-One Week Later-

Graceona stood at the grave of the man she picked up coming from the highway, Kyra beside her the red haired woman looked at the small child with a smile, "He wanted to make sure you were safe, Ky. It's sweet how you got a new home, I just hate you two lost each other, he seemed to really care for you sweetie, and I plan to raise you."

Kyra looked at her with wide little eyes and a bright smile, " You're not gonna send me back to the orphanage?" She watched as Graceona bent down fixing her necklace, as she shook her head.

"I would never dream of doing that, I'm going to raise you. Leonard wasn't the only one crazy about you, I know that I will never be able to take his place, I can fight some battles, but I can't be a father to you, but I would love to give you a mother and a friend, that's all I can do."

Kyra smiled her little tear stained eyes grew wide with happiness, a bright little smile covered her lips as she wrapped her arms around the older woman's neck, "thank you Grace, I didn't want to go back to the orphanage. First I lose Lillian now I lost my daddy, I didn't want to lose you too."

Graceona smiled standing up, "You look a lot like him, same blue eyes, black hair. It's hard to believe you were an orphan and of no relationship to one another."

Kyra smiled looking at her bracelet she had made, taking it off, she placed it on Leonard's headstone as tears fell from her face, "I miss him so much, he was my hero, he saved me. He made me feel comfortable in a bad time, now he's gone and I can never apologize to him."

Graceona looked at her, "Whatever you need to apologize for, I'm sure he didn't let it bother him, Leonard seemed like the person, he didn't let things get to him easily, with that little conversation we had, he seemed to love you more than worry about something you had done, he wouldn't want you to worry about it, grow up healthy and happy. Do that and he will rest peacefully, come now Ky, let's go home. I need to go school shopping for you, you'll be going to school in a few weeks."

Kyra looked at the grave as the two of them walked away.

Nicolae stood behind a tree as the girls passed him, once they got into the car and left he walked over to Leonard's grave, looking at it as the ground began to move soon Leonard's hand surfaced, Nicolae grabbed it pulling him up. Once Leonard was above ground he saw Nicolae who was holding Kyra's bracelet, "She really is like Alessa, we need to keep our distance, if Christabella and her followers discover her, with your injuries and my limited ability of staying out of Silent Hill, Christabella would do to her as she done to Alessa." Leonard stood to his feet as Nicolae handed him the bracelet, "Come brother, you will see her again, Claudia's cult has been disposed of, one cult down, one to go."

Leonard looked at the bracelet, "How long have I been under there?"

Nicolae looked at him then at the grave, "A week, I've come everyday. Waiting, with your injuries and without the Valtiel amulet you didn't stand a chance getting out of Silent Hill, but I see why you made the sacrifice. Come, let's get to Silent Hill, my body is draining with my absence and I don't want Charmaine to be worried about me again, to be nine she is a paranoid child."

Leonard looked at him, "Her mother is part of Christabella's followers, she was close to being in the same situation Alessa was put in, she has a right to be paranoid." Leonard started to walk away from Nicolae.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up and lets go before you kill over again." Nicolae and Leonard left the graveyard.