Title: Getting Acquainted

Category: Drama/ Romance

Pairing: Slash HP/LM (You have been warned. Leave now if it's not your cup of tea.)

Rating: PG-13 (may go up)

Summary: Lucius takes a personal interest in the boy-who-lived and kidnapped him back to Malfoy manor. What will happen between our resident deatheater and beloved hero? *cliché yar I know*

Set in Harry's 7th year, or the holiday before his 7th year starts.

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Plot inspired by various fanfics, including but not limited to those by Maeglin Yedi and the fanfic "If thine enemy'.

Author notes: Just can't get HP/LM out of my mind after I read Maeglin Yedi's stories so I decided to write this. (Her stories are good if you like slash.) First attempt at slash/smut so please feedback (and be nice). Tell me if you want me to continue. Constructive criticism appreciated. Unnecessary Flames will be used to cook dinner. =p

Italics - thoughts

Double spacing - changing POV (Harry / Lucius / narrating)

[…]- Lucius' point of view

A shadowed figure stood beside the bed, looking down at the teenage boy lying on the deep green covers, seemingly in deep sleep. His black midnight hair contrasted strongly against the white pillows, dark long lashes resting against fair skin. His cheeks held a hint of pink, soft lips parted slightly.

'Such a picture of innocence, of peace. Like a child.' he mused.

'No, not a child.' Not when he has seen so much, gone through so much.

'An angel then. My fallen angel.' he thought possessively.

His angel stirred, awakening. Eyelids fluttered up to reveal beautiful green eyes, confusion plain in their depths.

The boy took in his unfamiliar surroundings, wondering how he ended up here, in this strange bed and alien room. The last thing he could remember was the stunning spell, and a pair of arms catching him as he fell.

"You are awake." A soft voice to his right drew his attention.

He looked to the shadows and could vaguely make out a figure of a man, but it was too dark to see anything else.

A muttered spell lit a fire in the fireplace, its light illuminating the room, chasing the shadows away.

The mysterious figure stepped forward, and he gasped in surprise, "Malfoy!"

There was no mistaking the platinum blonde hair that fell to his shoulders, the fair skin and aristocratic features.

He moved back, wanting to put as much distance as possible between him and the Death Eater.

"What do you want?" Harry asked warily, eyeing him with distrust.

"Nothing. I just wanted to get better acquainted." Malfoy spread his hands out as a sign of truce.

"Get better acquainted?" Harry echoed dumbly, staring at him in disbelief.

He let out a short laugh. "You must be joking!"

"I assure you, I am very serious." It seems like he really meant what he said.

'He sounded so sincere.' Harry shook himself mentally to clear his thoughts. 'Get real! This is Malfoy we're talking about. You know, like… the Dark Lord's right-hand man and trusted Death Eater.'

"Quit playing games with me. I won't fall for it. You might as well hand me over to Voldemort now," he said coldly.

[Lucius sighed. 'Obviously it's going to take some work to convince him. Well, actions speak louder than words.'

He sat down on the bed, in front of Harry and looked at him. Harry stared back at him defiantly, silently daring him to do his worst, yet there was still an ill-concealed fear in his eyes. He lifted his hand and saw Harry flinch in response.

'He thought I was going to hit him.' Lucius realised. And traced his finger lightly along Harry's jaw, a gentle caress. ]

Harry was bewildered at the gesture. 'What is he playing at?'

He opened his mouth to ask but never got the chance to get the words out as Lucius dipped his head slightly to kiss him. His eyes widened in shock, though any protest was stopped by Lucius as his tongue caressed his lips, exploring the warmth contours of his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Harry felt a tingle of pleasure as Malfoy plundered his mouth, leaning into the kiss as all the doubts in his mind melted away. In the haze of fuzzy warm feelings and erotic pleasure, nothing else mattered.

He started to respond, kissing Lucius back, entwining his arms around his neck. Lucius pulled Harry closer, hands running down his back. After what seemed like a long while, Lucius ended the kiss reluctantly, and leaned away from Harry, watching his face carefully for his reaction.

Harry's lips were red and swollen, his cheeks flushed with passion, and had a soft contented look in his eyes. But it did not last for long.

'I feel.. weird.. sluggish.. and my brain seems to have turned to mush…' were the incoherent thoughts running through his mind. He shivered slightly as he remembered the delicious tingles that had ran up his spine during the kiss…

'The kiss!'

He was horrified, suddenly remembering who it was that he was kissing just now.

'Oh no! I didn't just… I did- no… he did.. I - I - kissed… Malfoy!' He was rapidly becoming hysterical.

"What have you done to me?" he whispered, appalled at his behavior.

'It must be some spell or potion or whatever dark magic; I couldn't have willingly kissed him back…'

Lucius looked at him, rising an eyebrow at the accusing words. "Are you referring to the kiss, or your response to it?"

"You know what I meant. Stop toying with me." Harry raised his voice, a hint of righteous anger in them.

"I didn't do anything to you, besides the kiss. What followed after when you kissed me back was totally your response." Came the matter-of-fact reply.

"No. You're lying. How could I - I …" he seemed to be at a loss for words.

"How could you kiss a Death Eater?" Lucius voiced what Harry was so unwilling to say.

His voice dropped to a seductive whisper, "Very easily, I imagine. I could show you again…" his lips descended upon Harry's.

Harry tried to pull away, but was held fast by the hand at the back of his head. He tensed, pressing his lips together tightly, refusing to give in. A tongue traced his lips, prodding it to open and teeth bit him punishingly when he refused to yield.

"Ow.." his cry of pain was silenced by Lucius' fresh onslaught on his mouth.

There were the tingles up his spine again, the haze clouding his mind…

No! This is wrong!

Harry finally regained his senses and push back harshly from Lucius.

"You bit me!" he accused.

"Well, you wouldn't open your mouth." Lucius shrugged, as if it was not his fault.

"I- you …" he spluttered, seething at his smirk, and seeing amusement in his silver grey eyes.

Relax. Breathe in, breathe out. I'm in control… in control.. I won't give him the satisfaction of angering me…

"Fine. And what was the point of that little demonstration?" Harry said coolly, a mask settling over his face.

[Lucius frowned at his blank expression. He had been enjoying the flash of emotions running through Harry's face, the anger, confusion, and shock. He looks so beautiful when he's flushed and flustered.

Well, two can play at a game. We'll see if you can maintain that mask.]

"To get better acquainted with you, of course," he said mockingly.

"By kissing?" Harry asked dryly.

"No. By fucking." Lucius replied, his tone even. One would almost imagine them to be talking about the weather.

"By fu… what!?" Harry exclaimed, after realizing what he was repeating.


Harry quickly got his shock under control and drawled, "I'm flattered, Malfoy. Really. But you're just not my type."

[Why that insolent brat…]

"I don't think you get to choose. You are, after all, in my house," he reminded silkily.

The unspoken message was clear. "Where no one could save you."

"I didn't think you would need to force someone to have sex with you, Malfoy." Harry said sardonically.

"I don't." he replied confidently, and lowered his voice to a seductive whisper, "But you'll beg me to…"

"Are you threatening me?" Harry asked lazily while studying his nails in faked indifference.

Lucius bent to him, lips almost brushing his ear and said softly but surely, "No. That's a promise."

Straightening up, he said in a normal tone, "Well, I'll see you tonight for dinner. Call the house-elves if you need anything."

Then, with a swish of his robes, he was gone.


Hope it's not too confusing with the switching POVs and alternating between 'Lucius' and 'Malfoy'.

'Lucius' was me narrating and 'Malfoy' was Harry's doing. You didn't think he would be on such friendly terms with Lucius that he would call him by his first name, did you?

I think it's a bit OOC, or at least Harry is, towards to end. I'll explain more in the next chapter… if you want…

And I won't know if you don't tell me… *hint hint*