Chapter 2

Getting Caught

I saw an airport coming up.

"I am the flight controller at San Andreas airport, hello who is this" the flight controller said.

"This is flight 501 from Liberty City private flight for Tommy Vercetti" I answered, "Do I have permission to land".

"Erm, yes you do," the flight controller answered. I heard police sirens, the flight attendant must have informed the authorities about me landing. I pulled the Seat Ejector lever and I got fired out of the aircraft. The wind was howling around me like a wolf at midnight, it was blowing around me like a hurricane or a tornado.

"Crash Bang Clutter," there was a massive explosion on the runway the aeroplane must have crashed. I pulled the Parachute string and the parachute blew out. I was quite close to landing on to ground safely, when 5 police boats started shooting at me, suddenly I heard a loud splitting noise my parachute had been shot by one of the police boats. I started falling to the ground, like a rock. I hit the ground with tremendous force.

I woke up in hospital handcuffed to the bed and two police guards were watching me. A nurse walked into the room.

"Nurse what happened to me, why am I here," I asked her.

"Your parachute snapped and you fell on to the ground, it's a good job an ambulance was on the way to the aeroplane crash," she answered.

"Will I be ok, I asked curiously.

"You are in a stable condition and we hope you'll be ok," she answered.

"We hope not," whispered the police man to the other one.