"Well aren't things a right mess?" Fury asked

"What do you mean sir?" Hill asked as she was scanning the terrain of Mistral for anything they could use.

"I'm talking about the maidens and the relics, the Grimm are also a problem" Fury said "it's all the makings of a perfect storm

"WHOA!" a voice shouted "Sorry

"And a clumsy agent sir?"

"Well we need to keep things light don't we?"

"I suppose sir" Hill smiled as the clumsy agent got up again and looked around

"Am I in trouble?" she asked

"Not quite" Fury laughed "Where are the team now?"

"The avengers and Team RNJR are near Mistral's capital" Hill said

"Good, hopefully they can set up a base" Fury said

"Well they do have a house, but we still need Xiao Long and Schnee" Hill said

"Where are they?" Fury asked

"Yang's somewhere in Mistral and Schnee's in transit" Hill said

"Yang, that name" the clumsy agent said

"You remember it?" Hill asked

"Maybe" the agent said

"The city of Mistral" Qrow said as he lead Ruby, Team JNPR, Penny and various Avengers down a corridor

"It's about time" Nora said "Whose idea was it to walk again?"

"Well we did face many obstacles" Ren said "Broken airships, destroyed settlements, old friends returning"

"oh and you know all those people and monsters trying to kill us" Jaune said

"Indeed" Thor said

"Oh come on we were fine, only one of us almost died" Ruby said

"Hey" Qrow said as Nora gave Ren a look

"Hey" Ren said making Nora chuckled

"so how much longer until we reach Haven academy?" Jaune asked

"It shouldn't be much further from here" Pyrrha said

"I just wanted to take you guys on the scenic route" Qrow said

"And what scenery there is" Danny said before Hawkeye head slapped him

"Ignoring Pyjama boy here" Falcon said

"I agree" Black Widow said "It's just nice to walk without having to fight with anything or anyone"

"So this is it" Qrow said opening a door revealing Mistral and Haven to them

"Who, this is awesome!" Ruby cried

"It's certainly something" Qrow smiled

"Look at all the weapons" Ruby said

"Vendors will sell you anything here, whether they should or not" Qrow said

"They really made the most out of the mountains" Jaune said

"Every inch, only I suggest you stay away from the lower levels, the higher you go the nicer it gets" Pyrrha said

"And we are going up!" Nora said

"How much farther?" Spiderman asked

"We're in the home stretch now, not much further so there won't be any more stops until we reach Mistral, sorry for the long trip you two" the pilot said as he looked back to see Spiderman hanging from the roof and Weiss leaning on the door frame "Keeping us off the radar is harder than I thought, there's a lot of air traffic over northern Anima"

"Its fine, I just hope we haven't been a burden on you" Weiss said

"Honey" Spiderman said landing on the ground

"You and your money are more than welcome" the pilot said before the radio started to play static

"Is everything okay?" Spiderman asked

"I don't know, we're over Lake Matsu so we shouldn't be picking up any broadcasts this far out" the pilot said as Spiderman's early warning sense, or simply he's Spider-Sense went off

"Trouble" Spiderman said looking out the window

"Mayday, we're a small passenger ship and our huntress is down, we are not equip to handle this!" their pilot said

"Oh man" the pilot said

"The Grimm hit us 4000 clicks north of the southern shoreline, get them off of us" the radio said

"Where are you going?" Spiderman asked

"We're going to help them right" Weiss said

"No I'm trying to avoid them" The pilot explained

"But people could die" Spiderman said

"I'm sure they'll be fine, If we picked up their transmission then someone else must have as well" the pilot said

'Coward' spiderman thought

"Beside we are a cargo ship and ill-equip to fight them" the pilot said "I just want to finish this job and get home. Sorry kids my ship my rules"

At Haven the group were walking around campus taking in the sights

"Wow" Ruby said

"It is beautiful" Danny said

"We made it" Ruby sighed

"Something's wrong" Hawkeye said

"Right where is everyone?" Black Widow asked as they moved into a building

Hello?" HELLO!" Ruby called

"You want to try louder?" Nora asked

"They doesn't seem to be anyone here" Ren said

"Well school's not in session anymore, Maybe that's it?" Jaune asked

"But didn't Neptune say he's team was still stationed here?" Penny asked

"No this isn't right COME ON!" Qrow shouted

"Wait for us" Ruby said as they all ran off after Qrow

"Clint, don't you dare say what it is you're thinking at the moment" Black Widow said

"I wasn't" Hawkeye said

"Sure you weren't" Falcon snickered

Stopping at a door Qrow pulled out his weapon Harbinger while everyone arming themselves

"Get ready" Qrow said as he was about to kick the door open to reveal and elderly man who screamed making everyone scream before he fell over

"Prof Lionheart? Ruby asked

"QROW! You scared me half to death!" Lionheart shouted

"Professor you okay?" his aide asked

"ME! Why weren't waiting for us at the entrance?" Qrow asked

"Something's off" Vision said

"I feel it too" Thor whispered

"You're right, I guess time slipped away from me" Lionheart said checking his pocket watch and getting up

"You're joking" Qrow growled

"Where is everybody?" Pyrrha asked

"Ah you must be the students Qrow mentioned" Lionheart said

"Ruby Rose" Ruby said

"Jaune Arc" Jaune nodded

"Nora Valkyrie" Nora saluted

"Pyrrha Nikos" Pyrrha asked

"Lie Ren" Ren bowed

"Penny Palendina" Penny said

"And we're The Avengers" Hawkeye said point to the Avengers

"A Pleasure, Leonardo Lionheart at your services and before I forget allow me to introduce my aide" Lionheart said

"Greetings I am Roberto Reyes, but my friends call me Robbie" he said smiling

"We're a bit understaffed, with most of them being away at the moment until class resume

"What! please tell me you're not serious Leo! Who's guarding the relic!?" Qrow shouted

"Qrow, the children!" Lionheart protested

"Already Know. I already filled them in, what do you mean by away?" Qrow asked

"So is this not going at all like anyone though it would?" Nora asked

"NORA!" Pyrrha hissed elbowing her

"Shall we?" Robbie said "We can a chat over tea or whiskey, maybe something a bit more fun for the students" he smiling

"Excellent idea Roberto" Lionheart agreed

"Best stay on guard" Black Widow said as they entered Lionheart's office. Robbie followed once they were all in and smiled as he closed the door

On Menagerie Ghira and Sun stormed into the Belladonna house with Kali looking concerned at the event while Blake and the Black Panther hung back

"UNBELIEVABLE!" Ghira roared

"TOTAL GARBAGE!" Sun shouted


"well at least you two can finally agree on something" Kali smiled

"Guys, everything's' going to be okay" Blake said as she walked out to the upper balcony as a guard walked back inside, sighed she closed her eyes

"You need better security" Illia said showing up as Black Panther was on the roof above them, watching in secret

"Why?" Blake asked "How could you take the fall for them?"

"Blake" Ilia sighed

"Fennec and Corsac blamed you, we confronted them tonight and they denied knowing anything, even with all the evidence on your scroll. They talked about hoe disappointed that you had sided with Adam, but we both know of their gilt" Blake said frowning with her ears down

"Blake, you can't prove anything" Ilia said

"That scroll might not be enough to arrest them, but it is enough to sway the opinoni of the Faunus here" Blake said hopefully "when we go public tomorrow they're are not going to stand for it and neither should you" Blake glared at her old friend

"You're plan's not going to work, Please Blake leave Menagerie before things are too late" Ilia begged

"Then you're going to have to make me" Blake said

"I know" Ilia said sadly disappearing.

On a rooftop overlooking the town Ilia sighed

"She is going to make things difficult" she said

"We knew this" T'Challa said

"My king" Ilia said crossing her arms and bowing her head "I didn't see you there"

"That is one of the great things about being stealthy" T'Challa said "So do they suspect you of being one of my agents?"

"No, they still think I am loyal to them" Ilia said

"Good, now you know what will happen tomorrow?" T'Challa asked

"Yes I do" Ilia said

"Very well, anything else?" T'Challa asked

"There are plans to overthrow the leader of the White Fang, which may mean an attempt of a coup here" Ilia said

"I see, be on guard and tell me if they do plan such a thing" T'Challa said

"Yes my liege" Ilia said as the Black Panther disappeared "I hope you are right about things"

"I have to say that even for you this all seem very reckless" Lionheart said rubbing his neck

"No , reckless is leaving one of the relics completely unguarded, in its not checking in with Oz for ages

"The wasn't anything to report before the Fall of Beacon and the arrival of the Avengers, Vale wasn't the only kingdom who suffered chaos that night! Everyone was watching was watching as they saw that poor girl was ripped to pieces" Lionheart started making Ruby and Penny saddened "Saw monsters crawling over the city, Atlas' forces attack citizens and then nothing. You could feel the dread in the air," Lionheart said

"So you can see that with all that negative energy in the air, you can when the Grimm came calling for us, Mistral has the widest reaching territory in the world and that makes it extremely hard to protect" Robbie said

"We lost so many great huntsmen, teachers from this very academy and it only has gotten worse" Lionheart said disheartened

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked

"Even though we've dealt with the Grimm the Mistral Council is still at odds with the representative from Atlas, first a dust embargo then the closing of its borders." Lionheart said "I'm not sure what happened to James in Vale, but it seems to have increased his more unfortunate tendencies" Lionheart said

"Stark, what did you do now?" Black Widow muttered

"Oh great I knew it was a risk sending him and Peter up there" Hawkeye said

"Yeah well you were on Patch" Black Widow said

"And on top of everything we still do not have a clue where the Spring Maiden is" Lionheart said

"I'm sure she is safe and sound sir" Robbie said smiling

"All the more reason we need the Hunters here" Qrow said

"Okay, okay so things are bad, but we can figure it out" Ruby said "But why are the Maidens important?

"I thought you filled them in" Lionheart asked

"Mostly filled in okay, there was a lot to cover, I quit teaching for a reason" Qrow snapped

"You were a teacher?" Danny asked

"I was" Qrow said

"Not holding it against you" Danny said

"The four maiden each hold the power to perform feats of magic and they are the only ones who can open the Vaults which holds the relics"

"What?" Jaune asked

"The relics are locked inside a chamber or vault, and they can only be opened by a specific maiden, Winter for the gift of Creation, Summer for Destruction, Fall from choice and Spring for knowledge and Spring is the problem" Qrow said

"What happened to her?" Ren asked

"She was determined at but first but upon inheriting her powers the weight of responsibility proved to be too much for the child" Lionheart said making Jaune look at Pyrrha who was shocked "She ran away, abandoned her training, everyone and that was a decade ago"

"I know, at least I have a pretty good idea" Qrow admitted

"Are you serious?" Lionheart asked

"It's not really good news" Qrow sighed

"What are you talking about?" Lionheart asked

"I did some digging around, looks after Spring left here she was picked by by Bandits, specifically the Branwen tribe" Qrow said frowning

"Raven" Lionheart said

"Yang's mum?" Jaune asked

"That's right" Qrow said

"I saw her on Patch not too long ago" Hawkeye said "She was watching Yang and Tai training, she Also attacked before being forced back to her tribe"

"That's about where the main camp is set up, that's the location where they fall back to after every raid" Qrow said "Raven's gotten more support and followers since her return to the tribe and I'm sure when the Spring Maiden showed up it only made things easier

'I should be able to hold my own with the Spring Maiden thanks to my training in the Mystic arts' Pyrrha thought

"Well Qrow, I've got to hand it to you, with these coordinates we can mount up a rescue force and head out in a few weeks" Lionheart said

"A few weeks, it would be too late by then" Qrow growled "My sister is in possession of the Spring Maiden and I know where she is, We need to go now not in a few weeks!"

"And perhaps you didn't hear me the kingdom is in shambles, 'As soon as possible' does not mean tomorrow it means as soon as I can convince the council that I need Huntsmen more than they do!, unfortunately a bandit tribe isn't high on their priority lists"

"Easy, we can head in there find Spring and then get back out, plus with the Agents we have the Helicarrier it could make it easier on the council" Black Widow said leaning on the desk giving subtle signs to Hawkeye who nodded as Lionheart copied the data

"That seems to be a decent plan, but you will still need authorisation from the council to do so" Lionheart said

"I don't think he heard us" Hawkeye said

"Unfortunately you and your sister are evenly matched" Lionheart said "and I'm not the fighter used to be, no offense but the students and I can't take on an entire bandit tribe with a Maiden that's no doubt on their sides."

"But we could" Danny said

"I'm sure you could, I saw how you handle the Vale situation, but things work differently here" Lionheat said

"Are you We need to be positive we can apprehend Spring otherwise Raven's tribe will scatter. We get one shot at this and it needs to be perfect!" Lionheart stated

"We understand, don't we Qrow?" Black Widow asked

"You know Oz wouldn't be happy if he was here" Qrow stated

"Perhaps you're right but his not and I'm doing the best we can" Lionheart said

"There has to be something do" Ruby said

"What about Cinder, she said she came from here with Mercury and Emerald" Jaune said stepping forward

"We pulled their files after the Fall of Beacon but it was nothing but pages of lies, deceptions and forgeries" Lionheart said

"Another dead end then" Pyrrha stated

"Well I can't say this reunion has been warm Leo" Qrow said

"I'm sorry I know you have travelled a long way from here but I will do everything I can to help you" Lionheart said

"Yeah, stay in the city local comms are still up so keep in touch, come on kids" Qrow said

"It was nice meeting you professor" Ruby said

"Likewise" Lionheart smiled

"Goodbye" Robbie said smiling

"Oh Leo we have to work on you improvisational skills" Watts said over a commline making Robbie growl

"So what now?" Nora asked

"We regroup at the complex" Danny said

"Complex?" Jaune asked

"Yeah we got a couple of houses around the one you're staying at and have turned it into our main base of operations, it's from their we can track the other and the helicarrier" Black Widow explained

"Yeah you guys do that I'm going for a drink" Qrow said as he walked off

"Something is not right here" Vision said

"You think?" Danny asked

Later on Qrow was at a bar drinking, he turned around upon hearing footsteps

"Excuse me" a quiet voice said as Qrow turned to see a boy standing there

"You know, I don't think they allow kids in here pipsqueak" Qrow said

"Shut up I'm getting to it" Oscar said as he looked away and then back at Qrow "I'm supposed to tell you that I would like my cane back"

"It's good to see you again Oz" Qrow said pulling Ozpin's weapon out and throwing it at the boy, who caught it and activated

"Ah good you're here, a little late, but that's okay. Now we can get to work" Strange said walking in and seeing Oscar

"And what is that?" Oscar asked

"Saving the world." Strange replied "But first, I think I might need a pint"

"Alright we'll fill up here" Capt said as he and Yang pulled into a service station

"Okay I need a drink" Yang said stretching

"Nothing alcoholic!" Capt shouted back

"I know, I know" Yang said as she enter and went up to the counter "Can I have a drink please?"

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?

"A water please it is hot out" Yang said removing her shades

"Oh sure" the barkeep said before a shady man laughed

"Are you you're too young to drink? You look like a regular huntress and a beauty at that" he said

"I'm good thanks pal" Yang smiled

"Not too bulky not too lean You're.." he started

"Just right, thanks but I'm good like I said" Yang stated

"And your hair" he said before grabbed his arm, punched in the face and made him bounce around and out the door before Capt walked in with a look

"This one's on the house; that guy's been driving me crazy" the shop keep said before Yang went to grab her drink, only hand shake which she stopped by holding it

"Not many people are from around these parts, so what are you doing all the way out here?"

"We're looking for someone" Capt said

"There's not too many people out this way it's too far from the kingdom, the only person of note is" the barkeep said

"Raven Branwen" Yang said "She's the one we're looking for"

"So if you have any idea as to where she is, we'll be grateful for the information" Capt said

"Sorry but I can't" the barkeep said

"Thanks again" Yang smiled as the pair left

"Now missy you don't wanna go messing with bandits, there a world of trouble

"So I hear" Yang said before she and Cap and Capt got on their bikes

"Hey girlie" Shady man said

"Seriously this isn't over?" Yang snapped

"I heard you were looking for Raven Branwen" Shady man said

"We are" Capt said

"I know where you can find her" Shady man said smiling with a missing tooth

Back at the Ranger house someone knocked on the door making JNPR alert

"Who could that be?" Pyrrha asked as Jaune answered the door to see Oscar standing there

"Are you lost?" Pyrrha asked after Nora shrugged

"U' yeah I'm looking for a Ruby Rose here

"Why?" Nora asked

"Well you see" Oscar said

"I found him" Qrow laughed

"I think her uncle needs some help" Oscar wenced

"I found him" Qrow laughed crashing on the lounge

"WHAT IS DONG ON OUT THERE, Can't a girl read her comics in peace?" Ruby snapped "Qrow are you drunk again?" Ruby deapanned seeing her uncle was drunk again

"Maybe" Qrow drunkenly laughed

"Our fault Miss Rose" Strange said entering with Oscar

"You have silver eyes" Oscar said

"And who are you?" Ruby asked

"Said he was looking for you" Pyrrha said

"Is he your boyfriend?" Penny asked

"What?" Ruby asked "Anyway who are you

"My name is Oscar Pines, but I believe you knew me as Professor Ozpin" Oscar said

"He said it" Qrow said

"We have to be careful" Robbie said as Lionheart looked over a chessboard "Especially with that jerk coming here

"Now, now Roberto we do have to be careful not mention we have to watch our opponent's moves as well" Lionheart said

"How come?" Robbie asked

"Because it will help us plan our moves" Lionheart said closing his left eye

Spiderman and Weiss looked out at the horizon while a Grimm flies by
Weiss: Next time on Remnant Avengers War of Light: Dread in the Air!

G'day Guys Grizz here and welcome to the War of light the second volume of Remnant Avenger which will cover Vol 5 and have probably more original stuff then Vol3+4 combined. Starting off you can see I've added two new character Robbie and Agent Clumsy, Lionheart is not who he seems, Ilia is a double agent for T'Challa and more will be revealed later including the revival of a dead character. So sit back grab you sodas and snack and enjoy this next volume

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