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Kagome fumed as she stomped out of the well house, clenching and unclenching her hands as she stalked past her grandfather and Souta. At her passing, the men of her family hurriedly removed themselves from her path rather than end up acting as an outlet for her obvious bad temper. Once they were out of her line of vision, they shared a long look and quickly schooled their expressions into bland stoicism as they turned to walk away from the volatile girl.

Kagome was headed straight for shrine set away from the main house, her eyebrow twitching as she climbed the steps and kicked her shoes off and slid the shoji open with a bang. Blinking to adjust her eyes to the dimmer light inside, she turned to the rack with various pots containing ceremonial incense specifically for prayers and carefully selected the scent she wanted. She had to take a deep breath to prevent herself from snapping the delicate incense sticks in half when she collected a small bunch from the stand beside the door and moved to the flickering candles her grandfather had lit earlier.

She was still muttering under her breath as she turned the tips over the candle flame, lifting the sticks to blow out the fire gracing each one and leave the fragrant red glow. Turning on her heel, she walked to the prayer alter and eased down to her knees.

Kagome bowed low and habitually drew a calming spell Kaede had tried teaching her with the hand holding those sticks before she leaned up and stuck the unlit ends into the thick sand. She sat back, moving her hands to waft the thin curls of smoke over her face for a moment, then pressed her palms together at her heart.

"Dear gods... I pray for wisdom to understand my man;

Love to forgive him;

Patience for his moods...

Because gods, if I pray for strength,

I'll beat him to death."


Kagome's mother passed outside the shrine in time to hear her daughter clap three times and sighed heavily. She shook her head and tsked as she continued on to the house, "Every time..."