Burnt Okonomiyaki Productions

Fandom... grilled to perfection!

Is proud to present

A song based on His and Her Circumstances:

Steel and Concrete (And the Sound of Rain)

Steel and concrete and the sound of rain

Bring me visions of that I donÕt want to see again

Memories unearthed that I buried deep within

Where do I begin? It never should have been.

Snow on concrete and the biting cold

A child on the doorstep, six years old

Left as worthless in evading debt,

Left to die there of the cold and wet.

Steel on pavement and the rolling wheels

Buildings passing through the frosted glass

Taken to a party under great duress,

Meeting the parents I had not yet seen.

Could they have thought I didnÕt understand?

ÒNo good can come of the child of that man.Ó

I try so hard to move beyond my blood.

For my sake and then theirs.

Lightning, thunder and the sound of rain,

Keep me from my sleep again.

Sweat and urine soaking through my sheets

Icy tile underneath my feet

Light and shadow and my a sweet new voice,

ÒSo late up for such a young boy.Ó

She reached out for me and I recoiled,

How much heat to make her blood boil?

The hand I knew was raised to strike

Bled my tears in one soft swipe,

She dressed me and put me in her room,

Where I was held to sleep by her dear groom,

Steel and concrete and the sound of rain

Brings me visions of before I met them

Memories unearthed that I buried deep within.

And then you come along... unearth them yet again.