Disclaimer: John Doe and all characters, ideas, and concepts associated with the show are owned by Fox Networks. Note this fan fiction would make a lot more sense if you actually have watched the series.

For additional clarity it is set to take place some time after Shock to the System

Double Exposure

            It was dark out, stars in the sky accented by a crescent moon that poorly lit the area with moon light. A man with a hat and coat stood outside in the cold air breathing heavily watching something in the distance. The water splashing against shore could be heard adding a soothing affect to standing there. The man took two steps and the wooden dock he was on creaked below his feet. He had reached into his pocket and pulled something out. It was a small disposable camera; he placed the camera to his eye and looked. He made a disappointed face and sighed. Then he reached into his back and pulled something else out. It was a small lens that he attached to the front of the camera and with a click it fit on perfectly. He now pulled this up to his eye and grinned just slightly.

            Everything through the lens itself was bright green but the mode on the camera would eliminate that and create a shade of grey. The man now walked about twenty feet then stopped once on dry land and near at what looked like a storage building. He looked through the lens again and quickly ducked behind the corner of a building.

            He popped out for a second and snapped one picture then placed something next to the camera and took another picture not looking in the direction of the first. He then pulled back into the dark shadow cast by the building. He followed this same procedure several times taking a picture adjusting the camera and taking another not of the person then he hid again.

            "Hey!" A voice said semi loudly and the man turned around to take a look at who was shouting.

            "What? You followed me?" The man said with a hint of anger in his voice now that his cover was blown and he would have to find a new spot.

            Behind him was someone he knew, his friend who had already said not to take pictures because it was a bad idea.

            "I told you we aren't gonna do this gig!" The other man said.

            "I can take it if I want to the reward is worth it." He said trying to convince the other man to take his side.

            "No I tried to look up this guy all I got was dead ends, that tells me something that it's a scam of some sort." He said angry that he was being double crossed by him.

            "So what if you found nothing, so he is careful." He quipped back at the other man.

            "Careful is one thing, but to get a threat after doing one search is another." He said.

            "Get lost." The man said as he turned to prep to take another picture.

            At that moment the one man came running towards the taller man and grabbed him throwing him back down to the ground into the darkness of the shadows.

            The first man briefly crawled out of the shadows pulling himself forward with his hands and it was possible to get a clear look at his face in the light that illuminated the dock. There was a pool of blood and as he inched out further looking at the person he knew wondering why. He turned over slightly revealing a knife that was deep into his gut.

            The second man reached down and pulled the knife and hesitated for a second considering tossing it into the water that wasn't too far away. Then he slid the blade into his pocket looked at the man.

            "I won't let you put my family or your family at risk over some stupid photos, in the end that's what this would have come to dealing with these people." The second man said firmly. He looked to see the camera lying beside the man he stepped on it lightly and it crunched. He picked up the damaged camera and walked closer to the edge and tossed it. In mid air it seemed to fall apart and pieces landed across the water.

            At the last moment the other man looked back at the building he was taking pictures of then turned to walk off.

            In the distance a door hinge creaked and opened to reveal John Doe exiting a building and walking down a few stairs to the sidewalk he turned and walked away.