059. Trail



Beyond the cypress trees and the rivers winding through the lowermost valley, Sesshomaru wanders into a secluded, tiny village.

Not so long ago, his demonic and hauntingly beautiful appearance would have startled them.

Perhaps he's gotten too accustomed to visitation.

One or two elderly woman cheerfully wave in the distance, carrying their water pails. Sesshomaru regards them for a moment before moving on, heading for a small cluster of reed-weaved huts.

As if sensing him, Rin run out of the far left hut with bare, damp feet. Her lavender-dyed kimono dangles off one of her shoulders.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" she cries out, nearly flying into his arms, her brown eyes twinkling happily.

The closer he observes her, Sesshomaru recognizes her womanly chin and her grown, slim stature. It's been many years since their adventures. "You look well, Rin," he murmurs, his lips twitching up faintly as Rin giggles and hugs him a little tighter around his waist, blushing shyly.

Using her name isn't rare between them, but Sesshomaru cannot deny what he has known about her. What he feels so profoundly.

It will not end like his father's lover.

Not ever.



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