Trances POV on Dylan and Rommie after the destruction of the Andromeda (Pure, unadulterated fluff. How I hate you lot for making me write this! :- ))

All's well that ends well

So here we are at journeys end, and we all have decisions to make: Tyr and Beka have to decide if they truly love each other, Harper has to decide how he feels for me (He knows how I feel for him), and Dylan and Rommie have to decide how they feel for each other once and for all.

So I sit here in the bar, keeping an eye on Dylan as he nurses a drink, lost in thought. I could read his mind, maybe push him in what I think is the right direction, but that would be wrong: when all is said and done, he has to come to his own decision.

My mind wanders, my own thoughts of Rommie coming to the fore: she thinks that I don't see how hurt she is, that I don't understand, but I do. I've been through this point in time so many times (No pun intended) that I'm more than aware of how she feels. Indeed, I think I could guess what's going through everyone's mind right now.

Rommie doesn't know about the discussion I had with Andromeda's main-AI: I told Andromeda that it could come down to a choice between her and Dylan, and she wasted no time in saying that it should be, could only be, Dylan who lived, but only on the condition that her Avatar would survive. People always seemed to think of Andromeda's relationship with Rommie as symbiotic, but I always thought it was like sisters: the older looking out for the younger.

I look across the room, and from the look in their eyes, it pretty clear how Beka and Tyr feel for each other. I watch Dylan finish his drink and leave the bar. I follow him at a distance as he makes his way back to the Maru. He stops at the airlock, and for a moment, I'm worried that he'll change his mind, but he doesn't. I smile as the airlock closes after him: two down, one to go.

I turn to head back to the bar, but I see Harper standing across the corridor, a nervous smile on his face. I slowly walk up to him, my own nerves on edge. He takes my hands and draws me close for that first kiss: In all the time-lines I've been through, this is the only one where he's decided he loves me as much as I love him.

I told Dylan that this was not the perfect possible future I'd always hopped for, but from where I'm standing, it'll do for now.

The End.