Adam sat on his throne and sighed before he heard something

"Who's there?" Adam asked drawing his sword

'I know who you are' a voice said

"And that is?" Adam asked looking around

'A liar, you lie to yourself repeatedly' the voice said

"I don't say that!" Adam shouted

'Maybe one day you'll say the truth' the voice said making Adam turn around to see something, Adam got up and walked over to the item and picked it up. Looking at the thing he saw it was a horned helmet, it also seemed to have a scowl on it

"Are you trying to say something to me?" he asked placing it on a table near the throne "Someone's going to pay for this"

"Are you ready to go?" Blake asked as she walked out and saw Sun waiting for her

"I've fought giant robots and monsters, how hard is getting a few signatures going to be" Sun said as he grabbed his bo-staff and walked away with Blake, T'Challa and Ilia watched them from the shadows

"That isn't going to work is it?" T'Challa asked

"Not quite" Ilia said "The white fang probably has them terrified of Adam" Ilia said as they watch Blake set up a platform

"Your chieftain needs you, your people need you, help us defend Haven Academy!: Blake cried out

"That's not going to work" Ilia said sadly

"So what will?" T'Challa said "Because I get my forces here, sin Wakanda is linked to this place via the temple"

"I forgot about that" Ilia said

"A lot of people do, and through research I've discovered that there are places on Earth that link up with locations on Remnant" T'Challa said as the pair continued to be knocked back

"So where are these locations?" Ilia asked as she shook her head

"Wakanda to here, K'un-Lun to Mistral, Manhattan to Vale and the Atlas and Vacuo locations are unknown since no one has tried to use the location links" T'Challa said

"You want to be the one to do so right?" Ilia asked

"Yes" T'Challa said "Hopefully it will bring more allies" T'Challa said

"What is wrong with these people!" Sun shouted as he slammed a coconut cup onto the table he was sitting at with Blake "I don't get how they can just sit around all day and not do anything while the White Fang are about to attack!?" he snapped

"Easy Sun, it's because not everyone is like us" Blake started" Those who weren't born on the island came here to get away from the fighting and struggles, the very same thing we are asking them to do, Menagerie is just filled with people who just want to be left alone while we're asking them to put the world before them" Blake scoffed

"I guess I never really thought of it that way" Sun said

"the problem is whatever is going happen at Haven is going to affect them whether they like or not" Blake said "If Adam gets what he wants and Haven falls, that means it is only going to get worse for our kind, Everywhere" Blake said

"Adam, he's the guy you used to work with?" Sun asked

"Yes Blake sighed

"Sorry I brought it up" sun said sensing Blake's discomfort

"No its alright...Have you ever met a person and thought they were the personification of a word"

"I don't think I follow" Sun said

"Okay allow me to explain, when I was getting to know Ruby I thought 'This girl is the embodiment of purity'. After a while I saw Weiss as Defiance, Yang as Strength, Jaune as perseverance, Pyrrha as Guidance, Nora was energetic and Ren as Serenity, and most recently T'Challa as wisdom" Blake explained

"So what word do I embody?" Sun asked

"While the jury's still out on you I would have to say earnest" Blake smiled making Sun wrap his tail around his cup and sip from it before leaning his head on his hand and smirked making Blake giggle before becoming serious "At first I thought Adam was justice, then passion., But I soon realised he was spite, not rage, not hatred; spite! Adam doesn't want equality and only see the suffering the world did to him and this way thinking is dangerous, and that is why I'm worried about Ilia, she's not like Adam not at least but I don't know how long that will last

"She's a friend huh?" Sun said

"She was, her chameleon trait could help her pass off as human, but instead she didn't and that was how she got my admiration. Her family was lost to the dust mine accident when she was younger. So she joined the White Fang. Like me she was trained on the road alongside other Faunus. She learned how to survive and defend herself. but as people like Sienna and Adam grew a following she became more danger. So when my parents left the White Fang I refused to do with them" Blake remembered her past

"We're going to have to face her eventually

"I know" Blake said

"So what are you going to do?' Sun asked

"I'm going to try and help her the way you helped me, you showed me that sometimes you need to be there for a friend even when they don't want you to be. I was drowning in fear and guilt, you tried to hep but all I did was try and push you away; but you never did and you didn't give up on me And I can't give up on Ilia. It's about time I save my friends for once." Blake said smiling what she was unaware of was that Ilia was under the dock listening in. She wiped away tears and sadly smiled

'Thank you Blake and don't worry I'll gladly accept your help when you give it to me' she smiled before looking out at the ocean "huh, haven't done this in a while, just stare out at the ocean" she smiled enjoying the view.

Back in Mistral Oscar was in the training hall trying to use Ozpin's cane, only he wasn't doing very well

"You're really getting better huh?" Ruby asked "Are you hungry, it's almost dinner time" Ruby said

"That sounds good, I was about to call it a night anyway" Oscar

"You've never fought before?" Ruby asked

"Not much, just the occasional small Grimm, nothing like this though" Oscar said

"Wow you look like a natural" Ruby smiled

"It's strange I've only had this cane for a few weeks but I felt like I've had it for a lifetime" Oscar said looking at the cane "Maybe longer even, I sound crazy

"I mean little, but at this pace you'll be combat ready in no time" she said before sigh

"You okay?" Oscar asked

"I'll see you upstairs" Ruby said

"How do you handle all of this?" Oscar asked

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked concern heavy in her voice

"I'm...scared; I'm more scared then I've ever been in my life, than I thought was possible, I knew I wanted to be more than a farmhand but this?" Oscar said putting the cane back "Who would ask for this?" he asked nervously before packing into his bag

"We all went to Beacon because we wanted to help people, but you're right. None of us asked for this either we have to press on"

"How can you be so confident? People have tried to kill you and the world is on the edge of war again How are you okay with any of this?!" Oscar snapped

"When Beacon fell I thought I had lost two of my friends, Penny and Pyrrha unaware that were going to be back. they are two of the most kin hearted people I know but that didn't save them, Pyrrha thinks that if there is a chance of helping something then it was a chance worth taking. And because of that she nearly died in a battle she couldn't win. And Penny was originally destroy just to make a statement" Ruby said

"I'm sorry" Oscar said

"Yes I'm scared, but I'm scared not just for me, what happened at beacon Salem doesn't care what side your are no, she'll kill anybody which frightens me most of all; Pyrrha, Penny I'd be lying to say it didn't hurt when I thought they were gone, that I didn't think about them when every day since that time, that I didn't wish to spend more time with them. If it had been me instead I know they would keep fighting too, no matter what came at them. So that is what I chose to do: Keep moving forward" Ruby said brushing away a few tears as she looked up at the moon, she then walked over to Oscar and placed a hand on his shoulder before kissing his cheek. "Come on we better hurry up, there's only so much time Pyrrha and Ren can keep Nora from eating everything. It wouldn't be the first time." She laughed walked away. She paused and looked back, "Oscar, please know this isn't going to be easy but the fact you're event trying says something, you're braver then you think"
"She really is remarkable isn't is she?" Ozpin asked

"She must have been one of the best huntresses at Beacon" Oscar asked touching the area where Ruby kissed him

"In some ways yes, but in many others no, she has her quirks and faults like everyone else, but she possesses something unquantifiable, a spark that can inspire others when they are facing the darkest of times" Ozpin said

"This must be hard on her as well, isn't it" Oscar said

"It most assuredly is" Ozpin said

"And that is the message" Ghira's messenger said to two cloaked figures. The taller of the two nodded

"Thank you, and do not worry we will get this to the right people" the taller one said

"I know I am risking my life for this information. But I now know if anything happens the message will continue through" the messenger said as he walked away

"Well should we?" the short of the two asked removing their hood to reveal Penny

"Not just yet" the taller one said revealing himself to be Vision. Soon a scream was heard and the two bolted into action, there they saw the messenger dead and a Bat Faunus dumping his corpse over board.

"Mission complete" he said turning away, next thing he knew he was snared by Penny who held him in one spot "Who are you?" he asked

"Just that last bowl of Menagerie chilli giving you a bad dream" Vision said grabbing the Faunus' head and reading his mind

"What are you doing?" the Faunus groaned

"Just collecting intelligence on what you are doing, and making sure you forget all about us" Vision said before letting down. The Bat Faunus looked around and saw the message on the ground, which he picked up and destroyed

"Now to get back to base" he said flying off, unaware that Vision and Penny were watching him fly away. Penny looked nervous making Vision reassure her before flying straight up with Penny following him.

Standing in a darkened room Fennec and Corsec looked at each other before looking back at the hologram with the words message end on it

"You thoughts?" Fennec asked "It doesn't matter because they are of no significance, if this is how High Leader Taurus wants to proceed then we shall make it so" Corsac said

"Of course brother, still" Fennec said as a knock sounded "Sister Ilia thank you for meeting with us

"How may I be of assistance?" Ilia said kneeling

"Please stand" Corsac said as Ilia rose "We have some wonderful news

"What is it?" Ilia asked

"We have just received word from the Mistral Brotherhood; the operation was a success Adam Taurus has claimed his place as High Leader of the White Fang" Corsac said

it is good news about High Leader Taurus" Ilia said looking delighted 'Oh shit, that's not good news' she privately thought "And High leader Hagane?" Ilia asked

"Buried with full honours. The other branches of the White Fang have been told the story we decided on, plus the entire Vale brotherhood will be helping us with our plan" Fennec said

"A necessary sacrifice,. We shall not forget what he has done for us" Ilia said

"Indeed" Fennec said

"You maturity and understanding is most appreciated which is why we called you here this evening" Corsac explained

"The White Fang is experiencing a transitional period." Fennec said

"Growth requires change" Corsac said

"And change can be painful" Fennec said

"If it's for the betterment of Faunus then it is a pain we can endure, what is the next mission?" Ilia said 'I'm not liking this

"Containment, since the CCT towers are still not operational we have the luxury of control of the flow of information." Corsac said

"Once word of Adam's ascension to the rank of High Leader reaches here the citizens of Kuo Kuana will undoubtedly react poorly now that now that the chieftain has spoken out against Adam" Fennec said

"That is my fault entirely that the Belladonnas have any ground to stand on" Ilia griped

"Please, do not concern yourself with past failings Sister Ilia. Focus on the future, we have an opportunity for redemption" Corsac said

"What is it?" Ilia asked

"The Belladonnas are the only ones standing in the way of the assault of Haven by High Leader Taurus" Fennec said

"And so they must be silenced" Corsac said

'No' Ilia thought "Silenced?"

"Like Sienna they stand in the way of progress for our people

"We would never put such a heavy burden on your shoulders alone of course. Your brothers and sisters will be there at your side, but your relationship with their daughter makes you an integral part of this plan" Corsec said

"Blake?" Ilia asked

"We know how close you are with Young Blake. But rest assured, High Leader Taurus has requested she be sent to him but we cannot have her present to defend her family

"But the people of Menagerie" Ilia said

"Will come to understand what will happen to those who speak out against the White Fang" Crosec said gripping his fist

"And will be left without a leader until our victory is complete" Fennec said

"A necessary sacrifice sister Ilia" Corsec said placing a hand on Ilia's shoulder

"I understand" Ilia said leaving. "I have to talk to T'Challa now!' she panicked

"She is right to worry about the citizens, they may see Ghira as a martyr and reform the Order of the Panther's Fang" Fennec said

"Something that will not happen, besides it is a risk we need to take for the high leader's plan" Corsec said replaying Adam's message

'I will not allow them to ruin this! The belladonna name has brought me nothing but grief, you have done well finding the deserter. Bring her to me alive, but not before you've slaughtered her family, I have a promise to keep" Adam said

"He seems unwell" Fennec said

"He carries with him a tremendous burden" Corsec said

"Are you sure he is the one to leads to lead us?" Fennec asked

"For now, We must do what we must for the future of the Faunus" Corsec said as a knock sounded "Come in" he said as the Bat Faunus from earlier walked in. "Ah Brother Yuma I take it you were able to deal with Ghira's messenger?"

"The mission was a success, he rests beneath the waves along with his warning" Yuma said bowing

"Good, then all is well" Corsec said ominous smiling

"Good work you two, at least now we'll have some prep time for Adam Taurus and the White Fang" Fury said as he met Vision and Penny on the deck of the Helicarrier "Plus its better we get it since we don't know who is trustworthy in the Mistral government at the moment" Fury said as his duster blew in the wind

"Sir, might I suggest extra precautions be taken in Menagerie?" Vision asked

"That could be a smart thing, once you have found him bring Spiderman to Menagerie to help out T'Challa and his team. Also if things get dicey have Strange extract the Belladonnas to the Mistral Compound" Fury said

"Yes sir" Vision said before he departed with Penny.

"This might be the first spark of a new war" Fury said frowning as he looked over the ocean from the deck of the Helicarrier

Yang and Weiss stand in front of Raven while Qrow and Strange is in the back ground. Next time on Remnant Avengers War of Light: Known by its song

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