Chapter 17: Spreading The Good News

The doorbell rang at the Mitchell's residence in Seattle, just a month later. A special redhead had flown up for her mother's fifty-second birthday, but she was spending the weekend before with her girlfriend, Beca Mitchell.

Chloe had just gotten to Seattle that morning on an early flight, and was planning on spending the weekend with Beca while both of their families were out of town on trips. When the door opened, both girls flung themselves into each other's arms. "God, I've missed you so much."

"You can say that again," Beca replied, holding onto Chloe as tight as she could. The brunette closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, then sighed softly while breathing out. After staying like that for a little while longer, Beca asked, "Wanna come in?"

"I'd love to," Chloe said before picking up her bags and carrying them into the house while Beca held the door for her.

Once she was settled in, Beca and Chloe decided to make breakfast food. It was only ten in the morning, and Beca wasn't really an early riser so she hadn't had anything yet. Chloe put her hair up into a high ponytail, and then washed her hands before starting on making waffle batter.

Beca came up behind Chloe and wrapped her arms around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder as well. "Hey."

"Hi there," Chloe said as she whisked the egg whites for the batter. She turned her head and pressed a kiss to Beca's lips. "Mmmmm, I've missed those lips. Now that I get to kiss them again, I need to kiss them as much as possible."

"I agree," Beca mumbled against Chloe's lips. Their lips lingered for another moment or two, then Chloe pulled away to return to her whisking. This caused Beca to let out an exaggerated sigh and pout her bottom lip a little.

"Don't worry baby, I plan on making out with you a lot this weekend." Chloe said, assuring Beca that she'd get all the action that the redhead knew they both wanted.

"Mmmm, thank god. For the last six years, I've been longing for those sweet lips of yours," Beca said with a wink before she moved over to the other side of the counter, turning on the stove. She then grabbed the bacon, and a fry pan.

"What are you making?" Chloe called over her shoulder as she started to add flour in with the egg whites.

"Just some bacon," Beca called back, winking at her girlfriend. While the stove was warming up, Beca walked back over and watched Chloe cook.

Chloe could sense that Beca was watching her, which made her chuckle a little. "Shouldn't you be focusing on the bacon?" The redhead asked playfully.

"It's not even on the pan yet, I'm waiting for the stove to heat up." Beca stated before leaning in and kissing Chloe's lips sensually, lingering for a little while before pulling away. "We're going to make up for a lot of the last six years this weekend, aren't we?" She said with a chuckle.

"You betcha," Chloe replied, letting her arms hang loose around Beca's shoulders as they stood there. "Is that a problem?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Beca smirked and then placed her hands on Chloe's hips. "Not at all," she whispered, pushing her girlfriend gently up against the counter. "After breakfast, I would like to have a make out session, because I've got something special planned for tonight."

Chloe's ears perked up at this. "Oh really? Can I get a hint as to what this special something is?"

"Just picture a romantic dinner, with wine and cheese…" Beca trailed off, which further piqued Chloe's interest. "And then, after dinner, a little sexy time. Something I've been longing to do for awhile," she finished, now smirking even more.

"That sounds really nice, Becs, but what about your family? Won't they be home around then?" Chloe asked.

"They're gone for the weekend, it's just you and I for the next few days." Beca said, running her hands up and down Chloe's sides.

"Oh, well in that case, we could always get a head start if you want," Chloe suggested, lowering her voice a little as she said that.

"Can we after breakfast? I need some energy." Beca said, taking a deep breath, loving Chloe's eagerness.

"Of course, but I want you all to myself as soon as we're done here," Chloe said, gazing deeply into Beca's eyes.

"I promise," Beca whispered.

Once breakfast was over, Beca let Chloe up to her room to unpack while she cleaned up their mess from breakfast. She was finishing the last of dishes when a pair of arms wrapped around her waist. "Hello there, love." Beca said, turning around and facing her girlfriend.

"Hey," Chloe said, smiling and biting her lip a little. She then leaned in and kissed Beca softly. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, more than anything. Now come here," Beca said, picking Chloe up and wrapping the redhead's legs around her waist. Beca licked her lips, then attached them to Chloe's neck before beginning to walk towards the stairs that led up to her room.

Chloe could barely contain her excitement. "I've been waiting for this moment for so long," she whispered in Beca's ear before nibbling on her earlobe a little.

"Now it's finally here." Beca murmured before opening up the door and closing it and laying Chloe on the bed, kissing Chloe's neck some more. "Finally," The brunette whispered before pulling back and admiring Chloe as the redhead lay underneath her.

Chloe didn't give Beca much time to admire her, as she was already growing impatient. The redhead pulled the brunette down on top of her and brought their lips together in a passionate kiss. "Mmm, baby," she mumbled.

There was so much passion between the two of them, so much love. The two women had longed for each other's touch for so long, and were finally able to be together in this fashion again.

The young singer then pulled back to remove Chloe's shirt, throwing it to the floor once it was off of her body. "Wow, you're so beautiful."

Chloe blushed at Beca's praise. "Thank you, but I'm nowhere near as beautiful as you," she replied before taking Beca's shirt off and throwing it to the floor as well.

"I'm always going to think you're more beautiful, but I'm not in the mood to argue." Beca said, making Chloe giggle before the kissing continued. Beca used her hand to tuck Chloe's red hair out of her face, smiling down at her. "I'm a little nervous."

"I am too," Chloe admitted, biting her lip and looking away for a moment. "I've just been dreaming about this for so long, and I can't believe it's finally happening. I've missed you so much, Becs. You have no idea."

Beca smirked when Chloe mentioned dreaming about this. "Have you been dreaming about what I'd do to you?" She whispered, kissing Chloe's lips, tugging on the redhead's bottom lip when she pulled back.

"What else would I be dreaming about?" Chloe asked playfully. She slipped her tongue into Beca's mouth for a second and then pulled away to tease her.

This action made Beca shiver with excitement, and then moved her lips to Chloe's jawline. "Then let's make our dreams come true, shall we?"

"We shall," Chloe murmured, turning her head to the side so Beca could have more access to her neck.

Beca smiled against Chloe's neck, then starting to suck against her skin. "Fuck, I've missed you."

"Show me how much you've missed me," Chloe mumbled, moaning at Beca's touch.

Beca didn't need to be told twice. She instantly kicked it up a notch, going from pressing soft kisses to leaving dark hickeys all over Chloe's skin. "How am I doing so far?" She asked with a smirk on her face.

All the young redhead could do was grip Beca tighter and moan, taking in the feeling that Beca gave her. The feeling of love was intense, something Chloe had never felt before. "Don't stop," Chloe moaned. "Don't stop, Beca."

These words spurred the brunette on. She continued to mark up Chloe's skin while her hands ran up and down her body, making an occasional scratch with her fingernails. "I love you so much, baby," Beca whispered in her ear.

"I love you too," Chloe whispered, running her hands through Beca's hair softly.

Beca then removed the rest of Chloe's clothing, wrapping Chloe's legs around her waist. She gazed into her lover's eyes with pure adoration. "What do you want me to do to you, my love? What were you dreaming about me doing?"

"If I'm being completely honest, I've been dreaming about you going down on me." Chloe said softly with a blush.

"Your wish is my command," Beca said, giving Chloe one more tender kiss before starting to kiss down to Chloe's chest, taking it slowly. She wanted to take her sweet time, so Beca started by kissing over Chloe's chest, wrapping her lips and swirling her tongue around each of Chloe's breasts while her hand slipped in between their bodies to rub the redheads' clit. She wanted to warm Chloe up before she performed oral.

"Oh fuck, baby," Chloe whimpered, bucking her hips towards Beca's hand to create more friction between their bodies. The combination of sensations she was experiencing was already driving her crazy.

Beca then used her free hand to lift Chloe's chin up, kissing her as she continued to rub her clit. "Is that good, baby?"

"So good, Becs," Chloe mumbled back against her lover's soft lips. The redhead cupped the brunette's face with her hands, slipping her tongue into her mouth to deepen the kiss.

As time went on, the kiss grew even deeper, and Beca continued to pleasure Chloe with her hand.

Then, slowly but surely, Beca kissed her way down Chloe's body and started to go down on her. "Mmmm, I've missed this."

"You can say that again." Chloe's back arched the second Beca started to go down on her, as she had been aching for her touch for so long. "Shit, you're so good at this."

A smirk spread on Beca's face while she continued to give Chloe pleasure. She then teased Chloe a bit by moving to kiss along her inner thighs for a while.

Chloe groaned when Beca did that and pushed the brunette's head back towards her core. "I'm not gonna be able to take much teasing," the redhead said in a low tone of voice.

Beca's arm wrapped around Chloe's hips and reached up to her breast, massaging it while her mouth continued to make Chloe moan. Her free hand moved to massage her other breast, smirking against Chloe's core whenever the redhead would let out a moan. "Fuck, I love you."

"I love you too, baby, so much," Chloe said, letting out a long moan as she could feel herself slowly get closer to her climax.

Then, Beca did something that she'd never done before, and slowly began to spell her name on Chloe's core with her tongue. The moans coming from Chloe became constant.

"Oh Jesus," Chloe moaned, arching her back even higher off the bed than before. She knew she would be reaching her climax any minute now. The way Beca was using her mouth made it impossible to be quiet.

Beca continued, noticing how close Chloe was by the way her body was shaking. "I know you're close, baby. Let go."

These words did the trick; Chloe finally reached her climax, yelling Beca's name as she came down from her high. The redhead's chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath afterwards. "Oh my God, Becs. That was incredible."

"I would say that 'you have no idea how much I've missed this,' but I know that you've missed it, a lot by the way you called out my name." Beca said with a wink, softly running her hand along Chloe's inner thigh.

Chloe let out a soft chuckle when Beca said that. She then pulled the brunette up into a kiss. "Now, would you like me to return the favor?" She murmured against her lips.

"More than anything," Beca mumbled back, letting their tongues search each other's mouths for a little while longer.

Chloe ran her fingers through Beca's hair as their tongues danced together. She then took charge, flipping them over so she was now on top. "Tell me, how much have you missed this?"

"So damn much," Beca whispered before kissing her lips again. "I've wanted this for so long."

Chloe broke the kiss after a moment and moved her lips to Beca's neck. "So have I. I've been dreaming of the day I would finally get to hear you moan for me again," she purred in her ear. "When I would finally taste you again."

Beca's breath got caught in her throat, and she was unable to help but let out a soft moan. "Fuck, Chlo." Beca murmured, her hands tangled themselves in Chloe's fiery red hair.

"That's what I'm gonna do, baby, but you have to be patient," Chloe said, smirking at Beca's reaction.

The redhead's words drove Beca absolutely insane. The way Chloe moved along her body was so smooth and Beca couldn't help but moan with each and every touch. "Please don't make me wait too long, Chlo," the brunette muttered under her breath as her lover continued to kiss her neck.

With each and every kiss, Chloe sucked against Beca's skin, leaving hickeys every now and then. Her hands pinned Beca's against the pillows as she kissed down Beca's, gorgeous body. She'd noticed something she'd never seen before as she kissed down on Beca's right rib cage. A new tattoo that Chloe hadn't seen yet. It was small and simple, it read Chloe in navy blue in an elegant, cursive font. The young redhead stopped for a moment, smiling softly at the ink. "When did you get this?" She asked, pressing a kiss to the spot before looking up into Beca's eyes.

Beca looked down to see what Chloe was talking about. "Oh, that? I got it the night I came back to Seattle. I wanted something that would remind me of what's most important," she explained.

"That's really sweet of you, Becs," Chloe said before bringing herself up to kiss her girlfriend once more. "But surely I can't be the most important thing in your life," she reasoned in a modest tone.

"Oh, but you are. You mean the world to me, Chloe. You're my everything. I don't know where I would be today without you," Beca stated genuinely before leaning in for another kiss.

With those words, Chloe began to kiss back down Beca's body. Her hands ran along Beca's legs as her lips moved along Beca's stomach. "You have no idea how happy that makes me feel."

"Why don't you show me then?" Beca suggested with a smirk.

Chloe then began to remove Beca's shorts and underwear. "Mmm, you're so sexy."

Beca got goosebumps when Chloe started to run her fingers over her skin. She had been longing for her touch for so long that she began to shiver with excitement. "Please don't tease me too much, baby."

Knowing how long Beca has waited for this, Chloe did as she asked and kept the teasing to a minimum. Once Beca was completely naked, Chloe lovingly ran her hands along her body, kissing her lips as she did so.

Beca kissed back, a smile creeping across her face. When they both pulled away from the kiss, Beca smiled. "I love you," she whispered, tucking wisps of red hair out of Chloe's face.

"I love you too," Chloe whispered back, blushing a little when Beca moved some of her hair out of her face. She leaned in and reconnected their lips, using her teeth to tug at Beca's bottom lip.

Then, with a smile, Beca let Chloe take full and total control of the situation, watching her kiss along her body. She's so beautiful, Beca thought to herself.

Chloe started at Beca's neck and worked her way down, not leaving an inch of skin untouched by her lips. "How does this feel, baby?" The redhead purred in a low tone.

"So, so good," Beca muttered softly, closing her eyes to let her other senses take over. Chloe's touch was intoxicating; Beca couldn't get enough of it. She took a deep breath to try to keep herself calm.

Chloe smirked at the reaction she got from Beca. She started to get a little rougher, using her teeth again to nip at the brunette's skin. She didn't bite too hard, though, and ran her tongue over every bite to soothe it. "I love you so much."

"I…" Beca started, keeping her breath as steady as possible. " you...too." She then let out a moan, feeling Chloe's kisses against her skin.

"Don't hold back, baby. Let it all out. I know you want to," Chloe whispered as she started to move her lips towards Beca's core.

As Chloe continued to move her lips along the brunette's body, Beca began to let herself moan freely whenever Chloe left a pleasurable kiss on her skin. "God, I need you."

"I know, baby. I won't make you wait much longer, I promise." Chloe's fingers followed the path her lips were taking, leaving scratch marks on Beca's skin as they inched down further.

"Mmm, Chlo…" Beca groaned, needing Chloe now more than ever. "Please…"

Chloe finally granted Beca's wish, smirking at the sounds the brunette let out when she started with two fingers. "You like that, huh?"

The only sound that came out of Beca's lips was a moan, one out of relief and pleasure. Chloe's touch was nothing less than magic in Beca's opinion. "Ahhh," she moaned, feeling Chloe start to figure out her pace.

As Chloe built up the pace of her fingers, she continued to kiss down Beca's body, loving how the brunette shivered at her touch. The redhead paid close attention to what she was doing, wanting to give her lover every possible sensation.

With each thrust, Beca moaned, unable to hold back the amount of sexual pleasure she was receiving. "Oh god, fuck!" She screamed, bucking her hips onto Chloe's fingers.

Chloe was spurred on by Beca's reactions, so she started to go even harder. "Fuck, you're so hot like this," she muttered under her breath.

Beca's hands ran through Chloe's hair, tugging at it roughly. She felt her breath get short and ragged while her heartbeat got faster. "Don't stop, baby."

By that point, Chloe's lips had made their way down to Beca's hips. The redhead could feel the heat radiating from the brunette's core, so she knew she was pretty close. "Tell me what you want me to do next," Chloe murmured as her lips inched closer to their destination.

"Just finish me, babe." Beca groaned, needing more and more as Chloe went on. "Fuck!"

"Your wish is my command." With that, Chloe began to go down on Beca, smirking when the brunette instantly pushed her head down and let out a moan. The redhead was working wonders with her tongue while two of her fingers continued their ministrations.

Each and every touch elicited a moan from Beca's lips, and the young singer knew she was growing closer by the second. Her hands continued to tangle in Chloe's hair, tugging on it every so often.

Chloe's tongue swirled around Beca's wet folds, knowing this was driving her crazy. "Come on, baby. I can feel how close you are. Let go for me."

After that, Beca's climax hit her. She let out a couple screams as she shivered from Chloe's touch. "Fuck," she let out heavily, her chest rising up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

Chloe continued as Beca came down from her high, gradually slowing the pace until she reached a stopping point. "How was that, babe?" She asked with a smirk.

"Wonderful," Beca said before letting out a heavy sigh of happiness. "Thank you," she added a little later.

The two lovers didn't have much time to relax, because someone rang the doorbell. "Were you expecting anyone?" Chloe asked, raising an eyebrow in an adorable way.

"No, I wasn't," Beca said, furrowing her eyebrows as she got out of bed and started to put her clothes back on. "You can stay here, I'll go see who it is."

Chloe watched as Beca got dressed, smiling at her. "Might want to fix your hair so people don't think you've been up to something." Chloe then winked before she too started to get dressed.

"Good point, babe," Beca chuckled, running her fingers through her hair a couple times to untangle it. After making herself presentable, Beca walked down to the front door. Once she opened it, she immediately had the urge to close it.

"What do you want?" She asked irritably, seeing Olivia standing there in her doorway.

"To apologize."

Beca scoffed. "Really? Or is this another one of your plots to get me back? Because if so, you're way too late."

"No, I'm not trying to get you back. I'm genuinely just stopping by to say I'm sorry." Olivia said, looking down for a moment.

"How can I know that you're telling the truth?" Beca asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Because I know you're upset and don't want to see me right now. If I wanted to get you back, I would be waiting to talk to you when you're not mad," Olivia pointed out.

Just then, Chloe walked up in shorts and a tank top as she came face to face with Olivia for the first time. At first, Chloe was a bit confused to see her there. "Uh, hi. I'm Chloe, you must be Olivia."

"Yeah, I'm Olivia. Nice to meet you, Chloe," Olivia stated politely before turning back to Beca.

"After what you pulled, you have a lot of nerve coming here," Beca stated. She was still upset with Olivia's little paparazzi scheme, and who could blame her? It nearly ruined her chances to be with Chloe. Beca wrapped her arm around Chloe's waist, pulling her close.

"Beca, hear me out. Please," Olivia said, taking a deep breath.

At first, Beca was about to open her mouth to tell Olivia off, but Chloe nudged her side, giving her a look that made the brunette groan. Alas, she turned back to Olivia. "Fine, say what you need to say."

Olivia took a deep breath before speaking. "I just want to apologize for what I did the other night. I honestly don't know what got into me. I totally misread the signals you were giving me, and acting upon them was a mistake. My behavior was unacceptable. I know that, and I'm sorry."

At first, there was silence. Then Beca sighed, and nodded her head. "Pull something like that again, and I will throw you out of the door faster than you can say Seattle." She then offered her hand, and Olivia shook it. "I forgive you. And look, a lot of our old friends from high school are coming for a party tomorrow, do you want to come?"

Olivia just stood there and looked at Beca, not sure if she had heard her correctly. "Wait, are you serious?" She had figured that the last thing Beca would do was invite her to a party at her place.

"Yeah, I am. You are more than welcome to stop by. It would be best for you to get on everyone's good side again. That is, if you still want to be a part of our lives," Beca said, feeling Chloe's hand run along her back.

"O-of course I do. I didn't th-think you would want me to still be a part of your lives," Olivia stammered, still in shock.

Beca looked over at Chloe and smiled softly, remembering something Chloe had taught her. To be forgiving. She then looked back at Olivia. "I've learned to forgive rather than hold a grudge. So yeah, the party is here tomorrow at 8 p.m. We hope to see you then."

The next day, Chicago and Stacie showed up after flying in from San Francisco and they were helping Beca and Chloe get ready for the party. Chloe and Stacie were currently setting up a projector in the backyard. Chloe, was currently the only member of their friend group besides Stacie and Chicago that knew about the baby. "So," Chloe whispered to the tall brunette. "How far along are you?"

"Um, around two months," Stacie smiled, tucking her hair back in a shy manner.

"How's Chicago with the whole thing? Have you told anyone else yet?" Chloe asked, being as discreet as possible.

"He was just as shocked as I was, but he's been great about everything. I'm so glad that I don't have to do this alone," Stacie replied, letting out a sigh of relief. "And no, we haven't told anyone else yet," she added. "We're going to start telling people soon, though."

"Okay, just thought I would ask," Chloe said, giggling softly. "You two probably made the most beautiful baby."

Chloe's last comment caused Stacie's face to turn bright red, but she couldn't help but nod in agreement. "I'm sure we did," she murmured, biting her lip as a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

Stacie then set up some blankets while Chloe finished setting up the sheet for the display. The young brunette looked inside at Beca and Chicago, who were putting drinks in the fridge. She smiled at the father of her child.

Moments later, Chicago and Beca joined Stacie and Chloe in the backyard. "The setup looks great, guys," Beca said with a smile.

"Thanks, how's everything in the house?" Chloe asked.

"Everything's pretty much ready, now all we have to do is wait for the guests to arrive." Chicago answered, sitting down in one of the camp chairs that had been set up.

"Actually, Chicago, there's probably something you should be prepared for," Beca said, scratching her head. "Olivia is going to be one of those guests."

"What? Why?" Chicago demanded. Olivia wasn't exactly on his good list after all the drama she had caused with his best friend.

"I figured that's the kind of reaction I'd get from you," Beca chuckled. "She's trying to make amends, so please just try to be nice to her."

"I still don't like her, but I can tolerate her for you," Chicago said, furrowing his eyebrows a bit. "But if she tries to start anything, she's outta here," he added.

"And she knows that. I made it very clear to her," Beca stated, walking over to Chicago and putting a hand on his shoulder. "You're my best friend, Chic. I love how protective of me you are. I told you this because we tell each other everything. Plus, I didn't want you to be surprised when she shows up."

Chicago scratched the back of his head and looked over at Stacie. It was agreed upon immediately: they needed to tell Beca now. "Since we tell each other everything, there's something I need to tell you too," he mentioned.

Beca nodded. "Alright. What is it?"

Stacie cleared her throat, catching Beca's attention. "I'm pregnant," she said. She then took a deep breath, preparing for Beca's reaction once she found out who the father was. "And Chicago is the father."

At first, Beca just stood there as her brain tried to process what she'd just heard. "You're not fucking with me, are you?"

Stacie shook her head. "No, I'm not."

Beca took a deep breath, running her fingers through her hair as she did so. She certainly wasn't expecting to receive this news; she didn't want her friends to think that she disapproved of it, though. "I-I don't know what to say. I'm shocked."

"We figured you would be," Chicago said. "Stacie only found out a little while ago, you and Chloe are the only ones who know."

Stacie walked over to Beca. "Beca, we know this is big news and that you probably need some time to process it, but Chicago and I want you and Chloe to be this child's godmothers in case something happens to Chicago and I."

"Of course we'll be the godmothers," Beca replied almost instantly. She didn't have to look at Chloe to know the redhead agreed with her. "I'm honored that you asked me to do this for your child," the brunette added.

"Don't talk about it with anyone, okay?" Chicago said. "We haven't even told our parents yet, and we want to have them hear it from us."

"My lips are sealed," Chloe replied.

"So are mine. We'll keep it to ourselves," Beca reassured their friends.

Stacie let out a relieved sigh. "Okay, cool. Thank you guys so much," she said, smiling at them.

"When are people supposed to start getting here?" Chicago asked.

"Around 7:30," Chloe informed him. "And we still have some work to do, so let's get back to it."

By 8:00, everyone had shown up to the party and was catching up. Beca, Jesse, Benji, and Luke even gave an impromptu performance of their song "Sound of Your Heart."

"Luke, we really miss you in the band," Beca announced after they finished playing.

"Really?" Luke asked with a chuckle. He and Beca were close, but they often butted heads back when he was still in the band.

"Yeah, it feels like Trio is incomplete without you," Beca started. "I know you and I argued a lot about how things should sound, but we always ended up making great music."

"You're not wrong about that," Luke replied, running his fingers through his hair. "I haven't been in the band in so long, though. I don't know if I've still got 'it', you know?"

"Well, at least think about it. We wrote some of our best music with you around," Jesse mentioned, getting a bunch of nodding heads in agreement.

Chicago came up to Stacie a little while later, who was putting some soda back in the fridge. She turned around and smiled at him. "I just got off the phone with my mom."

"And?" Chicago asked, smiling back at the tall brunette.

"She wishes she could be here to give me a hug," Stacie said with a giggle. "While she wanted us to be more careful, she's excited that she's going to be a grandma."

Chicago raised his eyebrows out of surprise. "Oh, that's great. It could have gone a lot worse," he said with a nervous chuckle.

Stacie walked up to Chicago and gave him a hug, holding him close to her. "What about your parents? Have you told them yet?" She asked as she pulled away from the hug.

Chicago shook his head. "Not yet. I want to tell them in person, so I'm planning on doing it when they come visit in a couple weeks." He then tucked some of Stacie's hair away from her face. "How do you feel? After telling your mom, I mean."

This made the young woman sigh, but not in a bad way. "Honestly? I'm relieved," she answered. "My mom said she'll give us advice whenever we need it."

"That's great! We're definitely going to need it," Chicago said, chuckling again. "I'm confident in us, though. If anyone can figure out how to be good parents, it's us," he added.

Those words made Stacie's heart skip a couple beats. The young woman looked down to hide the blush on her face. "Why do you say that?" She asked in a soft voice.

Chicago lifted Stacie's chin up with his finger so they were gazing into each other's eyes. "Why wouldn't I say that? You're a great person, Stacie. Our kid is going to be so lucky to have you for a mom," he stated genuinely.

For a moment, Stacie got lost in those eyes. Those hypnotizing, light blue eyes; eyes that looked like the crystal blue waters of a mountain lake. She then took a deep breath and brought herself back to reality. "Thank you," she said shyly, then backing up from Chicago. "You'll be a great father." She then turned around and headed back into the living room with everyone else.

Chicago smiled at Stacie's words as he followed her into the living room. "What's up, everyone?" He asked.

When Chicago said this, everyone cheered and raised their glasses. Allison was currently talking to Emily and Cynthia Rose, just hanging out and enjoying catching up with her friends. Every now and then, she would spot Olivia talking to someone across the room, and she would smile. The girl was so beautiful, and sometimes Allison, now a young dental hygienist in training, couldn't keep her eyes off the young woman.

Beca noticed the looks Allison was giving Olivia and smirked once she put two and two together. "I see you over there," she commented, raising an eyebrow and winking at her friend. "You know you should go over and talk to her because she probably won't bite. Unless you want her too." Beca teased.

"What? I'd have no chance with her. She's a goddess." Allison said nervously, tucking a strand of hair back behind her ear.

"And you're not? Allison, you're a successful dental hygienist. You're smart, funny, a kind soul, and not to mention gorgeous," Beca countered while patting her friend on the back. "Go and talk to her."

Allison bit her lip and glanced Olivia's way once again. "What should I say? I can't just go over there with nothing prepared."

"One thing I did to win Olivia over back in the day was just simple charm, something that you're not short on," Beca stated in an encouraging tone of voice. "Just talk to her about what she's doing and give her a few compliments along the way. You'll do great."

Even with the encouragement, Allison was still hesitant. "I don't know, Beca," she started, furrowing her eyebrows with worry. "What if she doesn't like me?"

"You're always going to wonder whether or not she would've liked you if you don't go over and talk to her." Beca said, giving Allison a little nudge.

Allison took a deep breath. "You're right, you're right." She then put a smile on her face and walked over towards Olivia, striking up a conversation with the woman instantly.

Later that night, everyone went home, leaving Beca and Chloe to clean up. It didn't take them too long because there wasn't that big of a mess; soon the two of them were fast asleep in each other's arms.

Stacie and Chicago made it back to their hotel room. Chicago pulled out the bed on the sofa so Stacie could have the bed. "It was nice seeing everyone again," he said as he walked back into the main room after doing the first part of his nightly routine. "I didn't realize how much I missed everyone until I got to see them again."

Stacie nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, it's crazy how much time has passed since we all were last together," she mentioned, sighing with content as she laid down in the bed.

The young football star smiled at Stacie, rubbing her belly as he took off his shoes. "How's our baby?" He asked, walking over to the sink, combing his hair.

"It's good, but it's making me tired," Stacie said with a chuckle.

"I can only imagine," Chicago said before going into the bathroom to change into his pajamas.

Stacie closed her eyes and sighed with content, smiling softly as she did so. "I'm really happy right now," she murmured to herself.

Chicago smiled as he walked back into the room, wearing a loose tank top and shorts. "Can I do my nightly chat with the baby?" He asked as he went over to the bed. He'd been doing that a lot recently to make sure his child knew the sound of his voice.

Stacie's heart melted at this. "Of course you can, Chic. You don't even have to ask," she answered, the smile on her face growing wider.

"Well, I just thought I'd be polite," said the young man, winking at the mother of his child. He then lay down on the bed, his head near her stomach. "Hello, my sweet kid. My love, my life, it's your daddy again. I just want to tell you how much I love you, and how much I want to finally meet you. I know that you'll be wonderful, and that you'll make my life one hundred times brighter."

For this next part, he looked up at Stacie as he talked. "Your mom, she's going to be the most smart, kind, compassionate, loving, and beautiful mom that's ever existed. I hope that I can be even half the parent she'll be, because then I'll know that I'm doing just fine." He said, still looking at Stacie. "Sleep good tonight, my sweet baby. And remember your daddy loves you so, so much." He said, placing a hand on her stomach, and then kissing her stomach softly before getting up to head to the sofa. Only he didn't make it far, because he felt Stacie grab him by the hand and turn him around.

"That was beautiful," Stacie whispered, her eyes welling up with tears of pure joy. "Our child is so incredibly lucky to have you for a father."

This made Chicago smile, and he sat back down on the bed and kissed her forehead. He then pulled away and wiped a couple tears, gazing into Stacie's eyes. "I mean every word I say." He said in a soft, genuine tone before standing back up again. "Goodnight, Stace."

"Goodnight, Chic." Stacie watched Chicago stand up and leave the room, instantly missing his comforting presence once he was gone.

For a moment, Stacie lay there looking up at the ceiling. She just wanted to feel someone hold her again, and she couldn't explain as to why. Maybe it was the fact that she was missing Logan, or her hormones were acting up. Or she was missing Chicago's soft touch. "Chic?" She called out.

The young man returned as soon as he heard Stacie call out for him. "Stace? Are you alright?" He asked, kneeling down beside her bed. "Do you need me to get you something?"

"No, I just wondered if…" Stacie paused for a moment, taking in those gorgeous eyes. "...if you would stay with me tonight?" She asked, placing her hand on his muscular bicep. The brunette wanted to kiss him and make love with him. It was mostly her hormones, but also feeling the need to connect with someone in the most intimate way possible—with sex.

"Oh, sure. I can do that." Chicago laid down beside Stacie, getting under the covers as he did so. He turned on his side so he was facing her. "Hey."

"Hey," Stacie said, placing her hand on his waist before pulling him closer. "Chic, make love to me. I really need to settle my hormones," she whispered before kissing him.

Chicago would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the kiss, but he pulled away after a couple seconds to ask Stacie an important question. "Are you sure?"

"More than sure," Stacie answered almost immediately after Chicago had finished asking the question.

The young man nodded his head, and then sat up. "Let me go get a couple condoms from the front desk," he said, sprinting out of the bedroom with a key, which made Stacie giggle.

Chicago returned about five minutes later with three condoms, and set them on the bedside table. He then looked at Stacie who was now only in her underwear, nothing else. "Woah," he murmured in awe.

Stacie smirked at the reaction she got from Chicago. "Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to come over here?" The tall brunette teased him.

"Yeah, yeah I am," the football player responded. He walked over to her and set his crutches against the wall, then gently climbed back onto the bed and let Stacie pull him down on top of her. Their lips connected with each other quickly after that. Chicago's hands started roaming along Stacie's legs and hips, caressing her smooth skin before breaking the kiss and moving his soft lips to her neck.

Stacie moaned when Chicago started kissing her neck; that had always been one of her weaknesses. "Mmm," she hummed, running her fingers through his hair before gently tugging at the ends of it.

As the two of them continued, everything started to blur for the young NFL star. Being in that moment, that exact moment with Stacie was enough to make the entire world disappear. His hands roamed up to Stacie's stomach and then back down to her legs, kissing up behind her ear as the situation got more and more heated.

"Don't make me wait too much longer, Chic," Stacie pleaded, moaning as Chicago's ministrations continued to turn her on. "I need you."

After a moment or two longer, Chicago pulled away and looked at Stacie. "God, you're so beautiful," he muttered before leaning back down and kissing along her chest down to her stomach. He then kissed up her inner thighs multiple times before proceeding to give her oral.

Stacie's moans became ten times louder the instant her lover did this. "Oh fuck," she whimpered, pushing Chicago's head down closer to her core.

With each whimper that Stacie let out, Chicago's drive grew. Tonight was going to be all about Stacie's pleasure. His hands spread her legs apart, giving himself more access. "Do you want me, Stace?"

"So bad, Chic, so bad," Stacie groaned, feeling her back arch off the bed as Chicago spread her legs apart. Her hands entangled themselves in his thick, dark brown hair, pulling him up to kiss him on the lips.

As Chicago reached to grab a condom, their lips stayed attached to each other. The young man only pulled back in order to open the wrapper and get the condom on correctly. He then leaned down and kissed Stacie. "Tonight is all about you," he whispered softly. Those words made Stacie shiver underneath him, making the young man smile. "How do you want to start?"

"Go slow at first," Stacie replied, licking her lips with anticipation as she felt the tension between them heighten with each second that passed.

What this meant, neither Stacie or Chicago knew. But they didn't care. All that mattered in that moment was that they were the only two people on earth, and that nothing else mattered.

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