Draco Malfoy and his Unknown Fate:

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The Leaving Feast was a profusion of steaming dishes and self-refilling goblets. Draco spent most of the meal chatting with his fellow Slytherins and stuffing himself until he felt mildly sick. During lulls in the conversation Draco glanced over at Harry, who was joking with the Weasel, every now and then just because he could. Dumbledore gave the usual annual speech, though few Slytherins paid him any mind when there was food to be had. It was a fairly cheerful occasion, though the Gryffindors were the loudest House by far. Their laughter and shouts filled the Great Hall, blending with the sounds of the Ravenclaws' debates, the Hufflepuffs' giggling, and the Slytherins' snickers and teasing.

The Slytherins were, for them at least, ecstatic. Their usual snide remarks were less cutting and the had smiles on their faces instead of sneers. Though they had lost the Quidditch Cup they'd won the House Cup and the silver and green banners flew proudly from the ceiling, declaring their victory to all and sundry. It was long overdue - ever since Draco's first year when the House cup had been snatched away from Slytherin House at the very last minute. The Slytherins had been waiting for this moment for five years and Draco was no exception.

He was enjoying the feast, so much so that he really didn't want it to end. While Draco was eager to spend a summer with Harry he wasn't quite so enthusiastic about spending it among Muggles. Still, at least he'd get to be with Harry. It was probably the only thing that would keep him sane in the coming days. He still couldn't quite grasp the fact soon he'd be living in non-magical society. He had seen Muggles before of course, though only from a distance, but he'd never really met one. To be honest, he was feeling a little intimidated, but if Harry could live with them for so long Draco was convinced he could last a mere summer. And only two weeks of summer at that. Of course, the more apprehensive Draco became, the faster the hours rushed by.

Before Draco knew it he was boarding the Hogwarts Express with his friends, shoving Blaise chummily in the shoulder when the other boy's teasing became too annoying. "Just shut up about the Muggle thing already, Zabini. Unless, of course, you want me to transfigure you into a shrew."

Blaise only laughed at the scowling blonde, but he did drop the issue.

"It sounds awful." Pansy said, patting Draco on the back comfortingly. "You poor thing. At least you'll have Potter there to help you out. Those Muggle gadgets are so odd. I can never figure them out."

Draco nodded his agreement. "Tell me about it. I have to take Muggle Studies next year anyway. I guess this may help my grade." He said, attempting to be optimistic. His doubtful tone of voice said it all, though.

The Slytherins made their way towards the compartment in the back they always claimed as their own. It was, as usual, empty because no one would dare usurp their compartment. At least, not after that nasty incident third year when Pansy had made a name for herself in Ravenclaw House as a ruthless dueler. As they took their seats Crabbe cast a silencing charm on the room and Pansy settled in to take notes. "Is it all clear?" She questioned, glancing at Crabbe. The large Slytherin grunted an affirmative.

Draco cleared his throat, lounging back in his seat. "Right then. I'm calling this meeting of A.S.H. to session. Now, does anyone have any comments or concerns?"

Greg spoke up quickly. "Yeah. Vince and I both need girlfriends. Preferably ones that would consider marrying us."

Pansy's quill began to move, the feather quivering as her hand drew across the paper and the nub scratched loudly as she wrote. Draco considered his friend's words carefully. "Pansy, you can ask around and go through some of the old lineage books, right?"

"Of course. I'm sure we'll find some acceptable girls. As soon as school starts I'll be sure to show you the nominees. Mother is familiar with a lot of the less known branches of the older pureblood families. I'm sure she can come up with something even if I can't."

Draco smiled in satisfaction. "Good. Anything else?"

"I've heard rumors that we're going to have a new teacher next year." Zabini offered, brushing a stray curl out of his face.

"That's interesting." Pansy let her quill brush against her cheek thoughtfully. "Maybe Daddy will know about it. Is that it? I want to get to the good part already." She asked with one eyebrow raised impatiently. Usually their end of the year meetings were very brief for a specific reason. It was Draco's birthday today and he was just as anxious to finish up the meeting as Pansy.

Everyone murmured their agreement and Draco did his part as the president of their little club. "This A.S.H. Meeting is dismissed. Now, where're my presents? Gimme!" He said playfully, searching around for any obvious packages.

"Shame on you, Draco. One would think you had no manners." Pansy scolded, smiling.

"Oh, go suck an Ashwinder egg, Parkinson. I want my presents! Right now! Where are they? You do have them don't you?"

Laughing at Draco's childish eagerness, Crabbe dug around in one of his satchels. Draco was unsurprised to see that it was a scroll. The artistic Slytherin usually gave Draco some piece of artwork whenever presents were required. Vince handed it over quickly with a conspiratorial wink.

"I thought you might like it. Here, Happy Birthday." Draco unrolled it and had to suppress a grin. Sketched out in loving detail was a scene of Draco and Harry holding hands with their heads bent close together as they whispered to each other. They were so close that their platinum and onyx locks briefly intermingled before Harry threw his head back to laugh merrily at something Draco had said. The blonde haired boy in the sketch was grinning impishly and he swiftly pressed his lips to Harry's before turning his head to whisper in his ear once more. It was a sweet picture of the couple and Draco felt his cheeks coloring up.

"Er. Thanks, Vince." He quickly rolled it up and stuffed it in his own satchel, making sure Blaise and Pansy didn't even get a glimpse of it despite their neck craning.

"I guess I should tell you now that you're present from me is going to be a shopping trip. I'm paying of course."

"Thanks, Pansy. I'll have to run it by Dumbledore or Black first, but I'm sure they won't mind. Now what else am I getting?" Draco said teasingly, looking at each of his friends.

Blaise snickered. "Next year your wank mags are going to be free. Speaking of which, this is your last order." He tossed the bundle over to Draco who caught it easily thanks to his Seeker reflexes. Pansy rolled her eyes and pretended to ignore them both, sticking her nose in one of her own fashion magazines.

"Thanks Blaise. How about you, Greg?"

The hulking Slytherin stuck his hand in his pocket and took out some small object before handing it to Draco unceremoniously. Draco took it carefully and inspected it with a small smile, turning it over in his hands. It was a small pocket watch and it was handcrafted and beautifully made. It was made of gold and silver and when Draco popped it open he was delighted to notice the names of all his friends and Harry were on the hands, pointing to a variety of states such as 'Sleeping', 'Lost', 'In Class', 'Making Mischief', and 'Thinking Of You', as well as much more. There was one hand with TIME etched on it and it alone moved constantly around the face of the clock, pointing to the diamond chips that had been added in lieu of the hours. The watch was not only practical, but ornamental and Draco's thanks were quite sincere.

"Thank you, Greg. It's lovely."

"Yeah, well." The Slytherin shrugged, grinning a little. "My gramps is good with metal working you know. He's the one who made that snitch I gave you for Christmas. See, the same dragon's on the front of the watch too."

Indeed it was, stretching out it's wings and jaws as it roared majestically. "Wow. I guess I have my own coat of arms now. Thank your grandfather for me too, would you? In fact, I could probably use a signet ring with that dragon on it." Draco mused, running the tips of his fingers over the line of the dragon's wing.

"Well, it'd be expensive, but I'm sure Gramps would give you a discount. Maybe I'll save that for a present next year. Anyway, I'll be sure to tell him you liked the watch."

"You do that. So, I got porn, clothes, a lovely picture, and this watch. Not too shabby." Draco gloated, putting the watch in his pocket and flipping idly through the latest issue of 'Boys on Broomsticks'. "Ooh, Oliver Wood. Very nice." He said approvingly, his eyes quickly scanning the trim figure of the former Gryffindor Quidditch Captain.

"Knock it off, Draco. If Potter catches you leering like that he'll get jealous."

"I'm just looking, Pansy. No harm done." Draco drawled, tossing the magazine onto the seat next to him. He stretched out his legs and crossed them at the ankle, giving her a dirty look when she kicked his shin in jest.

"Speaking of Potter, why don't you piss off and find him? I'm sure he could use some decent company for once." Vince added absently, already sketching something else in his notebook. It was a familiar sight. He could often be found hunched over some piece of parchment with his charcoals or pencils in hand, concentrating fiercely on whatever he was drawing.

"Brilliant idea. I'm off. Try not to scare the first years, yeah? On second thought, do." Then he was scooping up his things and stuffing them in his satchel. After a jaunty wave he sauntered out of the compartment, his stride arrogant and cocky as he made his way through the train. It was easy enough to work his way towards the front of the train where Harry usually sat. To be honest, in the past harassing Harry on the Hogwarts Express had been almost a sort of tradition, usually implemented after their Ambitious Slytherins of Hogwarts meetings. Of course, now things were different and Draco was actually quite content with the change.

Smiling to himself, he stopped at the food cart and bought some cauldron cakes and chocolate frogs before continuing on his way. He almost trampled a first year Hufflepuff in his haste, but the little boy was so enamored with the chocolate frog card of Circe that Draco handed him in reparation that he barely minded at all. Draco, spoiled only child that he was, had managed to acquire the whole collection several years back and usually gave his cards away. The collection resided in the bottom of his school trunk even now.

After asking around he finally managed to locate Harry's compartment, but hovered just outside the door when the raucous voices from inside caught his attention.

"…when I was your age!"

"Oh, please, not another one of those stories! I get enough those from Mum." While Draco couldn't quite place the first voice this one obviously belonged to Weasley. Yes, he'd definitely found the right compartment.

"I don't mind hearing about it. What sort of pranks did you and Dad pull exactly?" And there was Harry's familiar lilt.

"Well, there was that time we managed to pour a See-Through Serum on the back of Snape's robes. He walked around all day like that with his bum in plain sight!"

Laughter echoed in the small compartment and Draco slid open the door, lounging against the frame in a carefully orchestrated pose. "Why am I not surprised that you three spend your free time plotting how to torture us poor, defenseless Slytherins?"

"Defenseless? Ha." Sirius snorted, leaning back in his seat.

"Draco!" Harry exclaimed, obviously thrilled. "Come in! And you've got chocolate frogs, too. May I have one?"

Draco took a seat next to the Gryffindor, ignoring the Weasel's fiery glare as he pretended to consider Harry's question. His lips were pursed, making his cheekbones appear knife sharp. "Well, I suppose. But you owe me a favor of my choosing at a later date." He smirked, offering the sweet to the other boy.

"A little favor or a big one?" Harry asked suspiciously, his hand hovering over a chocolate frog packet.

Draco smiled angelically, earning a snicker from Sirius. "Oh, a little one of course. And what, pray tell, are you doing on the train Mr. Black?" He directed an politely inquiring look to the older man.

"Oh, just seeing Harry off. That and someone needs to make sure that great blighter Dursley doesn't go back on his deal. I wouldn't want him to just leave you at King's Cross out of spite." Draco nodded his agreement quickly. That sounded distinctly unpleasant.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" The Weasel demanded, leaning forward as his face flushed angrily.

"Spending time with my friend, of course!" Draco said far too cheerfully, slinging an arm around Harry and pulling him close. Harry blushed, but let himself be manhandled. "Isn't that right, friend?" He asked, turning to look at the dark haired boy who was examining his chocolate frog far too carefully.

"Um. Sure."

With a last squeeze Draco let his arm fall back to his side, but since Harry was so close he compromised by leaning against the other boy. Harry relaxed once Draco removed his arm and leaned back into him slightly. "Oh, what's that?" Harry asked, munching on his frog leg and nodding in the direction of Draco's satchel. It had spilled open and the pocket watch lay gleaming almost in Draco's lap.

"Greg's present. It's my birthday." Draco said with a grin, tucking the watch in his pocket.

The Gryffindor looked stricken. "I didn't get you anything. I'm sorry - I didn't even know it was your birthday." His green eyes were dark with remorse and the blonde haired boy had to forcibly keep himself from leaning forward and kissing it all better.

Draco settled for a shrug. "I must have forgotten to tell you. You can get me something this summer if you want. I won't mind if it's a little late."

"Oh, I didn't know this was still in print. This has always been Moony's favorite, though I'm partial to Voluptuous Veela Vixens myself." Sirius said, plucking a magazine out of Draco's bag. It was Wizards and their Wands, complete with a centerfold involving two wizards, a ton of lube, and an object that was far too thick to be an actual wand. Wizards and their Wands was more explicit than either Playwitch or Boys on Broomsticks and Draco felt himself flushing when Granger peered over Sirius' shoulder and her mouth promptly dropped open in shock.

There was utter silence in the compartment and Sirius paused, suddenly realizing what he had said.
"Uh." He couldn't quite meet anyone's eyes. Harry had buried his face in his hands and was attempting to wish himself elsewhere. Preferably, an elsewhere far, far away.

"Let's pretend you didn't say that, shall we?" Draco asked, snatching the magazine from the ex-convicts hands and shoving it back in his satchel.

"Good idea." Weasley chipped in, obviously relieved. "So, how about those Chudley Cannons?" His voice was far too loud, but it got the point across and the subject was promptly changed to Quidditch. The rest of the trip went much more smoothly. So smoothly in fact that Draco fell asleep with his head on Harry's shoulder. He snuffled against the other boy's solid warmth and settled in for a long nap with mumbled death threats to anyone who even considered talking to him while he slept.

He woke later, roused by someone softly calling his name and he smiled sleepily at Harry, a sweet smile that he hadn't used in years. "Hey you, c'mon and wake up. We're there." The voice was soft, almost gentle, and Harry was grinning at him indulgently. Draco blinked a few times and yawned, sitting up and looking around. Weasley and Granger were outside the compartment with Sirius, chatting with Finnigan and Thomas about West Ham, whatever that was.

With a groan and a jaw cracking yawn, Draco let Harry pull him to his feet and he collected his things. He exited the train among the Gryffindors, quickly locating his trunk and poor Grindylow who was staring sullenly at the bars of his cage. The eagle owl wasn't fond of captivity and Draco rummaged around in his robe pocket for an owl treat in an attempt to soothe Grindylow's ruffled feathers. The owl took the treat with a resentful hoot, but deigned to settle down anyway. Draco found a cart and quickly put his things in order, wheeling it over towards Harry and his friends.

Their chatter was friendly and obvious; no double entendre or sly barbs from this group. Draco was constantly bemused at how earnest and well, honest these Gryffindors were. It was novel though and Draco found himself somewhat charmed by their naïveté. Granger was probably the only one out of the bunch who wasn't idealistic in the least, with her practical no nonsense way of looking at things. And possibly Harry, who had a way of seeming far more innocent than he really was.

Draco joined their ranks and they moved towards the end of the platform, leaving by way of the wall. "Alright everyone?" Sirius asked solicitously, herding everyone along through the teeming mass of people. Finnigan and Thomas split, going their own way and Granger made her farewells quickly. She dashed off to meet her Muggle parents, leaving the Weasel, Harry, and Draco under Sirius' care. "Your mum should be here any minute Ron."

Before Weasley could even reply, a plump, red-haired witch with far too much energy approached them in a flurry of robes. "Ron, dear! There you are! Ginny's already waiting by the car, what took you so long?"

"Sorry mum." Weasley sighed in a long suffering manner as she swept him up in a hug, but didn't otherwise protest. She hugged him so tightly Draco thought he heard a rib crack, but she let him go eventually and the Weasel didn't seem too worse for wear. Then she turned to Harry who was grinning at them both.

"And you, Harry dear. My you've grown so big and handsome! Give us a hug, love." Harry did, clinging to the house-witch for a moment before pulling back. Draco shifted uncomfortably at the public displays of affection, not quite sure how to handle the situation.

"I'm fine Mrs. Weasley. I had top marks in Defense Against the Dark Arts and I actually managed to do decently in Potions this year, thanks to Draco's tutoring."

The Weasley woman turned to Draco who hunched his shoulders awkwardly and stuck his hands in his pockets. It hadn't escaped his memory that she'd been one of the few people to have discovered Lucius' fondness for hitting him last summer and he was still slightly embarrassed to meet someone who'd witnessed such a humiliating scene. "Hello, ma'am."

"Aren't you just a darling?" She said fondly, her homely face almost pretty when she smiled so kindly. Draco felt himself blushing and ignored Harry's elbow nudging his ribs.

"Are you off your rocker, mum? This is Malfoy. Am I the only person here who remembers what a git he is?"

"Well, you'd be one too if you had Lucius Malfoy for a father." Sirius put in, leaving Ron speechless at this unexpected defense. It was true Sirius detested most Slytherins, but Draco seemed to have earned himself a free pass by capturing Pettigrew.

The Weasley woman nodded her agreement. "Of course. Now, you take good care of Harry and make sure he eats plenty of food. Those awful Dursleys practically starve the poor dear. And take care of yourself too!" Draco bobbed his head swiftly in agreement, still uneasy with such concern. "My, aren't you three a handsome trio?" She asked, beaming at them all and ruffling Ron's hair. The redhead made a face, twisting up his mouth and ducking away.

"Mum! That's embarrassing!"

Sirius snickered and Draco joined in, though the merriment was cut short with Vernon Dursley's arrival. "Here, now. Come along, boy. And you, do you have my money?"

The ex-convict's expression became steely as he passed an envelope over to the Muggle. "Yes, it's all there. And remember, any mistreatment and the Ministry will be after you in a blink of an eye. Not to mention what I'll do to you when I get my hands on you."

"Yes, yes." The Muggle muttered, keeping a wary eye on Sirius as he counted out his bills quickly with a greedy expression. Even a glowering Sirius Black wasn't enough to keep him from thumbing gleefully through his money. "Alright, then. You two follow me and no shenanigans. And for god's sake, take off that dress thing!"

"They're robes, you great lump of lard and why should I?" Draco asked defiantly, insulted by both the fact Dursley had dared to order him around and by the insinuation that he was a cross dresser.

"Draco!" Harry hissed urgently, not wanting to cause a scene.

"What? He started it!" The Slytherin protested, still offended at the distasteful way Dursley was looking at him. As if that tosser was even good enough to lick his dragon hide boots! Ha!

Sirius gave him a sympathetic look. "You might as well take them off. You're going to have to blend in anyway."

It only took a moment to slide his school robes off and stuff them in his trunk along with his tie and sweater-vest. Dursley harrumphed impatiently, but everyone ignored him. "I'm all set then, I guess."

"Bye! See you later guys!" Harry shouted, waving as he set off after his uncle who had already started walking away.

"Hurry up, the both of you!" The old man snapped. Draco followed, matching his stride to Harry's and trying not to let his anxiety show. Summer had arrived and with it would come a whole slew of new experiences. They wove their way through the crowd of muggles, bypassing the slower ones in an effort to keep Vernon Dursley in sight. The man was walking so fast Draco wouldn't have been surprised if he'd been attempting to loose his two charges in the crowd. The Slytherin cast a sideways glance at the dark haired boy who was walking so close to him their shoulders bumped occasionally. They exchanged swift, conspiratorial smiles.

Draco's fate might have been unknown and his future uncertain, but at least he had Harry to help him through it.

The End

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