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A/N: This is an alternate universe fic (Readers: another one??!). Hikaru is a new student transferred to Rayearth High. This fic is gonna be H/L (mainly), U/C, F/F and blah, blah blah… Eagle is Hikaru's cousin (will explain later) and has a girlfriend named Yuki.

--------------------CHAPTER 1--------------------

   "LATE! LATE! LATE!!!"

   Eagle Vision and Lantis Kyle Solhart ran as fast as they could to the bus stop. There were so many people waiting that when the bus arrived, they had to push to get through. Lantis finally managed to get onto the bus. "Geez, If Lenny had woke me up earlier, I wouldn't have to go to school by bus like this! Nee, Eagle?" He turned to look at his best friend but he wasn't there. "Eagle?" The bus started to move. He looked through the window and saw Eagle chasing the bus with a few other students. "You go first! Don't worry about me!" He heard Eagle shout. Lantis let out a heavy sigh as he looked for a place to sit.

   It's always like this, he thought. Lantis is the younger brother of a Rayearth High teacher, Lenny Cale Solhart or rather known as Zagato. Lantis and Eagle are well known for their skills in kendo. No one had ever beaten the two of them ever. Lantis never lose while Eagle only lost by the hand of his best friend. Both of them are in their third year. Finally, Lantis took a vacant seat beside a red-haired girl who was looking out of the window. He swore he'd never seen her around before but the girl was wearing his school's uniform! The girl had her hair in a tidy braid and she looked so…Small.

   He was about to say something when the girl suddenly turned and looked straight into his eyes. He froze. The girl's eyes were so amazing, so red… And her eyes seemed to be twinkling like a pair of pure rubies. She looked him up and down for a while before smiling. "Do you go to Rayearth High too?" She asked. He nodded. "Good thing I find a student from there. Anyway, my name is Shidou Hikaru. Nice to meet you." She offered her hand in a very friendly way.

   "I'm Lantis Kyle Solhart. Nice to meet you too. Are you new?" He said as he took her hand.

   "Yeah, today's my first day there."

   "What year would you be in?"


   "Oh, what a coincidence! I'm in 3rd year too."

   "Really, nice to know that."

   Lantis had a funny feeling that he had seen this girl before but couldn't remember where and when. Her name, too, sounds familiar. Her eyes… 'Like Eagle's,' he thought. Had he seen her before? Should he ask?


   Somewhere on earth, Eagle vision was running to school as fast as his feet could carry. "Damn," he cursed under his breath. "Why do bad things always seem to be happening to me? For God's sake, I promised to meet Yuki at the rooftop before the bell. DAMN!!"


    A girl with her long brown hair tied in a ponytail glanced at her digital watch. "Where the hell is Eagle? The bell's gonna ring real soon!" She claimed angrily, crossing her arms.


   "Fuu-chan! Fuu-chan!" Ryuuzaki Umi, Rayearth High beauty ran to her friend Hoouji Fuu, the school's genius.

   "What is it, Umi-san?" The blonde asked politely, adjusting her spectacles.

   "This thing is in my locker again!"

   Umi shoved a piece of paper into Fuu's face. The paper says; "UMI, YOU'RE A SICK BASTARD!! THE WORST BITCH!!!" Fuu's eyes widened in shock. "Again? Who's this person that keeps insulting you?"

   "How do I know that? What I really want to know now is why is he or she hates me this much! Who the hell think they're perfect enough to insult other people like this!"

   "Well, well, well… Miss Gorgeous-In-Blue's getting pissed early in the morning."

   Both Umi and Fuu turned around at the sudden remark. The came face-to-face with Clef Gray and his gang, the green-haired Ferio Weatherly, the awkward Ascot Seville and the sarcastic Lafarga Myles. "Well, well, well," Umi narrowed her eyes and pulled an evil smile. "Here comes Mister I-Think-I'm-The-Brightest-Guy-With-Lavender-Hair and his loyal followers. Why don't you go mind your own business and let us do ours in peace?"

   "Hey, look who's talking! You're blocking our way to the class, Miss Blue!"

   "There's another door there, Mister Purple!"


   "Enough of this. Let's go!" Ferio gave Fuu a wink and began dragging Clef into the class with Ascot and Lafarga following close. "Lemme go, Ferio! I'm not yet finished with Miss I-Think-I'm-Pretty!!"

   "Cut it out, Mister Purple." Ferio said with a laugh.


   "That Clef sure needs a head transplant. Wait… Maybe it was him who gave me this damn notes!" Umi grumbled. Fuu just shrugged. "By the way, Fuu.. Did I see Ferio winked at you just now?"

   Fuu turned bright red. "N—No!"

   "Then why are you blushing?"

   "Ee—to… Ahh, I left my pen in the locker!"

   "HEY WAIT!!!!!!!!"

To Be Continued…

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