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--------------------CHAPTER 5--------------------



   Eagle screamed and banged his fists on the nearest wall. Hikaru was jumping up and down, grinning like an idiot. "That's five games for me, yay!!" She exclaimed merrily. Eagle sank onto the sofa and started to sulk. It was then that three beautiful young women came into the living room. Hikaru lighted up at the sight of them. "Aa~ Konbanwa Claire-neechan, Ivy-neechan, Cherry-neechan!" She greeted happily.

   "Konbanwa, Hika-chan!" The three of them greeted back just as merrily. They are Claire Vision, Ivory Vision and Cherry Vision, Eagle elder sisters. Claire's the eldest among them; with shoulder-length reddish brown hair. She worked as an engineer in Tokyo. Ivory aka Ivy and Cherry are identical twins. Ivy has short brown hair while Cherry's hair wears the same colour as Eagle's. Both of the were studying in Tokyo University and were on their one week break.

   "Now, now, now… Why is our little Eagy sulking on that poor sofa?" Claire teased. Ivy and Cherry looked at each other and grinned. "Let us guest! Hikaru beat you at chess again, right Eagle?" Instead of saying anything, Eagle groaned and covered his face with one of the cushions.

   "What's with that act? Okay, so we'll take that as a 'yes', then."

   "Whatever~" Eagle mumbled to himself half-heartedly. The girls sigh. "Know something?" Cherry began. "When I guy got beaten by a girl, he'd sulk for at least a week."

   "That's true in Eagle's case but I don't think that's true in one person's case," Hikaru interrupted. Poor Hikaru didn't notice how red her face was. Instantly, all attentions were on her. "Who's that person?"

   ". . . You know him."


   ". . . Lantis-kun."

   "And why is he different?"

   "Because… Er… Well, he acted as cool as always when I beat him in Kendo the last two months."

   Ivy's eyes went wide. "You find him COOL? I'd say he's COLD, not COOL~" Cherry nodded in agreement. "Ivy's right. That boy is such a mystery. But Hika-chan, why are you blushing?" This time, it was Hikaru's turn to get her eyes wide open. Her cheeks turned even redder. The three sisters looked at one another and narrowed their eyes. "Hmm…. Your face gets redder at the mention of his name… Shidou Hikaru, what's going on here?"

   Claire stepped closer.

   "Do I smell L.O.V.E here??"

   Ivy stepped closer.

   "Is our little Hika-chan hiding something from us??"

   Cherry stepped closer.

   Cold beads of sweat started to form on Hikaru's forehead as she took a few steps back. The grand clock suddenly dinged indicating it was already 12 a.m. "Er… Anou, I think I should go to sleep now. It's late. Later!!" "HIKARU!!!" As fast as lightning, she ran to her room and locked the door before the sisters could get hold of her arms.

   Eagle, who had been watching the whole scene, blinked rapidly. "Are you all thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked, frowning. The girls shrugged. "Well, looks like our little Hikaru had fallen for your best friend, Eagy~"

   "Oh, God…"


   Hikaru jumped onto her bed. Her cheeks were burning, still as red as her hair. She frowned deeply. Her heart was beating so fast and her stomach felt like it just did a ten-point swan dive. 'Why? Why am I having this weird feeling? I haven't… NO! I just met him a couple of months ago…. But still….Ahh, I'm so confused!!!!' Hikaru threw a pillow across her room absent-mindedly. 'Lantis…'


   Lantis' eyes snapped open. He just heard a small whisper of a girl calling his name. But he knew that it couldn't be true. He was lying in his bed, anyway. But that voice… That sweet voice… He closed his eyes. A mental image of a smiling crimson-eyed girl appeared out of nowhere. He quickly opened his eyes and the image vanished. Lantis suddenly felt his heart started to beat faster. He sighed…

   Since Hikaru defeated him, he wasn't able to get her off his mind. Everytime he closes his eyes, he sees her smiling ever so sweetly at him. When he opens his eyes, she's not even there. It had been like this since that fateful day.

   That's not the only problem!

   Zagato had caught him putting salt into his coffee and washing his hands with a glass of black coffee earlier. Zagato kind of freaked out since Lantis never did those silly things before. He insisted on taking Lantis to see the doctor to see if he's actually sick. Lantis somehow managed to assure his protective brother that he was fine. Zagato doubted him so he asked Presea to look after Lantis for him in class. Lantis is the only sibling he had, after all.

   Tired of trying to sleep, Lantis switched on the radio. As he did, the DJ announced that the next song would be Michelle Branch's 'Everywhere'. He listened to it…


Turn it inside out so I can see
The part of you that's drifting over me
And when I wake you're never there
But when I sleep you're everywhere
You're everywhere

Just tell me how I got this far
Just tell me why you're here and who you are
'Cause every time I look
You're never there
And every time I sleep
You're always there

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I recognize the way you make me feel
It's hard to think that
You might not be real
I sense it now, the water's getting deep
I try to wash the pain away from me
Away from me

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone
I'm not alone

I am not alone
Whoa, oh, oooh, oh

And when I touch your hand
It's then I understand
The beauty that's within
It's now that we begin
You always light my way
I hope there never comes a day
No matter where I go
I always feel you so

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone

'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I catch my breath
It's you I breathe
You're everything I know
That makes me believe
I'm not alone

You're in everyone I see
So tell me
Do you see me?


   As the song ended, Lantis couldn't help but smiled. 'Haa, that sounded like me~' Mentally, he laughed…

To Be Continued…