A pair of mismatched eyes stared at the scene before him. He was not happy this jumped up ghost had taken possession of his body and was using it as a puppet to attack his Sky, as reluctant as he was to admit it.

That being said, he really didn't want to deal with explaining this particular ability. It was bad enough the Esterneo found out about it and abused it until he got pissed off enough to retaliate.

At least he wouldn't have to suffer the indignity of Ken and Chikusa's inept attempts in handling his vulnerable state. He hated having to wait a month before he could actually defend himself and they were barely competent.

Mukuro sighed in an annoyed manner.

"Vongola, Chrome, I'm leaving you in charge of my body while I recover. And Birdy, if I hear even one word about my weakened state I will end you in the most painful method possible," said Mukuro crossly.

"Mukuro-sama, what are you going to do?" asked Chrome worriedly.

"I'm going to show that pest why he shouldn't have picked my body to act as his puppet. It's hard to explain without tipping him off anyway," said Mukuro annoyed. He hated having to do this, but he wasn't going to leave everything in the hands of a boy who had been bullied extensively and was just barely coping with that fake baby's training.

He'd rather suffer a little indignity now and get it over with, than deal with the fallout if they failed.

Mukuro launched himself from Chrome's shoulder, and only left a trace of himself in the owl as his soul slammed into his body. Daemon Spade obviously though he was going to try and retake control...he had no idea what was about to happen.

It started as a low burn that swiftly turned into a conflagration of flames. Daemon started screaming in pain and shock as the fire ignored his powers and started to consume the body he was in.

The others watched in shock and horror as Mukuro's body literally caught fire and began to self-immolate.

An odd sort of piercing cry filled the air, turning into the most beautiful music they had ever heard in their life. Great wings of brilliant orange and indigo sprang from Mukuro's back along with a long tail that flowed down to the ground.

The wings enveloped Mukuro's body as the song turned into a triumphant cry...and a blazing fireball consumed what was left of the Mist.

Stunned eyes as the flames consumed everything...and when it was over, only one sound filled the air.

The sound of a crying pair of children sitting there in the ashes of what had been Mukuro.

Chrome's maternal instincts kicked in, and she borrowed a pair of jackets long enough to wrap the infants inside. The one with mismatched eyes curled into her arms and slowly quieted down.

However it was a brief look at the child's eyes that said volumes of who the infant was.

Only Mukuro had such mismatched eyes, much less with kanji written in one.

The other one...looked like an almost identical copy save for the fact it had two normal eyes and looked very confused. Chrome managed to hand that one to Takeshi.

"What the hell just happened?" demanded Hayato.

"I think Mukuro just turned into a phoenix, or something close to it," said Reborn openly dumbfounded and in disbelief.

"A what?" said Tsuna. "And what happened to Daemon?"

"A phoenix. A middle eastern mythological firebird. When it dies, it's reborn from the ashes of it's previous body and it's tears are said to have healing powers while it's song can rouse the spirit of anyone who hears it. Capable of lifting heavy weights and instantly transporting large groups," said Reborn dumbly. "As for Daemon, that's anyone's guess, though I suspect the infant in Takeshi's arms might have an answer to that."

Mukurowl landed on Chrome's shoulder tiredly. It gave off a tired hoot.


The owl locked eyes with Chrome for five seconds, before returning back to it's standby form. She blinked repeatedly as she sorted through the information he had basically dumped into her head.

"Mukuro-sama said he'll be stuck like this for at least a month or possibly two, he won't remember anything until he reaches roughly the same age he 'died' at and will be as vulnerable as any other child. The reason he survived the labs was because of this power, but the Esterneo abused it until they pissed him off by planning to kill Ken and Chikusa because they had reached a dead-end with their 'research'," she said quietly. "He hates using it, so he kept it locked up along with his other primary because it was the reason the Esterneo experimented on him so much."

"This has happened before?" said Reborn.

Chrome shrugged helplessly, holding the infant close to her. The baby was sound asleep and she didn't want to wake it up.

"So basically you're telling us we're going to be dealing with a pair of babies for a month or two?" said Hayato.

"Can I hold him?" asked Tsuna curiously. Seeing the looks everyone shot him, he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I like kids, and you might as well stay at our house until he's old enough to remember who he is. At the very least it'll be better for him than the hideout you've been using with Ken and Chikusa. If nothing else we can clean out the attic or something and convert it to another bedroom."

Ken and Chikusa...just looked openly relieved they wouldn't have to suffer taking care of an infant again. And were entirely unsurprised by the fact Mukuro had turned into a giant fireball.

Chrome and Tsuna got a crash course in changing an infant's diapers. Nana took it all in stride when Tsuna claimed that Chrome's "parents" had left her to care for her 'younger brothers' for a month or two while they were at work. Considering Mukuro and Chrome could have passed for brother and sister to begin with, it was an easy lie.

Did not stop Chrome from blushing up a storm, much less Tsuna. It was very little wonder Mukuro hated this particular ability when it offered so many blackmail opportunities. To say nothing of how vulnerable he was.

On an unrelated note, he was an adorable baby who liked practically everyone he met. Even if he did have a rather amusing habit of tossing small toys at Hibari every chance he got. Daemon was a little mischievous brat, but fortunately Tsuna had experience with Lambo.

Fortunately for Mukuro, Hibari knew that his favorite rival was a small animal at the moment and therefor not worth biting to death...even if he twitched the first time the infant managed to launch mashed peas at him.

Reborn...was having far too much amusement in gathering blackmail material on Tsuna's guardians, especially the Cloud and Mist.

However it didn't stop the teenagers all from observing the rather psychotic Mists...as small infants who couldn't harm a fly.

Mukuro was not going to be happy with Haru. She insisted on putting him into many "cute" outfits because she was a sucker for small children.

Though she had to keep changing them, as Mukuro's body apparently had the ability to 'age' quite rapidly over the course of a few days.

"This is so weird... I mean mentally I know this is Mukuro and the guy we tried to kill, but he isn't creepy in the least," said Hayato. He was playing with the toddler who was about the same size as Reborn at the moment.

"I know. At least he's old enough to sleep through the night and not wake us up," yawned Tsuna.

Chrome nodded, as she had been in charge of his infant form and thus was usually the first to wake up. Mukuro was a pretty easy-going infant, but that didn't mean she enjoyed waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers or feed him. Daemon on the other hand had a habit of squirming and being difficult.

"I sincerely hope you weren't mistaken, Reborn," said a voice.

Chrome and Tsuna turned to find...a tiny Hibari with a braid?

"I know what accidental magic looks like. It's been a hassle hiding I-Pin and Lambo's incidents from the general public, but Mukuro is considerably stronger than they were," said Reborn flatly.

Seeing Tsuna and Chrome, Reborn paused before sighing in annoyance.

"Dame-Tsuna, this is Fon. He's here to check Mukuro and Daemon for something."

"Why does he look like Hibari?" asked Tsuna nervously.

"Because he's Hibari's grandfather," said Reborn bluntly. "Now where is he?"

Mukuro crawled to where Chrome was and lifted his arms, asking to be picked up. She did so absently, as she was used to it at this point. Mukuro was such a cuddly child and she would openly admit to enjoying the fact he liked to lay next to her at night.

Fon took out a paper talisman.

"Chrome was it? Could you have Mukuro hold this?" he asked.

Chrome picked up the talisman...and it gave off a fairly decent amount of light. Fon blinked.

"It would seem she has magic as well. I'm surprise they weren't picked up sooner."

"I was home schooled until recently," admitted Chrome.

"That would do it," said Fon.

Mukuro reached for the odd glowing paper.

If Chrome's light was roughly the same as a fairly bright lantern, Mukuro was a bonfire that nearly blinded them all. Though Daemon came close when it was his turn.

"Definitely magical, though considering you said he might have a phoenix form that amount makes perfect sense. It takes a lot more power to turn into a magical creature compared to a normal one, much less use their full abilities," said Fon, blinking to clear his vision. "They'll need to be registered and taught, otherwise it could get out of hand. We can also check with the banks to see if they're part of any established lines."

Chrome held Mukuro a little closer at that. She knew he hated needles.

Seeing her reaction, Fon smiled kindly.

"They just need a few drops of blood, nothing else. No needles required and the results take less than five minutes," he explained.

"How long will this take?" asked Reborn.

"A few hours at most. This generally doesn't take very long and once he's aged up he can join the same classes Kyouya finished long ago. This isn't the first time a magical child has been missed, and it won't be the last. At most they'll spend a few months studying until they take the required tests and then go about their lives," shrugged Fon.

A few hours later...

Chrome was almost overwhelmed by the magical alley. Since they needed to get the registered, Fon lead them straight to the bank which was accorded neutral territory...and wouldn't report the fact they were "Soul Fire Active" to any Ministry. They didn't give a damn about that particular ability so long as they never caused trouble.

"What do you want, Cursed Human?" demanded the Oni.

"I wish to do a basic check for bloodline inheritance and to register two missed magical children," said Fon succinctly.

The Oni signaled one of it's younger brethren, who took them to a side room.

"Three drops of blood for inheritance test, which will cost you five gold for each test," said the fox inside.

Chrome took the knife and hesitantly cut her finger, leaving three fat drops of blood into the potion. Fon handed over five gold coins without batting an eye.

"Minor bloodline gifts, the line is too watered down to be anything more than a branch family," said the fox. "No vaults pending."

Fon deftly took a small needle and calmly pricked Mukuro's finger. Chrome promptly hugged him closer and tried to sooth the unhappy toddler she was holding.

Needless to say there was a lot of shock going around the room as the parchment practically flowed with a history of bloodline gifts, vaults and family history.

"You have got to be shitting me," swore Fon.

On one hand, this might explain how he survived that night. On the other hand, things were about to get very complicated.

And that was before he tracked down how the hell Harry Potter ended up in a mafia lab long enough to be experimented on and became Rokudo Mukuro.

The fox looked conflicted on how to handle this situation. Fortunately for him, Fon had a solution they could all live with until he found answers.

"I think it would be best to keep this quiet until he is old enough to speak for himself. That should take a few more weeks, which is more than enough time to make preparations to clear up this mess."

The kitsune looked openly relieved at the out. He was not trained to handle this sort of situation and it gave them plenty of time to find someone who was.

A month really wasn't a long time to wait for a youkai, after all.

Surprisingly Daemon did have vaults under his own name, but it was more of a branch vault because he wasn't from the main line of the family.

Back in the Sawada household...

"I take it the trip was uneventful?" asked Reborn, not really looking up from his book.

The dead silence made him put a bookmark in it and look at Fon. He had a pained expression on his face.

"You and your student have officially stepped into a political mess of epic proportions," said Fon.

"...What happened?"

"What happened is that Mukuro is a missing figure of great importance to the magical enclaves that everyone has been looking for ever since he failed to show up at a certain exclusive boarding school four years ago. And because Tsuna is his bonded Sky, whatever happens to Mukuro will directly affect him," said Fon bluntly.

Though Fon was rather curious as to how Mukuro suddenly gained a twin brother of all things that had the same name as the treacherous Mist Guardian Daemon Spade. As far as he knew "Harry Potter" was an orphan with no other close living relatives, much less a twin.

Reborn looked at Fon seriously.

"How bad are we talking about?"

"Let me put it this way... the Cradle Affair would be considered a minor ripple compared to the sheer headaches you're about to deal with if word gets out that the missing 'savior' has been found. The closest equivalent I can think of would be if the Vongola had lost all their heirs and Tsuna suddenly popped up out of the woodwork claiming to be the next Primo with the Vongola unaware of his existence, complete with Guardians that all looked like the first generation," said Fon dead serious.

Reborn openly winced at that.

"In the meantime I'm going to do a lot of digging to find out exactly how the savior of the English enclaves ended up in that lab. By all accounts he was hidden with his maternal aunt after his parents were murdered," said Fon.

Somehow he had the feeling he wasn't going to like finding out the truth.

"Any idea how exactly Daemon ended up as an infant as well?" asked Reborn.

"My best guess is that since Daemon was possessing Mukuro's body and had such a high affinity for his Flames, the magic mistook him as part of Mukuro. However two souls can't inhabit the same body, so magic shunted Daemon off into a new one of his own. You might as well consider them twin brothers, and there's a high chance that Daemon's life is now tied to Mukuro's," said Fon shrugging. "Magic is unpredictable at the best of times."

Tsuna had been very clear when the possibility of Daemon being the second infant was presented to him. Until the kid showed signs of the murderous Mist Guardian, he was to be treated the same as any other child.

No doubt the Primo was laughing his ass off at the predicament Daemon had found himself in because of his bad behavior inside the ring.

(Coincidentally he was, along with Alaude who couldn't stop smirking whenever the subject was brought up.)