What Happened to Dizog?

by Dyzog

On a rainy Friday afternoon in Japan, Haruhi Suzumiya fired up the computer resting on her commander's desk. "Think I'll catch up on some reading," she informed the SOS Brigade clubroom's only other occupant. She started a browser, clicked on the bookmark referencing her favorite fandom on FanFiction dot net, and scanned the resulting list. "What the heck?"

I lifted my head from my Geometry notebook. "What's up?"

"My story," she said. "It's gone." She scrolled down the page. "Along with every other story this guy has written. What's up with that?"

"Are you talking about Dizog?"

"Yes." Haruhi nodded her head.

"His account got nuked yesterday. The mods wiped out everything. It's as if he never existed. Kind of like what they used to do in the old Soviet Union."

She peered over the monitor. "Well, that sucks. I was really getting into his story."

"You mean that Endless Eight thing?"

"Right. Plus a bunch of other ones. Four or five still needed a proper ending."

"Censorship sucks, doesn't it?"

Haruhi chuckled. "Well, it's not like you couldn't see this coming. Can you believe the stuff he was writing about me? I ended up naked in all but one of his stories, and that's only because he picked on Mikuru instead."

"I remember two in particular where you didn't undress. The Slavery story and the Camera story."

"But I was riding the bullet train to Nudity City in both of those."

"That's true." I paused to think. "The Sledgehammer story was my favorite. I think he really nailed our relationship in that one."

The brigade leader groaned. "Come on, Kyon. You're not that clueless in real life... though I liked that one, too. For what it's worth, I liked our rapport in the Jump Rope Challenge better."

"Oh wait. You didn't get naked in that one either."

"I was definitely on the train." When I frowned, Haruhi crossed her arms over her chest. "Come on. The amphitheater. I'm tied-up and wearing skimpy skintight clothes. You know he was going to have you cut off my gym uniform in the next chapter. That's all you do in there."

"Does North High even have an amphitheater?" I asked.

"He's the writer. He can create any story device he wants."

"I guess it doesn't matter. Talking about these stories is getting me depressed. After all, I was his main character."

Haruhi shot me the evil eye. "The fandom is named after me."

"Well, it doesn't matter much now, does it? It's all gone. Every character, every word, every paragraph, flushed down the bitbucket."

"Cheer up, Kyon. I'm sure the guy had backups. He'll probably start posting his stories on AO3. They're not as tight-assed there."

I shrugged. "I'm sure he will."

Haruhi scrolled up and down the screen again. "How long do you think that will take?"

"How long will what take?"

"How long will it take for him to move all his stories and start writing again?"

"A month, a day, a year... I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if he moves on to other projects. Getting all his work obliterated without notice may have left him emotionally scarred."

Haruhi's lips formed a knowing smile. "I'm sure Mr. Dizog has thick skin."