Ramen, Sake And Cheezepuffs

The Epilogue

A/N TWO YEARS LATER. And there will be lots of flash backs. not anything special but just taking up space, lol.

Sesshomaru was digging a grave. Jaken had died. He agitated Sesshomaru, so Sesshomaru had no intention of reviving him.


"Yes Rin?"

"Who are they?"

Sesshomaru looked over at the inu-youkai couple that was in the field ahead of them. The female was laying in the grass so that all that was visible was her rounded belly and the pink-tint polished clawed hand upon it. On her wrist she had some kind of ticking device. The male sitting next to her talking, his lips curling causing the stripes on his cheeks to curve slightly. Rin, now 12, watched as Sesshomaru sniffed the air. This couple smelled strangely like his hanyou brother and the miko-girl he mated. Sesshomaru sniffed again. It couldn't be them! Were the rumors true? They were youkai! (DA DAAA DUMMMMM)

"That is my brother!"

"Did you see his face?"

"It was hilarious! I guess he didn't believe we'd changed."

"Obvioulsy! That moron wouldn't believe it unless he saw it! He though I was weak! Feh!"

Kagome looked at Inuyasha and stuck her tongue out.

"Now what did I tell you about that? I told you I would bite you!"

Kagome stuck her tongue out again inviting a playful bite. Inuyasha bent forward to kiss her. He kissed her softly and placed his hand next to hers on her stomach. He could feel his son inside her. He was kicking.

"He's impatient like you were."

"Feh, I still am! He just wants to see his all powerful dad... And I know when to stop myself."

"Ha! Yeah! Thats how this happened huh?"

Kagome pointed at the mark above her left collar bone. It was the color of her stripes.

"I'd do it all over again."

Kagome hit his shoulder.

"You could've warned me! I didn't know it was gonna happen like that!"

Kagome's memory ran before her. She could remember a wave washing over her then the sharp pain of his teeth breaking her skin. It was an instinct, somethng she herself was beginning to surrender to. That was the reason she was pregnant and almost ready to pop. Instinct. It drove her crazy. She would have waited in her time, modern time, to have a child. But she felt like her first cat Koko.(RIP: Coco the satan cat) She was in heat for what felt like forever. So she let go of human reasoning after a little over a year, and let her new inu-youkai instinct take over.

"Feh, you got me back pretty good! You clawed my back pretty well and all you had then were your human finger nails."

Kagome snapped out of her momentary thought and smiled.

"Yeah I did! Let's go get Shippo at Sango's! I'm sure he's driving her nuts to hold Tanijiro."

Tanijiro recently born, followed his sister Reiko closely. Miroku and Sango were either working, fighting, cooing at their babies, or making love. Which was why Sango was now pregnant with her third child. When Kagome wobbled close enough to the villiage She saw Shippo playing with Kirara in her larger form. The people of the village had gotten used to the youkai. The children even played games with the kitsune and cat demon. The little ones especially enjoyed petting Kirara in small form or occasionally riding her in her larger form.

Shippo sniffed and turned, smiling from ear to ear.

"Kagome is it time yet? Are we gonna go?"

Kagome smiled it was her second year in the Feudal Era and once every year, she opened the seal on the well for a week. It was almost time to visit home. Her mother would be surprised. Not because she was coming home, but because she had finally gave in to Inuyasha's desire to have a pup of their own.

"We'll go tommorrow."

Kagome once again found herself looking at the excited kitsune with a distant smile. She was floating off to memory land, where she often spent time during her pregnancy. Her mom would be all squeals and ask every question she could think of. Including the ones that made her blush. Those were questions she didn't mind when she was one on one with her mom but when she visited home everyone wanted to be there at all times. She sat against a wall of the hut on a pillow. Her back was beginning to ache.

She looked at Inuyasha and that memory flooded her mind as Reiko began babbling for Sango's attention. It started the day she was walking around with Keade. The old miko was going blind in her old age. Inuyasha joined them. They walked Keade around the villiage when one of the villiages young men ran out of his hut. He was bright eyed and bounding from door to door of his friends huts. He was announcing the birth of his first son. That was when all of the questions about having a pup began. They had only been married for 11 months and he wanted a baby! Kagome openly told him she thought it was too soon, but eventually after the birth of Miroku's son Tanijiro, she wanted one all her own.


Inuyasha sat beside her.


"What are you thinking about?"

"Babies and being tired. I'm tired!"

"Maybe you should get to bed early."

Kagome tried to stand. Then poked Inuyasha to help her.

"Yea, oof! I dunno how Sango does it! I'm youkai and these last few weeks are exausting!"

"You'll get used to it!"

He grinned with an eyebrow raised.Kagome looked at him warily.


She said pointing to her large belly.

"...wont happen again for a looooong time!"

Inuyasha grinned.

"Yea okay, you say that now. Lets get you home."

Inuyasha and Kagome called for Shippo, and wished Miroku's family a good night. Kagome walked quickly as she could, she was tired and tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Kagome was human again, Inuyasha a hanyou. He grimaced. It was noon. So she could smell food. She was hungry and the little body inside her was squirming. Inuyasha helped her out the well. Shippo was already at the door ready to play whatever new video game Souta had bought.

"Ick, Oy! Now I know why you didn't like being human."

Kagome smoothed her shirt feeling drained of energy. She wasn't ready for what was about to happen. Meaning the questions were going to make her sleepy. And she was already ready to sleep. Her body felt different. It was shifting to some degree, in preparation.

After many questions and hugs, Kagome was ready to eat. She was more anxious than Inuyasha to dig into a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup, and steamed rice. The steamed rice smelled so good and the flavor filled scent wafting off the soup only made it more appealing to Kagome's senses. The little pup inside her kicked setting off a contraction causing her eyebrows to knit together momentarily. Inuyasha looked at her questioningly and she dismissed the look with a smile.

Kagome was starting to feel full when her mother asked if she and Inuyasha wanted a small bowl of ice cream. Kagome shook her head. Inuyasha of course said yes. He had enjoyed the Mint Chocolate Chip he had been given the last time they had stopped by.

"Mama, I think I want to go to bed. I feel so tired."

Inuyasha stood, he could plainly see she was ready to pass out on her bed.

"Ok, Go ahead and rest. you'll need it! You never turn down ice cream!"

"Ma... I'm just too tired!"

"Okay Kagome."

Her mother smiled and shook her head. Inuyasha helped Kagome up the stairs she seemed more frail as a human then in her youkai form. She really didn't need his help in her youkai form, but she enjoyed the feeling of safety that came when he was so watchful of her. He'd become very capable of showing his love for her. He was even becoming kind to the kitsune she had adopted like her son. He'd even become a fatherly figure to him. Showing Shippo to fight with a small sword and hunt small animals. She grinned at the thought as she got into her room. It still looked the same except the fact that there wastwo little grey kittens sleeping on her pillow. Buyo had met a little friend. Buyo jumped onto the bed.

Kagome smiled and rubbed his ears then picked up one of the small kittens. She looked at the kitten then hugged it.

"I'm gonna have a baby really soon too."

"Yea, soon."

Inuyasha kissed her forehead and helped her into bed. She smiled and dosed off into a memory.


"I think I'm ready for a baby."

Inuyasha grinned. Kagome grinned back.

Kagome slept awhile and woke up to take a walk. She came home soon after leaving because her contractions had become more intense. Then apon arriving at her house her water broke.

Seven Years Later...


Inuyasha's eldest son called.


"Why is mommy crazy?"

Inuyasha chuckled, sitting with his six and five year old sons in the Goshinboku. Shippo picking at his tail.

"Mommy is not crazy. She's just getting ready for her first girl pup."


His younger son tilted his head questioningly.

"Is that why that pup smells like mommy?"


His sons looked at each other then at him. Shippo stopped picking at his tail and began listening.

"Daddy? Where do puppies come from?"

They asked in unison. Inuyasha's stripes curled. Shippo's jaw dropped and his expression was priceless.

"Keh! Ask mommy!"