Grand Theft Auto:

No Going Back

Chapter 1

I jumped into the back seat of one of my Kaufman cabs.

"The airport please", I said to Paul who is one of my cab drivers.

            I had to leave town because of the police were on  to me because lance ratted me out, he told them that I blew up the shopping mall and robbed the Vice City bank.

Suddenly I heard the police sirens, I looked behind me and 5 police cars sped around the corner hitting a PCJ 600 on its way.

"Step on it Paul," I shouted to him, our car was going about 80mph down a busy dual carriage way. A police car hit one of the other police cars and fell into the sea. Gun shots were being fired at me. An army helicopter flew over our heads firing rockets at us. One of the rockets narrowly missed us, but blew an FBI car up.

Another helicopter was flying above us dropping posters. The pedestrians started shooting at us trying to hit the tyres and puncture them.

"Pop," the one of the tyres had burst, some stupid man shot it with a handgun.

"Paul, turn round," I said calmly. He spun around and hit a pedestrian, I hung my head out of the window and shot the man who shot the tyre.

"Paul," carry on. We sped across a junction and drove extremely fast down the road. We pulled near the Entrance of the airport. A big poster was on the airport walls saying `Wanted Tommy Vercetti £10 000 dead or alive`. Suddenly we started to get shot at by the airport security. They all jumped into their cars and motorbikes and chased us.

"Try the hangers there might be an aeroplane there," I screamed, he sped round the corner, more police helicopters chased us and carried on shooting at us .The security guards made a road block to try to stop us.

            Paul jumped out and started shooting at them.

"Carry on," I jumped into the front seat and carried on shooting the security guards out of the Window. I suddenly seen a plane in one of the hangers, I stopped and jumped out grabbing my suit case out of the boot as I ran.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" I heard, Paul had been shot.

            "NOOOOOOO"!!!!!!!!! I shouted, but I carried on up the steps and got into the pilot seat. I switched the engine on and took off.