The Thousand Sunny, a Couple Hours away from Punk Hazard:

"Ooooi Traffy~ I'm bored, I don't know what to do," Luffy whined and Law just sighed looking up from his book to meet Luffy's gaze, "Strawhat-ya, I already told you. My name is Law." Law said and then took a quick look around the deck trying to find something for Luffy to do so he could get back to his book.

"How about you go train with Zoro or even just watch him," Law suggested and Luffy just shrugged before standing up and walking towards the crows nest. Luffy was about to start climbing up the latter when he remembered something that Law said back on Punk Hazard.

"Oooooi Lawww! You forgot," Luffy said running back to Law's side as he shut his book and stood up. "What was it?" he asked and Luffy grinned, "What the plan is… for our alliance," Luffy said and Law said nothing.

"Oh yeah, Have you heard of Joker?" Law asked and when Luffy shook his head law nodded and continued, "Joker is the warlord Doflamingo but Joker is his underground name. Joker supplies Kaido with artificial zoan fruits that were made by Caesar. Since Caesar is incapacitated and tied up to your mast we now have a bargaining chip." Law finished and Luffy had a hand to his chin in consideration.

"So we're going to trade in Caesar for a price right? And that'll challenge Kaido," Luffy asked with a big grin while grabbing his muscle in anticipation. Law nodded with a smirk and over by the mast Caesar was looking around wildly.

"Lunch is ready ya' bastards," Sanji said and then turned in the direction of the library, "Nami-Swann~ Robin-Chwann~ Lunch is ready, only the best for you my lovely's," Sanji yelled doing his little noodle dance around the girls as the headed to the galley. Law was about to walk in before he ducked under a kick delivered by Sanji. "Ladies first."

After Robin and Nami walked in and sat down the rest walked in talking their natural seats except for a chair pulled up for Law. "Black leg-ya, I… don't like bread," Law said quietly but in the silence, everyone heard it.

'Bread? So absurd' everyone but Luffy though, Luffy just ignored everything around him in favor of the meat on his plate. "Strawhat-ya why are you alway's eating like a ravenous animal?" Law asked and Luffy stopped eating for a second, "Whaddaya mean?" he asked with food rolling around in his mouth.

"Oh, you mean how I eat so much?" Luffy said and when Law nodded Luffy continued, "I don't know really… I guess it's because I had to fight for my food every day growing up." he looked up and smiled at the rapt attention they were paying him. "If you wanted to survive in those jungles then you needed to hunt your food cook and eat it before it was stolen. I guess it's a habit," Luffy said and Luffy smirked at some of the crew's faces.

"Wait, Luffy-san you said Jungles?" Brook asked and Luffy's grin widened and he nodded seeming even more excited. "Yeah, because the place I trained with Rayleigh was Ruskaina. It's a jungle stuck in the middle of the calm belt." Luffy and some of his crewmates and Law were confused.

"I thought you SUPER trained with the Whitebeards?" Franky said and Luffy nodded, "Luffy was trained by Rayleigh for three years sometime before he set sail." Zoro explained and smirked when he saw the slightly shocked faces of Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook as well as Law butt he managed to sneak away and guard Caesar.

"That explains your guys' relationship," Robin said with a small smile and Luffy gave one of his sunny grins in response. "Yeah!"

A Couple Day's Later:

Luffy was meditating on the figurehead and stretching out his haki as far as it went. He sensed what all of his crew was doing and even the seakings deep in the water. 'Nami said it would take at least a day until we get to this Dress place,' Luffy thought up things he could do to occupy his time.

"I guess I could practice my awakening," Luffy said and stood up stretching is stiff legs on the figurehead. After stretching, Luffy walked past Law and Caesar and then stood on top of the railing with his eye's closed.

"Strawhat-ya? What-" Law was cut off by Luffy's eye's shooting open and him jumping off the railing to the sea. Law ran to the side of the railing preparing to use 'room' but he gaped at what he saw. He saw Luffy in a crouched position standing on top of the water.

"Mizu - Mizu no" Luffy started as he stood up, "Summon," as soon as he finished the word ten clones appeared and more followed making a total of fifty clones. Luffy smirked at what he did as he looked around, "Not bad ten more than last time," Luffy said aloud and turned back to his ship to see Law gaping at him.

"Hey, Traffy! If you keep your mouth open like that a bug 'll fly in it." at that Law snapped his mouth shut. "Shishishi! I said I got stronger." Luffy said with a shrug before turning around and sensing that his crew one by one had come up to the deck.

"Mizu-Mizu no Water Deity!" Luffy yelled out and after he did the clones all dissolved around Luffy and grew Making Luffy seem like a giant. As soon as he turned big he shot all of the water out of his enlarged hand making him shrink back down. "I have more but… I'd rather save that for a surprise.

Luffy then took a long and deep breath standing up straight in the process. Suddenly huge droplets of water formed in Luffy's outstretched hand and they flew into the air. Instead of popping like the Snap attack the stayed in the air peacefully staying in place.

"What is Luffy doing?" Chopper whispered to Usopp who was watching the water mesmerized. After that, the water turned into shapes that all of the crew could recognize, even Law. The water turned into a single sword with a design that resembled the Wado Ichimonji, a tangerine, a slingshot, a kitchen knife, a medicine bottle, a book, a mini warship, a violin, and even a little bear head.

Everyone on the deck smiled at the scene and the smiles got wider when the water merged together to form a straw hat. "Luffy," Nami murmured.

The water gently hit the ocean and dissipated, Luffy gave the biggest grin he could and jumped back onto the ship. "Well, that was fun! Sanji I'm hungry!" Luffy yelled and just like that the mood dissipated leaving Sanji attempting to kick Luffy over the head.

"Can't you wait for lunch!?" Luffy just laughed and jumped away to the library. Sanji stood up straight and took a drag from his cigarette and then letting it out. "Makes me wonder what else he can do," Sanji casually said but everyone else agreed with him. Zoro grinned in anticipation and turned to Nami, "Oi witch, how much longer till we get there?" Zoro asked and Nami huffed.

"Don't say that about Nami-Swan! Stupid Marimo!" Sanji yelled throwing a flying kick at Zoro who blocked it with his swords. "Anyway, If we push it then I think that we can make it by sundown we could probably make it even faster if we had Luffy do Guide but then he'll be tired," Nami said and everyone had a contemplative look on their faces.

"Luffy's definitely going to fight right away and not going to rest. So that's not an option," Sanji said and Nami nodded in agreement. "Then the only other choice to get their faster and sail through the night," Nami said and everyone nodded.

"Alright, Robin you are on watch tonight, Law you are watching Caesar, the rest of us will take shifts on keeping the Sunny going throughout the night" Nami ordered and no one complained. After the shifts were decided the crew and Law went back to what they were doing before. Except for Robin who went to the aquarium to read instead of the library.

With Luffy:

PuruPuruPuruPuru Gatcha- "Hello?" Luffy grinned when he heard the familiar voice on the other end. "Who's this?" Thatch said and was about to hang up but hen heard Luffy's laugh. "Shishishishi, it's me, Thatch, I gotta question for Pops. It's about a territory." Luffy said and heard some rustling before Thatch talked again.

"I'm guessing it's about the Fishman island right?" Thatch said voice a little lower than before, "Yeah I forgot about it during the party, Neptune said you made a deal with Big Mom for Fishman Island." Luffy said and paused for a second at hearing the snorts.

Before Luffy could talk again Whitebeard spoke up indicating he heard everything, "During the war, Charlotte caught wind of our position and attacked us for Fishman Island. What did she do?" Whitebeard explained and through the explanation Luffy's temper rose.

"Hody Jones attacked the island trying to kill the king and his sons and Daughter. There was also some Decken guy who kept sending axes after Shirahoshi but he's gone now." Luffy told Whitebeard and the commanders. "Thank you for being there-" Whitebeard said but was interrupted by Luffy. "I'm going to beat her up and make Fishman Island my own," Luffy said and Whitebeard laughed.

"Gurarararara! Cheeky Brat! You do that," Whitebeard laughed and Luffy grinned relieved that he wouldn't have to challenge Whitebeard as well. "Watch for me in the papers, we're doin' somethin' fun over here. Bye," Luffy said and hung up the snail and dialed another number hearing it ring until it clicked and there was another voice.

"Who is this how do you know this number?" Dadan said cautiously with a little bit of annoyance mixed in. Luffy laughed as Dogra and Magra came into the room, "It's me Dadan, how've ya been?" Luffy asked with a genuine grin on his face and as soon as they heard the voice they gave a sigh of relief.

"Luffy! Don't hold us in suspense like that!" Dadan yelled into the phone which just made Luffy laugh. "We haven't really been doing much just laying on the low at the new hut we built," Dadan said answering the previous question.

"Oh yeah Garp retired and he's living in Foosha now… be careful out there in the New World or whatever it's called, a lot of people retired and dangerous people took their place, like the Akainu Bastard." Dogra said with an involuntary shiver once remembering Akainu. "Yeah don't get yourself killed," Dadan said but then caught herself and added on, "I-it's not like we care just Garp would probably kill us," Dadan said and Luffy's grin widened.

"Don't worry about me guys, I'm strong!" Luffy said with the grin still on. "Yeah, Yeah. Bye, you annoying brat." Dadan said with a tinge of fondness to it before she hung up.

Later that night:

"Nami-SWAN~ I made some hot chocolate for you! It's going to be a long night after all!" Sanji yelled and Nami just took it and nodded in thanks before waving him off. Sanji didn't seem upset though as he danced his way to the crows nest where Robin was keeping watch. Other than Robin and Law all of the crew was in the middle of the deck hanging around each other for the company.

"Luffy! Stay awake! You have a job to do," Nami yelled at Luffy who was barely listening and just leaning on the railing next to Zoro half asleep already. "Nami~" Luffy tiredly whined shifting a little bit so he was more comfortable. Nami sighed and shook her head with a hand on the bridge of her nose, "Whatever I don't care anymore, we'll still get there earlier than planned." Nami said taking one last look at Luffy before standing up.

"Who has the first shift?" Nami asked and Usopp and Chopper's hands were raised and Nami nodded turning to them to explain. "All you have to do is make rounds around the ship every twenty minutes to make sure everything's in working order. The hard job is mine, I'll be staying up all night to watch our course." Nami said and Usopp and Chopper nodded along with everything before heading to the aquarium to wait until their next rounds.

Nami took one look back at Luffy and saw him fast asleep, 'he'd probably fall asleep and not even do his rounds anyway.' she thought before shaking her head and heading towards the bow of the ship to start her long job.