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Chapter 4

Evelyn's POV

The night had an eerie feel. The sky was clouded, and fog had drifted in. The abnormally chilling wind made my teeth chatter. As much as I disliked the aura of the evening, I could not wait another day to travel to Tortuga.

Mason had snuck his rowboat to a sandy shore away from the dock, so no one could see us leave. His back was turned to me and he was staring out to sea when I arrived to the beach. I walked over, even though the water was soon far past my feet and levitating up to my midthigh. As I got closer, I could tell he wasn't too happy with this whole situation by the muttering under his breath.

Once I was behind him, I spooked Mason badly when I cleared my throat. He turned around swiftly, ready to pull out a weapon. His face softened when he looked down at me. Then he chuckled seeing my confused face.

"I'm a little bit nervous, as you can see," he explained.

"A little?" I raised my eyebrow. "I'm the one leaving with pirates, what's the problem?"

He looked like he was going to say something, but changed his mind. He looked down at my soaked trousers.

"You'd best get in the dinghy."

He jumped in after me and tossed me a blanket to dry off. I took it gratefully.

And then it began.

It was mostly quiet while Mason rowed, which didn't help lighten the mood. I finally asked, "What town has the closest ship dock on the island? Port Royal?"

He shook his head. "Nope, there's a closer one. Besides, no ships from Port Royal would ever want to go to Tortuga if it were their choice."

I nodded and didn't question further. I had confidence Mason knew what was best for me, I knew I could trust him.

Bored, I drew out a sword I had found among my father's possessions. It was simple, a long, sharp blade with a metal handle with no unique design. It didn't matter, as long it was useful. I was lucky enough that he even had one. Mason eyed it and shook his head. I put it away, worried it would remind him of bad memories.

Instead, I drew out the small pouch with the coin. Before I could look at it, I saw Mason smile amused.

"You can't ever sit still, can you?"

I shrugged.

"What's in the bag?"

I took the black piece of metal and showed him. Even though it was dark, anyone could make out its shine.

"My family was sent it nine years ago. Same year my father died. I buried it before he died, then I got it back, so I wouldn't suffer the same fate. So, for good luck I guess. Maybe he died because he didn't have it. I believe it protects our family. "

Mason nodded slowly and eyed me like I was crazy. All he replied with was, "Well if you want to keep your "luck" from dropping into the water, I suggest you put it in your pocket."

I pouted and did so. Mason was smirking at me. I glared at him and he turned his head still smiling. I don't know why he was still thinking about what I said, it really wasn't that funny or interesting.

I must've fallen asleep for awhile because Mason had to wake me up and tell me we were there. I groaned and sat up, feeling excruciating pain creep up my neck.

I couldn't tell where we were because the sun hadn't yet risen over the horizon.

I noticed instead of rowing over to the land, we were heading towards a ship that had already departed port. I decided to ask Mason where we were.

"Red Cove. The closest town to the Bay that sails to Tortuga. You're getting on that one that's left early."

I nodded and watched our boat get closer to the ladder on the side of the large vessel. We finally got close enough for me to step on it. I was ready to get up when Mason stopped me. I waited for him to say something.

He sighed and said, "Evelyn…promise me you'll be careful. I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into, but I know I can't stop you."

I smiled weakly. I tried to convince him again and pleaded, "Please come with me. I don't know if I could've made this far without you."

"You can. I know you. You're always determined to get your way. I just need you to come back alive."

I felt myself tear up. "Please come." It was barely a whisper, but it was desperate.

He stared at the ship, then at me.

"The ship is going to be out of distance if you don't hurry and make a decision," I said.

"I just can't go back to that life. It almost destroyed me. I'm sorry Evelyn."

I wouldn't be able to convince him to travel any further with me. I gave up, I couldn't force him into this. It was my battle.

He hugged me, and I returned the gesture. He finally let go and pulled off a ring off his pointer finger. I never noticed it, but it was quite pretty. He slid it on the finger in between the middle one and the pinky, on my left hand. My heart fluttered at where he placed it and wondered if he knew what that meant.


"Have it. In case I never see you again."

"Well that's optimistic." I smiled and hugged him again, much harder. "Thank you. For everything."

He nodded up and said, "You better get going. Make sure you're not seen on board."

I nodded and stood up. I grabbed the bars, and looked back at him to see his own eyes forming tears.

"Bye Mason."


Then I climbed up and pulled myself onto the deck. I saw how far Mason had already rowed. He was probably trying to get as much distance between us, as fast as possible, so he wouldn't change his mind. I couldn't get my mind off his ring and what it stood for. Did he like me like that? Did I see him as more than a friend? Soon I could barely see him or his boat. I realized how much I already missed him and how much I wanted him there. That answered one of my questions.

I sighed and turned my attention to the orange sun starting to reflect over the sea as my journey to Tortuga began.

My first impression of Tortuga was not different from the one of my hometown. It was chaotic and exciting, yet much bigger and more crowded. Most people were drunk and dirty but that didn't stop their fun. No one was even alarmed when a few gunshots rang out. The day life was as good as it was at night. It overwhelmed me.

"This is a pirate's port really," I muttered to myself.

Fights were breaking out everywhere, ladies were trying to catch men's attention, and animals ran everywhere along the dirt ground. I wondered how I would be able to find Jack Sparrow amongst these people. I decided to give it my best to find him and try not to draw attention to myself.

The only way I associated with anyone was by asking if they knew if Sparrow was here or when he was coming. Most of them scoffed at me. Some laughed. A few asked why would a little girl like me want to find a deadly pirate captain?

One seaman asked, "Can you even defend yourself?" Not wanting to be belittled further, I demonstrated my skill, surprising others and even myself. I never tried that before.

"Must be in your blood lass," the man chuckled and walked away without helping me. I got people to notice me for nothing in return, lovely.

A couple of times I caught a very skinny man staring at me. I didn't dare approach him because it seemed like he was actually followed me. I was a fool to let my pride catch people's attention. The look on his face couldn't be read easily, even when I tried to ignore him.

I continued asking around and didn't get much help. I did receive a few insults, a glass thrown at me, and a threat to be beat up. Most thought I had no sense and was crazy. A woman not secretive with her identity, wanting to be apart of a ship's crew? Ridiculous!

All of this made me more determined to find Sparrow. I would wait in Tortuga until he arrived and be there when he was signing men for his crew.

In the meantime though, I'd go spend some time at one of the bars.

I made sure to stay in a corner so I wouldn't be distracted from the real reason why I was here. Besides, it was either Mason and me, or me alone.

Nighttime has come over Tortuga. I think I was on my twelfth drink when I got bored of the bar and decided to leave. I never noticed the suspicious man follow me out.

I decided to go out onto a hill, far from the town, overlooking the sea, to watch for a sign of Sparrow and get over my wariness.

The view reminded me of what I used to look out to when I was younger. And how I used to want to sail the waters. Now I was finally doing it. I was getting emotional by the thought, only because of all the booze in my system.

My vision was clouded by tears and my head was starting to hurt. My limbs felt fatigue and drowsiness crept over me.

I didn't even notice the man watching me sneak up with a sword.

I was startled by his approach and turned to see him. Something was different, his body and face resembled a corpse. I figured it was probably just my drunken vision but it scared me.

I wasn't quick enough to defend myself, not like I could in this state.

He raised something shiny over my head and I heard glass shattering. Then I felt even more pain and blood trickling from the sharp pieces as I dropped down. I could vaguely see my assaulter stepping closer, looking ready to pick me up. Before I reached unconsciousness, I whispered Mason's name faintly. This was when I needed him most.