Double Revenge

Hey Guys! This is my first story and I would love it if you left reviews! The first chapter is on the shorter side but it's an important part of the story. I love Pirates of the Caribbean and I've wanted to write a fanfic for sooo long but haven't had the courage until now. Enjoy! :)

(I do not own POTC or any of the characters beside my own.)

Chapter 1

(Third Person POV)

10 Years Ago

On that dreaded night, the former captain of the Black Pearl was stripped of his position. He had traded his soul to Davy Jones himself to bring the ship back to its former glory. And now, it was being taken from him. His crew staged a mutiny against him, led by no other than his traitorous first mate. He cursed himself for giving up the coordinates to Isla de Muerta, where Cort├ęs' eight hundred and eight two pieces of gold lay.

Why hadn't Jack seen it? Didn't he notice how the first mate would glower at him whenever he spoke? How he tried to overpower him when shouting orders? How he stormed out of the captain's quarters once he had the coordinates in his hands?

Perhaps Jack thought something like that couldn't possibly occur.

Perhaps he thought they were all loyal to him.

But no.

They were loyal to themselves. Their greed was overtaking them, and expedition for the gold would ameliorate it. The first mate knew this very well and there would be no going there with Sparrow as Captain.

That night, Captain Jack Sparrow was dragged from his quarters to the main deck where Barbossa, his first mate waited. He apparently was bringing matters into his own hands and planned to lead a voyage to Isla de Muerta. The two always bickered and disagreed, which often led the crew to insanity. Barbossa couldn't take it anymore, there had to be a change.

"Must I remind you fine gentlemen of the Code," Jack asked, glaring at his crew as his hands were being tied. It was rather chaotic, with all the shouting and snickering. Barbossa pulled out a pistol and loaded it with only one bullet. My God, does he plan on killing me right here?

"One pistol, one shot. Not enough to hunt with, but just right once the heat and starvation gets to yeh."

"I suppose you want me to thank you."

"Nay", the new captain of the Pearl took out his cutlass. "I want yeh to watch this ship sail away from that island, thinking how this could be prevented. Watch me take your precious Pearl as my own ship." He pointed his cutlass at Jack, who stepped back closer to the plank that was set up. Others drew out their swords and pointed at him too. He had no choice.

Barbossa smiled evilly with victory.

"Very well then." He turned towards the water to look at the island. It was scarcely a strip of sand with some palm trees. There would be no surviving this one. He turned to Barbossa and said, "You'll pay for this one mate." Barbossa rolled his eyes and replied back, "I assuredly doubt that Jack Sparrow. Get off my ship before I stab your guts out."

Defeated, Jack jumped into the dark Caribbean water holding on to his pistol. Once he made it to the shore, he practically collapsed. He watched his beautiful ship with black sails drift into the night. Furiously, he clutched his pistol, feeling its weight and thinking about how much lighter it would be after he finally used it. "Don't worry Barbossa. I do not intend on starving or using the gun on myself. This shot is meant for you."