Glitchy Boy Studios was a vast building with blue and white accents. A giant derpy replica of a Mario head was stuck above the glass double doors which revealed the inside of the building. Large queues extended out of a side door of the studio which was labelled 'AUDITIONS'. Freddy strode through the doors with the Neighbor and Bendy trailing behind. As soon that the people inside the studio saw the large animatronic bear, the noise dipped. Bendy saw faces looking at Freddy, some where shocked, some where afraid, some where disgusted. A second passed, two seconds passed, three seconds passed. It seemed like the silence was never-ending until a side door opened next to the reception. A dumpy Mario clone with white overalls and blue hat stepped out, confused at all the silence. He scanned around until his eyes found Freddy Fazbear staring at him. His face paled as Freddy strode towards in large predatory steps. SMG4 squealed and slammed the door before the robot bear could get in. Freddy's nose let out a honk as it bumped on the door.

"Rude..." muttered Freddy as he ripped the door off its hinges and threw it behind him. SMG4 shrieked as he threw a laptop at Freddy. Of course, it bounced harmlessly off Freddy's chest.

"My friend..." said Freddy as SMG4 continued to throw things at him, "Am I really that scary?"

The whole fiasco of SMG4 throwing things at Freddy stopped after about a few minutes. He sat behind his desk with Freddy standing in front and Bendy and Mr Peterson relaxing on a luxurious sofa behind him.

"What do you want Fazbear?" he said in a scathing tone, "You can't just barge into my studio and get an audience with me just because you're the most famous horror game character in the internet."

Freddy leered at the Mario clone.

"Oh please, you call this a studio while it is known to be a crack-house."

"If you are here for that FNAF 4 episode, I've already told you I am not making it..." muttered SMG4, as he inhaled a bag of fresh memes.

"We don't care about your animations," grunted the Neighbor as he stood up which made SMG4's mustache bristle, "We want you to tell use if you have seen Rule 34..."

SMG4's scornful face turned to disgust.

"Uh, no," he said as if the answer was obvious, "Why would I want to see that creep?"

The Neighbor turned to Freddy and shook his head.

"We're not going to get any information outta this joke."

"I agree," growled Freddy as he stood up, knocking the desk in front of him. The two seemed ready to leave but Bendy wasn't. Perhaps the reason why the man was confessing was because Freddy was in the room. As the two left, Freddy looked back and saw Bendy still sitting.

"I just have something to say. You two wait outside," said Bendy as he eyed SMG4. Freddy frowned at the prospect of being ordered around but he closed the door. Bendy's Cheshire grin spread wider as he walked over to SMG4.

"Do you mind if you try to tell me what kind of memes do you sell..."

SMG4's eyes widened then he broke into a devilish grin.

"Ah, so you are interested in my products are you?" he grinned as he pressed a button under his desk and the wall behind him folded to reveal rows upon rows of memes contained within a Ziploc bag. He got up and scanned the shelves for something. He stopped over at a nearly empty shelf and sighed to himself.

"I wish we had more of these memes," he said aloud, "Child Friendly Memes... They seem to be in such a short supply due to YouTube's tightening restrictions regarding content."


A puzzle piece fell into place.

"Actually," continued SMG4, "Funny story. A customer bought a whole lot of these memes a few days ago... A pretty hot chick to be specific. Seemed desperate for them to be honest. Said she need them for someone special."

Bendy's mind was racing. This meant that whoever was responsible for everything is a girl. Bendy ran through all the possible females characters of gaming. There was a large number of suspects but if he and the others can find something out from whoever they're heading for next, they might be able to find the culprit. SMG4 cleared his throat, yanking Bendy from his thoughts.

"So, my devil," said SMG4 in a business-like tone, "Are you interested in my selection of memes."

Bendy didn't care. He was done here but he scanned the shelves for something.

"Could I have the 'ssenmodnar' package," he muttered as he placed a wad of cash on the desk, "Keep the change."

SMG4 swiped the cash off the table and flicked it with his gloved hands. Bendy snatched the ziglock bag and dropped it inside an ink puddle.

"I can promise that you won't regret this," grinned SMG4 as he led the ink demon towards of the door, "It is a broad selection of the finest memes the internet has seen."

And then he slammed the door behind the cartoon devil. Freddy and the Neighbor looked at him with quizzical looks.

"So... what did you do?" sneered Freddy as they walked outside of the studio, passersby gave them a wide berth, "He seemed awfully cheerful."

Bendy explained what he heard from the meme dealer and the Neighbor slapped his face.

"We were all focusing on Rule 34 when we knew that this culprit wanted to cleanse the internet of profanity and adult material," said the Neighbor in a frustrated tone.

"I think Rule 34 was a distraction," muttered Freddy, "The b*tch must have known we were on her trail. So she sent that abomination so we'd be invest of time in that rather than her."

"So what now?" asked Bendy.

"We'll use Google to get ourselves a list," muttered Freddy as he hailed a taxi.

"I still want to check on the Pewdiepie before we move on," said the Neighbor, "Me and Freddy have to check up his activity every week."

Freddy rolled his eyes dramatically. The Neighbor gave him a sharp look.

"What?" said Freddy, "We know that the culprit is a girl so that eliminates Pewds."

"So are we going see Pewdiepie?" asked Bendy in a worried manner, "From everyone's description of him, I don't see how we can communicate with someone like him."

Freddy let out a bellowing laugh. The Neighbor chuckled. Bendy looked at both of them confused.

"Hell no!" spluttered Freddy in between snorts.

"We're going to see the only person who can survive around the guy," chuckled the Neighbor.

"Who's that?"

"I believe you've heard of him," snickered Freddy, "We're going to see sans the skeleton."