Tied to the sky

A problem

An addiction,

To the feeling you could never fall,

And if you did you wouldn't need someone to catch you,

The feeling of not needing anyone,


Then the day Independence gets lonely,

The sky isn't enough company any more

All you want to do is


And be caught

But you decided to follow the cry,

Become the birds song

And the winds destination,

You didn't think about the day that your voice got tired

Or your head grew weak,

The day you had to stop singing,

Leave the clouds behind,

When you realize you were so busy staying up right that you don't know how to fall

Because you never planned on it,

You never planned on anything,

Just living on impulses

It can't last very long,

You either have to stop







Unless by some miracle you flew all the way back home,

And someone's gonna catch you,

You're going to die,

On the ground,

Tied there

In the same way you always were,

Maybe you were only meant to dream of the sky

To stay on the ground and dream of ideas,

Never plans,

Maybe people weren't meant to fly,

Maybe falling was the only way.

To stay forever on the ground,

Just a little piece of you tied to the sky

AN: Carin: This fandom has been inactive for so long. I felt like I should post something here, so ya know, it's a poem, about Piper. Yay? Will anyone read this I wonder, is this going to be the terms and conditions of fanfics never read by anyone but the writer? Maybe not.Potatoes and molasses my friends,Bye