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Ponyboy had been dreading doing this for a while, he didn't want his little girl to stop thinking he was her mom, but this had to be done. The Twins and triplets were asleep and he was waiting for Stellar to get home from school.

"I can't do this, she's my little girl, I can't tell her she not biologically mine" said Ponyboy, he wanted to cry.

"Honey she's not going to see you as anything other than her mom, even the fact that you aren't female never dissuade her from calling you mama, I doubt finding out she's adopted will be any different" soother Johnny

"But what if she wants to leave, what if she wants to go live with her biological parents, I-I don't think I could handle losing her" whimpered Ponyboy

"It's going to be ok love, we have to tell her sooner or later and rather her find out from us than using her brains in a biology lesson" said Johnny pulling Ponyboy into a hug. Stellar came home and Dally was waiting for her in the hall.

"Sweetie can you put your bag in your room and then meet us in the living room, there's something important we need to talk to you about" said Dally softly

"Am I in trouble?" asked Stellar nervously

"No, no, not at all, we just need to tell you something very important" said Dally. Stellar put her backpack into her room and walked into the living room.

"What did you want to tell me?" asked Stellar fluttering onto the couch after noticing her mom had been crying and hugged him.

"Sweet heart, by now you've probably realized that you don't exactly look like any of us" started Dally

"Well, yeah but ponies don't normally look like their parents" said Stellar

"True but sweetie, well you weren't exactly born into our family like your siblings were, we adopted you when you were only two months old" said Johnny

"What?" asked Stellar, she was shocked

"We didn't think it was possible to have our own foal at the time (That and this writer thought no one would want Mpreg at the time but well…) so we looked into adoption. Your biological mother (it would have hurt too much for him to say real mother) couldn't take care of you and a foster family didn't work, your aunt celestia showed you to us and we loved you right away and signed the papers to make you our own." said Ponyboy, he was worried his little girl would pull out of the hug and yell at him.

"Who is my biological mother?" asked Stellar

"Her name is Spitfire, she's the captain of the wonderbolts" said Dally

"Honey, what you want to do with this information is your choice but please know we love you very much and nothing will stop you from being our little girl" said Ponyboy, tears beginning to fall from his eyes, this was it, his baby was going to leave him. Stellar hugged ponyboy tighter

"Mama why are you crying? I'm not going to leave you, your my mama, you, Dad, and Daddy took me in and took care of me, I'm mean sure I kinda want to meet my biological mom but I'm going to stay with you guys, you're the only family I want and the only family I need" said Stellar. The four of them hugged, Ponyboy clinging tighter to his daughter than the other two.

"We should probably go see Spitfire now, it's the air show off season so she will probably just be doing drills" said Johnny. Soon they left the castle and flew to the wonderbolt training barracks.

"Sweetie why don't you go in and talk to her, we are going to talk to rainbow dash for a bit" said Johnny, Ponyboy had stated home to keep an eye on the younger five kids, that and he didn't want to meet the mare whose child he raised, it would have been awkward and he was worried she'd try to take Stellar from him. Stellar took a deep breath and walked into the office

"Hello there, who are you?" asked Spitfire as she saw the little alicorn filly in her office

"Um you might not remember me but I'm Stellar Faith, your daughter" said Stellar, the word daughter felt weird to say in this situation. Spitfire took off her aviator sunglasses and walked over to the filly.

"Why are you here, why now, it's been years" said Spitfire, her normal harsh tone was softer, almost sad.

"I just found out I was adopted, I wanted to meet you and find out why you chose to give me up" said Stellar. Spitfire sighed, she had both been looking forward to and dreading this day.

"As the captain of the wonderbolts I didn't and still don't have time to raise a foal, I loved you a lot but I couldn't take care of you and give you the loving home you needed, I'm not a real motherly pony and you wouldn't have been happy, so I had to give you to some pony who could give you what you deserved, you were such a clingy baby that I could never have left you alone for any given amount of time" said Spitfire sadly, looking at her daughter.

"Didn't I have a dad that could have cared for me?" asked Stellar

"Thunderlane had no idea how to care for a foal, let alone and little filly, he knew about caring for his brother but he wasn't parenting material, he still isn't" said Spitfire

"What did he say when you gave me up" asked Stellar

"He was upset, a bit angry, you had him wrapped around your hoof the minute you were born, but he understood why I had to give you up, but he always wanted to see you any chance he got that's why he got that job as Prince Darry's lead guard pony, once he found out who had adopted you he got the job that he knew would allow him to be as close as possible to you" said Spitfire

"Wait, is he that black pegasus with the gray mane? He always sneaks me candy or toys" said Stellar

"Yes" said Spitfire with a sad smile

"Do any of the other wonderbolts know?" asked Stellar

"No, I kept the whole situation under wraps, except for rainbowdash who told the princess" said Spitfire

"Did you ever think about taking me back?" asked Stellar

"A few times, but then I remembered why I did what I did in the first place and I knew you were happy" said Spitfire

"So you don't mind that I want to stay where I am?" asked Stellar

"No, you have a family who loves you more than I could ever have hoped for, and like i said, I'm not good at being the motherly type, stay with your parents, just promise me one thing" said Spitfire

"What?" asked Stellar

"If you ever see me or Thunderlane again, don't be afraid to hug us, I know it would mean the world to him, and it would make me feel better" said Spitfire with a smile

"I will" said Stellar smiling and turning to leave

"By kiddo" said Spitfire softly

"Bye, mother" said Stellar and she closed the door behind her.

"So how'd it go?" asked Dally ruffling her hair affectionately on the fly home

"Good, she just wants me to give her a hug anytime I see her, and to give my biological father a hug when I see him" said Stellar

"That reasonable" nodded Johnny. When they got home Ponyboy pulled Stellar into a tight hug, Stellar smiled, she never ever ever wanted to give this up, genetics be damned, these were her parents.