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A long while later, outside the dressing room of a clothing store, Timmy was looking at his watch, already bored and impatient as he thought to himself, "If I wasn't in love with this beautiful girl right now, I would totally be hanging out at the arcade..."

"Oh, Timmy?"

Timmy looked up... and his eyes widened as his mouth dropped upon seeing the brand new Trixie standing right before him. Sure, she still kept the purple hairband on, and her hair was still long, but her trademark purple sweater had been switched and had been replaced with a longer sleeve purple shirt with a collar, and blue jeans that defined her body perfectly well. Trixie giggled as she gave a pose. "So, what do you think?"

"I think you look... great, Trixie!" Timmy said. "And not just great. Beautiful, really defining your looks!"

Trixie gave a giggle as she bent down and kissed Timmy on the cheek. "You're so sweet, Timmy. It just feels so good not to be wearing those stupid popular clothes all the time. Anyway, I better purchase these before I wear them around all the time. Wait for me, will you?"

Timmy happily nodded as he watched Trixie go into the dressing rooms. Nearby, Cosmo and Wanda had poofed in as mannequins as Wanda leaned over. "Pst! Timmy! Over here!"

"Hm?" Timmy snapped out of his stupor to turn towards Cosmo and Wanda and went over to them. "Guys? What's with the mannequin look? Actually, never mind. I'm kind of in the middle of my successful date with Trixie! And I have to admit, this new attitude of hers is really starting to get me excited!"

"Well, try not to get TOO overly excited. Remember when you wished for that truth serum?" Wanda asked.

"The one I used to fire Crocker from his job? Uh, yes!" Timmy smiled.

"Well, someone else drank that potion, and you're spending the day with her!" Wanda said as she twirled her wand and pointed towards the dressing room.

Timmy's eyes widened in shock and horror as he turned towards Trixie... and groans. "Oh great. Now you're going to tell me that because she drank the potion, she's not going to remember what the last twenty-four hours consisted of... oh well. I suppose I better make the best of it..."

"Er... not exactly, sport." Wanda said nervously. "Remember the war with the Darkness and the rule about how you can't wish away true love?"

"Wish away- wait, you're not telling me tha-" Timmy said in shock as all of a sudden, a muscular mannequin turned his head around, revealing himself to be Jorgen.

'Indeed, Turner. And we have a proposition for you." Jorgen started.

Meanwhile, back with Trixie, she was humming as she was temporarily back in her own clothes to purchase the new clothes she would be wearing for the rest of the time. The girl at the resister just finished ringing her up as the girl asked, "Okay, that should be all of your new clothes rung up. Will you be paying in cash, credit, or yourself?"

"Well, daddy did give me a new credit car-" Trixie started... before pausing. "What was that last on-"

"Sorry hun. I was paid by two boys who said to 'bring the Trixie Tang girl to them' to 'undo the brainwashing'. Just doing my job, that's all." The shopgirl said as she grabbed a sack and slammed it down on Trixie as she gave an ear-splitting scream.

About a minute before that, Timmy was looking up to the mannequins as Jorgen said, "So, let's review it one more time. Due to a fairy shortage, which in no way is MY fault..."

"It kind of is." Timmy pointed out. "You did put in the rule of no fairy babies, after all."

"THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT!" Jorgen shouted. "Anyway, you will have to share your fairies with someone who is just as miserable as you are... and conveniently knows who your fairies are."

"And that girl is Trixie?" Timmy said in surprise... before smiling a little. "All right, I don't mind sharing my fairies with her. It's going to be feel a little weird, though."

"But know this, Turner." Jorgen glared at Timmy. "Like you, she also needs to follow the rules and she needs to understand that fairies are meant to be secret! She slips word about us, BOTH of you forget your memories. Am I clear?"

Timmy yelped. "Crystal."

"HOORAY!" Cosmo cheered. "We're extending the fairy family!"

"I will admit, it'll take some time to adjust, but I'm more than happy to grant Trixie's wishes as well." Wanda smiled. "Besides, somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I always figured you and her would make a great couple."

All of a sudden, the ear-splitting scream reached the ears of the eleven-year-old child and three fairies as Timmy recognized the scream. "That sounded like Trixie! She's in trouble!"

"Well, then I'll just leave you to the introductions! Good luck!" Jorgen said as he poofed back to Fairy World. Cosmo and Wanda, on the other hand, turned into flies to follow Timmy more easily as Timmy started to run towards the direction of her screaming.

Quickly, he arrived at the spot and noticed the shop girl that carried a sack. Timmy, frowning in suspicion, turned to Cosmo and Wanda. "I wish I had X-Ray Goggles!"

Cosmo and Wanda immediately poofed up a pair of goggles that went straight on Timmy's head as he looked inside to see the panicking Trixie trying to get out of the bag. Timmy then noticed two familiar kids near the entrance of the store and glared. "Tad and Chad... I thought so! I knew Trixie hated these two, but resorting to kidnapping? That's low, even for them!"

"What do you have in mind, Timmy?" Cosmo asked.

Timmy paused as he gave a smirk. "Cosmo, Wanda, I have two wishes to make."

"We're ready, Timmy." Wanda smiled as she and Cosmo raised their wands up as they started glowing.

"All right, I got the girl for you. Now where's my money?" The shop girl said in annoyance as she handed the sack over to Tad.

"Here! Buy yourself a nice perfume sample." Chad smiled as he handed the money to the shop girl. The shop girl then started to walk off as Chad gave a smirk. "Man, the hips on that girl is simply rocking..."

"Agreed... but more importantly, we have an even hot catch in our hands! And we're going to get her back to our side!" Tad said, unaware that the bag went temporarily empty before somehow filling itself again. "Now come on, let's get Trixie to another area... suitably, more private!"

Chad nodded as he grabbed the other end of the bag as he and Tad started walking off, bag in hand as Chad noted, "You know, she feels a lot lighter... and she doesn't seem to be struggling."

"That must mean we're doing our job!" Tad smirked.

Meanwhile, back with Timmy, he gave a smile as Trixie was looking around in confusion, finding herself in Timmy's arms. "Who-what-where-when-how-who-wha-uh... Timmy?"

"Don't worry, Trixie, I saved you." Timmy smiled... before wincing as Trixie looked at Timmy.

"I was in the bag and yet somehow I-I-" Trixie stammered a bit... before her eyes twinkled upon seeing the green and pink flies. "Timmy... your fly friends... or should I say, your fair-"

"Shhh!" Timmy shushed Trixie as he put a finger on her lips. "I don't think this is a place to talk. Let's find somewhere more private."

Trixie nodded as he put Trixie down as the two went out of the clothing store, Trixie grabbing her bag of her bought clothes, before hiding in a private area. After making sure nobody was around, Timmy nodded towards the flies as they transformed back into fairies.

"Hello, Trixie!" Cosmo and Wanda smiled as Cosmo flew towards her.

"I'm Cosmo!" Cosmo smiled.

"I'm Wanda!" Wanda flew towards Trixie next and smiled before both of them backed up.

"And we're..." Cosmo and Wanda said before a stage with the large words 'FAIRY GODPARENTS' appeared behind them. "YOUR-"

"Timmy's fairy godparents, I know!" Trixie gave a smile. "We met before!"

Timmy's eyes widened in surprise... before looking down and muttered to himself. "So Jorgen was right... her memory didn't get wiped..."

"I've always been wondering if you two were going to make your appearance again, but you never seemed to be around Timmy." Trixie said. "I still remember when Timmy helped save the world, and..."

"Trixie, before you start, there's something you should know." Timmy said as he shushed Trixie again. "It's a little complicated to explain..."

"Well, before you say anything, I just want to ask... who tried to capture me?" Trixie asked.

"Tad and Chad." Timmy said. "But don't worry, I put a little surprise for them inside the sack."

Outside the mall, Tad smirked as he and Chad put the bag down as Chad undid the knot of the sack. "All right, our little sweet Trixie, we saved you from that awful Turner, so thank us, your heroes!"

Chad then pulled out... what seemed to be a dummy of Trixie Tang, made of dynamite, which was lit up, causing Tad and Chad's eyes to widen in horror.

"Wait... we-we just saw Trixie in the bag! We saw to it ourselves through the window! Did we even put the bag down at some point?" Tad asked.

"I don't know, but I have to say, if this is Turner's creation, you have to admit, he has talent." Chad said.

Tad could only nod two times before...


The two popular boys just stood with their hair ruined and soot all over their clothes... as Tad growled. "That's it... that Turner kid is going down..."

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