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After winning the nationals, Ryoma was being ignored or being left out by his team like he was invisible. The painful words they say, and the breaking looks they give him. He was very hurt and started to get broken inside. He decided to leave japan without saying goodbye and returns in U-17. What will happen next?



"Sempai-tachi..." Ryoma clenched his racket tightly to hold back the pain he was getting. His teammates had kept ignoring him after the nationals and he did not know why

Keeping himself to calm down, he waited

"Not now Echizen, go find someone else"

The phrase he always hear almost everyday

Ryoma endured the painful sting in his heart as he stepped back and decided to keep his distance from them "Sempa-tachi, i just want to tell you somethi--"

"Echizen! didn't i told you to find someone else to talk to?! You're very annoying!"

Clenching his racket very tight. Ryoma's tears was about to fall but he rejected to cry, it will only make everything worse if he cried in front of them "S-sorry" he said shakily

"You should be" Tezuka said coldly

Ryoma looked up to see his team looked at him with uncaring eyes mixed with digust and hatred. The way they looked at him made Ryoma step back away from them even more, making a big distance between him and them

He felt left out. Hurt. Pained. Stinged. Attacked. He couldn't hold him self back to shake in fear of sadness


"Enough, not another word" Oishi stated coldly

"Were busy so shut your mouth" Tezuka said not even making an eye contact

"Go home early, we don't need you for the rest of the day"


"Please do as your told, Ochibi" Eiji said and Taka-san nodded

"You really need to go, don't bother us anymore"

Ryoma closed his eyes to keep his tears from falling, he knew what they meant, as like...

'It's better if you leave'

'You're an annoyance, stop bothering us and leave'

'We don't need you, Go away'

The phrases that keeps huanting his mind and dreams were not going away

His eyes were shadowed by his hair, he tightend his grip on his racket and bit lips. He slowly backed away so he won't be noticed by his team, it's not like they care

Walking to towards the school gate and with one last glance to Seigaku "Goodbye..." was the last word he said before exiting the school


Opening the door of his home, Ryoma stepped in and noticed the new guy sitting on their couch

"Chibisuke!" Ryoga ran towards his little sibling and hugged tightly "I missed you!"

Ryoma was surprised but also hugged back "Aniki" he began to cry in his brother's arms

"Chibisuke! what's wrong?! did someone bully you?!" Ryoga asked shocked and worried. Ryoma shrugged and sobbed "I-It's not that, it's just" he paused

"Just what?" Ryoga waited for his sibling's answer

"I-It's...my t-teammates" he finally spoked

"What did they do? Did they hurt you?! Did they did something to you?!" Ryoga was now very worried, Ryoma only shrugged

"T-They seemed to h-hate me" he replied

Ryoga grabbed Ryoma shoulders gently "Hate you?" he asked and Ryoma nodded

"After we won the nationals, they only seemed to ignore or say harsh words at me, i don't know why" He explained and sobbed "Aniki, i want to leave"

Ryoga felt very sad and hugged Ryoma "I understand, we'll leave tommorow" he tried to calm him "Did they know you're actually a girl?" he asked and Ryoma shooked her head for a 'no'

(A/n: You actually didn't see that coming don't you)

"They didn't" The now 'she' Ryoma calmed down and Ryoga told her to pack her things up and he will go to her school to transfer his little sister to another school in a different country


I will update when i'm not busy with school