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Chapter 25

Studio 44, 11:30 AM, Monday, August 27th, 2012

During the last several scenes of the morning run through, Penny made several more errors and even after the talk with Steve, she could see he was looking frustrated. But, Jeanie took him aside and started talking to him. He nodded several times, and when they came back, a few seconds later, he didn't seem as frustrated. They had to restart the next few scenes several times, as Steve didn't like the "picture" he was seeing, so he simply gave Penny a couple of suggestions, to try out in the afternoon run through.

Penny tried his suggestions and got through the afternoon run through with a minimal amount of problems, then made it through the pre-taped scenes with no problems. Everything was finished with Monday's work by around 6 PM. Jeanie and Penny went to dinner together, then they went back to Penny's apartment, to study the changes they had gotten that day. They got finished about 9 PM, and Jeanie when back to her apartment.

Penny thought about getting a glass of wine, No, after this morning, I really don't need any. Maybe I should cut back on the drinking, try to find another way of dealing with the problems. What I need to do is work on my script. She made herself a cup of tea and sat at her table studying her script, while she waited for the call from Leonard.

Apt 314, 8 AM, Tuesday August 28th 2012

Unlike the previous morning, Penny woke up clear headed, and actually made breakfast for herself, some eggs, toast and coffee. Afterward, she put the dishes in the dishwasher then went to take her shower, and get dressed.

She was reading her script and drinking coffee, when there was a knock on the door. Penny put her cup in the dishwasher, grabbed her purse, her bag, and headed out the door. Jeanie was there waiting and after Penny locked her door, they started walking to the studio.

At ten, Penny walked down to the stage, and when she got there, Tina handed her quite a few changes to the script for the day's shooting, it even involved reshooting one of the pre-shot scenes. Fortunately for Penny, none of the changed scenes were hers. Since she wasn't needed, she went back to her dressing room, while the others worked on the changes, and then reshot the pre-taped scene.

They did their afternoon run-through, then Penny and the rest of the cast waited for dinner at four PM. At five, the cast started getting their make-up and hair done, prepping for the show. At five-thirty they could hear the audience start to enter and at six, they heard the show from last week start playing. At six-thirty they gathered between the apartments, then walked out as they were introduced to the audience.

The taping of the show went very well for everyone, and afterward, Penny, Jeanie and Dave, made their way to the audience. There were quite a few requests for autographs, which Penny provided. After about five minutes, even thought there were more requests, the three of them headed back to their dressing rooms.

She picked up her bag, with next week's script in it. She had been given the script during the break in taping, but had only quickly looked it over before putting it in her bag. She was hurrying as the cast and producers were heading for Jakes Saloon, like they did the previous week.

Jeanie and Penny entered and found Jim, Kelli and Tami at the same table. Dave was there with his wife, Pam, and they all got their drinks and talked about how the show went. Penny was looking around and saw Brent in an animated conversation with a woman.

When she turned back to everyone at the table, almost everyone was talking, except for Dave's wife, so Penny started talking her and was delighted to find Pam had been impressed with Leonard, when she had talked with him during the upfronts.

After a while, Jeanie had gone to get another couple of glasses of wine. Penny had continued talking when she felt someone sit next to her and an arm go around her waist. She pulled back and found herself looking at Brent.

"Hey Penelope," he said, "I see you're still having trouble , my offer to help is still open. We can head over to my place and I'll work with you."

"No thanks, Brent," said Penny, trying to be polite. "I've been working with Jeanie, I've been working with Steve, I think they both have it covered." She decided to make it clear to him, "Also, I would appreciate you not putting your arm around my waist. I have a boyfriend, and I am not interested in visiting your apartment."

"Well, then, I'll just leave you alone,"

"Outside of work, I would appreciated it if you would," said Penny.

"Fine," said Brent in a huff, then he turned and walked off.

Jeanie came walking up, with two glasses. "What was that about?"

"He asked me to his apartment to help me work through my problems, again."

"Jeez," said Jeanie, "can't he take a hint?"

"Probably not," said Penny. "I'll just keep refusing, but told him not to bother me outside of work."

"I'm just not sure about him," said Jeanie. "Sometimes, he makes me nervous."

"I'll watch out," said Penny. "He reminds me of a friend of mine, who thought he was a player. But, once he got seriously involved with his wife, he's not so bad now."

"OK," said Jeanie, "I'm not saying he's some guy off the street. He has been professional on set."

They stayed for another hour, the actors giving Jim and Kelli some input on the show. Finally, Jeanie said to Penny, "You ready to head home?"

"Yeah, it's time, let's go."

They said their goodbyes, gathered up their things, put on their coats and headed toward the door. Just as they got to the door, Jeanie nudged Penny, pointing to the same corner as last week. Again, there was Brent, making out with a different woman. Penny and Jeanie laughed, shook their heads, then left the bar on their way home.

Studio 44, 9:30 AM, Wednesday August 29th 2012

Penny and Jeanie got to the studio around 9:30 and both went to their own dressing rooms. Penny had read through the whole script the previous night, then while waiting for Jeanie in the morning, started highlighting her lines. This morning, she took the time in her dressing room to complete that. She then took her script and left to go down to the floor early, as she wanted to get a cup of coffee before they did the table read.

After getting her coffee, she went to the table, and sat in the chair with her name placard on the table in front of her chair. She continued reading her script as everyone came in, until Kelli asked if everyone was ready. When everyone indicated they were, Kelli started the table read.

Once the table read was completed, Janet Larkin the head costumer, asked Penny to come to the costume shop, as there were a couple of outfits she wanted Penny to try on. Penny looked for Jeanie and explained she had to try on some costumes, and told Jeanie she should head home. Jeanie reminded Penny she was going to meet some friends and wouldn't be home until late tonight.

Penny nodded and said that was fine and headed toward the costume shop. She tried on three outfits, and Janet pinned two of the costumes she tried on. Janet told her she was done and would see her tomorrow. Penny put her clothes back on and left for her apartment.

On her way home, she picked up a sandwich from Stroko's deli on the corner of their street. When she got home, she started eating her sandwich and chips, and started reviewing her script. She was trying to memorize the lines, and also was trying out different ways of saying a line. Around three, she took a break. She laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. While watching that, she drifted off to sleep.

Thirty minutes later, she woke up, stretched and got up. She went to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea, and went to her table and studied her script some more. Around six, she stopped, poured herself a glass of wine, and while she sipped it, she made her a salad, some bread and a bowl of Chicken Ramen noodles.

After dinner she sat on her couch and flipped on the TV. She was surfing through the channels when she saw Star Trek. Must be…ah…ah, The Next Generation? she thought. The guy with the bald head is Captain Picard, great, how the hell did I know that? Watching the show made her feel incredibly sad, because Leonard wasn't there, so she got up to pour another glass of wine.

She filled the glass rather full and drank it while she watched the show. She was remembering some things about the show, and was slightly enjoying it, so when the next one started, she continued watching. Suddenly, she recognized a young Wil Wheaton. Hey Wil, she thought smugly, I'm acting now, what do you think about that?

She took a sip of wine and became sad again as she thought of the girls and how they all got together to drink wine and talk. She realized how much she missed them. How they had gotten her through the time Leonard was with Priya. At that she got up, and poured another glass of wine. Leonard, I miss him. Just another half hour and he will be calling.

She finished the glass, and decided she had had enough for tonight, as she was just starting to feel a bit tipsy. She took the glass to the sink and, along with the other dishes from dinner and her cup from this morning, washed, dried, and put them away. Who would have thought I'd be doing dishes and putting them away, she chuckled to herself.

After she finished, she got a bottle of water and went back to the couch, to watch some more TV until Leonard called. At 10 PM, her computer buzzed, and Penny accepted the call. The screen came up and Leonard was visible. "Leonard, hi, oh sweetie, it's so good to see you."

"I miss you," said Leonard. "It's so good to see you too. How are you?"

"I'm doing fine, right now," said Penny. "Had a good day at work, watched some Star Trek, the one with the bald guy."

Leonard looked surprised, "You watched Next Generation?"

"Yeah, I knew the name, I'm ashamed to say, because it had the bald guy. And later it had Wil Wheaton. Is it bad that I felt kinda smug about now being on TV?"

Leonard dismissed it,"Well, he messed with Sheldon a lot, but I'm kinda jealous about that, and besides they made up. So, you ready to come home next Wednesday?"

"Oh, yes, I am," said Penny. "My flight leaves at 4 AM and I get in at 7:30. You gonna be able to pick me up?"

"I wouldn't miss it," said Leonard. "I'm taking the morning off, but I have to be in for a couple of hours in the afternoon. So, we can get brunch, I can drop you off, and I'll see you late in the afternoon."

"That sounds good," said Penny, "I can get a nap in while you're at work, and be awake when you come home."

"Oh, I can't wait for you to get here."

"I can't wait either," said Penny. "So how is work going?"

"Do you really want to know?" said Leonard. "It will be boring to you."

"No, tell me," said Penny, "just use small words."

Leonard chuckled, "Ok, I will." And, he started explaining to Penny some of the work the four students would be doing.

Studio 44, 4:30 PM, Thursday August 30th 2012

Penny was laying on the couch in her dressing room. She was upset with herself, cursing herself for the way things went during rehearsal today. Dammit, why can't I get this right? Her lines weren't so much of a problem, she could still hold the script. But I couldn't even walk to somewhere they had just told me to go, and I had written down.

There was a knock on her door, so she got up, walked over and opened it. Jeanie was standing there.

"You ready to go home?"

"I don't know," said Penny, "do you think I can find my way there?" Jeanie looked at her strangely, Penny just shook her head and said, "Yeah, give me a couple of seconds to get everything." She put her script, pencils, markers, and computer in her bag, walked out of the dressing room, and closed and locked the door. Her and Jeanie left the broadcast center, walking home.

Just before getting to their apartment, Penny mentioned she had to stop at the store, so they continued to the store at the end of their block. Penny purchased a few pieces of fruit, a bag of salad, a couple of pork chops, some bread, a couple of packages of Ramen noodles, and four bottles of wine, before heading to the apartment.

The elevator had stopped on the third floor, and as Penny got out, Jeanie said, "You want to come up tonight, watch some television, maybe talk a little?"

"No, thanks, Jeanie," said Penny, sounding down, "I think I'll stay home, make a light dinner, try to study, so I don't look so stupid tomorrow."

"You sure?" said Jeanie, "I can help, and you didn't look stupid."

"No," said Penny shaking her head, "you have your own lines to study, I have to learn to get this on my own, goodnight Jeanie." Penny turned and walked to her apartment. She put her groceries away, poured a glass of wine and put the rest of the wine in the fridge. She looked over her lines for about an hour, then poured another glass of wine, and started her dinner.

She broiled a pork chop, made a salad and toasted some bread, and drank wine as she ate. After dinner, she did her dishes and poured another glass of wine, then started studying again. She realized she had comments about her lines, comments about where she should be walking, and comments the director asked her to use, all of it a bit confusing.

She found that some of the words she had written, weren't very clear as to where she should walk or what she should say. She was getting frustrated and poured another glass of wine. She was feeling tense and she felt it would help her relax and understand it better.

However, after that glass, nothing was making any sense, so she put her script away. She went to the kitchen and put the dishes away, and poured another glass of wine. She took it out to the living area and turned on the TV. She flipped through for a half hour, but couldn't find anything she really wanted to watch, and besides, the TV was looking blurry, so she shut the TV off.

She got up, put her glass in the sink, turned off the lights and made her way to her bedroom. It was only 9:30, but she just wanted to go to bed. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and put up her hair. She then stumbled to her bed and almost fell into it at 9:45. She was soon asleep.

At 10, her computer started buzzing, but Penny was already asleep and didn't hear it. In 4B, Leonard heard his call go to voicemail, and sounding disappointed said, "Hi Penny, you must have gotten to bed earlier than you said you would. I love you. Talk to you tomorrow."

Studio 44, 2:30 PM, Thursday August 30th 2012

They had just finished another run through, and Penny was angry. She still had a headache from her hangover, and she was getting her lines wrong. She kept putting more pressure on herself to get it right but, the more she pushed herself, the more errors she made. At least Steve recognized it was her simply trying too hard, and he kept telling her to relax.

Dave was with her in the next scene, and he came over to talk to her and try to calm her down a bit. He was being encouraging, but also trying to get her from trying so hard. "Relax," he said, "it's harder to remember the lines and your blocking if you keep putting pressure on yourself. You start thinking ahead, which can lead you to confuse which lines and blocking you should be doing. Take a deep breath and try to stay with the next line, use your script.

They started the scene and it took four attempts to get through it, with Dave making the first error, before Penny made some. Finally Steve called for a 10 minute break, and Penny went to her chair and angrily sat down.

Jeanie came over and said, "I'll be out tonight, but how about we go over your script quickly tomorrow morning around 9?"

She just nodded her head and said, "Yeah, we need to, I'll go over it tonight, and hopefully between that and your help, I'll have it."

Jeanie smiled at her, and put her hand on her arm, "You'll get it Penny, I'll make sure."

Penny was thinking, I won't even have Jeanie tonight, I miss having the girls around. Maybe I'll stop and get another couple of bottles on the way home. God I wish Leonard was here. He would calm me down. I can't believe I missed him last night. Well, I'll call him around eight, no, nine, he'll be home by then.

Penny heard Tina called time, for the break and Penny headed back on the set, hoping to get it right this time.