055. Rescue



(He's covered in blood. Somuchsomuchsomuch.)

Jason disposes of his Red Hood helmet and steadies Bruce's jerking shoulders back to the med-table, as Bruce's gauntlets claw into his shirt with frenzy. He scowls over his shoulder.

"Where the fuck is the antitoxin, Alfred? Let's go already! He's going into shock!"

Jason stares back down on him.

(Blood in his eyes. His lifeless, blue eyes exposed from the torn Robin-mask. IfailedhimIfailed.)

Leather, fingerless gloves press callously to Bruce's graying, unshaven cheeks. "B, stay with me. You're not dyin' on some fucking messed-up hallucinogens, alright?"


Jason laughs alone — he has to — roughly, despairingly.



DC Comics isn't mine. WHAT A GOOD SHIP. SO GOOD. I'VE MISSED IT. ALWAYS HAD A SOFT SPOT. Anyway thoughts/comments deeply appreciated!