I made angst for ReinxShade, so I figured why not make angst for FinexBright?

"If it's a cafe, we should definitely visit when it opens!"

Nothing scared Bright more when he first saw the words appear on his wrist. He knew what they implied.

He was devastated when he realized the fate of who he was meant to be with.

"What does yours say, Bright? Mine hasn't appeared yet, so I'm curious as to what they look like." Shade had once asked. Bright was startled, lost in his own thoughts when the discussions turned to the very words tattoed on their skin. Bright nervously gripped his wrist, conscious that his tattoo was showing despite the fact that he covered it with a sweatband. "Oh? Is it something embarrassing?" Shade teased. Bright could only laugh in response.

"I suppose." He replied with a fake chuckle. This didn't go unnoticed by Shade, but he didn't press further considering they were in the presence of others.

"Come on Bright! What's so embarrasing about the last words your soulmate will ever say to you?" One of his friends questioned. Bright only gripped his wrist tighter, but a faint smile appeared on his face.

"I think I'd rather keep it a secret for now." Bright responded. It didn't take long for the spotlight to be on someone else. Bright could only listen with a blank expression as his friends showed off the words imprinted on their wrists. They eagerly showed off.

"Goodnight, love."

"You've made me so happy."

"Thank you for everything."

Each line sounded innocent. Most of them had the same possibility as Bright's, but Bright knew all too well that the chances of his friend's soulmates sharing the same fate as his was low.

When Shade finally pulled him aside, Bright could hardly contain the sadness that had built up since the words first appeared. Shade said nothing, and instead pulled him into a comforting hug.

He hardly removed his wristband, and when he did, he never looked at it. It was just a constant reminder of how cruel fate could be.

That was why he was beyond terrified when he met Fine. It was an innocent meeting. He was in his second year of high school, she was a freshman. A chance encounter. She had spilled a bag of apples in front of him, and he helped her pick them up.

They grew close, and before Bright knew it, it blossomed into love. He had forgotten all about his wrist when they started dating.

He was happy.

He didn't think of the future.

But that moment went as fast as it came when Fine brought it up. "Do you want to see the words on my wrist?" She asked. They were eating ice cream at the time. The question startled Bright.

Bright was flustered. Sharing the word's on your wrist had a lot of meaning. A lot of hope packed into the gesture. Bright silently nodded, too flustered to speak.

"It's really generic." She pulled her bracelet off, revealing the neat words.

"I love you, Fine."

"My name is on it too. Kinda embarrassing." Fine said, putting the bracelet back on. Bright felt sweat form on his forehead when he remembered what his wrist said. He suddenly stood up.

"I'm done." He said, then quickly left the table. He never even waited for Fine to reply.

He didn't talk to her for three days.

He prayed to God she wasn't his soulmate.

When he talked to Fine again, he apologized profusely. In response, she took his hand, more specifically his wrist, and squeezed it. "It's okay." She said in the gentlest voice he had ever heard from her. "If you're not comfortable, then I'll wait. I'll wait till your comfortable to tell me." He felt his heart clench with happiness and fear.

He begged to God that she not be the one.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to years. Bright actually believed God answered his plea. He didn't think about the words on his wrist, and Fine never brought it up either. When they both graduated from college, he proposed.

She accepted.

They were married only one year.

"I'm glad the oranges were fresh today." Fine hummed, swinging the bag of fruit excitedly. "I can make so much with these. Cake, pastries, fruit salads, more cake." Bright couldn't help but chuckle as he took her hand in his.

"Did you see the new restaurant they're building?" Bright asked, nodding towards the building that was under construction.

"I wonder what it'll be."

"I bet it'll be something you like." Bright said, giving her hand a squeeze. "Like a pastry shop or a cafe that serves sweets." He looked at Fine, watching her expression turn eager as she thought about that possibility. That was when his eyes caught sight of an orange slipping out of her plastic bag. "Ah, looks like you have a rip in it." He pointed out. Fine gasped.

"Aw, man." Fine whined, placing her hand on the orange escaping through the rip. "Okay, I'll go back and ask for another back. It's not that far so you can wait for me here."

"I love you, Fine." Bright said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. She wasn't prepared for the sudden romantic gesture and took a couple steps back, flustered. She flailed a little.

"Love you, too!" She replied. Bright watched her figure shrink as she increased the distance between them.

He could have never prepared for what she did next.

She twirled to face him once again, the momentum just enough to largen the rip in the plastic bag. He opened his mouth to tell her when she spoke.

"If it's a cafe, we should definitely visit when it opens!" He didn't even register what she said at first. But when he heard those words, his fingers went to his wrist. His heart stopped in his chest.

He watched as the plastic bag ripped, scattering the oranges across the sidewalk and the street. She fumbled for the fruits, stumbling onto the asphalt. Bright couldn't even scream when he saw the oncoming car. His nails dug into his wrist.

In mere seconds, he learned just how cruel God could be.