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Twilight sparkle sat in the library of her castle, pencil in her mouth scribbling notes regarding a new book she found in the castle of the two sisters.

"SPIKE!" called twilight

"Yes twilight?" asked her number one assistant

"Where is Starlight, this old book has horn writing worse than Starswirl's in the margins and I can't even read it" asked Twilight rotating the book to different angles trying to decipher the writing

" um I think she went with Maud to a kite show" said spike. Twilight let out an exasperated groan and planted her face on the table

"Do you want me to ask Celestia?" asked Spike

"Yes please" came Twilight's muffled voice. When Celestia arrived with Luna they looked at the book.

"I know this book!" exclaimed Luna

"how sister, I have never seen a book of this type before" said Celestia

"I know because it's my book, a dear friend once gave it to me" said Luna

"what does it do?" asked twilight

"it summons beings from another realm, beings who embody true friendship in its highest form, but their world is cruel to them and takes everything from them, beings who need the peace of equestria." said Luna

"well why haven't you used it then?" asked Twilight

"I couldn't read the language it was written in" said Luna

"let me see" said Celestia levitating the book in her magic and squinting at the weird letters.

"I have never encountered this before" said Celestia

"Lyra heartstrings writes like this all the time maybe she can read it" said Pinkie popping out of nowhere before zooming out and coming back with a confused Lyra and annoyed bon bon in tow

"Ah sweetie drops how are you?" asked Celestia to bon bon

"I am fine princess" said Bon bon bowing

Lyra was looking at the book.

" this is in a language called English, the spell inside is rather complex, it almost looks like a poem but twisted from its old meaning" said Lyra transcribing the spell into equestrian.

"nature's first green is gold

Her hardest hue to hold

As early leaf is a flower but longer than an hour

Save leaf from leaf

Save Eaden from its grief

Dawn goes down to day

All things gold should stay" recited Twilight. There was a bright flash and seven figures appeared before them, a dark haired alicorn with eatherial wings, a blond Pegasus with eyes cold as ice and wings of the same look as the alicorn's. A large earth pony who was taller and even stronger looking than big Mac, there was also a handsome unicorn with golden hair and a large grin and another dark haired earth pony with a smirk, then there was a unicorn stallion with brown hair and a weird looking cutie mark. Finally there was an auburn haired alicorn with greenish gray eyes. They all had the same coat color though different shades.

"where are we?" asked the large earth pony

"never mind where are we, why the heck are we all pastel ponies?" asked the auburn haired Alicorn

"um Soda, Two-bit, I think you two are unicorns" laughed Steve.

"Ponyboy, why do you have wings and a horn?" asked Darry

"What?!" exclaimed Ponyboy

"will all of you calm down, I know where we are" said Johnny, that's when Pony realized his two lost friends were here

"JOHNNY! DALLY" exclaimed Ponyboy running over and pulling Johnny into a hug. The others followed suit. Johnny smiled and hugged back while Dally smirked. After everyone finished hugging Johnny trotted up to Luna

" hello princess, I see you finnaly managed to decipher my spell" smiled Johnny

"it is good to see you again Johnny, I assume these are the friends you talk so fondly of" said Luna

"yes princess, these are my friends Dallas, Ponyboy, Sodapop, Darry,Steve, and Two-bit" said Johnny

"um Johnny why are we in a world of pastel horses?" asked Dally

"remember that week I left you in charge of watching over ponyboy, the week you managed to let practically everything go wrong…"

"not my fault, that damn Murphy guy was screwing me over" exclaimed Dally

" Well during that week I came here to equestria, met princess Luna here" Johnny gestured to the blue mare

" anyway I knew equestria would be the perfect place for the guys so I used that poem pony told me and made a spell for the ponies here to say and bring all seven of us here, Darry won't have to work as hard, we can all be happy, no more Socs, no more worries" said Johnny. Darry walked over and hugged the young stallion. Meanwhile Celestia caught Luna staring at the large handsome stallion apparently named Darry.

"Oh my moon, he's gorgeous" moaned Luna

"stay focused sister, I know he's got a nice flank but remember your position" said celestia, who kind of had her eye on the golden maned unicorn named Sodapop. The one called Ponyboy wouldn't let go of Johnny and they were nuzzling noses. Something Soda noticed right away

"since when did you two become a thing?" asked Soda

"since windrixville, we realized we loved each other and kinda took the opportunity to have alone time" said Johnny wrapping his wings around Ponyboy

" while this is sweet and everything, where are they gonna stay? Asked spike

"well I suppose they can find jobs according to their cutie marks, Ponyboy and Johnny can stay here, with Darry and Sodapop, pinkie and two bit seem to have hit things off, Steve can stay with the apple family and I suppose Dally can stay with rainbow dash" said Twilight

"Dal you know the rules no causing trouble" warned Johnny

"don't worry kid, I'll be on my best behavior" said Dally before all of them went off with their respective Ponies.

"excuse me, Darry, i wouldn't supposed you'd want a midnight tour of equestria tonight would you" blurted Luna

" that is very kind of you princess but could we perhaps schedule it for next week after we have settled down" said Darry politely

"of course" said Luna. As the ponies walked their separate ways soda turned to Darry

"I think the blue princess has her eyes on you" said Soda smirking

"maybe, but I think the tall white one was eyeing you kid brother" said Darry.

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