Harry and Ben sat side by side under the stone gazebo that sat along the waters of the Enchanted Lake. Sitting atop Harry's long, red leather jacket, Ben let his feet swing out along the water, splashing Harry's bare leg every now and then and chuckling when the pirate growled playfully at him in return.

"Hey, don't get these pants wet." Ben fondly chided, "I've got a meeting later and I'd like to keep the lake water off of these so I don't have to change."

Harry smirked, "We could always take 'em off?"

Ben snorted and pecked a kiss onto his nose, "Tonight. I promise. I know we've both been busy lately, but the meeting is going to last me an hour and I don't want to be sitting there smelling like..." he coughed, "Well..."

"Like my claimed Omega?" Harry teased, leaning forward to lick a little at Ben's neck teasingly, "Like ye've got a load a Alpha cum up yer arse?"

"Harry," Ben chided, the red blooming up from his cheeks and cascading all the way down his neck, "don't do that... and don't tease."

"Who says 'm teasin'?"

Ben groaned, and let his head lull back when Harry kissed beneath his jaw, "Harry."

"Aight, I'll stop." He said, pulling back with his hands raised in mock surrender, "S' not my fault. Haven't had any real time alone with ya in a while."

"I know, and I'm sorry. Things are just really busy right now. For you too, now that you're captain."

Harry clicked his tongue, "That reminds me. 'M gonna be visitin' the Isle in a few to settle up some stuff. Can I steal ya away from yer princely duties after that?"

"How long will you be there?"

He shrugged, leaning back with his hands settled firmly behind him to prop him up, "Two or three days. I want to rehaul the sails and set up the cabin." he smirked, "Then I can fuck ye in my captain's quarters."

Ben grinned for a moment, entertaining the idea before he exhaled defeatedly and let his shoulders droop, "Wait, I'll be traveling to Agrabah after that... I'm supposed to meet with Jasmine for a special course she's offering me... and that'll be six to seven days, depending."

Harry frowned, "So I won't see ya for over a week?"

"I guess not..." Ben sighed with a shrug.

Harry slumped, looking completely discouraged before Ben nudged his arm with an elbow, "I guess we'll just have to make the most of the time we have now, huh?"

Harry smirked, and leaned over to kiss him once before pulling back with an ate-the-canary sort of grin, "You're right."

Before Ben could blink, Harry slipped his arms around Ben's waist, locking his fingers together and winking before pulling Ben into the water with a giant splash.

Ben howled, laughing and shoving water in Harry's face a few times when Harry tried to pull him in. He didn't bother pretending to be mad very long though, relenting quickly and wrapping his legs around Harry's hips to kiss him. "So much for not ruining my clothes."

Harry smirked devilishly before giving him a kiss and an excited, "Can I get ye naked now ?"

Ben snorted, "Maybe if you're quick enough; I bet I get to the other end of the lake before you."

"I got swim lessons from an octopus, love." Harry grinned, "Ya can't possibly beat me."

"Go!" Ben hollered cheerily, pushing off of Harry (and knocking Harry backward in the process) for the headstart and cackling when the pirate shouted curses of outrage and took off after him.

Mal had been given the 'well earned pleasure' of accompanying Uma on her first day at Auradon. At least, that's how the king's letter had put it. There was no 'pleasure' in dragging a sour Uma behind her everywhere she went, and whatever she'd done to 'earn' this horrible punishment was a mistake she would happily apologize for a hundred times over.

Uma spent every other minute grumbling about something or other; the way she hated the decorations, the gross smell of the entirely too clean front hall, whatever she could find to complain about. She even had the nerve to sneer about how the carpet felt under her feet. "It's weird, too soft, too squishy."

Mal was eager to be done with it all. She hadn't even had Ben to help her out, too busy lately with his kingly duties. With only a month until his coronation, and his mating ceremony with Harry a week before that, the prince was absolutely swamped. Mal had actually caught him one late evening in the kitchen, pouring himself a cup of coffee and leaning over the third volume of, "The Omega's guide to Royalty". She'd decided not to remind him of Uma's first day, trying to keep the strain off his shoulders and the bags away from the underside of his eyes.

When the two of them run into Jane, fluttering about the hallway before waving to Mal, she sees the chance to finally pawn off this grumpy charge and get on with her own day. "Jane!"

"Hi, Mal." Jane greeted heartily before peeking around her shoulder and catching sight of Uma. "And... um..?"

"Jane, this is Uma." Mal smirked, waiting for the moment Jane realized who she had a hand extended to.

Jane, to her credit, only flinched a little and kept her hand held out with a polite, welcoming smile on her face, "I've heard a little about you."

"Then you should know I don't shake." Uma tuttered, snapping her teeth once at Jane's fingers until she retracted them.

Mal grunted disapprovingly, "Cool it, Shrimpy."

"It's fine." Jane said, "This is all new to her, its natural to be a little scared-"

"I'm not scared." Uma bit, and Jane absolutely shriveled up under the intense gaze of her Alpha stare.

"Nervous." Jane quickly corrected, "I meant nervous, or- or apprehensive. It's very nerve wracking to... uhm... enter a new school and everything."

"Chill Uma." Mal said, considerably less impressed with her 'Alpha glare'. She'd always be Shrimpy to Mal, no matter her status, "Jane is friendly, and since she'll probably be the only person willing to put up with you around here," she added with a mocking smirk and a hand on her hip, "you should probably treat her kindly."

Uma looked Jane up and down once before scowling, "I don't need any friends. I'm just here to serve my time and get out."

Jane frowned, "You're planning to leave?"

"Duh." she scoffed, "Who'd want to be stuck here? I have a ship back home and a crew that-"

"You mean Harry has a ship." Mal smirked, entirely too pleased with herself for Uma's liking, "You didn't forget he's the new captain of the Revenge, did you?"

Uma growled and her hands curled into tight fists at her sides.

Jane was quick to jump in and break the tension, "I heard you're a good swimmer." she smiled, friendly and upbeat, "You should try out for the swim team! You'd love it. Melody is a great team captain and..." she paused, "Oh, uhm... you know, on second thought, maybe we should find another activity for you."

Mal narrowed her eyes, "Why? Who's Melody?"

"Uhm..." Jane bumbled, "Melody is Ariel's daughter... so... maybe it's not the best-"

"I'll try out." Uma grunted, crossing her arms over her chest indignantly, "I bet I can swim better than she can."

"She's the team captain." Mal snorted, "You're not supposed to be better than her."

Jane ignored Mal and smiled happily at Uma, nodding with some bit of excitement, "Okay. If you're sure, I'll see if we can get you scheduled in this afternoon! Unless tomorrow works better?"

Uma tipped her head in a small show of acknowledgement, "Tomorrow."

"Okay!" Jane beamed.

Mal looked between them with a flittering thought, but decided to keep her opinions to herself. There would pros and cons to the two of them becoming friends, and it was probably a great a step towards Uma's rehabilitation, but Mal wasn't sure Uma would even be capable of forming a friendship with her. Nevermind rehabilitation. Mal was honestly expecting Uma to crash and burn, at the ready to help out with the damage control afterword. She really worried for Jane more than anything. She herself had proved early on that the bright young girl was too easily manipulated and taken for granted; something that might be even more dangerous in Uma's hands that it had been in Mal's.

Mal would just have to be sure to keep a careful eye out for her.

Ben ran into Uma on his way to Omega History, half of his books falling from his arms and onto the floor as they collided. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" he mumbled, "I didn't mean to-" he paused, finally catching a glimpse of just who he had run into, "to..."

Uma smirked, crossed her arms and leaned against the lockers, "Cat got your tongue?"

"You actually came."

She scoffed, "You invited me."

"I did but..." he bumbled, finally collecting the last of his books into his arms, "They didn't tell me that you'd agreed. Or- or maybe they did and I just missed it-I've been so busy lately and-"

"Forget it." she grumbled, waving him off with a hand, "I don't care."

Uma eyed the little box that had fallen with Ben's books, intrigued. She huffed and jerked her head in its direction, eyes alight with fiendish curiosity, "You're taking birth control?"

"Oh." Ben said, shifting around to pick it up as quick as possible, "It's just not the time for... you know, that." he awkwardly offered, "Just... busy."

Uma smirked, "Not that Harry would want kids anyway."

Ben's sad little frown was sweet candy to Uma, and she watched him shove the little box into his pocket in victory.

Ben tried to smile, to be the assuring and confident prince who saw the best in everyone as he said, "Welcome to Auradon Uma. I'm sorry I wasn't there to greet you properly."

She huffed, the humor gone, "It doesn't matter."

He inclined his head politely, "Well, I'm still sorry. Do you have someone showing you around? Mal-"

"Up and left the first chance she had." Uma sneered, "But some girl keeps following me around trying to tell me the history of every godforsaken little pebble, so you don't have to take up guard duty."

"Ah," Ben said with a slight grin, "Jane's got you covered then. Good. You're in great hands."

Uma huffed, "They're tiny."

"They're... what?" Ben blinked.

Uma rolled her eyes, "Her hands are stupidly tiny." she repeated, lips curling into a frown before adding, "They look stupidly easy to break."

Ben gave her an odd look, not lacking in it's polite smile, before giving her an awkward goodbye, "I've got to head to Omega History... so..."

"Go." she sighed, and jerked her head in the direction he'd been jogging when they ran into each other.

"Later, Uma."

"Mmhm." she hummed, waiting until his back was turned before glaring.

He was too happy. She'd hoped her presence in Auradon would throw some kind of wrench in their oh so sweet relationship, but Ben seemed just fine. She wanted to stir up some trouble. Maybe Harry was a little more miserable than Ben. He'd have to be, caught up in this place. The stuffy aura of royalty and the fake and cheery smiles was enough to make a sailor seasick. She'd have to work on that too. Clearly Mal and her little posse of losers hadn't caused enough of a ruckus around here. Their loss.

Uma chuckled as she watched the future king duck into a classroom and nearly tumble with his books again, "You really shouldn't have invited me here, beasty."

So I hope you've enjoyed the short, little first peek chapter here. As the sequel to Prince in Pieces, this story will be focusing half the time on Uma as she enters Auradon, as you might have guessed. But of course, there's still a going to be a good bit going on for our boys. I'll also be touching more on the complicated Mal/Evie relationship and offering some sweet/humorous JayLos moments (that I'm super excited for) and introducing Melody and maybe another OC. I actually have a LOT planned for this, so we'll see how it goes. :)

It's the continuation no one really asked for, but I want to write it so I will. XD