Chapter 1

I was dreaming.

Then, everything exploded.

I couldn't scream, I couldn't move, I couldn't turn away from the sight.

I had no real body.

Pulses of light and energy passed through me, making me fall into a cosmic spiral of stars and emotions. For a moment I could glance and the absurd infinity of everything and nothing, hear the chorus of a thousand voices, feel the touch of countless universes, and taste the spear end of the galaxy.

It was quite the trip.

Suddenly, it stops.

The phenomenon loses all it's motion for a few moments, before starting to pull back.

It was like a tape being reminded; all that was before, come back. I felt all the things again with the same intensity, until it passes through me completely, leaving me cold and patting in the non-real space.

But I could still see it. The cosmic ocean composed of countless colors and endless energy.

The phenomenon dances in from of me, its body moves in wave-like formations for a few more eternities before spiting itself and accumulating in five points. And soon, five gigantic Suns illuminated the non-space.

It was glorious.



And just like that, it's over, all that left is the faint pain and burning embarrassment for falling out of bed.

Crap, when was the last time that happened to me? It must have been like Twenty/one years/month.

I jump back to a sitting position, looking around my room with wide eyes. Something is wrong.

Where the hell Am I?


My heartbeat begins to accelerate, my breathing follows closely behind, and a killing migraine just started in my head.

What that fuck is happening!?

I just barely keep myself from screaming… I mustn't make loud noises, or I'll be punished… Wait, what!

No! This is my house! I bought it my own money! I can be as loud as I want here; there is nothing my father could do to…

My father lives in another state, why the hell would he be there?

I make a choky sound as another wave of panic washes over me, throwing myself forward and making my way outside the room, crossing the small apartment in the direction to the bathroom.

After puking whatever I had eaten yesterday into the toilet. I vigorously washed my face on the sink, trying to do something to lessen the pounding headache that's not letting me think.

Then, I catch a glimpse of the reflection in the mirror, which stops me dead.

A kid... sickly pale, acne filled face, dark brown almost black hair, moss-green eyes with deep dark circles around them, skinny growing body in the process of becoming awkwardly gangly, and many unfamiliar scars, including some on the arm that looks suspiciously like cigars burns.

I'm a kid/It's just me.

What the hell!

I feel another wave of nausea hit me, but there was nothing left to vomit.

Fuck! Oh, Fuck!


…I put my forehead against the cold glass; it helped alleviates the headache a little.

Calm down man- Calm down and think. I just woke up in an unfamiliar place, with a body that is definitely not my own, with no apparent memory of last night… There is only one explanation for this.

I have been ROOBed!/ I gain another set of memories!

A sharp spike of pain stabbed my head, causing me letting you a strangled scream and making my legs lose all the strength, only my arms on the sink keep me from falling entirely.

As I stay kneeling on the bathroom floor with my head pressed against the ceramic, I began to- try, putting my thoughts in orders.

It was painful, each time I tried to remember something concrete, a new wave of pain sweep in my head, making little whines and sobs come out. I… I just couldn't get anything that might explain that situation, my memories of last night… B-Both of them didn't show anything out of the ordinary, I just went to sleep and wake up in a new body/went to sleep and waked up with someone's memories.

I fell on the floor, biting my hand as hard as I could to keep the scream inside. It came off like a long, painful groan instead.

That's it, no more trip to the memory lane, at least… at least until the headache passes, I can't… Fuck! Maybe I should just go to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow this would be a just a crazy dream.

My stomach lets a loud groan of protest.

…Or breakfast, breakfast sounds good.

I pull myself up with shaky limbs, using the walls as a support to I get out of the bathroom.

The apartment was dirty/clean- UGH!... T-The apartment was cleaner than usual, something that I still hadn't grown accustomed to yet, even after two weeks of it. Felt weird seeming the place without trash lying around.

As I made my way to the kitchen, I passed the half-open door of the other room of the apartment; my teenager's eyes were immediately drawn by the vision inside. It even made me forget this fuck up situation for a few moments.

A black woman lay on the bed in the middle of the messy room. Her prominent assets were barely held back by a small sleeveless shirt that didn't reach her midriff. Her lower part was clad only by a red thong, which contrasted nicely with her dark skin. I felt myself licking my lips at her form.

Who is this woman?/Father's new girlfriend.

I let out a small yelp of surprise by the spike of pain, but it wasn't enough to make me look away from the hormone stimulating vision. But the sound seems to stir the woman awake.

Her head slowly moves to my direction at the door, a feminine face with bloodshot eyes with pupils too big looked to me, a dopey yellowish smile spread open.

…She was not beautiful. My recently acquired experient side concluded, momentarily cutting through my hormone filled one. Her face looks sunken, her otherwise plump lips were dry and cracked, her skin was blemished in some places, her womanly form had begun to sag, and her belly showed marks of a early pregnancy. She must have been a stunning woman in the past, but now, only remains are left.

Its still makes her good-looking enough to be above average though, which is impressive when considering the amount of substance she takes on regular bases.

One of her arms moves to send me lazy waves in greetings; she looks sleepy- no, she looks high, even this early in the morning. The movement makes one of her tits pop to the side of the shirt, displaying the supple mount and dark nipple. Something that made my briefs feel very thigh all of the sudden.

Wait a second, briefs!? What kind of live this kid has been living until now, that's just inhumane.

The woman- Celia, I recalled her name, didn't seem to notices the wardrobe malfunction, and just when back to staring at the ceiling with a dopey giggly expression- Damn, she must be on something impressive.

With much difficulty I manage to tear my eyes away from the naked tit, resuming my way to the kitchen with only a stop to get some pants in my own messy room. Hiding away my shame until I find proper underwear.

I was halfway there when the door clicked open; making my eyes widen and a sending a reflexive shiver down my spine.

He was here.

Wearing jeans and a dirty wife-beater, holding a greasy sack that smells very appetizing. The muscle-bound, 1,90/6'3 meter/feet man, with a hard face, short hair and green eyes look at me like I was a piece of shit he steps on his way here.

"What the fuck you're looking at?" He growled.

And I realized that I've staring him for too long.

"N-Nothing sir, I'm sorry sir," I whine fearfully, lowering my head submissively to the floor, trying to look as small as possible.

Long seconds of silence passed after that. My body began to brace for impact instinctively, instead, he merely shoulders bash me out of the way, my back hit the wall with a dull pain.

"Fucking wimp." I hear him spat, as he makes the way to his bedroom.

I didn't make the mistake to ask if he got something for me, maybe if I didn't piss him off more, he'd leave something on the table.

Hell, I'm...

I'm not even hungry anymore.

I just got to… to…

In seconds I was back in my bedroom, back to my bed, where it was safe. Trying to hold back the tears and push back the feeling of humiliation.

This is all too fucking much! I just wake up with an entire life worth of fucking memories, with a relentless, never-ending headache that made me feel like dying. And now some fucking gang member somehow turned me into a crying shivering mess by just showing up, and that nothing even counting the impossible fact that I somehow became a fifteen years old boy in a span of a single night.

Wait, a Gang Member!?

I'm living with a Gang Member and-and a drug dealer!?

A merchant!

What that fuck do I do now!? What the next step!? I-I have to call the polic- No! That was the stupidest thought I ever heard.

Maybe I can run? Jump out the window and- no wait we are on the second floor.

Fuck! Calm down, breath! Why Am I freaking out now? Father has always been a merchant. I already know that so why-Ugh!- My fucking head is killing me.

I got to-

…A Merchant?

My empty stomach folds painfully at the realization, all the air seems to escape from my lungs, and the world started to shake.

…I'm in Brockton Bay; I've grown up here, lived here all my life. And read about here.

I'm in Worm.

Through the mist of pain, a memory surge, the memory of the first page of the Parahuman Web Serial site, a web novel that I partially read a few years back, told by that perspective of a girl from my school, which begins in about a month from now, in April.

I…I… I can't freak out; father is in the house if he hears it, I-

I filch as I hear father's muffled voice, but it wasn't at me, it comes from the thin walls. He was screaming at Celia, something about wasting the merchandise or something, a useless effort giving her current state, but a could still hear her attempts at responding.

I know the drill by now, they had been dating for almost three weeks, and every exchange like that ended up in one way. Pretty soon, her unintelligent responses will become screams and sobs, and then will be squeals and moans of pleasures, and later she will show up with new bruises.

The sounds were… calming, in a weird, very fucked up way. It was the first thing of this day that was expected, the first thing I recognized as part of the routine, the first normal thing that has happened until now.

It helped me focus.

…I'm in Worm.

My world is a piece of fiction.

What the hell I'm going to do? I don't remember any detail, and every time I try to remember the pain stopped me, but I know the story is bad, every good event was accompanied by a bad one, and it keeps escalating until it got so crazy that Billions die.

Oh fuck, Scion will try to destroy humanity.

Fuck! What can I do, I barely manage to survive my Father let alone an all-powerful space whale, which a lot of people believe to be a god. And if I tried to warn someone, who will take a fifteen years old son of a merchant seriously? And that's if there even were someone prepared to deal with this in the first place.

What can I realistic do in this situation?

I take a moment to look around my room; my clothes all scattered across the place, on everything except the closet, my ragged backpack on the corner still packed with school stuff I never bothered to take out and some stuff I manage to snatch from my father's stash, an old looking flip phone on the nightstand beside an old ass alarm clock, and not much else.

I'm just another shitty kid with a shitty life. What the fuck can I do about that?

I don't even have the strength to freak out anymore. This is just too much. Every fucking thing that happened today; the memories, my new body, my new gangster father, even my fucking dream was weird.

*A flash of eternity. Five galactic wide Suns, eagerly waiting for their master's command; they would stay floating in the non-real space for eternity if the orders didn't come, but they would be just as happy to stand in readiness for their master, for each of their masters action filled them with happiness and meaning, even the lack of it*

What the fuck!


In my head!?

There are Suns in my head!

However, instead of pain and nausea that every other new thing brought in this fucking morning, their presence brought only warm and comfort. I could see them when I close my eyes; now that I know where they are is easy to find them. The semi-sapient cosmic bodies seem to react to my presence, each one busting into a euphoric dance that breaks stars and make planets, just my attention was to agitate them into a maniacal glee.

I open my eyes to the dirty room of the apartment and then close again to the vast magnificence of the non-real space, illuminated by dancing Suns that loved me with every speck of their being.

Fuck it, after everything that happens on this morning. What is one crazy trip going to add to the list?

I stayed in the non-real space, of course. There's not constant headache here, the comforting silence helped me not to think, and the cosmic choreography kept me warm and entertained.

My eyes slowing trailed their titanic forms, watching as energy and potential ripped across their bodies, each movement caused it to fuse and wave around itself in oddly hypnotic patterns, I could feel myself relax, surrendering to the emotional exhaustion inside and letting the sleep take me.

Then, the five Suns began to sing. The angelic and demonic chorus formed a melody that shakes the imaginary stars, the tune that was made specifically for me. I could feel it in my bones, the sheer intent of it was enough to joust me awake. The lyrics, they… they are communicating… No, teaching- No, deeper… They are installing into my very instinct, something obvious that I would never forget for the rest of my days.

Their functions…

I burst upward, rising to a sitting position on the bed, a dense layer of sweat covered my body, and my breathing and heartbeat were uncontrollable. I'm still on my room, it was still morning, and I could hear the creak for the bed on the other bedroom as it slides across the floor and the constant moans and grunts that accompanied it.

It wasn't a dream…

I'm sure of that.

I could still hear the giggles of the Suns in my head, and the burning knowledge they inject in me still there, stand just between the knowledge of how to breathe and knowledge of how the walk.

It… it almost to good to be truth, some part of me doesn't want to believe it, just for fear of the disappointment.

I push that part aside. There was only one way to verify the authenticity of this knowledge, so I stopped trying to make sense of it, and start to act on it.

Inside my non-space, one of my Suns it bombarded my will. It let you a booming scream of sheer joy at the honor of serving me, the others suns become agitated one more, coming out of their deep depression for having watched their master go away after sending so much time with them. They send their well wishes for their dear companion who was about to fulfill the purpose of its existence, while tried really hard to keep their jealousy in check.

The chosen Sun- no the chosen [Charge] lets a triumphant roar as it form unravels and dies around the master's Will, the corpses becoming a titanic cloud of abstract energy; on this step of the process, the cloud would incorporate my intentions, but as I didn't have a particular one when the process started, it enters its secondary function and send me the infinite options of the omnidimensional possibilities.

I intuitively kept my attention on the ones my human mind could handle and chose something simple, classic, and powerful.

The cloud of energy easily incorporated my command. The completion of this missing step, cause a chain reaction that rocked the non-real space. Soon, the cloud spilled outside, moving across unreachable dimensions to my brand new fundamental core. There it took root on the infinite wall and began to transmute itself to match my wishes, taking into consideration the unavoidable limitations it was inside, but coming as close as it could to my ideal.

Everything took a fraction of a second, and it went completely unnoticed in the real world, for me it felt like a weak shock on the base of my nape, and I knew that I only notice because I was wholly focused on the procedure.

I take a deep breath; one that actually manages to calm my nerves a little, then I raise a shaky hand forward, half expecting for it just to make me look like an idiot, but only the impossible certainty keeps me going.

My eyes widen as I feel metaphorical muscles moving under my command, and slowly my backpack rises from the ground, staying afloat some unseeing force.


I have telekinesis.

I gave myself telekinesis.

I'm a cape!


Worm Cyoa v1
Entry: Reincarnation.
Mode: Hard (+3p)
Power: Power Manipulator (-2p)
Perk: Inspiration (-1)