1~ A Total Change

The rain beat heavily on the head of a certain raven-haired cadet in the Survey Corps. He was currently participating in an expedition beyond the walls, although that was not his original intent. The cadet had broken away from his squad in hopes of completing his real mission: killing Captain Erwin Smith. On the way, the he came across numerous bodies and large footprints signaling a titan heading the opposite direction.

Fearing the worst, the man turned back, and upon his arrival the man witnessed his female friend in the hands of a titan, while his male friend tried desperately to free her. They were unsuccessful, both being caught and raised to the titan's open jaws. They almost met their end when a call sounded through the area.


Shortly after the call, a bomb landed and stuck on the titan's neck, blowing up seconds later. The smoke and steam cleared, revealing the man's two friends who were unharmed, save for a few cuts and bruises. They ran to the man and engulfed him in a big hug, which he did not return.

The three friends broke apart and looked around in hopes of finding their savior to thank them, but had no such luck. The only people around them were dead with their corpses strewn about sloppily. Finding their search to be in vain, the three friends continue their mission to kill Captain Smith.


When they reached Erwin, the three friends were apprehended for a second time by their superiors and forced to kneel.

"I know what you're doing." Erwin took some documents out of his jacket and began. "However, I would like you to know that these documents are fake."

Erwin threw the documents on the ground in front of the three friends. "The real documents have probably already reached Darius Zackley by now. Your mission has failed. So now, I want to know if you- Levi, Furlan, and Isabelle- will be full-fledged members of the Survey Corps, and gain your citizenship through your service."

AN: I did warn about canon divergence. Also, I know Levi's motivation will change, so I would like to instill the notion that Levi doesn't like to lose, and therefore uses his loss against Erwin in this chapter combined with the future deaths of his newfound friends serve as his motivation and character building.