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Chapter 6

"You! What have you done to me!?"

I had to blink in surprise at the shout. It was definitely not something I was expecting when I arrived in Celia's apartment.

Now, as a healthy member of the male demographic with my survival instincts intact, I knew deep inside my core that you should never, under any circumstance, act like a smartass to an angry black woman wielding a knife.

However, after the day I had, and the wonderful results my powers showed, I'm feeling pretty confident right now.

"Oh, I have done many things to you, aunt Celia." I sing-songed, with a boyish grin. "And I intend to do a lot more in the future if you're up to it."

Instead of taking her back as I had imagined, my comment seemed to make her more pissed, "Shut up! Do you even realize what you've done!? What kind of day I had?!" She screamed, her face twitching in rage.

… Okay, that actually sounded serious, what exactly happened to her? Did someone tip the PRT on her for her sudden change? It seems unlikely given our lifestyle and the place we frequent. Did Jack or one of his goons approach her when I wasn't there? It seems like something he would do, but I'm pretty sure she can bench press a regular human without much trouble now, or at the very least knock someone out with a slap.

I was about to ask when she beats me to it.

"None of my shit works anymore!"

"What?" The abruptness of the shout made me double take. "Are you talking about your cloth-"

"NO! Fuck that!" She snapped, pointing the knife at the dinner table. "My stuff! I'm talking about my stuff!"


Well, I must say for someone who was literally scavenging for drugs yesterday, she certainly managed to get an impressive amount today. Not the biggest pile I'd seen, but still impressive.

"I spent the whole afternoon trying to get anything more than a buzz!" She lets out a frustrated whine to accompany the words. "My friends were all having a kick ass time damnit! Why did I have to be the only one who didn't get to get high! I wanted some action too!"

"Well, your body works differently now. Your metabolism is possibly maybe burning most of the effects before they could affect you, or just shrugging off the worst of it." I smiled at her angry blank look before translating, "Your body is stronger now, so you need stronger drugs to get high."

Her anger drops to horrified realization as the meaning of my words hit.

"What! Stronger than the shit I take! Like what? Apache? G-riffic? Freaking Gray Death!?" Her eyes grew wide, and her hand went to scratch her neck frantically. "Where the fuck I will get that?!"

It's kind of sad that the possibility of stop taking drugs altogether didn't even cross her mind.

"Don't worry I can get you something stronger right now."

"What?" Taking advantage of her distraction, I slide inside her space, grabbing the wrist of the hand holding the knife and pulling high up at the same time my body pressed hers against the sink. My lips immediately silenced any protest she had.

Let's see, taking into consideration the solution that has affected her more yesterday, and remembering it's composition, I rapidly put together something that would get her going, then change my saliva into it just as my tongue invaded her mouth.

Her entire body trembles as a reward, molding itself more against my own. There was a loud clank as the knife fell on the floor behind me and I took the opportunity to tightly press that hand against the wall above. Her other arm quickly wrapped around my neck and clutched my shirt from the back, and her plump thighs rose to wrap around my waist. I bury my finger on the warm flesh of her ass and pull her up a little to sit above the sink, making her more comfortable.

For a while, there was nothing but wet sound and bodies rubbing together.

"Oww…" Celia breaths out a guttural sound as we separated. "Oh fuck!" she blinked drowsily, her head lighter than before. "This is awesome!"

I smiled, "You just needed something to open your mind first. Your other 'stuff' should work fine now." And with a body like that, she wouldn't even need to worry about overdosing. "But I have more like that if you want…"

"Hell fucking yes." She arched her back, sending me a marvelous picture of her vast cleavage, her nipples looked like they're trying to pierce through her shirt. "Give more to aunty, Danny."

"Damn, didn't your friends comment on your new look?"

She blinked again, her mind slowly processing the message. She giggled childishly when it did. "They did! The girls were sooo jealous- Ah! But I didn't tell your secret Danny, I didn't tell anyone that you're-" She smiled dreamily at that. "A cape. They kept bugging me all day, but I didn't say anything!"

"Good girl." I rasped out, "You deserve a reward."

I pulled her back into a kiss, dropping my hands to her pillowed ass, and pulled her from the sink.

Soon, I let her fall down to the table, scattering the white powder to the floor. She yelped girlishly at the short fall but gyrated her hips against my bulge.

God, her clothes look wonderfully ill-fitted now, her shirt was draped loosely over her ample breasts showing her delicious midriff to the world, her shorts were so tiny I just had to turn her around to have a better look. They looked almost aggressively tight, covering only the top on her buttocks; most of the chocolate globes were spilling deliciously from it.

I groaned at the effort it took to slide them over the curve.

She giggled at my impatience, "Well, someone is happy today."

Happy… hell yeah, I was happy, I was fucking ecstatic!

First, I got power. Then I got the confidence and good looks…

"Oh, god! I-It feels even bigger~" Celia cooed as her inner wall clutched against my length. The meeting of our hips sends jiggles across her taut ass.

And now I have a direction.


In a perfect world my show yesterday would've been all I needed to take full control of the Merchants. But gangs don't work like that; you can't just assume leadership because you shouted loud enough.

In reality; a fifteen-year-old boy just made the upper echelon of the Merchants look like bitches and then walked away unscarred from the confrontation. Grated, that boy was possibly the world most powerful parahuman, but for a street gang, to which the members live and die by reputation, this was a pretty destabilizing blow.

However, I still have time before the effects of the event could truly spread around, and the more ambitious members see this as an opportunity to up their standing. Time, I must use to quickly establish myself, and lay down the new set of rules they'll have to follow.

In short; I was in for a busy next few days of getting to know how the gang works, meeting the people who kept things running, and making more shows of dominance to silence the most unruly voices.

And that's not even counting fishing out for any possible spies. I don't think anyone really treats the Merchants seriously enough to rely on that, but it's not wise to underestimate Coil's paranoia.

For now though, I'll content myself with an initial catch. Yesterday I've shown them a show of strength; today I will show them the benefits of working under me.

"Here!" Skidmark exclaimed, throwing open the back door of an abandoned warehouse, just one more of hundreds in the city, but this one looked particularly worn out. "It's the biggest lab we have, the only place bigger is Sherry's garage but it'd be fucking stupid to cook there." He looks back to me but quickly looks away with a snarl.

Skidmark and his cronies don't trust me, pretty much what I was expecting… though I wasn't expecting how cooperative they're being. I honestly thought that they would try to hide from me, especially after the display from yesterday, but no; they actually answered my call.

There weren't as many people as yesterday's party accompanying us, only six of the most successful drug dealers, and Mush. Mush was actually the first to show up.

"Oi fuckers!" The Merchants' ex-leader shouted as we walked inside, the scarcely clad workers all stop to look at him. The sight of a crowd of people working in their underwear made me pause for a moment. "Outside!... DID I STUTTER BITCHES! I SAID OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW! MOVE IT!" After that everybody dropped what they were doing and hurried off.

When it was only our group remaining, he turned to me.

"There! Happy? Big, mostly empty space, away from society's pervert-ass eyes. Does your majesty need anything else?"

His mockery made me smile.

"Very good Skiddy, keep up the good work and you might be promoted someday!" I chirped in an annoying voice; he practically grinds his teeth together at my antics. Heh, this guy's so easy to tease.

It didn't last very long; soon I was facing the dealers with a deadly serious expression.

"Now, I know who which of you are, from Jack's parties. For the two of you who recognized me; yes I am really Jack's son, and yes I am a cape," I send them a smile that made them fidget. "Divulge that at your own peril."

I paused for a few moments to let my words sink in, and was satisfied by the look of understanding in their eyes.

"As I'm sure the rumor began circulating, as of today I'm officially part of the Merchant's parahuman leadership." This is also a calculated move, again; fifteen years old boy here, calling myself the true leader of the gang is asking for not being taken seriously, especially now that I currently have no reputation to back me up. Besides, I made pretty clear who would be really running the business, and the people who matter will certainly pick that up once I start making waves. "I brought you here today so you can help put the new batch of drugs in circulation. We must make up for the sudden lack of income from these last few days, after all."

The hardened drug dealers didn't see to know what to make of me. They're certainly not used to someone speaking to them this formally. I believe that only that fact that I was a cape, and that some of them were in yesterday's party, kept them from mouthing off.

"Errr… Sure… Boss?" One of them started, he cast a look to skidmark on my side before turning to me again. "But the sugar is not ready yet."

He points at the tables scattered around. True, there are a lot of ingredients but not a lot of finished product- Christ, only looking at it is giving me such a headache, not only do the procedures they're using leave much to be desired, but the end result is so stupidly dull and boring. I could add fifteen new elements to the periodic table using only the shit from this lab alone if I take a few minutes to- No, tinker ramblings, gotcha focus on what's important

"Yes!" I cheered. "But I'm not talking about these drugs."

I turned back and walked toward the center of the room; most of the vast warehouse was unused right now, so there was a lot of open space and empty table around.

Taking a deep breath and feeling the attention of my new subordinates, along with Skidmark's burning glare on my back, I retreated back into my mind and to the non-real space within. Where ten fully powered, madly ecstatic charges greeted me.

Ten charges… only four was enough to make me a brute on par of the likes of Alexandria, to think on what ten charges could do…

Maybe I'm acting a little careless, perhaps it's best to invest in my base powers a little to make sure I'm truly safe first, but then again, the power I'm thinking off more than make up for that, and getting ten more charges is as simple as waiting two more days.

For now, I will invest in a power that truly breaks the setting.

One charge bloated with my thoughts, and it promptly dies for my glory, from its corpse a new power emerges and takes roots in my soul.

The power to create, to manifest what I imagine into the real world. With its single charge, it was properly limited to the allowed state; it could only make simple objects, at a small range, and the object wouldn't be truly real, they would dissolve after a certain time.

The second charge expanded the range, allows for more complex objects, and increases the time they could exist.

The third got rid of the range all together, allowed the creation of vastly complicated objects as longs as I knew how they work, and made the time of their existence into days if I wished to.

The fourth brought so many possibilities that it permitted me to start working on organisms, also opening the prospect of manifesting things that went beyond physical objects, pure effects like sound or heat. But it held the same weakness as before; I had to know how the things are composed to manifest them.

The fifth made the most drastic increase that I ever felt, and I add a thinker power to help me fill the 'banks' of the things I didn't know how truly worked, it wouldn't work on other things aside from that power but it was enough.

And then…

I went beyond that…

What must have been a blink of an eye passed like an eternity, it was an unreal experience to open my eyes to the dirty corner of the warehouse after having witnessed the formation of something that approached divinity. I felt my senses returning to my body, my consciousness becoming human again after spending so much time being The Maker Of Creation.

At ten charges I get to decide how the thing worked, and it didn't have to follow the rules of this reality anymore.

Oh God, I can will Endbringers into existence.

"Hey!" Skidmark voice broke through my thoughts. "What the- Hey brat! Are you dead!? You're going to do something or what!?"

I had to smile at that. If only he knew…

First, let's start with the classics.

My chemical tinker power easily comes up with the components, then came ideas of how to make the process it faster, cheaper, more efficient, and which increased the quality of the final product. Then I come up with ways to erase the pesky, but life destroying, side effects.

Finally, I took the idea through Creation; this last part was beyond trivial.

With a loud snap of fingers, a literal ton of enhanced heroin appeared out of thin air, all neatly packed plastic squares. It was an authentic brick wall of drugs.

The incredulous gasps behind me were immensely satisfying.

"This is the new, merchant-grade, heroin," I grab one of the drug brick and threw back to the less astonished member of the party, the guy fumbled desperately not to drop it, "It's quite literally the highest quality heroin you can find, it gives the best high the chemical composition can muster. And not only that, but it doesn't have a single change of leaving the negatives side effects of heavy heroin usage. Honestly, a cigar causes more damage to the organism than this. It still leaves traces, is highly addictive, and can fuck you up if you overdose, but if you pace yourself, you can safely take this for the remaining of your life, and die healthy and young looking in your old age. Of course, there are also means to make it without my power, and yes, I will teach it to you."

Drugs will always exist, this was an unavoidable fact of civilization, and the Merchant sells drugs, this was an unavoidable fact of Brockton Bay. I had no intention of depriving my gang of their primary source of income, maybe in the future when we inevitably become more than a gang I could do something about it, but for now, I don't want to destroy the drug market, I wanted to control drug market.

"…The fuck, W-what…" That was the quietest I had ever heard Skidmark speak. He grabbed a brick from the wall and held it almost reverently. "Is that shit real?"

"Yeah, and there is more." I turned to the opposite directing that repeated the process with cocaine. The new wall of drugs caused louder reactions this time.

Another one of methamphetamine would suffice for the conventional drugs. Now, let's see about my other projects.

"So guys!" I called the dealers; they had stopped gawking in the corner and were inspecting the products, one even had his knife ready to open the plastic, so predictable. "Do you think you can make this circulate today?"

This time they all talked at the same time after a pause, and an exchanged of looks, the oldest of them, an extremely bearded man that looked deceivingly homeless, was chosen as the representative.

"Hell yeah, boss man," He said confidently, "But we would need to call some people in…"

"I don't mind, just do what you got to do with these ones. They aren't important."

The guy looked blankly at me. " 'Scuse me, boss. A shit load of super drugs, not important?"

"Well, I'm so glad you asked." I turned, and with another snap of my fingers, I made another batch appear, this one considerably smaller than the rest.

"These..." I drawled out, picking up one of the fancy cases and opening to show a series of pink colored, glass-like crystals, "Are the new type of drug that the merchant will be selling as of today, at a very exclusive, and very substantial amount." I smile as I gathered the attention of all present. "These things are a hundred times what a normal drug is, they give a high so intense that you can flip the bird at Lucy and her diamonds on your way to hyperspace, and with practically no chance of overdose." If the person is even coherent enough to want a second dose anyway. "But the most important aspect, and it's biggest selling point; is that it not only helps with your health, but it also stimulates your genes to bring your appearance to the best it could possibly be." At the blank looks, I sighed. "The more you snort, or inject; it works better this way, the hotter you look."

…And then you have to keep taking if you want to keep your newfound hotness.

"Bullshit!" Skidmark exclaimed.

"T-That's some magic shit right there."

"…Sorry boss, I'm only believing when I see it."

"It's a tinkertech drug, and it's only the first of many to come, including ones that would be of exclusive use of the Merchants." I gave each man a look. "I don't have to tell what this means right?" And by the looks I received back, I really didn't need.

After that, the dealers busy themselves to inspect the piles and make calls from their phone. They all had a different air around them like they were more focused, more motivated than before, even Skidmark looked like he was having fun, he certainly didn't waste time in trying the new product out.

I quietly deviated from them, my show might have been successful, but there was still a lot more I needed to do. The priority now is to familiarize myself with the structure of the gang, their meeting places, the places they do business, things like that. Then, I would need to meet the members face to face, getting a feel of what they're like in general.

I already knew some of that from my past, but these memories are highly unreliable as my old self has-

"Hum, Sir."


Mush, I forgot about him, he has been really quiet this whole time.

"Sorry, sir!" He said quickly, "It's just, Um…"

"What it is, Mush?"

He looked at me uncertainly. "It's just…Err, Wh-What is your power sir?"


So the fuckton of drugs dropping from the heavens wasn't enough to distract the short, goblin-looking guy, I'm both surprised and pleased.

"It's difficult to explain Mush. I'm sure you will get a clearer picture as we work together… For now though, let's just say I'm a really powerful trump."

"Oh." His eyes widened in surprise. I could understand; trumps were among, if not the, most sought-after type of parahuman, for someone to brazenly annouce it like that implies they can take the heat, or that they have a massive pair.

… Speaking of trumps.

"Hey Mush…Mush…Do you have a name Mush?"

"What-Oh." The man looked even more surprised; his eyes almost bulged out from his skull. When he next spoke, his voice was considerably smaller. "It's Jacob…"

"Well, nice to meet you, Jacob!" I said, showing my good humor, "Would you like to see another aspect of my power?"

"Hm, Sure? What it is?"

And with a blink, Jacob was nothing more than a silhouette within the infinity of the non-real space, the hoarder shard shining inside him like the world most malleable piece of clay.

"Oh nothing, just a little trick I want to try it out."

*Note: Cape shenanigans start next chapter.


Aspects: The power to create anything he imagine, the things that he creates don't have to follow the rules of convectional reality. It also have a thinker power to fill the blanks in his knowledge if he want to make something authentic (Ex; he doesn't know all the part of a car, so if he wanted to make a perfect car he would need to use the thinker aspect of this power, but there is nothing stoping him to make a car with missing pieces that works perfectly)

The only limitation it have is that he can only create, meaning he can't manipulate or destroy with this power, all the aspect of his creations will have to be thought about it before he creates then. (Ex; he made a giant robot but doesn't like the color, he would have to create another robot with the color he wanted or paint it manually. Also his 'live' creations aren't loyal to him, if he doesn't make them that way)

This power makes him a limited reality warper. If he make two more powers like this only this time with 'destroy' and 'manipulate' instead of 'create' then he would be a reality warper.

10 Charge= Shaker ?. Trump 12. Thinker 9