[Central Park, New York]

Walking through central park swoogan sent pulses of power out scanning the nest to both find an entrance and find whats inside.

Swoogan stopped and sighed "its already begun" he then opened a portal and pulled out the Sig Pro and a Scimitar which he clipped onto his shorts before raising a foot.

Bringing the foot down with earth shattering strength the ground caved around him. Falling with the dirt, trees, and other plant life he snapped his fingers before the dirt and trees started reverse before reforming and closing the hole.

Landing lightly swoogan looked around the tunnel which was crudely made, was wide enough for three people to walk side by side, and lit with a purple light. Listening closely he could here the sound of something running down the tunnel towards him, Drawing his scimitar and gun he waited listening as the running got closer.

[Swoogan Vs. Forgotten Nest]

The purple light was suddenly mixed with slight orange color before a hellhound came barreling around the bend in the tunnel and lunged at swoogan who sidestepped to the right and brought the scimitar up and lopped off its head before it poofed into a golden dust.

"Not corrupted yet, meaning it was the last of its pack" Swoogan said flicking the scimitar and sending the small amount of blood on it flying onto the tunnel wall.

Walking down the way the hellhound came he held both the scimitar and gun at the ready as the dull purple light became richer in color. Reaching the end of the tunnel he came to a wide open area with several pods of black sludge and people who where hanging from the ceiling either dead or unconscious.

Glacing through the cavern swoogan spotted several hellhounds lying on the ground with slight purple flames coming from their mouths and several purple viens running along their skin, next to them where three prawns of height between seven to thirteen inches, two infected humans one wearing a hoodie and the other wearing a mask, both of them male, and one last forgotten that was different from the prawns.

The forgotten was human height and had a more feminine body then expected with a small buldge on the back of its head and two spikes jutting out of its back.

"A siren, must have just evolved due to it still not looking fully human" Swoogan thought as he aimed the gun at the siren ready to kill it first but before he could take the shot one of the hellhounds stood and snarled towards him drawing the attention of everything in the room.

Swoogan shot at the siren before aiming at the hellhounds and emptying the clip only for two bullets to hit their mark as the hellhounds moved and the siren crouched before launching forwards.

Putting the gun back in a portal he rolled to the side avoiding a hellhound before bringing the scimitar up to block the claws of the siren before kicking said forgotten away and through one of the pods causing it to erupt and release a forgotten prawn that dussapted instantly having not been fully formed.

rolling forwards the first hellhound pounced at him swoogan pulled another scimitar from a portal and parried a knife from one of the two humans in the nest and used the scimitar in his right hand to kill the hellhound rushing at him.

Jumping backwards swoogan looked at infected humans and hellhounds before looking at the siren which ran towards him "damn while i can use more power my speed maxed out at major titan, i need to strengthen this body next chance i get" Swoogan through while blocking the siren with one scimitar and stabbing its shoulder with the other causing it to give a shrill scream.

With the siren momentarily distacted by the pain swoogan spun on his heel and kicked it aside before charging the hellhounds and humans.

The humans being smart moved jumped to the side, the hellhounds however rushed swoogan who swung both scimitars infront of him releasing two concentrated and thin lines of energy that dice the cut the hellhounds into thirds before colliding with the wall of the cavern and dissapting.

sliding to a stop swoogan turns to the slowly healing siren and the two humans who made their way to the siren after jumping out of the way.

Both the humans looked at each other before nodding to each other, both held out a arm, one holding out the left the other holding out the right, before the purple glow grew brighter around their arms before dissapting to reveal sword shaped matter surrounding their arms before they charged. Following immediatly the siren ran at swoogan before passing both humans.

Swoogan waited until the siren was close before swinging one of the scimitars to knock the clawed hand aside before swinging the other to make a quick decapitation only for one of the humans to block for the siren. Jumping backwards swoogan tried to put distance between him and his enemys only to be followed by the second human who attacked from the side.

Spinning the scimitar in he hand swoogan used the flat end to block the slash of the sword like arm only to be throw through the air at the force of the blow.

Landing on his feet and sliding back several inches swoogan looks up just in time to block the clawed hand of the siren with one blade before using the other to cut the siren just below where the ribs would be causing it to jump back to heal a bit.

Both the humans ran towards swoogan both swinging their bladed arms at him as swoogan used both his swords to defend before crouching low to the ground and sweeping both their feet our from under them.

When both humans fell swoogan spun the blades in hand before driving them both into the heads of the fallen humans.

Withdrawing his blades from the corpses he flicked both them sending the bits of brain matter and blood from the sword on to the floor before charging the siren.

Seeing his coming the bulb on the siren suddenly shot open before giving of a high pitch screeching sound akin to metal running across a chalk board (which hurts) causing swoogan to wince slightly but naught causing him to faulter as he shuts of his hearing at cuts the siren down the middle causing a black sludge like blood to spill to the floor.

[Battle End]

Taking a deep breath swoogan throws the scimitars into a portal before opening one to allow the goblin like creatures to gather the souls and items from the nest as he leaves to find Jack.

This is my last chapter before school starts as well as the last chapter before swoogan finally goes to camp half blood and test some of the demi-gods there, fell free to send suggestions on who he should test.

on another note the bios for the enemy's and i mean all of them will be next chapter.