"Talking normally"


Game system

Lemon in chapter

Jake Smith POV a week later

I was sitting in my room looking at a magical map of this world more specifically my Island it had only two warlords on it both were clear examples of how bad a person could be both men both sick fucks each had an army of five thousand the closest one to me was warlord Rax he controlled a port town that had walls that were sturdily built to withstand punishment Warlord Kane operated out of a largely walled for the walls were old and strong as the port town walls . My army numbers around twenty thousand and I had sent out Ithilien Rangers to scout out the base of warlord Rax. He was the one that killed everyone in the village I'm in for no reason at all. I had to upgrade my forces with the Heavy Armor, Forged Blades, Fire Arrows, Banner Carriers so my army was strong and well equipped for now. I also gained a few new spells Flames (Skyrim), Lightning Bolt (Skyrim), Ice Spike (Skyrim)Healing Hands (Skyrim)Fast Healing(Skyrim) Magic Mastery. I had also gone home and used Fiction Adaptation level 2 one Paragon, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Paladins, Dragon age series, divinity 2 dragon knight saga, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, For Honor and divinity dragon commander,final fantasy xii .

I even made my own personal guard that had was made of 5 Lawbringers, 5 Wardens,5 Orochi,5 Shinobi,5 Warlords,5 Raiders, 5 Berserkers each lead a complement of 50 soldiers.

I manage to get Men of the West at level 5 and with that meant all Men of the West gained 25 to all states and - 25 to build time and 25 to attack I then picked the Elves and they were already up and running. I gained 7 more levels and I got two gods to summon tokens and I summoned The Morrigan and Guan Yu, Morrigan was kinda scary she said she would enjoy "playing" with the enemy, Guan Yu was enraged at what the warlords had done this was understandable as he was guardian of justice and hero to the downtrodden. I told both of them about myself Morrigan didn't care Guan Yu looked at me and told me that even gods made mistakes and that learning from them to become a better person was a redeeming quality that not many had. After that I worked on my Creation skill to summon some Villagers it was not that hard to do to them being NPC's I could house 1000 for now so I made 200 humans Skyrim, 200 Argonians Skyrim, 200 Orcs Skyrim, 200 Qunari from dragon age with none of that Qun crap, and 200 Viera from Final Fantasy XIV. I also made a crap ton of Iron Ingot, Ebony Ingot, Gold Ingot, Quicksilver Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot, Orichalcum Ingot, Refined Malachite, Corundum Ingot, Dwarven Metal Ingot, and Refined Moonstone along with some other valuable Resources It boosted my Creation skill to 3. I did make some Ebony Armor (Skyrim) with an Ebony Shield and Ebony Sword and Ebony Warhammer the Creation skill is so OP. I already got reports from the Ithilien Rangers and I asked the others what we should do and after a few arguments filled hours, we decided that the port town was what we should take first.

The plan was simple we have a few groups of Ithilien Rangers would sneak into the town and silently take out the guards on the wall and open the gate and the main force would be able to storm the town. I was in a good place with my fighting level, And speaking of the gods and goddess I summoned I was on the good side of Chiron,Athena,Morrigan,Guan Yu and to my shock Artemis but that was probably me telling her she can punish the warlords however she wanted and she had a skip in her step after I said that, but Aphrodite and Bastet like me like I sometimes wake up and there in my bed or umm other places not that I didn't like it and I do like them but still kinda on the fence about it. I was just done with today's training so I was going to take a bath and Fury was sleeping on my pillow and last time I tried to move her she lived up to her name and I went to get clean.

Scene change in the bathroom

I sat in the warm water it shot my muscles and it was working hell Chiron works me into the ground and beyond but I was going to conquer this planet so I can't complain. Athena was the same way and it was fine hell at least I'm not going in alone.

[ But still, I have no idea what the other land masses have so I need to be careful] I thought and relaxed for a bit.



I looked to see where the splash came from and I saw a NAKED Aphrodite and Bastet and they were Goddess alright and my flag was standing right up and my own body betrayed me. My face went red and I looked away. I was about to leave when I was then put in between them and the heavenly bags of flesh known as breasts.

" Umm, what do you need". I said trying to keep calm and hope nothing happens and the look they had was unsettling yet oddly hot.

LEMON IN COMING third person

Aphrodite had grabbed Jakes face and kissed him deeply which he returned and on instinct he moved his hand to Bastet's left breast and squeezed it making her moan out he felt her hand grab his dick and start stroking it at a slow pace making him move his hand down to her pussy and start rubbing it making Bastets purr in delight. Jake and Aphrodite were in a full-fledged makeout and both were trying to be the dominant one and Aphrodite and Jake stopped kissing and soon after Jake and Bastet started kissing like he was with Aphrodite. Aphrodite looked at her fellow Goddess and lover make out hot and heavy she knelt down to Jake's cock and opened her mouth and took it all in she looked up and saw him put his hand on her head and push her back then slam her head back down were she once again had his 10 and 3 cock all the way down her throat and he repeated it and she started to touch herself. Bastet stopped kissing him and him all the way down on the dry part of the giant bath and moved her pussy over his face. He got the message and started to lick her out the Egyptian goddess let out a meow at her mate pleasing her.

" OH MEOW you're so good Aphrodite when we switch you'll love what he can do with his tongue ~ooohhh~". The Egyptian goddess told the Greek Goddess how stopped her blowjob and looked at her then went back to it over the next 20 minutes because of Jake and Bastet cam. They all stop and took a breather only for Aphrodite and Bastet to change where they were with each other and 20 minutes they came again.

" Holy shit that was great haven't done something like that in a long time". Jake said taking a few deep breaths.

" We're not done yet we still have the main event". Aphrodite said lining herself up with his cock and slammed herself down Jake who then let out a moan inside Bastet mouth.

Aphrodite started to move up and down making him grunt out he sat up and pushed the goddess on her back and thrust into her at a quicker pace making her moan out. Bastet went over to her and started to suck her tits all the while Jake was plowing into Aphrodite who had wrapped her legs around him.

" Damn you feel so good, Aphrodite". Jake said. He then leaned down and kiss both goddesses and went back to pleasing her Jake grabbed her hips and started to slam into her like a wrecking ball at a hard pace. Aphrodite was in heaven she soon felt her vaganal walls start going tight and he twitches inside her he rammed into her 5 five hard times then he picked her up and kissed her in a heated kiss she soon felt his seed enter her womb and her own orgasm mixing with it.

He pulled out of her and he was still hard he looked over to Bastet who spread her legs for him and he kissed Aphrodite who was out of it and went over to Bastet and lined himself up with her and pushed into her slowly.

" Holy shit you just like Aphrodite Bastet". Jake said as he slowly went into her.

Once he was inside of her he started to move given the Egyptian goddess waves of pleasure. Her head was suddenly moved to the side where Aphrodite shoved her tongue into her mouth and start playing with her breasts she returned it. Jake hand become even harder at seeing that and started to slam into her harder and faster making the goddess of cats scream out her lover's name. Jake went down and sucked on the breast the was not occupied by the Greek Goddess he sucked on her while he was plowing into her. She was letting out moans of pleasure he used all his strength to keep his hips moving. He pounded her for a long time along with Aphrodite who was sucking on one of her breasts and playing with the other one. Bastet had started to finger her the cat goddess was showing the Greek Goddess she could play too. After an hour she felt her walls tight and he twitches inside her he rammed into her 5 five hard times into her and released deeply into her womb as he did she kissed him deeply and they separated.


Jake Smith POV

" That was intense". I said out loud covered in sweat and between the two goddesses. who clung to



Lovers gained

Aphrodite Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty

Bastet goddess of cats, home, fire, sunrise, music, dance, pleasure as well as sexuality, fertility, family, pregnant women, and children

Lovers: are people that love you they can become your wife or wives. But remember they can get pregnant so ~ be careful or don't~ more fun for us to watch anyway.

[ what the hell is wrong with this shit and WHO THE HELL IS WATCHING OH YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES]

" Mmm it was good we should do this often". Aphrodite said nuzzling my neck

" Oh, I hope I have kittens because of this".Bastet squealed out making me choke on air.

" W-www What". I stuttered I'm not ready to be a father at all.

" Well, I am the goddess of cats, home, fire, sunrise, music, dance, pleasure as well as sexuality, fertility, family, pregnant women, and children so I don't see the problem.". She said and I'm trying not to bash my head into the floor." Besides, when were summoned we can do anything as long as our summoner wants us around provided that we don't harm our summoner". Bastet said

" Look I would like to have kids someday but not now and I really need to know are we in a relationship or was this just stress relief ". I ask her closing my eyes I want a real relationship, not a stress reliever.

" I already claimed you as my mate". Bastet told me and kissed me and hug me.

" I guess I could try it besides I can get away from the moronic fools back home". Dite said and I was going to ask her something.

" Hay, Aphrodite you were born from Ouranos right so wouldn't that make you a primordial goddess then". I asked her and I suddenly felt her go tense and I think my hunch was right Bastet then fell asleep to fast for it to be natural.

" Don't move". Aphrodite said and I couldn't move and I was paralyzed she moved on top of me and the look in her eyes changed from what it was before it was nice and caring lustfull now it's well full of power and some kind of evil look.

" You found out my secret one I keep hidden for so long my dear summoner normally I could not harm you but I'm not a god I'm a primordial goddess so I can bended the rules a bit". She said with a sinister smile.

" I .. um was not going to tell anyone, Aphrodite, I mean I just asked and well it's your secret not mine it's yours to tell". I said telling the truth." Besides I'm not a paranoid jackass who thinks everyone's out to get him". I said to her she looked at me and then smiled and went back to her self or I hope.

" Ok but swear on Orders and Chaos name you will never say anything without my permission".Aphrodite told me and well fuck it.

" I swear on Order and Chaos that I will not say anything about Aphrodite being a primordial goddess unless she tells me I can". I said and a boom happens and order and chaos symbols were over as I looked at her." So is that good enough of you". I asked her and she kissed me and I kissed back. She then returned to my unoccupied side.

" Oh, one more thing love". She asked me

" Yes". I said back.

" We need to move mine and Bastet things into your room and we should get to bed so you can be well rested for tomorrow". She said and I got up and picked up a sleeping Bastet and carried her to the bed.

" Tomorrow is going to be a long day I can just tell". I said as I into bed but I picked up the pillow that had Furry on and put it on the floor as I like living. I let out a shiver as I remembered a burglar that decided to move her was a good Idea, in short, the poor man was never able to see again I had to clean her and good thing she loves baths I swear she is not a normal cat. I looked at my bed that was occupied by two goddesses and most guys would kill to be in this and I slide between them. I hope things do go well tomorrow with that I closed my eyes.

Time Skip next morning

Jake Smith

Race: Human/gamer

Level: 13
Exp: 57 %
Class: The Gamer
Race: Human
HP: 1345 Regeneration: 50 HP per 23 min
MP: 1220 Regeneration: 77 MP per 31 min

ATK: 172+13= 185 ( with ebony sword)
DEF: 128+ 128= 257 ( with ebony armor and shield )
AGI: 15
INT: 18
WIS: 10

MAG: 15
LUK: 10
MONEY: 6959


Gamer's Mind- Passive
Self-explanatory you noob

Gamer's Body - Passive
Self-explanatory you noob

Fiction Adaptation - Passive level 3 (5%)
Description: you are able to use fiction knowledge and powers however you want.

Creation- Passive level 5 (45%)
Description: Make anything or one and they are loyally provided you treat them right. Warning you have to work to make this skill stronger to create more advanced things.

Multiverse door- Passive should be self-explanatory Noob

Summoner Level 5 (55%)- summon a being to fight for you.

Fireball spell level 4 (23%)- throw a small ball of fire for 10 MP and 15 DAM

Flames (Skyrim) Level 2 (19%)- A gout of fire that does 8 points per second. Targets on fire take extra damage cost 14MP per second

Lightning Bolt (Skyrim) Level 3 (98%) - A bolt of lightning that does 25 points of shock damage to Health and half that to Magicka Cost 51MP

Ice Spike (Skyrim) Level 3 ( 23%) - Throw a spike of ice that does 25 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina Cost 48MP

Fast Healing(Skyrim) Level 4 (21%) - Heals the caster for 50 points cost 73MP

Healing Hands (Skyrim) Level 2 ( 11%) - Heals the target 10 points per second, but not undead, atronachs or machines Cost 25MP/ per second.

Swordsmanship level 5 (67%) - damage with swords is increased by 25%

One-handed mastery level 5 (23%) - DAM with one-handed weapons is increased by 25%

Shield Mastery Level 5 (10%) skill improves the effectiveness of Shields by 30%

Shield bash Level 4 (17%)- slam your shield into an enemy to stun him or her for a few seconds.

war tactician Apprentice level - you are a standard tactician

Magic mastery Level 2 ( 23%) - Mastery over the magical arts - 5% MP cost from spells

I looked at my sheet and I hopped it be enough I looked over the battle plan the Rangers were in place waiting. The battle plan was simple the main force mostly composed of Gondor Soldiers, and Lorien Warriors led by myself Athena, Chiron, Aphrodite, and Bastet. The calvary will consist of Rivendell Lancers, Gondor Knights, and Rohirrim they will be lead by Guan Yu. Artemis was leading the archers that were mainly Ithilien Rangers and Mirkwood Archers. The Ents and Trebuchets were going to provide artillery support. The magic units were going to be commanded by Morrigan they mostly were made up by Battlemages, Spirit Healers and Arcane Warriors.

" The main army of RAX is mostly composed of bandits and mercenaries very few are even worth anything but he does have a small group of soldiers that are well armed and trained he keeps them close to himself as bodyguards, he has a few catapults for support and that's it". Athena said.

" Then we all need to mount up and head out now and take the port city from where we can see what condition it's in and from their Kane after were reinforce the city". I said to the others.

" We can also start building our own navy and make sure no other factions show up". Guan Yu said.

" We move out now and take it". I said putting my helmet walked out the door.

POV change third person later Jakes army approaches Rax gate

Your forces: 10,000

Rax's forces: 5,000

We moved at a fast pace and quickly got to Rax's city and the army was deployed and ready for us and it was going to get bloody. Rax's army was banging their Shields to taunt us it was not working. Rax was on his wall looking out at us he was a smug looking prick alright.


[I'm soo letting Artemis kill you slowly painfully.] I thought. " Artemis he is all yours when this is over". I said

" SHUT UP AND DIE". I said back and he gave the order for his men to attack and they started to move they had no coordination at all. The archers were already ready and so were the mages.

" ARCHERS FIRST VOLLY". I screamed and the Ithilien Rangers and Mirkwood Archers fired and the arrows were shot into the air and like a rain of death they struck each bastard that didn't have cover, but once that volley was done they started to move again sadly for them the mages we had like planed we done with their spells and launched them fire ice lightning spells were sent right at them and tore through their ranks. Once that was done I moved off the horse I was on and went to the front of my army. I pulled out my weapons.

" Charge! I said and they changed and I was running with my guards right behind me and soon we slammed into them and the blood part of the battle happened.

I impaled the first on in front of me then slammed my shield on the next one knocking him down then stabbed my sword into his chest I then blocked a strike from my right and the one that attacked me was shot in the head by an arrow that was from Artemis.

" Thank you". I said back then got back to the fighting.

" Guan Yu NOW!. I said and the cavalry came from the woods and Guan Yu was at the head of it and cutting down the left flank of Rax's army. I killed the last two next to me. I used flames to burn a man who tried to come to my right. I hacked at heads arms legs and more. I changed at a leader in the group in front of me and slammed my shield into his chest and stabbed into his heart I pulled it out and blocked a strike that would have to take my head off but my shield was lost when I was hit from the side. I then switched to magic with my left-hand Lightning Bolt to slam into the one that blindsided me his ally's stopped for a few seconds bad for them because my forces took the advantage and ran them over. What seemed like hours were pushed through them resistance was heavy but they were outmatched. I pulled my blade out of the gut of another a point and his body dropped lifelessly. Athena walked right to me she was covered in blood along with Chiron.

" Jake the forces in pulling back we need to press it". Athena said and she was right they did pull back damn it I wanted to avoid urban combat.

" Rax ran to the city once were in we need to find him well end the battle quicker you in charge when we get in I'm going after the fucker myself". I said to her.

" I understand if we kill him we can end the battle faster and keep more of our own alive but you should take at last someone with you". She said.

" Ok, Guan Yu they have fallen back into the city it's to narrow for the houses". I said and he dismounted from the horse.

" Indeed we need to end this quickly". He said we charged into the city.


We moved through the city we cut down any enemies we came across Rax had made barricades it only slowed us down a bit I lost my shield and used my Ebony Warhammer to smash them to a bloody paste we pushed them back all the way to his home but it was well fortified we managed to climb over it and open the gate we lost a lot of people. I was covered in blood and ash from the fires that were around the city. I slammed my hammer down on the last of Rax's guards Rax was behind his desk like a coward. I went right up to him and grabbed him.

" You are nothing but a coward all of those innocents you killed well guess what now your ass is going to live his last days in PAIN". I said dropping him on the floor. " Get this piece of shit out of my sight". I said the guards took him away kicking and screaming.

" My lord what about the city it's burning". He told me and I looked out the window.

" Then we need to put it out let's get going and hope no civilians we in the crossfire last thing I need is to be called a butcher". I said and went to do damage control lovely.

Timeskip a 2 week later

Well after we took the port we suffered 3789 losses out of our 10,000 it was a lot I had a mass funeral for them the rest of Rax's forces were dealt with ether joining of put to the sword so we got around 1,000 new men the rest were killed. We repaired all the damage and add guards to the wall I made more lawbringers to act as law enforcement to the city. The Shipwrights that I made started to make a navy Elven ships so far I had 80 Elven Warships, 45 Elven Bombardment Ships, 30 Elven Storm Ships, 60 Elven Transports fully upgraded and for the air force was small I used my Creation skill to make a Zeppelin from Divinity II: ED that I renamed Zeppelin dreadnought, 5 Zeppelin from divinity dragon commander, and The Strahl from Final Fantasy XII and towers and trebuchets for a coastal defence along with walls. I also manage to kill the warlord Kane who fought with his army but he was lacking in the mental department so we killed him and his whole army. The fortress he had was repaired was now where we were training new troops that we recruited from the villages. I used my Creation skill to make 3220 Flawless Diamonds, 1220 Silver Ore,2222 Gold Ore, 1187 Flawless Emeralds, 1240 Flawless Amethysts,1322 Flawless Garnets, 2221 Flawless Rubies, 2567 Flawless Sapphires. I and I gained two summon tokens and had yet to use them but I was thinking about it. Aphrodite and Bastet had demanded when I go home they come with me and they did they loved the TV and shower and I need a new bed.

I went to work for the old man at the bait shop and I only work there for three days out of the week for six hours. Then Aphrodite came and nearly gave my boss a heart attack. She used her charm speak to make him agree he would have anyway but still she dragged me through the whole town and god damn everyone was looking at her it didn't help at all or the fact he ended up having sex in the park in the middle of the day for an hour. Bastet was in the forest a lot which he dragged me into and we fucked out there and we came home with mountain lions and Fury somehow don't ask me how managed to boss around two couple hundred pond mountain lions so I still think she has to be the devil or the cat of the devil. I was currently in my lawn with two dead deer that the lions Jeff and Hayley killed dear thank god it was hunting season or I would be in big trouble.

" No, Jeff you have to wait a bit longer". I told him and he pawed at my body not hard." Look I already did one I want to do this one then I'll cook them ok". I said to the lion.

" Meow". And their Fury.

" NO, it'll be ready when it's ready". I said annoyed.

" HISS".

" Ah Shut up ya fat bitch". I said and soon he jumped at me and scratched my face up again.

Let's just say after that I was done and properly disposed of the remains and cooked the meat Fury got the first bite and acted like it was ecstasy and the lions too dear god they are acting like their five. Aphrodite and Bastet ate like normal people I soon went to bed and tomorrow I would head back to the other world. After all if I make an empire why should I ever come back here.

" Oh, Jake Bastet and I need some more help with a activity and your the only one around to help us". Aphrodite said and she was wearing black lingerie with a bit of white on it with knee-high socks and elbow gloves that left me with a hard-on and then Bastet had on the same outfit only in white with a bit of black.

" Why do I have a feeling that I'm most not going to sleep tonight like at all". I said then they pounced on me not that I minded guess this is the life of a gamer not bad.


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