Within minutes they were walking in the park it was a semi cloudy day. The police were already in the park. Focusing on an area where there was a gun in the middle of the path.

            "I'm just going to guess that that gun matches the gun that shot Simon," Frank said.

            "Over here," an officer shouted. He held up a single casing he found in some bushes under a big tree.

            "I'll bet it has a print that matches the one we already have." Frank said in the same tone as his first guess.

            "And I'll bet the prints match that guy," Doe said as he looked up and pointed into the tree above where the officer found the shell.

            In the tree were the remains of one mysterious individual who had on green overalls that indicated he was a city worker.

            "How in the?" Frank said confused wondering how or why a guy would climb up a tree and then shoot himself.

            After taking many photos of the scene itself they carefully pulled the body down with the assistance of a fire truck and its long ladder. Now the body rested on the ground to be taken to the Medical Examiners Office where a full report could be drawn up.

            "Some reward," Frank said upset that this would end their case against the group that really had pulled off the crimes.

            "Well now we have the murderer but no more clues other than we know they wanted to take photos of me, and wanted to cover them up carefully." John added.

            "Well what do we have now?" Frank asked wondering if Doe could pull another clue out of this situation.

            "So it makes sense, they send out disposable cameras, and equipment to modify the cameras to take double exposed photographs to private investigators. People take the pictures and get the cameras developed. With the images hidden the clerks developing the photos won't be able to see and it leaves only the investigators themselves with all the facts." Doe said taking a moment to think and take a breath.

            "Then from there the photos are put in the box for them to pick up. The perfect setup, but Fulton ruined it when he bought the photos looking for his brother after a lead he got. And they had to dress up in the garbage man uniforms to go undetected in the building, and never had a chance to take it off. After we got close to them they by solving the clues, they knew they had to give up the shooter, who conveniently committed suicide."

            "So, the case is wrapped up but that doesn't explain what Fulton said in his call." Frank said still confused on that fact.

            "Actually it does." John stated as his mind now focused on the facts.

            "This furthers my theory that what he said was a coincidence, and now I think I can explain it." John said as he was moving out of the park towards Frank's car.

            "How does that explain it" Frank asked as he was running behind John to get to his car.

            John swung the door open just in time to catch a police dispatcher saying ten four.

            "That's what it means." Doe said aloud as Frank behind him was trying to catch his breathe after the sprint.

            "Ten-four?" Frank said clueless at this moment.

            "We have to get to Fulton's car." Doe said.

            Frank and John arrived on the scene a after about twenty minutes later by car after making a quick detour to the police station. John quickly got out of the car and approached Fulton's car that was still parked in front of the building with a few other clues still remaining in the apartment itself.

            "Ok I missed this the first time because the photo seemed to tie me directly to the case so it was logical to assume that in JD he did mean to refer to me." Doe said explaining his logic.

            "But as the case went on it started to appear that how he obtained the photos was coincidence. Which had to mean that what he said was a clue to his brother's location somehow, or it would lead to information about his brother," John added.

            John walked over to Simon Fulton's car and opened the door to look inside. Inside was the one item that confirmed his new theory. Nothing out of the ordinary was in the car itself; in fact police had already scanned the inside for clues.

            "Police already looked in there but didn't find anything." Frank said.

            "But they didn't know where to look for this clue." Doe replied to Frank.

            John stood up straight and explained.

            "It occurred to me that in Simon's message he says, 'You have to help me over' now in this he didn't mean over as a place. I realized that he meant it as radio/CB slang. That alone wouldn't be enough so he encoded another slang using the letters J D." Doe explained this to Frank.

            "What does J D have to do with radio slang?" Frank asked still not getting it.

            "J is the tenth letter of the alphabet, and D is the fourth letter of the alphabet." Doe stated.

            Suddenly a light went off in Frank's mind as he quietly said, "ten-four."

            "I'll be--," Frank started to say thinking about the logic behind it.

            "In radio talk ten four is part of a series of codes, ten four itself means ok transmission received." Doe said as he went into the car.

            John started fooling with the CB radio that rested below his regular stereo in the car. He pushed on one piece until it popped apart. Three papers inside the device fell to the floor. John reached and picked them up, and pulled them out of the car.

            "Fulton didn't know what he had to make the people chase him, he only noticed them chasing, so he secured the papers in a safe place and gave us the clue." John said as he unfolded the papers and laid them down on the hood of the car to read.

            Two of the papers were photographs; on the back both said Jake Fulton. One of them was of a little boy playing. The second was a much older man about a few years younger than Simon, but bearing a striking resemblance to him.

            The third paper was a note and an address; it listed his name as Paul Timmers. The address was in Seattle and on the reverse side it listed a box at Jimmie's Mail World, with the main numbers smudged and only a zero three visible at the end.

            "He must have gotten this from the other box he bought from, jotted the number down then slid it in here with the photos for safe keeping. Then who ever took the other mail took his too." John added.

            "Shame that he never got to confirm if this was his brother or not." Frank said in a slightly depressed tone.

            "Yeah so close to finding a long lost relative then not being able to follow through," John said relating to him thinking after he thought he had found is family, and who he was then realizing that it was all smoke and mirrors.

            Frank knocked on the address on the paper since he had to inform the next of kin, and spoke to Paul personally and Paul embraced him not knowing how to react that he found a long lost relative and lost them in the same day.

            Doe was now back at The Sea, playing a melancholy song on the piano washing away the sad thoughts the case stirred up with a cold beer. Frank walked in to join him in the same depressing mood after informing Paul of his loss.

            At his first chance Digger came over to see his friend and check on him.

            "No more pictures?" Digger asked.

            "I don't think I'll take anymore photos for a while." John said quietly as he continued with his song.

            "Ok" Digger said as he just let John sort out his feelings by playing the song.

            After the song was over someone in guy his twenties walked over to ask John a question.

            "Want to hear a riddle?" The man asked, remembering the good times earlier when he was answering questions seeing if anyone could stump him.

            "Yeah what the heck, I should move on," John said looking away from the piano.

            The kid started "There was an old man--."

            The sounds all faded together in the bar to create an overall cheerfulness in the environment. In the end John was smiling after solving the riddle.