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"Christmas is just stressing me out, man," Barry groaned, one hand propping up his cheek as he shook his head.

Cisco raised his eyebrow. "I don't think that's what Christmas is supposed to do. Joe's holding the party, anyway, and you know Iris is gonna do most of the cooking, so what do you have to worry about?"

"Caitlin," Barry sighed.

"Right," Cisco agreed. "Caitlin. Of course. Because that makes loads and buckets of sense."

"It's our first Christmas together, Cisco!" Barry protested, trying to make his point seem less stupid in his friend's eyes.

"No it's not, Barry!" Cisco replied in the same tone, before adding, "You've literally known her for, like, five years."

"Together together, I mean." Barry amended. "Like, dating, together. I want it to be special. Something she'll remember. She doesn't really like Christmas, you know? Her dad died around that time-"

Cisco gave him a look. "Barry, I was Caitlin's best friend years before you even knew her name. Just remember that, okay?"

"Right, right, sorry," Barry held up his hands in defense. "I forgot you took the trophy for 'Longest Best Friend of All Time in All the Galaxy'."

"Yes, I do, thank you very much," Cisco said, nodding, satisfied. "Now, continue."

"Anyway, I really want this Christmas to be extra-super-special. And I need to come up with an extra-super-special gift." Barry sighed, sitting back in his chair and shaking his head. "But I just can't come up with anything."

Cisco raised his eyebrows. "Nothing at all? Gee, you are hopeless."

"Well, okay, I've had one idea." Barry scrunched his mouth to the side and looked at Cisco imploringly. "I want to run it by you."

Cisco leaned back. "Shoot."

"How about... a new iPhone?" Barry asked. "One with, like, a find-flash app or something. You could even design it and it would be your Christmas gift to her!"

"Dude, I don't need a Christmas gift," Cisco huffed, looking affronted. "I made my Christmas gift for Caitlin all the way back in September. It's a set of automatically cleaning test tubes and liquid measures. She hates when they get dirty, and I invented this thing that you place them in that immediately gives them a clean and dry without breaking the glass, scratching anything, or taking longer than one minute."

Barry's eyebrows were slowly crawling up his forehead. "Wow, how'd you manage that?"

Cisco grinned. "A techie's gotta keep some of his secrets. Maybe someday I will let you in on my methods, but now isn't the day."

"Oh, okay," Barry sighed. "So... do you like the idea of an iPhone? Her phone is pretty outdated..."

"Man, I don't know." Cisco shook his head. "It seems a little... impersonal, don't you think? Can't you come up with something that means something to the two of you? Like..." he started to smirk. "Meatballs?"

"Dude, no," Barry groaned, face-palming. "I don't even want to remember that, much less bring it up in a gift. And what would I do? A meatball ornament? A decorative meatball?! A meatball stuffed animal?!"

Cisco was all out howling now, laughing so hard he could barely breath. "A- a meatball stuffed animal!" he repeated, gasping. "Oh, man, that's so good. Do that Barry. Legit do that."

"No," Barry said firmly, though he was laughing, too. "C'mon, Cisco, focus. What means a lot to the two of us?"

"So you've rejected your iPhone idea?" Cisco said.

"Yeah, yeah, I've rejected my iPhone idea, it was stupid," Barry huffed. "I see that now. And now I'm really in trouble because I have no idea what to get her!"

Cisco frowned thoughtfully. "Let us see what I can come up with."

It came time for the annual Christmas Eve gift exchange. Cisco, Iris, Barry, Caitlin, Harry, Jesse, Wally and Joe all crowded in the Wests' living room with their packages and passed them out. Caitlin and Barry were crowded together in one chair, and they smiled a little shyly at each other as they exchanged gifts.

The other six people in the room were all occupied after Barry opened his gift. Caitlin reached for hers. "I must say... Cisco has refused to tell me what this is."

"How do you know he didn't know what it was?" Barry asked.

She laughed, "Because he was the one who told me it was awesome."

"Oh, well, that would do it, then," Barry muttered awkwardly. "He... uh... what else did he tell you?"

"That you were going to get me a phone," Caitlin said. "But enough talking, I want to open my present."

Knee jiggling nervously, Barry watched as she opened up her gift.

"Oh my gosh, Barry, this is too much," Caitlin breathed. She was staring in shock at a new, high tech I-Pad. "I really can't accept this."

"Yes, you can," Barry said seriously. "Because I broke your last one by short-circuiting when I ran too fast and the machine couldn't handle it."

"But Cisco fixed it, and it works just fine now. I mean, okay, it skips or stalls every once and awhile, sure. But it works."

"But what if it skips or stalls or stops entirely while you're monitoring my vitals or- or doing something brilliant and you loose all your information? That would just be terrible." Barry babbled. "And besides, Cisco helped me plug in all my information. It also has a phone-connected alert that will let you know if I'm in my suit and my vitals are not natural. And it's got a bunch of science-y stuff and things to help you at STAR Labs."

"Oh my goodness, thank you so much, Barry." Caitlin looked a little teary.

"Turn it on," Barry said, grinning.

Giving him a slightly suspicious look, Caitlin pressed on the smooth, new center button and the screen flickered to life. There was a heart as the lock screen photo, but as Caitlin looked closer she began to laugh.

The heart was made of meatballs.

"It's perfect," Caitlin giggled. She smiled gently at Barry and then, much to his delight, kissed him.

Halfway across the living room, Cisco choked on his eggnog. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" he spluttered, coughing.

Barry and Caitlin broke apart and glanced over at him, surprised. "Dude," Barry complained. "What's wrong? This was the plan, remember? The goal!"

"Man, I know!" Cisco protested, sighing. "It's just weird to see my two best friends lip locking in the middle of the Wests' living room."

Caitlin sent him a look. "Well, Mister, you're just gonna have to either look the either way or deal."

Cisco sighed and took a large gulp of his heavily alcohol-ed eggnog, and dealt.

He was, after all, the Ultimate Wingman.

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