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Chapter Two

Kuruoshi pursed his lips as he processed what Sena told him as they walked to school. He said, "So pretty much I'm weak to holy stuff, but because I'm allied to you, I also work for this Grigori place by default even though it consists of Fallen Angels, which are technically the enemies of Devils. And after classes are over, you'll have someone take me to meet the rest of the group and so you can explain more. Also, we get stronger by making contracts with people. Is that it?"

Nodding, Sena said, "Pretty much. Also, your sister is one of Prosopida's regular clients. The only reason I found your house was because I asked him for directions because he recognized you as her brother."

Kuruoshi nodded, not registering what she said. A moment later, he said, "Wait, what?" He didn't get to press further; they had arrived at school. As they walked in, whispers spread throughout the courtyard.

"Why are they coming here together?"

"Did he force her to do things with him?"

"What did he do to force her to walk with him?"

With a blank stare, Sena said, "I was going home from the convenience store when I saw Yasei get attacked by someone with a knife. I helped him get home because he still got hurt. It was late, so his sister let me stay for the night." The tension eased, and the two students were able to go to their classes without difficulty, though some students still looked at Kuruoshi with suspicion.

Before they went their separate ways, Sena muttered to Kuruoshi, "Pretend that last night's events didn't happen. Tell a different story if someone asks. Keep it close to the one I told. As I said, I'll send someone to bring you to me later." Nodding, the teen headed to his classroom.

Arriving at his class, Kuruoshi went to his seat and flumped into his seat. Kogu, who was already at his desk, asked, "Hey, something wrong?"

Before the newly-reincarnated Devil could say anything, Issei ran up to them, sticking his finger in Kuruoshi's face. He shouted, "You saw her, right? I know you were there that night!"

Kuruoshi quickly leaned back and said, "Get out of my face, Hyoudou. And you better elaborate. Who do you mean by 'her'?"

Issei shouted, "Don't play stupid! I saw you there last night when I was with Yuuma-chan!"

The dark-skinned teen said, "What the hell are you talking about? The only thing that happened last night that stands out to me in my mind was that I nearly got killed by some psycho bitch!" Noticing the bewilderment in the classroom, he elaborated, "I was out on a late night walk. I was in the park when I ran into a lady who was acting strange. I was trying to see what was going on, but she tried to stab me."

Huffing, he continued, "One of the only reasons I didn't get killed was because she got distracted when her blouse slipped to show her nipples. It bought me a bit of time. I managed to get away, but she still stabbed me. It's a good thing I know a few ways to treat a stab wound, or else it would have gotten really bad."

Issei blinked and sputtered, "W-wait! You saw her tits! How come you're acting like it's nothing?!"

Sighing in exasperation, Kuruoshi incredulously inquired, "Are you serious? Are you saying that if you were in that situation, you'd focus on checking out her breasts instead of trying to not get killed?" When Issei could provide no answer, he groaned and facepalmed.

He took a deep breath and calmed down. Turning to Kogu, he finally answered, "Anyways, where was I?"

Frowning in concern, Kogu asked, "Are you sure you should be up and about so soon?"

Kuruoshi replied, "I'm fine. I found a lighter on the ground and used it to burn the area where I got stabbed to get it to stop bleeding." To prove his point, he raised his shirt to show the burn mark, which Kogu could tell was recent. "See? It's fine."

Shaking his head, Kogu said, "You should at least still get it checked out later. It might get worse."

The newly-reincarnated Devil grumbled, "Fine, I'll have someone look at it later." He turned to the front of the classroom in time to see the teacher walk in and start the lesson.

Kuruoshi barely paid attention to the lesson, thoughts and questions regarding the previous night filling his mind. That, and he was wondering what Kosui made him for lunch, as well as what to have for dinner. He glanced at the clock and sighed. It was going to be a long day.

When classes finally ended, Kuruoshi stayed behind, waiting for whoever Sena sent to pick him up. A few minutes later, he was tired of waiting and got up, making his way to the door. However, as he was about to walk out, someone stood in his way. Looking at him, the Devil recognized who it was. The person standing in front of him was Kakucho Futopara.

Kakucho was a second-year student with light skin, black hair, and blue eyes. Standing just a few inches taller than Kuruoshi, his emotionless demeanor struck an imposing image. Surprisingly, he was only half-Japanese; his mother was Italian. As such, he was considered one of the most handsome boys in the school. Due to his formal and respectful personality, he was dubbed the Knight of Kuoh.

Sighing, Kuruoshi asked, "What do you want, Futopara?" Although he and Kakucho didn't get along, they certainly didn't have animosity between each other. If anything, they were on neutral terms.

Calmly, Kakucho said, "Yaegaki-san asked me to take you to her. She says it's about what happened last night." He stepped to the side and continued, "Please come with me. I guarantee that it will not take too much of your time."

Kuruoshi said, "Alright. Lead the way." The duo walked in silence, ignoring the whispers around them. Soon, they reached an isolated part of the school, almost devoid of students. Almost, because there was a group of easily distinguishable students there. Of course, he recognized Sena, but it was the others who caught his attention.

Kakucho calmly said, "We're here. Everyone, our new peerage member has arrived." At that moment, all of the individuals turned towards the duo. Kuruoshi took this chance to see who they were.

The first, a second-year student, was a girl known only as Eva, since she had no surname. Called the Golden Phantom due to her silence and blonde hair, she was regarded as one of the most mysterious students. Her red eyes stared at Kuruoshi, unblinking and unwavering. Nodding faintly, the girl turned back to her homework, which she already started.

The next person was another girl, a first-year student at that. Sarah Carlisle had white hair and green eyes, as well as two scars on her face. Despite the scars, she was considered one of the cutest girls in the school. Noticing Kuruoshi's gaze, she looked away shyly and blushed, fidgeting uncomfortably due to having someone pay attention to her.

The third person, despite having a very feminine appearance and wearing the female uniform, was actually a boy. Hana Kamakiri was a third-year student heralded as the school's "flower" due to his name and fragile appearance. The boy nodded at him and gave a small smile. Softly, he said, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope we get along."

The next person, a second-year student, was a girl with blue-green hair and green eyes. Chiho Nekonome was considered the school's second unofficial mascot, just after Koneko Toujou. The girl bluntly looked at the red-eyed Devil, munching on a slice of tuna. A moment later, she swallowed the slice of fish whole and returned to her food, grabbing another piece of fish.

Cristal Sangsue, a first-year student, was another student who stood out among the school. Heralded as the Princess of Kuoh, her blonde hair and red eyes gave her the appearance of a foreign, well, princess. It certainly didn't help that her demeanor and personality added on to the image. Smiling cheerfully, she said, "Hi! It's nice to meet you! I hope we get along!" She waved at Kuruoshi then returned to her book.

The next student, again a girl, was a second-year student Kuruoshi was able to recognize as Kayo Taberu. Known as the Snow Angel of Kuoh, she was a girl with white hair, pale skin, and red eyes. Much like Kogu, she was well known for her kindness. With a small smile, she said, "Nice to meet you, Yasei-san. If you need any help or have any questions about being a Devil, feel free to ask me. Other than that, I hope we get along."

Finally, Kuruoshi turned to the last person in the group. Seeing who it was, he promptly scowled. He said, "Oh, it's you. Why am I not surprised?" However, he internally screamed, 'For the love of everything out there, why did it have to be her?'

Snapping back, the girl snarled, "What's that supposed to mean, fuckface?"

Usa Nousagi was a second-year student. She and Kayo were sisters. However, unlike her sister, Usa was not a friendly person. In fact, she was the most violent student in the school, much more so than Kuruoshi. With red eyes constantly glaring at everyone, slightly messy white hair, and a near-permanent scowl on her face, she had the appearance of a delinquent. Well, technically only one red eye was constantly glaring because her right eye was covered by an eyepatch, which made her look like a delinquent even more. She was called the Dark Queen due to being a complete opposite of her sister.

Getting up, she stormed up to the newly-reincarnated Devil and continued, "Answer me! You got a fucking problem?"

Before the confrontation could escalate, a voice called out, "Sorry I'm late! I had to make a few stops. Am I late to see the new guy?" As the boy arrived, he turned to Kuruoshi and continued, "Once again, I'm sorry that I'm late. It's nice to meet... Kuruoshi? What are you doing here?"

Shocked, the teen replied, "Kogu? I should be asking you that! Wait. Don't tell me..." He looked at his friend, then at the group of Devils.

Catching on as well, Kogu said, "Well, this is ironic. I didn't know that you were the new person to join Sena's peerage."

Sighing, Kuruoshi commented, "Yeah, who knew that this would happen? On the other hand, I guess that there's a lot to explain." Seeing the others nod, he mumbled, "Now where should I start?"

"So yeah, that's how it is," finished Kuruoshi as he scratched the back of his head. Everyone looked at Sena, who nodded. Stretching, he continued, "Now that it's over, didn't you tell me to get my stab wound checked, Kogu?"

The teen nodded and replied, "Yeah, I did. Just hold still so I can check it." He knelt down, lifted his friend's shirt, and checked the burnt scar, holding a hand over it. Kuruoshi was about to question his actions when a magic circle appeared in Kogu's palm. A few seconds later, Kogu said, "Well, I just started healing the rest of it. Sena's not the best at healing, so she did what she could. Good thing, too. Turns out that the internal area where you got stabbed got torn pretty badly, meaning that the knife was probably serrated near the tip. They're mostly gone thanks to what Sena did. Also, your diaphragm got nicked, but it's fine now."

A moment later, he removed his hand and said, "All done. You should be fine now, but try to take it easy. We don't want you getting hurt again before meeting the rest of the peerage."

Blinking in surprise, Kuruoshi repeated, "Rest of the peerage?"

Sneering, Usa snarked, "Are you so fucking stupid to think that it's just us? Man, you-" She was cut off when Kayo stopped her, shaking her head.

The white-haired girl said, "Sorry about her. To put it simply, there are five other members of the peerage, but they're not students. In fact, they're adults. You'll be meeting them later today, though."

Sighing, Kuruoshi asked, "And where will I be meeting them?"

Finally speaking up, Sena answered, "You'll be meeting them at our secret meeting spot. Come on, let's go." She got up and walked away, gesturing for everyone to follow. "Everyone, remember to show up separately in groups. Ku-chan, you're going with Kogu and Kayo."

Kuruoshi sputtered as the others, save for Eva, Chiho, and Kakucho, either chuckled, giggled, or in Usa's case, outright cackled at the nickname their King gave him. Sighing in resignation, he followed after the aforementioned duo.

Half an hour later, Kuruoshi stared at the peerage's meeting place, eyebrow twitching. He bluntly asked, "Doesn't this place seem a bit too cliché for a secret hideout?" The location in question was located in a less-traversed area of Kuoh, in the back of a dark well-hidden alley that was surprisingly devoid of any mess. He had noticed that it was unusually easy to see in the alley, considering that it was late in the afternoon and there were no light sources nearby. Chalking it up to being a Devil, he wondered what else he would learn from the others.

Kuruoshi was so lost in thought that he almost didn't hear Kayo speak to him. "Yasei-san," the girl said, "let's go in. And yes, it's rather cliché, but it's the only place we can be together all at once and leave without drawing any attention thanks to the layout of the alleys." As she said this, Kogu opened the steel door – wait, was that seriously made of tungsten carbide? – and beckoned them to come in.

Walking through the door, Kuruoshi noticed that the hideout was well-lit in contrast to the darkness of the alley. Following his fellow Devil, he walked down the hall and eventually entered a room that looked a lot like a conference room, with a long table and multiple chairs surrounding it, as well as a large screen mounted on the wall. He noticed that there were only three empty seats, with the other thirteen chairs occupied. Hesitantly, he went over and sat between Sarah and a sleeping woman with blonde hair. As Kogu went over and sat between Kakucho and Eva, Kayo sat next to Usa, who was sitting at the end of the table, across from a young woman with brown eyes and short blonde hair.

Looking around the table, he recognized all the peerage members he had met, and glanced at the members he did not meet. One was the sleeping woman he was sitting next to. The next one was the woman that Usa sat across from. Looking across from him, Kuruoshi met gazes with a young man with blue eyes and blonde hair with brown tips. Slouched over next to the man was a young woman with silver hair and red eyes. Finally, Kuruoshi looked at the most conspicuous person in the room. He was a man with slicked back black hair, and wore a black and white mask that hid his eyes.

Lightly rapping her knuckles on the table to get everyone's attention, Sena announced, "Now that everyone is here, we can get to business. First off, we have a new member. Ku-chan, please introduce yourself."

Grumbling at the nickname, the aforementioned Devil got up and said, "I'm Kuruoshi Yasei. Nice to meet you all. Please take care of me." He sat back down, internally wincing at the last sentence, which wounded his pride.

Nodding in satisfaction, Sena continued, "Ku-chan, it's time for you to meet the remaining five members of the peerage." She gestured her hand lightly as the five adults in the room stood up. Kuruoshi twitched; he didn't even notice the blonde woman next to him wake up when Sena started speaking.

The blonde man said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Kuruoshi. I am Eungdal Ilijali. If you'd like, I can teach you a few things to help you get used to being a Devil."

The woman next to Eungdal softly voiced, "Ah... Kara Gibel. Hello."

The masked man smiled and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Prosopida."

The short-haired blonde woman, looking up from her phone for just a moment, disinterestedly said, "Yo, I'm Saya Kemushi." After a few seconds of silence, Kuruoshi realized that she would not say anything else.

Finally, the blonde woman next to Kuruoshi faintly smiled and said, "Kuruoshi-kun, it's a pleasure to meet you. Call me Aurora. If there's anything you need, just let me know and I'll do what I can to help." Her motherly tone and lack of exhaustion surprised the teen; he had expected her to be apathetic due to just waking up.

The next couple hours was a blur. Kuruoshi could barely keep up; learning about how he now had enhanced abilities and could speak any human language. The multiple reports on the peerage members' activities and findings confused him, until he locked onto two certain words that Eungdal said. Suddenly standing up, he interrupted, "Did you just say Fallen Angels? I fought one last night!"

Blinking, the blonde man said, "I see. Well, that actually brings me to my next report." Getting up from his seat and turning on the TV mounted on the wall, he said, "As Master Sena requested last night, I have analyzed the knife that was used to stab Kuruoshi Yasei." As the screen showed a zoomed-in image of said knife, he continued, "I first thought it was a normal knife. But on closer inspection, I noticed something." He zoomed in even more on the photo, tapping on a certain area near the tip. "There was something off with the serrated edge-" He ignored Kogu muttering, "I knew that it was serrated!"

"The serrated edge had something off about it. When I looked more closely, I found that there was poison on the blade. Normally, I wouldn't think very much of it. But it was the type of poison that told me that something was wrong." Everyone's eyes narrowed at this part. Taking a deep breath, Eungdal continued, "The poison used, called Samael's Spite, is an extremely potent one that has not seen in many years, due to how rare it is."

Raising a hand, Saya asked, "Just how rare is it?" The answer came, but not from Eungdal.

Aurora spoke up and answered, "You're lucky to be hearing about it. And Eungdal is lucky enough to have both known about it and seen it. That's how rare it is. Eungdal, please continue."

Nodding, the blonde man said, "Anyways, the poison is so strong that the longest it has ever taken to kill someone or something is six hours, and the victim was a creature infamous for its poison resistance. So that leaves us two questions. How did the rogue Fallen Angels get their hands on Samael's Spite? And how," he asked as turning to look Kuruoshi right in the eyes, "how did you survive it?"

Eyes wide at the information, Kuruoshi managed to answer, "I... I don't know..."

His eyes narrowing, the the blonde Devil said, "I see. Anyways, that concludes my report."

Half an hour later, it was time to leave. Sena said, "Alright everyone, it's time to go. We meet here again in three days. Eungdal, Kayo, stay behind for a bit. There's something I want to talk to you about privately."

Walking after the masked man, Kuruoshi said, "You're Prosopida, right?"

Nodding, the man replied, "Yes, I am. Is there something you need?"

The teen said, "I heard that my sister is one of your clients. You better not try anything with her."

Chuckling, Prosopida placated the teen. "There is no need to worry. I simply help her tend to the house." Walking away, the man turned back and said, "You care very much for her. I like that. Know that since you are now part of this world, you must be prepared to protect your sister. I pray for your sake that you will be able to."

As the man walked away, Kuruoshi stood silently, the words echoing in his mind. Shaking his head, he left the hideout and made his way home.

Back inside, Sena looked at the two and said, "I know that you're both hiding something about Kuruoshi. What is it?"

Eungdal answered, "What I didn't mention in my report is that I also studied Yasei's blood, which was still on the blade. Somehow, it was consuming, and even absorbing, Samael's Spite, something that should not be possible. But somehow his blood was practically undergoing phagocytosis with the poison. We need to investigate more."

Sena nodded and said, "We're going to look into it anyways. Kuruoshi's hiding something too, but it's up to him if he'll talk about it. What about you, Kayo?"

Pursing her lips, the white-haired girl said, "He's like me. Ability-wise, I mean." Seeing their eyes widen, she continued, "I know. Going by how I went through it, we need to be careful with Kuruoshi. I just hope that I can teach him to control it. And I'm praying that his isn't anything like mine. By the way, you said that he helped you once. What did you mean?"

Sena cryptically replied, "Even the greediest dragon can be generous in certain conditions." A few minutes later, the trio left, and the lights in the hideout shut off, leaving the location in complete darkness.

In an empty void, a lone figure observed the events silently. It had the form of a humanoid figure with black with bright yellow flecks and golden yellow markings on the torso that had a highly technological appearance. Its body had a yellow outline and released a red glow, and was surrounded by traces of red and golden energy. The only facial feature it had was glowing golden eyes.

Without looking away from the images, it said, "Are you going to just stay there, or are you coming out?" For a moment, there was only silence, then footsteps echoed throughout the void. A moment later, another figure emerged.

The second figure looked much like Kayo, but with large differences, first and foremost having black hair in contrast to Kayo's white. The left pigtail was larger than the right pigtail, her eyes were violet, and her teeth were razor sharp. She wore an unzipped black cropped hoodie jacket, a black bikini top, and black short shorts. Additionally, there were two white belts over her short shorts, crossed over one another.

"Well look at who finally decided to wake up. Got tired of playing Sleeping Beauty?" she mocked. "After all, the only thing you've done is stop that brat from dying."

"What I do is none of your business," replied the figure. "Do not disturb me. I am watching the boy's progress. Right now, he is too weak, too undisciplined, not worthy. When he proves himself worthy, perhaps I will test him. After all, it seems that the one you are watching has taken an interest in him as well." As the figure said this, it felt two bumps and pushes at its back, as though something was trying to get out.

Smirking, the girl said, "We'll see. We'll see..." As she walked away, she finished, "You better hope that your kid survives, 'cuz if not, well, sucks to be you." Disappearing into the darkness, she laughed, her cackles echoing in the void.

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