Jayden returned to his office and sat at his desk.

"Phew!" He huffed out loud to the empty room. "That was a helluva day! Time for a break!" He slapped on his ARI glasses, returning to the familiar bar room at his piano.

"You're back, sir," the Waiter greeted. "How did the investigation go?"

"It was a crazy mess," Jayden sighed. "But somehow I've beaten all the perps and restored order. …Oh, and the ARI upgrades were a big help."

"I'll be sure to forward your regards to the technician department."

"Thanks." Norman continued to play the piano. "I'm gonna take a little break, then get on with my next case." Norman's body started to glow blue. "Whatever the case is, I don't think it'll be too much of a problem for me."

Jayden's move set would comprise of martial arts, shooting his gun, and ARI attacks (Including throwing his ball, spinning orbs around him, and maybe swinging the geoanalyis map.

Super 1: ARI File Cabinet: Jayden throws an ARI file cabinet a short distance ahead of him.

Super 2: ARI Tanks: A few ARI tanks appear beside Jayden, and the player aims where they shoot.

Super 3: Review Profiles: Trapping Type: All enemies become files, floating around the screen. Jayden must tap them to kill them.