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Rise of Shadows Ch 9

Go City.

A victim yet again to the devious antics of the new super villain group the chaotic four.

"This is Catrina San for national news. Coming to you live from Go city." Spoke a blonde Caucasian woman to the camera as she stood before the city's first national back.

Like the great army of Reporters with her from the various channels across the country to get in on the biggest news scoop of the century as camera's flashed and recorded the moment that will be marked in history "As if this city hadn't suffered enough with remnants of the mutated vines and plants that still occupy much of this grand metropolises. It is now yet again a victim to the newly formed group of super criminals known as the Chaotic Four." Her camera teamed panned in on the entrance to the bank, showing those watching the destruction and mayhem left by Ron and his group of criminals as Vines spew out form the now opened entrance of the bank like a green river of weeds descending down a few steps down from the bank.

"As you can see behind me. The first national bank which was the first to be cleared and opened to help in stabilising the economy of the city. Other banks entered into a temporary joint unity to move all of their assets and currency within. This was to be a grand event to show to the world that human perseverance and strong bonds can overcome this disaster that has left many jobless or unable to work. But now it leaves only a sour tastes in our mouths as of yesterday in the middle of the day, the bank was robbed by the very people who caused all of this." Though she could not see it, the images of Go city's most wanted appeared on the screens. Showcasing the first and original photo of the four new super criminals to the world.

"Thankfully no one was seriously harmed in the robbery with the exception of two security suffering head trauma's and several dozen citizens' all pinned under the weight of the vines that now swallow the entire lobby. Emergency crews are still cutting away and rescuing still trapped survivors within." She showed the number of firemen and emergency crews numbering to being a small army that worked diligently and tirelessly to rid the extreme growth of mutated ferns and rescue the people still trapped inside.

"The robbery of trillions of dollars' worth of private assets and stacks of cash in what was supposed to be the most secure vault in all of the world next to fort Knox, has left many wondering if they are safe from this band of criminals."

"The newly formed criminal group coexisting of this city's former Heroine of the notorious Team Go Shego. Who along with her team were the great protectors of this city, but now is a great shame to this city…and its heroes." Two pictures present came with one featuring Shego as her former hero self with a classic eye mask cover over her face like the rest of her hero brothers and possibly every other stereotypical superhero.

Beside it showcased a mugshot of her now unmasked and glaring at the camera with while holding up her Placard with her known name on it.

"Former side kick and best friend to the world renowned heroine Kim Possible. Ron Stoppable, now titled as public enemy number one has descended down a dark path. No less then day after his sentencing, the former side kick had escaped from government custody and been at large until his emergence in the city's technological research centre where he and former hero herself Shego infiltrated and stole a device that remains confidential however it was on that day that two new villains walked with them." Now they just showed the only photo of him eat

"No one knows who they are. But the people of this city have dubbed them as Harlequin." A pic of Harley in her Outfit giving the peace sign to the photographer taking a pic to Poison Ivy's thong covered green Butt and Scowling face "and Freaky plant lady-"

-Meanwhile In Shego's Condo-

"Freaky Plant lady!?" the outburst of one plant green woman who was now irritant over both the insulting name bestowed upon her by the good People of the city and the visible mutilation of her precious flowers. It did not help that her ears were assaulted by the crackling giggles of her best friend right next to her who was curling on the couch holding her sides as she laughed up a storm "Shut up Harl!" she back knuckled the exposed naked thighs of her giggling cohort who managed to soon after regain control of her Hyena laughter to sit back up.

Wiping a tear away from her eye, Harley smiled at her otherwise insulted BF "Geez' red. Lightn' up! Those bozo's don't even know ya' yet." She grinned cheesy.

Ivy just huffed "That's easy for you to say. They practical got your name right."

Not far away from them and sitting in their own space, Shego and Ron enjoyed their morning after a successful Heist where their stolen spoils now sat directly behind their compatriots.

Shego was otherwise enjoying the peace she had never had in a long time.

She wasn't even beginning to miss her time with Dr Draken that was spent pulling jobs, listening to his frustrated and maddening rants.

Getting her Butt kicked on a weekly basis.

And spending her free time waiting for the next gig pull whilst reading the either the latest or old club Banana Magazines because the closest news stand was 400 miles away from Draken's Island Lair.

This was perhaps the first time in a long time she had truly felt Proud, Satisfaction and wonderful since….well the closest she got was beginning her criminal career, vacations which were limited or buying her house to get away from her every day nuisance ranging from her brothers to Draken.

And despite the ever present threat from the other two women in her house. She was just glad she had someone like Ron she could trust to be around now that she was getting to know him day by day that went by.

She was beginning to realise that he wasn't the bubbling oaf he made himself out to be in the previous encounters. He was showing to be more of a criminal mastermind then all of the known so called super criminals she was acquainted with.

Now sitting at the same table and taking pleasure from her steaming morning brew he had whipped up, she leaned back and asked to know what he had next in their string of successful heists as of late "so what's our next step?"

Next to her with his own cup half full with his pink little bud chilling out on the table, Ron who had already planned this far ahead after their little bank heist confided in his newly trusted partner of what they were to do next.

"It's getting to hot here. Our last job now has the attention of the government who will no doubt realise that we're still close by if we just robbed the bank." It was an obvious guess to some (GJ and Kim) that Ron and company were not out the city, and likely still close by due to the facts that. A: They just completed grand Robbery in the same city they robbed from previously. B: His new criminal partner formerly protected and likely lived in this city so they were obviously staying at her place somewhere.

All two options and more would have GJ and Kim knocking on every door within city limits to find them…It was just a matter of time till then when they get the wiser, so this was one of the reasons why they did their little job in the first place so as to not rely heavily on Ron's own money which was nothing compared to the horde that was worth 10 times as more then what he had "I've been searching for a place where we can burn some of this money."

-Back at Go City's Bank-

Kim possible.

World renown heroine stood within first steps of the city's bank.

The blinding flashing of camera's and the deafening cries of the reporters trying to get her to answer their inquires meant nothing to her as she stared up at the carnage that brought back those horrible feelings she tried to push down.

Kim walked up the steps, each step was more heavier then the last as Kim dreaded to see the damaged left behind by Ron.

GJ agents were already on the scene. They prevented the people from getting closer.

They stood at their posts while the others were inside gathering evidence.

Kim finally stepped and was hit hard by the scene all around her.

Her eyes could not believe the destruction and carnage left by the forest of vines that covered every inch of the entire lobby.

The exposed parts of the people still trapped within, screamed of the testimony to the criminal actions of her best friend and his new… companions.

Kim felt the blow of betrayal that she had been keeping at bay finally break through.

That weak little girl that she refused to let out screamed to cry out in dismay that the kid she had been BF's with since Pre-K was now a rogue. A criminal. A villain who hurt all of these people just to steal money like a common bank robber.

Kim kept up a strong face but inside… she was broken.

Betty walked over from her group of agents and soon stood before the teenage girl.

"Ron?" Kim muttered, refusing to look the woman in the eye's but instead cast her gaze to the mark's left by the new super villain he was associated with.

"Yes." Dr Director nodded "He along with his new group of friends, including shego planned out this elaborate bank heist and made off the entirety of the stored cash and assets it contained."

Kim didn't want to believe it… but the evidence was right in front of her.

…But it was there. The tribute of her BF's decent down the cesspool of crime as clear as day "…How did they do it?" she asked, though the scene pretty much screamed at her what had happened, the fact that this was found later in the day suggested that there was more to it than just simply unleashing mutated plants again.

Dr Director looked at the mutated mess that spoke very clearly of how it the most secure bank in the city was taken apart from the otherwise clean and intact vault door further in the bank with no signs of forced entry or opening since the banks came together to store their clients assets until their own buildings were cleared of the infestation. "We're not sure. My technicians are piecing together clues from the video surveillance whilst my agents are questioning the witnesses." She informed Kim on what they have so far.

In all honesty, Dr Director was impressed….something that she was beginning to get used to after Ron escaped from her Prison. So far he's eluded and escaped from them on multiple occasions and demonstrated martial skills against her best agents, even conceived of this diabolical plan to steal the most advanced piece of technology and this bank heist in just the few short days.

Her musing were cut short as one of her agents came up to her "Dr Director?" the buff yet young agent stood at attention.

"Yes agent?"

"You need to see this." Dr Director followed along with Kim to the security room where her technicians had ripped apart and salvaged the otherwise destroyed surveillance equipment by one little pink rodent and his teeth.

One of the main monitors was working and there they watched a rewind of the events that happened from the beginning of the day.

Kim watched the surveillance video just before the attack.

Everything look pretty normal, a long que of people looking to deposit their money or withdraw it, to the untrained eye, everything looked normal… except for one person.

Kim's eyes landed on the sole being in the lone line up there was a woman standing in a heavy dark green sunny coat with a matching Sunday hat with a veil circling around to cover her face.

And it seemed that Dr Director noticed it as well.

Things look calm and natural before two uniformed guards of feminine figures walked in with bags in hand. They approached the security guards that stood at the entrance to further in the bank, it was shame that there was no audio as it looked like the two were conversing with the much more taller and broader men.

They were allowed and then after that they disappeared from sight.

Things looked normal as the line moved up.

But then large seeds rained down and began to pelt at the people within who scrambled around in the chaos as the seeds continued to pour in. but not everyone was running around like headless chickens as the figure Kim and Betty fingered stood perfectly still.

She raised her hand under her veil but then the video feed cuts out after that.

After that, Kim and Betty along with every other agent and GJ personal put the pieces together.

"I… can't believe it." She spoke as she witnessed the one part of the event that took place.

"I'm afraid that we now have to consider that Miss Shego and Ron Stoppable are in an alliance with these new adversaries."

"But where was Ron!? Where was he in all of this?"

"Follow me."

Kim found what Betty wanted to show her.

A large hole in the room where the cut away half now laid over the broken table that shattered at its fall "We believe that he was here. There are signs of a presence that was on the roof top at the time of the robbery. The vent covers to the buildings ventilation system were pried off and canisters of knock out gas were found inside."

Kim saw a familiar marks along the cut away edges as she traced her fingers along the melted and burnt edges, she could only conclude as to how Ron managed to do this "…Ron was using my laser lipstick." She had honestly forgotten one of her most important and key gadgets used in her adventures. Though she still had the originals somewhere in her house (If the Tweebs didn't get them)she knew that Ron had copies but honestly thought that he had somehow lost them long ago like many of the other gadgets wade gave to him in their time as Heroes…most of which backfired spectacularly for the Blonde hero.

But not everyone was in on what Kim realised "Pardon?" Dr Director sounded, confused and…intrigued by the device that the young heroine stated that created this hole.

Kim realised that GJ and Dr Director had no idea of the many, MANY gadgets she and Ron had used over the years in their adventures "Its… one of the gadget's wade made for us during one of our missions." She clarified for the commanding agent.

Dr Director was now interested further into the depth of the unique arsenal of gears that her organisation lacked the ingenuity and vision to create into something so simple and over looked to be a weapon or utility "I see. So Mr stoppable is in possession of such elaborate gear."

"Why thank you." both women jumped as that third voice belonged to neither of them nor the people around them.

Kim flashed her hands into her pocket and pulled out her Kimunicator where the screen was already alive with the image of the Young African American boy Genius sitting in his secret room.

"Wade!? Have you been ears dropping on us?" Kim gave a critical scrutinising glare at the young teen that squirmed under her intense and judging look.

"Sorry Kim. But I couldn't help it." Wade was just as much concerned and invested in this search for his blonde best friend as much as Kim was.

However before Kim could respond, Betty stepped into view of them "Mr Wilson. It would be in all of our best interests if you kindly give a full inventory and schematics of all of the technology and equipment you have." She listed off the demands she wanted from the Tech and mission Support member of Team Possible.

Wade however…refused "I'm afraid all of my gadgets are Trademarked and the private property of yours truly and Kim possible." It wasn't pride over his work being copied or bootlegged by another, but the fact that he was one of the people who didn't trust his government types.

The many suspicious and otherwise sketchy handling of Ron's case that he couldn't find any legit record of the trial taking place and that had him weary of any government agency including GJ who are now on the hunt for his best friend. Everything screamed Grand Conspiracy that often had him wondering if he was becoming one of those nutty government conspiracy loons preaching about the mad experiments and shadow council controlling everything behind the scenes.

Wade truly did want to find Ron. But only so that he might help him a whole lot more differently than Kim had in mind.

The young red headed team was willing to work with the people who lied to her in order to arrest Ron for whatever Trial Dr Director could not promise to keep.

"I can assure you Mr Wilson that Global justice is not seeking to copy or make replicas of your gadgets. We just need to know what your friend Mr stoppable might be in possession of and how we can disarm him of his weapons or if possible track him."

Wade was backed into a corner…and he knew it. Despite not officially being technical law enforcement, GJ had a lot of pull with law and government agencies to enforce the law upon him if he resists. "…well… I suppose I could." He reluctantly agreed despite his position on things that Kim wouldn't understand as she saw things as black and white, and not in the grey as most people would see it as.

"That would be most appreciated. And if I may ask, is there any way you might be able to track any of the equipment?"

"…no…" the long pause was clear.

"You paused Mr Wilson. Do I need to remind you that knowingly withholding any information that is vital to an agent of the law is considered a crime." Despite her agency not being a public law enforcement organisation they were still an agency of the government… or governments given their name and resources around the civilised world.

Wade tried not to sweat at being called out "What I meant to say is that. I don't know if there is a way." An excuse but an honest one at that as he continued "I never needed to put any tracking chips on my gadgets. Only the kimunicator and the tracking bug I had place in Ron were the only things that I could track. I never needed to put such things on my gadgets considering Kim never loses her Kimunicator and Ron never needed one since he had one in him." In hind sight that tracking chip was the best piece of tech he built himself. Fully automated and designed to run on a small percentage of Ron's Neurons without affecting him in any way, so he never saw the fact that Ron might have it taken out of him if he could or anyone finding out about it since it's easy to miss on medical scanners.

And Kim…well. He knew he was in for it if he ever thought about doing the same to her. He trusted in her capabilities to get out of the most hairy and impossible situations that even the best trained secret agents would have trouble escaping from with their limbs intact.

"But you may have an idea… Correct?" Director pushed, given that creator of such sophisticated equipment and gadgets must know of a way to track or identify where and when their being used.

"There… may be a way. *Maybe!* being the word here. If Kim is right, and Ron did use the laser lipstick, then I might be able to find it." Wade stated the possible means of finding Ron.

Kim lit up on hearing that "That's good-"

"Hold up! I'm not finished. Trying to find it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The laser doesn't give off a unique energy signature that I can track. It produces heat strong enough to cut through any known material on earth, and considering the heat and carbon gases produced in the big cities, the thermal imagining can easily be masked in such high dense populated urban area's or in structures." In other words, the boy genius himself could not find it so easily himself. There could be a thousand Other Wades with him combing through the earth with thermal imaging 24/7 and even they would have trouble trying to find a small blip of heat on the planet.

It wasn't the best news but certainly one that she was grateful to have in her hunt for Ron"…very well. We'll take this as notes to help us in our search for Mr stoppable. I expect that full listed inventory of your gadgets to be sent to us very soon."

"You got it." And with that Wade switched off and Kim put away her Kimunicator before turning to the one eyed woman who waited on her before she spoke.

"And Kim." Betty looked her straight in the eye with a hand resting upon her shoulder "As a personal favour to you, if we catch any sign or presence of Ron. You have my word that you'll be the first to know." She was honest in her promise, she still believed that Ron could be brought in without harm and she wanted that just as much as Kim did.

"Thank you Dr Director." Kim took what help she could get at this time despite what a small part of her was feeling after what she learned.

She just hoped that she can find Ron and put this chaos to an end.

-a few hours later, back at Shego's home-

What was perhaps the forth meeting they've had was now in place.

Harley and ivy were dressed casually…. Well as casually as Ivy was willingly to be as she just wore a loosely opened shirt around her while Harley was just in a tank top and tight ass jeans with her hair done in pig tails.

Shego wore loose sunny green dress and Ron a simple white T-shirt and combat jeans.

The two super villainesses were shitting on the couch, and shego… away from them on the kitchen table, keeping a safe distance and occasionally keep her eye on them from time to time. Harley and ivy were relaxing as they watched a gardener's channel… well Ivy was. Harley was just zoning it all out.

Thankfully she didn't have to wait long as Ron came into view and made his presence known to the two who spared their eyes away from the TV to him.

"Alright ladies. Now that we have the cash, it's time to start burning it." He said, as the untouched horded pile of cash and stolen loot sat directly behind the couch the two Gotham queens were sitting in. gathered and pushed together in large mound of green with the floor around it sprawled with dollar bills that stretched halfway towards the bar table separating the kitchen from the living room.

"What!? Your gonna destroy all of this dough!?" Harley gasped as she jumped onto the couch, dramatically waving to the pile of money they had right behind them with a face of shock and horror.

Ron was now used to the over dramatized and cartoonish attitude of his blonde cohort "No Harley. What I mean, is that we're going to spend it." He clarified to the dangerous blonde/ former psychiatrist that threw herself between him and their huge horde of stolen cash. Placing herself as the shield to what she thought to be him talking about destroying their hard earned (Stolen) money.

"…Oh." She deflated, realising her mistake and interpretation of the meaning of his words. Though in her defence she had been in a relationship with a madman who had done just that.

Robbed from all of the banks in Gotham and burned all of that precious dough Live on TV just for some sick twisted laugh.

"Now, while you've all been enjoy the success and the amusements of making money angels and stacked snowmen-" he looked to the floor covered section of money where oddly enough there was a mound of money stacked together like a pyramid with a large base followed by a smaller middle and right to the top with a head size haphazardly stacked pile of money with other accessories stolen and now decorating the newly dubbed MoneyMan as Harley likes to call it, along with pile of money on the floor pushed aside to clear up the floor in a designed snow angel fashion.

Pushing on Ron brought up the main topic he wished to bring to the table with what to do with their stolen loot "I've been at work, searching for a new place to call our hide out." They couldn't live here anymore and needed a new place to stay.

"What wrong with this place? It's fine though it could use a little more plants and a little less green." Ivy wasn't talking about the decor… okay maybe she was but she was also referring to the other green woman in this home they were living in.

"There are few problems actually. And no shego it has nothing to do with your home… well apart for one thing and that's the living arrangements." Ignoring the thrown look his way "But in all seriousness. We need to leave. That bank heist has drawn enough attention for the authority's to know that we are not in the wind just yet. So, I been looking at mansions and manors to relocate to, with enough space, rooms and utilities for our every needs." In his hands he held up a stack of papers for all to see as he moved to see down on the Dining table. The only table that was long and large enough for all of them to filter through the collection of Homes he had come across together.

"Here is list and pictures of every structure I have come across thus far to pick out which one we all like." Ivy stood up from the couch and walked towards where Ron was, including Harley. Shego herself taking up position behind Ron as she stood directly over him and peered to see what he had for them.

He spread out the papers around so that everyone could have the chance to see them all at their own pace, as fingers reached and hands grasped, all three pairs of eyes devoured the images and information about the larger accommodated homes on the market.

After a few minutes of browsing Harley seemed to recognise one of the Manors she had had in hand "…Hey wait a minute! Is this play boy mansion!?" her bright blue eyes went wide as she recognised the famous manor house that nearly everyone even in her universe knew about.

Her exclamation brought the attention of ivy and Shego. Both woman now at her side peering over to see the infamous mansion before them…all except for Ron who smiled and just laid back as his…friends took a particular interest in that mansion they mistaken for the actual one.

"Technically it's the one next to play boy mansion." He explained the easily mistaken large home of the Erotic Magazines and franchise's founder.

From his side he pushed towards them another set of papers about another home not far from the one they were looking at "here's another in Las Angele's. just about as big if not bigger with a private runway and dock to the ocean." He watched as they immersed themselves deep into all of the collected portfolios of the available mansion that they like many wished to live in now that they had the means to own legally.

As he leaned back and enjoyed his own well deserved peace, he couldn't help but smile as in this rare moment they went from tense string thin partners to girlfriends comparing which house is the best for them to move in.

-Meanwhile in Middleton High-

Middleton High.

The high school to the world notorious two people was alive with gossip.

In a few short days since Ron had been arrested, he had gone from Middleton High's number loser to the most wanted man in American history.

His feats of criminal success made him more popular than he ever was, not even his joint exploits with his best friend Kim possible had this noticed before. Already Ron had gone from Dofus nobody to talked about bad boy.

Gossip was gospel as they say, and none more so then in the halls of Middleton High as students talked about the latest thing Ron had did that brought about an air of excitement and wonder instead of fear and vile that they hosted what is now the world's most notorious super criminal.

Ron had become a legend.

His Name spoken in hushed whispers.

Tales of his exploits were admired and often twisted around like rumours; the original story like on the news was taken apart and added in with their own versions.

It got even better when concerning the three new women on his team and what they're roles in his criminal life…which naturally took a route down to the bad boy being surrounded by Hot and dangerous Femme Fatale.

Naturally due to his new life of crime and now labelled title as criminal, Ron's locker was cleaned out, quite literally as there nothing left of the former sidekicks presence in that small metal unit. Scraps of Bueno nacho's sauce packets, late homework reports and pictures of his pet Rufus were all piled in trash bags and dumped away.

…But still, everyone knew that to be Ron's Locker. No one has dared to claim it and it has sort've become a piece of priceless art or a monument. It was even labelled and stamped as to who it belonged to that as people walked on by, they looked at it in awe and quickly talked about the person that once used it.

However in the halls of Middleton, a group of cheerleaders walked on by, gossiping as they soon caught eye of one lone locker on their way to cheer practice.

"Oh my god. It's Ron's Locker! / To think that he went to this school? / I always thought him to be harmless." Where the words to escape out of them as they giggled, whispered and murmered about who that Locker belonged to.

Yet one of them was silent as she kept to herself, gazing upon the locker in a slow stride and falling behind the others as she looked upon the box object of metal and screws with… Longing "…Bonnie!?" Bonnie snapped out of her daydream and shot her head to look at her blonde haired friend Terra and the rest of her cheer group.

Bonnie was quick to resume her natural glamour as a sneer easily come upon her lips "I always knew that Dofus was wrong from the start." Bonnie assumed her natural disposition of her usual opinion of Ron that everyone knew about "It doesn't surprise me that someone like him was always destined for trouble."

It came as a relief to her that they accepted her answer, no one knew of her secret relationship and feelings about the blonde and she'd like to keep it that way. No one, not family, or even her best friend Tera was beholden to her feelings towards Ron.

Everyone from Middleton high to the Rockwaller family only knew of her distasteful attitude to the school dofus that was Ron and not the beneficial engagement behind closed doors and mid night meet ups.

There were times when it just wasn't shagging under the bed sheets as an outlet for her frustrations, most of their private meet ups were simple or small engagements to them. A few quickies here and there. Fellatio's. Spooning and of course lip on lip action.

Bonnie had what some would call an intense relationship with Ronald that most people (Everyone) see as more than just simple friends with benefits but from her perspective He was simply an outlet for her troubles.

If her boyfriend was being a total jarhead, Her sisters giving her grief, Her rival one upping her or that blasted Cat of theirs being a total bitch, Ron was there to make it all go away and have her back to being the Bonnie that everyone knows.

…unfortunately that was now no longer the case.

The familiar aches and wants she used to keep in check were now giving her hell as she no longer had that boy that used to give to her how she wanted it.

No amount of self-pleasuring could quell the burning flames within her as she was once again subjected to the previous ailments in her life that Ron used to wash away.

Her boyfriend Brock was being a Muscle headed Jack ass. His head focused entirely on sports and nothing else… hell she even went as far as dressing up in the skimpiest Lingerie she could get to get his attention but all for nought as he brushed her aside and went back to his Big Game time.

Bonnie was for once in her life was Missing Ron…Desperately!

She had brought many things from his house to hers to keep herself from going to his house and risk getting caught just so she could feel a closeness to the presence he left deeply soaked into the sheets that she had hiding under her bed.

It did not help that jealously was beginning to fester once she saw the three women now seen with Ron at every news story she's seen on the TV, paper and listened too on the radio and from the mouths of her friends and fellow students everywhere she went.

This wasn't the usual jealous monster she got when trying to compete with Kim in everything they had in this school, cheerleading, talent show, boys and events. This was a whole new monster that reared its head recently since Ron's absence in her life, only fuelled by a dark hatred she held for the now three new women in his bad boy life.

And it only seemed to grow as time went on. Nothing seemed to ease or hold this ugly feeling down as it only seemed to grow whether or not she was watching Ron or not.

Ron was a Drug.

A relief and intoxicating object in her life that she never knew how much she truly craved until it was taken away from her.

Sobriety was not something Bonnie was planning on having this early in her life. The frustrating and painful absence of her treasured sensations and emotions bestowed upon her were fleeting as time passed now she was without the one thing that made her day to day life tolerable.

Yet despite the fact that her rival and captain of her cheer squad was becoming absent from the one thing she competed against the only other popular girl for, Bonnie felt no…satisfaction from this.

In fact, despite Kim's presence that she as Co-captain took over from Bonnie tasted no victory in achieving the top position young women like her can get within the cutthroat pyramid system that was high school with Jocks and football stars as the reigning kings while the cheerleaders and popular girls as the queens.

Bonnie was by all respects the queen bee by name. Taking the title over from her older sisters who were respected and achieving multiple wins in the Middleton High Talent show in their time there while she…. Barely had a win to her name.

It was often implied many times though respectively out of ear shot that Connie got the Brains and the Lonnie got the looks while Bonnie got the rest.

It was aggravating to her that she was compared to her sisters with not one speaking achievements to gloat over other than making captain in her first year and co-captains the next years.

She supposed it was because that she didn't have someone to boast about it to.

Kim was gone on her wild crusade and Ron….

Ron…Ron was just gone…. The one person who she can let into her life like no one before was now gone.

The one boy amongst the hundred other testosterones junked up jocks with more muscle attraction then the skinny and lanky Dweeb was the one boy she…had close to her.

…closer than a friend even.

Bonnie may try to deny it.

She may try to bury it.

But deep down inside she knew it to be true.

With a Frustrated Huff Bonnie forced down that betraying notion and focused on her day to get this over with so she can return home.