tina's mind takes a minute to process the word. She nudges him "Mitchell" her voice is filled with a morning grumble

"Nate?" Mitchell asks again

"Mitchell wake up" Tina nudges again

"Nate wait," Mitchell says

"Mitchell wake up" Tina gives him a shove.

His eyes flutter open and he looks at Tina. She can almost feel his heartbreak.

"Sorry," He says

His voice is quiet and empty his eyes are filled with guilt. She can't help but give him a sympathetic smile. She pulls him into her again she runs her fingers through his hair.

"Clear your head, Mitch, just close your eyes and rest" She whispers to him

He doesn't reply and does as she asks. He rests his head in the crook of her neck. A soft sigh leaves her lips as she runs her fingers through his hair. Her heart aches for him, she plants a soft kiss on his head. She can feel his breathing slow down and his eyes close again. She looks down at him with pity, she rests her head on top of his before falling asleep again.

The dark room was only illuminated by the TV. The volume is low, the light dances on the fringes of the room. There is a bright flash on the screen Meghan is awakened by the flash. She blinks a couple of times and inhales before looking at her phone to check the time. She sighs and lays back into her chair and rubs her eyes. She looks over at the door she is waiting for someone special to walk through it. She stands up throwing the blanket aside. She sighs again before walking up the stairs, she steps into the bedroom and looks longingly at Nate's side of the bed before laying down on her side of the bed. She glances over at Nate's pillow and pulls his 1911 from under the pillow, she runs her thumb over the grip. She closes her eyes she can almost feel his rough hands on her arms. She ejects the magazine and opens the chamber ejecting the round. She lays the mag and the gun next her on the night stand. She rolls on her back and looks at the ceiling.

"Oh Nate, I wish you were here right now" She whispers to herself

She rolls to her right and closes her eyes in a futile attempt to try and get some sleep.

Hereford 0800 hours

The team is gathered at a nearby church thanks to Oliver. They have three pictures on easels. One of Nate, another with Vicente, and one with Alex. Everyone dressed in their military dress uniforms. Mitchell was able to his hands on some pinks and greens. He has a beard growing on his face along with and Tina are sitting in a pew together. Meghan is sitting with them; Craig and his family were in the row behind them. The Russians are sharing their own pew. The church is quiet, despite a few whispers fly in the air. No one really wants to say a word. The team filters into the church, Mitchell is leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. A distraught look on his face, Tina is rubbing his back trying her best to console him. Meghan had her attention on Craig's kids to keep her distracted for a little bit. Lera is sitting between Maxim and Timur, Shrurat is sitting at the end of the pew. Oliver takes up at the altar, everyone turns their attention to the altar and quiets down.

"There isn't much to say here other than that we have lost three good friends. They were our friends, coworkers, brothers, and our family. We fought, bled, and sweat with all of them. We will miss them all" Oliver takes a breath

Meghan's gaze fixes Nathan's picture and her mind fills with thoughts of him. Mitchell's head drops lower as he looks to his feet. Mitchell thinks back to when they were stopping at the services of the Hell Jumpers.

Rain pours from the sky, steam rises off the concrete leaving a pungent smell in the air. Mitchell, Nathan, and Jack stand around the grave of Hellen Hawg. They are in their respective dress uniforms. They hover over the fresh grave, Hellen's parents stand on the other side of the soldiers holding each other, and tears are hidden by the rain. Nate looks up at Hellen's parents with sullen eyes her parents share the look they all look away from each other. Nate walks over to them and looks them in the eyes.

"I'm sorry I did everything I could. I am so sorry." His voice barely piercing the veil of the rain.

Her mother places a hand on his shoulder and looks him in eyes "We know"

"She wanted you both to have this." Nathan pulls her final letter from his breast pocket and hands it to them.

"Thank you," The mother says in a whisper "We are sorry for your loss."

Mitchell's mind snaps back to reality. Oliver's voice was distant to his ears as he stared at Nate's image. He feels anger boiling in his blood, his fist clenches tight as he thinks about his enemy. Tina gives him a soft pat on the back and his mind snaps again as he listens to Oliver's eulogy.

Hereford 1000 hours

The base is quiet other than the live-fire exercises and the simulations. A few operators were released from the infirmary. Today would be a good distraction from the quiet as a few new operators were showing up to fill their numbers. Harry had also given an order to reevaluate all existing and previous operators of Rainbow. Emma, Elena, Jordan, and Mitchell are in the testing lab. They were evaluating both Jordan and Mitchell's gadgets. Elena and Jordan are setting up his charge on a steel reinforced wall. Emma and Mitchell are in the control room, she looks over at him. He's stature is lacking life, his eyes are empty, his shoulders are low, and slumped. She looks at the bags under his eyes and the beard that is growing on his face.

"Are you not sleeping well?" She asks

He raises his head slowly to look at her. "I'm not," He says

His voice is somber and lacking any conviction.

"Have you talked to Gustave about it?" She asks

"No, he's too busy and I don't want to be a pest." He replies

"I'm sure he would give you a hand." She smirks

"He might" Mitchell replies

There is a pause between the two. Emma sighs,

"Mitchell, is it ok if I do an examination of Nate's Cloaking device?" She asks

Mitchell closes his eyes and releases a long sigh. He feels a lump in his throat he looks at her with tears welling in his eyes.

"Um" His voice wavers "yeah it will be ok"

"If you don't want me to do it I won't Mitchell." She replies

She places a hand on his arm and looks him in the eyes. His nod is soft, he takes a breath to cage his emotions.

"It needs to be done, just let me know when you want to do it." He replies

She gives a smirk, her eyes soft and sympathetic. She nods and looks back out the window of the testing room. Jordan and Elena come back into the room.

"I don't think this one will do as well Jordan." Elena says

"Hush, Elena I made it so it's going to work." Jordan replies

"Overconfidence is often the path to failure Jordan." Elena smirks

Jordan waves his hand dismissively. "Are you recording yet?"

"Yes, Jordan I'm recording." Elena replies

Jordan depresses the plunger on the detonator. The charge starts fizzling and cutting the steel reinforcement behind it. It takes six seconds for the charge to detonate however, the reinforcement doesn't break instead it's partially dislodged.

"I told you it wouldn't work Jordan" Elena smirks

"You don't have to rub it in." Jordan returns the smirk "What do you think of this edition of the charge?" Jordan looks to Mitchell

Mitchell stands up off the wall "I think that this charge is way to slow, and it needs to burn hotter and possibly a bigger charge." Mitchell says in a hushed tone

"Ok, well that wraps everything up for me. Mitchell the room is yours." Jordan nods

Mitchell lets out a huff and grabs an M320 grenade launcher with a few of his incendiary grenades. He steps out of the testing area and lays his things on the table as he sets up the room. Emma looks at Jordan,

"Have you told him about the journal?" She asks

Jordan slumps and sighs "No I haven't, and Meghan doesn't know either."

"Jordan you need to tell them about it and give it to them" Emma scolds

Jordan nods "I know, I just don't know what I'm going to say or how I'm going to say it."

"Jordan there are people that will help with it, Harry, me, Miles, we will help you Jordan you just have to ask. You know that right?" Emma replies.

Jordan sighs and watches Mitchell get everything set up.

"I know, just I don't know when to tell them or what to say. Meghan is furious with me, there isn't anything I can do to patch that bridge. I don't know about Mitchell he's been way to quiet to even gauge whether or not he's mad at me." Jordan replies

"Jordan the longer you wait the worse the wound will fester, and things will get worse. You need to speak with them." Elena weighs in.

Mitchell steps back into the testing room. "Are you guys ready?" He asks

"Yeah, Mitchell we're recording." Elena replies quick

Mitchell steps out on to the floor and grabs his M320 grenade launcher and loads an incendiary into the tube. He takes aim at the small dummy room filled with mannequins and he fires the grenade into the room, and it ignites the room in flames burning everything in sight.

1200 hours Hereford

Mitchell is walking in the hall of the main base heading over to the simulation room. His face is expressionless and hollow. Everyone he passes gives him a look of sympathy. He hears steps catching up from behind him. He turns his head to Tina as she comes to his side. She has a soft smile; she grabs his arm and stops him.

"Are you doing ok?" she asks with warmth

He sighs and looks into her brown eyes "Not really"

She wraps him up in a hug and rests her head on his shoulder. "Harry wants to speak with you in his office."

He sighs again and yawns "ok I'll head over there but someone needs to take my place for the sims."

"I'll take care of that; you talk to Harry" She smiles

They break apart and Mitchell gets to Harry's office and knocks on the door.

"Come in" Harry replies

Mitchell steps in and Harry smiles "I was worried you might not show. Please close the door and take a seat."

Mitchell closes the door and sits across from Harry.

"What do you need Harry?" Mitchell asks with a dry tone

"I just want to check up on you Mitchell, you haven't been in here since confirmation of Nate's status. Have you been sleeping well? You look tired" Harry says

Mitchell's eyes slowly travel up to Harry's "My best friend is dead; do you really think I'm doing well?"

Harry falls back in his chair after setting a recording device on the desk and rubs his chin. "No, I don't but I have to ask. Do you want to talk about what is bothering you about Nate's status?"

"I don't know Harry maybe my best friend is dead, that might be what's bothering me." Mitchell says with anger

Harry leans forward putting his elbows on the desk folding his hands in front of his face. "Mitchell I'm just trying to understand your issues other than your best friend is most likely dead"

Mitchell stares at Harry with anger burning in his eyes "you don't know what it's like to have your best friend die without you present do you? You also lack knowledge that I could have helped him if I was there with him."

"No Mitchell I don't know what that's like. Is it the lack of clarity that bothers you?" Harry asks

"How about the fact that my brother is dead maybe that's what's bothering me." Mitchell says "Are you going to keep asking me these stupid and redundant questions?" Mitchell asks

"Mitchell, I want you to take a deep breath for me." Harry replies

Mitchell falls back into his seat and takes a deep breath, his nerves cool.

"Now, when you think of Nathan what do you feel?" Harry asks

"I think of a friend, brother, and a fighter." Mitchell replies feeling a pang in the back of his throat

"When we told you, Nate was MIA what did you feel?" Harry returns

"Disbelief, anger, sadness, and remorse." Mitchell replies curtly

"When you think of him now what do you feel?" harry continues

"Anger, the type I haven't felt in years. I feel…" Mitchell's breathing picks up

"You feel what?" Harry replies

"Like a chain has been broken or a lever been flipped." Mitchell continues

Harry's brow furrows in curiosity "Are you saying Nate was how you say holding your leash?"

"Maybe, but since he's been gone I haven't felt right. I don't know what it is but it hurts." Mitchell replies feeling the lump in his throat again

"Mitchell, I want you to keep a separate journal, we will call it a feelings journal and I want you to write down what you feel periodically throughout the day," Harry says reaching into his desk pulling out an empty journal and he places it in front of Mitchell.

Mitchell stares at it before picking it up and setting it in his lap. Harry leans forward over his desk with a soft smile.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Harry asks

Mitchell thinks long and hard, his tired eyes gauging the man in front of him. "No I have nothing else to say"

Harry nods his smile fading "I am going to take you off the active roster for a couple of weeks to give you some time to process everything and to take some stress out of your life."

Mitchell feels inexplicable fire flare inside of him.

"You did not just say that." Mitchell's eyes ignite in flames

Harry crashes back into his seat from the heat. He bites his tongue and works his jaw coming up with a reply.
"Mitchell you need time to grieve, if you don't it will only fester and make you feel worse. I need you with a clear head on the field." Harry replies

Mitchell stands up.

"Don't ever question my ability to stay cool on the field again. Next time I won't be so nice about it" Mitchell smacks the desk

He walks out of the office slamming the door against the wall. He sighs with anger as he walks out into the hall.

"Jackass who does he think he is, questioning my ability to operate. I should've beat his ass." Mitchell speaks to himself.

Mitchell storms down the hall cursing and mumbling under his breath. He continues down the hall fuming. He gets outside and walks down the street, the air smells sweet and is heavier than a wool blanket. The dark unsavory clouds light up in the sky, he takes a deep breath as thunder rolls over the land. A soft smile paints his face, "Nate would have loved this" he says to himself. He comes to his home and walks in the door he goes to the bedroom and opens his closet and pulls out an old shoe box. He opens the lid and sighs as he pulls out an envelope filled with pictures from long ago. Rain pelts the windows of the house and thunder makes the floor boards rumble. He looks at the old pictures smiling as memories flood his mind. The memories are followed by pangs of regret and sadness. Tina sneaks her way to the bedroom and sees him on the floor looking at the old images. She smiles softly looking at him, she glances at the image in his hand. It looks like an old bar.

"Where is that one from, love?" she asks

"Dodge City, Kansas we stopped there on our way to Texas. Nate refused to let us just skip through Dodge. He and his dad loved the old show Gunsmoke he had to see it." Mitchell replies

She smiles "You miss him don't you."

He drops the image and buries his face in his hand breaks into a million pieces. She frowns sympathetically. She sits on the floor next to him and wraps her arm around him and pulls him tight. He leans into her balling; she strokes his hair trying to calm him down.

"I can not believe he's gone." He says taking a breath

"I can't either, I can't believe they are all gone. I'm sorry love, I wish I could make this all better for you" she says quietly

Mitchell just lets it out as so many memories come back and feeling the loss of his brother. Tina just holds him unsure of what to do.

"I should have stayed; I should have been there with him." Mitchell says with anger "I could have saved him and kept him alive."

She kept stroking his hair, she looks at him with pity. "Is there anything I can do?" she asks quietly

"I don't know, I just don't know what to do with myself right now." He replies.

His phone buzzes, he takes a breath to stow his emotions and looks at the message. He is being called to another live-fire exercise. He slumps and looks at a picture of Nate with longing hoping for him to come back.

"They are wanting me to show some of the new people around the base, I will be back," He says

"Be careful" She replies.

He stands up and walks out the door. Tina looks at all of the pictures and sighs. She leafs through the images looking at all of the adventures the two had traveling America. She has an idea; she grabs her keys and a jacket as the storm continues to dominate the sky.

Rainbow base, Hereford 1200 hours

Mitchell, Emma, James, Adriano are all gathered in front of the main entrance to the base. Four black Chevy Suburbans unload two Aussies, two Moroccans, a single Dane, a secret service agent, a Mexican, and a white-haired Dutch woman. They all take a minute to stretch after their ride from the airport. They take in their surroundings before the rainbow operators take a step forward to greet the new arrivals.

"Hello, I am Emma, this is Mitchell, James, and Adriano. We'll show you around. Which one of you is Meijer?" She greets and asks

The Dutch woman raises her hand "That would be me" She smirks

"You come with me, the rest of you can sort it out." Emma smirks taking her new friend to the RnD lab.

Mitchell takes the secret service agent and the Mexican. James takes the Aussies; Adriano takes the Moroccans and the Dane. The groups all split off from each other. Mitchell takes his two to the armory so they can start their cages.

"Pretty standard armory, here you just about whatever you want. From handguns to long rifles, it's nothing special but it's home." Mitchell says yawning.

"Well, it looks pretty special to me, you guys have some tech I have never seen before. well mostly." Collin points to Elias' shield.

"Still cleaner than the ones at home, it's nice to see you guys actually care about what you are doing," César says.

Mitchell stops at Collin's cage he taps the door with his fist. "Flander's this is yours; code is your birth year you can change it at will."

Collin nods with a smirk and throws a duffle bag into the cage for now before resetting his code. They continue their journey to César's cage. Before moving on to simulator rooms.

"Simulators, we use these to train, the most realistic thing I have ever seen. It's definitely a life-changing experience. You will have to talk to Mike Baker about getting time in on them." Mitchell says

"Wait you guys train with video games?" Collin chuckles

"Yes but, wait till you get shot in it then you will question if it's really a game." Mitchell says his tone dryer than the Sahara.

"Is there something bugging you man?" Collin asks with a light squint

Mitchell let out a small huff "Yeah but it's not you guys, just working through some stuff right now."

Both Collin and César exchange a look at each other before they carry on through the base. They go past the infirmary. All three look into the room to see many operators laid up on medical beds. Gustave and Lera traveling from patient to patient.

"New York hit us hard it will be a couple of months before we are back at full strength again." Mitchell says. With weight in his voice. His eyes scanning for his friend even though he knows he's not in there.

"Well, it hit a lot of people hard, but that's why we fight so this shit doesn't happen anymore." Collin says with anger and motivation.

"Si, fucking white masks" César spits on the floor "They are going to get what's coming to them."

Mitchell feels the fire in his gut ignite, burning at a bright sky blue. He feels anger rolling through him again. His jaw working hard thinking about all of the things he will do to the person who designed the attack. He closes his eyes and relaxes his mind before carrying on with the tour of the base. Eventually dropping both of the new operators off at their duplexes. Mitchell looks to the storming sky and he can feel that anger boiling again. He takes a deep breath caging the beast inside as he walks into his own place. The home has the wonderful fragrance of venison, a look of confusion brands his face as he makes his way to kitchen. Tina is at the stove oblivious to Mitchell in the room.

"What's all of this?" Mitchell asks

Tina turns and smiles "I thought you could use a pick me up and I know you love venison and how your mother makes it. but I thought you might like to try mine"

Mitchell chuckles "I would love to and thank you" he says taking a seat at the table

Only a matter of minutes before a plate of venison, scallops and greens lands on the table in front of him. She sits across from him with a smile on her face.

After an excellent meal, they are both in the living room on the couch watching tv. His head on her lap as they watch tv. She plays with his hair as they relax, she looks at him with a soft grin on her face. She reaches over to the end table and pulls out a thick book with laminated pages.

"After you left, I had this made for you" She says quietly

He looks up at her and she hands him this book. He opens it up and there is a picture of him and Nathan after basic training. He feels that lump in his throat again as he leafs through the pages looking at all of the images, he used to have in that old shoe box. Tears stream down his face he closes the book and sits up. Tina smiles with softness and her eyes worry.

"I'm sorry if it's too soon but I just wanted to give you something to remember him by" she says with concern in her voice

"No, it's great just a touch too soon." He hugs her tight

She pats his head softly and holds on to him.

"Thank you" he whimpers

She smiles and comforts him.

Meghan is resting on her couch in sweats and just trying to figure out what to do and not think too much. There is a knock at her door, she gets up off the couch and looks through the window to see who it is. "Great what do you want Jordan" she asks herself. She opens the door and looks at him with a very unimpressed look. The two just look at each other for a beat before Jordan speaks up.

"Can I talk to you?" He asks

"About what Jordan?" She replies with spice in her voice

"About Nate, I have something of his that you might want to see." Jordan says

Meghan sighs and goes to shut the door; Jordan puts his hand up on the door to keep her from closing it.

"Meghan stop, look I have Nate's journal" He pulls the book out of his breast pocket

Meghan looks at the book and sighs before letting him in. Jordan sits down on the couch and Meghan joins him they share the silence again. Jordan finally breaks the silence.

"Look I know you are mad, and you think that I made Nate stay behind. I really didn't, I told him that there was one seat left. Nate looked at me and handed me his journal. He said if anything happens." He sighs "I nodded and said last man and got on the truck."

"Yeah, you did, and you left him high and dry." She replies with anger

"Meghan read the last page in his journal." Jordan says

Meghan opens up to the last written page.

"Meghan if you are reading this then I obviously didn't make it. I know I have never said it to you, but I do love you and I know it's too late now, but I need to clear my conscience. You have shown me a fantastic time, I have been hollowed for a long time and you were like a bonfire and restored my humanity. I haven't been this happy in a long time, every minute of the day with you has felt special. Just know if I stayed behind and got killed or if I was shot with the team. I have done everything of my own will. Joining this team, meeting you and being yours even if it was never official... it was still the best time of my life. Please try not to cry too much over me being gone, just know that I am finally having a restful sleep. If you end up with my journal, please let Mitchell have the page after this one. Please tell everyone that it's been an honor to serve with you all, in all the good times and the bad. I love you, always."

Nathaniel "Ghost" Fletcher

Meghan covers her mouth and starts to cry a few tears drop on the page. She sets the journal down on the coffee table in front of her. She buries her face into her hands and weeps. Jordan rubs her back.

"I'm sorry Meghan" Jordan says

Meghan can't reply from her weeping, Jordan sits quietly listening. They stay like this for ten minutes before Meghan finally speaks.

"Please leave" She squeezes out

Jordan nods and he walks out the door. Meghan sits in the silence absorbing her thoughts, she brings her knees up to her chest and buries her face in her knees.

"Why didn't you say it Nate? Why didn't you just say the words?" She asks

She feels her mind slow and calm itself as warm presence fills the void next to her. Everything slows down for her as calm washes over her. She doesn't dare to look up, a few more minutes pass she feels the warm embrace leave her and she looks over to see an empty seat. She feels a tinge of heat in her gut and a vague sense of anger before it waives off. A sense of confusion sets in as her mind tries to process what is happening.

October 20th

1900 hours London

In a fancy restaurant, a man in a suit sits alone before a plate of exquisite cuisine. He is joined by another man in a nice grey three-piece suit sits at the table.

"Sorry I am late; I had a few things to tie up. It's nice to finally make your acquaintance John." The man in grey says

"I must say the same to you sir, you have made a big impression on me and a few others." The other replies.

"Well, it's a great honor to hear it from your voice. What should I call you?" The man in Grey asks

"You can call me John for now. And what should I call you?" The man in black says taking a bite

"Well, you can call me Taylor" The man in grey replies

"Now from what I have heard Mr. Taylor is that you are on the hunt for funding and resources." John says

Taylor takes a sip from a wine glass. "You heard correctly I am on the hunt for both items, as you can imagine my recent trip to New York cleaned me out."

"I can imagine but that was an impressive display you had it was money well spent. I am interested in buying some stock into this company of yours." John counters

Taylor sits up in his seat with a crooked grin on his face. "That's good, I have some stock I am willing to part with"

"What's your price, Mr. Taylor?" John asks with a smile

"let me call my accountant sir." Taylor steps away

John continues to eat his meal and awaits the return as dessert crosses his mind. Taylor comes back with a napkin; he sits and slides his napkin across the table. John puts his glasses on and reads the napkin. He smiles and looks at Taylor.

"That's quite a bit, my friend." He looks Taylor in the eyes

"Well, you know I am good for that based on my portfolio." Taylor replies

"You've got it Mr. Taylor; I will throw in an additional asset if it's still there." John quickly scribbles on his napkin before handing it over. "Just check that out and here is your master key, if it's still there then this should open everything, and it should still have power. I think you know what you are looking for." John smiles as he passes an old key card with his picture on it.

Taylor smiles as his mind runs rampant trying to figure out what is at this location. He looks up to John. "I think we should celebrate our deal, what is your last name my friend?" Taylor asks

John gives a toothy smile "Brightling, Dr. John Brightling"

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