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Chapter 27

2311 Los Robles, 8:30 AM, Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Leonard was surprised that he found a space and was able to park in front of the apartment building, although, thinking about it some more, it wasn't all that surprising considering the day and time. They both got out, with Leonard grabbing her bag. They were walking up the stairs when Penny quipped, "Ya know, my apartment in New York has a working elevator."

Leonard said, "I don't know what you're complaining about, I'm the one that is carrying your bag up the stairs, not you."

Penny chuckled as they kept climbing and as they got to the third floor, they were surprised to hear Amy, from above, say, "Sheldon, you closed the window, I saw you do it. There is no reason to check it again. You checked the window, and you checked the stove three times and I don't even know why you checked the stove, you didn't even use it this morning. We're 45 minutes late, lets go."

Penny and Leonard walked up the final flight, and Leonard said, "Hi Amy, hi Sheldon."

They both turned and Amy yelled, "Bestie," and ran to Penny giving her a hug before Penny could react. Sheldon was trying to look bored, but Leonard could tell he was excited.

"Hello, Penny," said Sheldon, "I hope you had a pleasant flight."

"Didn't you even miss me?" said Penny breaking the hug with Amy.

"I suppose there were times." said Sheldon, "But, at least I didn't have to run out to the store because you used up our milk. Nor, have I had to use my noise cancelling headsets."

"I missed you too, Sheldon," said Penny as she engulfed him with a hug. Sheldon hesitated and looked uncomfortable, but he too was hugging Penny.

"What are you two doing here?" asked Leonard. "You were supposed to be at work at eight."

"Honestly," said Amy, "I don't know. First he was late getting dressed, and you know he's never late. Then he kept checking the stove, and then…" Amy stopped, looking like she was thinking, "Sheldon, you were stalling. You wanted to be here when Penny got in."

"I don't know what you are talking about Amy," said Sheldon. "I was just concerned about the stove and the window. Why would I want to see Penny come home?"

Leonard grinned, "Sure, Sheldon. I think Amy's right."

"Awwwwwwww, moonpie," said Penny, "you missed me." She hugged him tighter.

Sheldon tried to extricate himself from the hug, but Penny was holding on. "Penny, you can let me go now. Penny, I have to get to work. Penny, let go, and only my meemaw gets to call me moonpie."

Penny relented and let go, but said, "OK, moonpie."

Sheldon made a face then started down the stairs, "Come on Amy, before someone else grabs me and keeps me from leaving."

Amy said, "Penny, see you tonight?"

"Yeah," said Penny, "everyone is coming over tonight. It's good to see you Amy."

Amy grinned at Leonard and Penny and said, "It's good to have you home", before turning and following Sheldon down the stairs.

Leonard and Penny put her luggage in 4B and walked back down to Leonard's car. He drove to Marston's, their favorite restaurant for brunch, and found a parking space in front of the restaurant. They ordered their usual brunch, except they skipped the mimosas, and spent most of the time waiting for their food, just looking and smiling at each other. There was also some small talk, while they held hands. Their food came and they ate slowly. Penny was yawning a bit, and it wasn't until about ten that they finished. Leonard paid the bill and then they headed back to the apartment.

They were holding hands and kissing while walking up the stairs. When they got to the fourth floor landing, their kissing got very intense and they started undressing each other. Penny opened her door and pulled Leonard in and slammed it. In the middle of their kissing, Penny said, "I thought…you…had…to go…back…to work."

Leonard stopped kissing her, his shirt and her top were already on the floor, when he said, "Not for two hours," and went back to kissing her. They continued kissing while the hurried to the bedroom, taking their pants off on the way.

2311 Los Robles, 5:00 PM, Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Sheldon and Amy were walking up the stairs. Leonard was still in his meeting and Amy had brought Sheldon home. They had just gotten to the third floor landing when 3B opened and Mrs Gunderson walked out. Seeing Sheldon, she said, "Hello," then paused for a second. "Sheldon," she said, "was all that noise, and the coming from your apartment today?"

Sheldon just shook his head, "No, Mrs Gunderson, Penny has come back for a week and the noise was probably from 4B, as Leonard is staying over there now, when she is here."

"Are we going to have to listen to her shouting, "Yeehaw while playing cowboy for the entire week?"

"I don't know," said Sheldon, "she just got back this morning, and besides, I have my noise canceling headsets, thank you for your concern, goodbye." Sheldon turned and started for the stairs going up to the fourth floor. Amy said goodbye to Mrs Gunderson, who looked puzzled and chased after him.

At the door to apartment 4A, Amy said, "Sheldon, what is she talking about?"

"Amy, I'm not going to get into it," said Sheldon, with a shudder. "I suggest you ask Penny."

Apartment 4A, 6:30 PM, Wednesday, September 5th 2012

The whole group was in 4A, Howard, Bernadette and Raj had brought the food, and put it on the island. They had taken turns going to the island and getting their food and drinks, and everyone was now sitting in their normal places.

Bernadette had asked Penny how her flight had gone. After Penny had talked about her flight and the brunch her and Leonard had had, Amy said, "Penny, why was there a lot of noise coming from your apartment today? Were you playing cowboy, and why were you yelling yeehaw?"

Penny nearly did a spit take and had to get control before she said, "Where did you hear that and why are you asking me?"

"The woman downstairs asked Sheldon about it," said Amy. "And, when I asked him about it, he said to ask you."

Penny was turning red and started sputtering, as she really didn't know how to answer. Bernadette was grinning, but saved her when she said, "Penny, would you like to have a girls night on Friday?"

Penny simply nodded and Bernadette continued, "Amy, we'll talk about it at girl's night, OK?"

"OK," said Amy, "I think I can wait that long."

"I have an announcement," said Sheldon.

"What is it?" asked Leonard."

"I am interviewing assistants, to help me," said Sheldon. "For what," said Howard.

"He probably want's a flunky," said Raj, "I have my own office now, so he can't tell me what to do."

"That's not it at all," said Sheldon. "My mother sent me all my notebooks, where I did all my work when I was young. The university has agreed there might be something worthwhile in there, so I will be able to get a grad student to look though my notebooks."

"I thought it was against university policy to torture grad students," said Howard.

"How is going through my journals torture?"

"Oh, going through your journals isn't the torture," said Howard, "the torture comes from having to talk to you, and worse, work for you."

Sheldon just made a disgusted face.

"Actually, Penny, is Friday good for you? Do you and Leonard have plans?" asked Bernadette.

"Friday would be good," said Penny. "You and Amy don't have to work Saturday. All I have are some promos I have to tape at Warner Brothers on Friday morning and early afternoon. Leonard and I are going out Saturday, so Friday seems best."

"OK, Friday it is," said Bernadette. "Now, tell us about New York."

Penny started talking about the last three weeks, her work, and her blossoming friendship with Jeanie.

Apartment 4A, 9:30 PM, Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Howard, Bernadette and Raj had just left and Amy was getting ready to leave. Penny and Leonard said goodbye to her and went back to putting away all the dishes. Amy said goodbye to Sheldon and left. Penny went to the living room and started putting the chairs back in their places, while Leonard finished the dishes.

When Leonard finished, he walked out to the living room, where Penny was talking to Sheldon. "All right, buddy," said Leonard. "We're heading across the hall, goodnight."

They had just opened the door, when Sheldon spoke up, "Leonard, Penny, please do me a favor and try not to get so loud tonight, I need my sleep."

Penny was just shaking her head as they walked out the door to 4B.

Apartment 4A, 7:30 AM, Thursday, September 6th 2012

Leonard knocked on the door of 4A and waited. Sheldon opened the door, looking at Leonard scornfully. He walked out, closed and locked the door, and said, "The noise cancelling headsets didn't work. I lost 53 minutes of sleep last night." As they started down the stairs, he added, "I even tried earplugs with the headsets and it didn't work. Can you not participate in coitus tonight?"

"Sorry Sheldon," said Leonard, "you're probably going to hear it for the next five nights"

"Hmmmph, I wonder if Amy will let me sleep on her couch?"

"You might ask her," said Leonard with a smile, "she might offer you her bed."

"Do you think so?" said Sheldon looking thoughtful, "I don't think I will fit on her couch, but she will. Perhaps I can use her bed and she can use the couch. Do you think she would be agreeable to me using her bed"

"I'm sure she would," chuckled Leonard, not saying anything about how Amy would want to be in her bed also.

2311 Los Robles, 5:30 PM, Thursday, September 6th 2012

Leonard was walking up the stairs. He had asked Amy to take Sheldon home as he and Penny were going out for dinner, and then possible see a movie. He stopped on the second floor landing as he heard someone coming down the stairs.

Mrs Gunderson was walking down the stairs. She stopped and looked at Leonard. "Still playing cowboy, eh Leonard?"

Leonard didn't say anything, just looked embarrassed and then looked down.

"Or," said Mrs Gunderson, "should I ask if Penny is still playing cowgirl?

Leonard didn't say anything, just looked embarrassed.

Yeehaw, right?" She winked at him.

"Yes, Mrs Gunderson," he muttered, and stated up the stairs.

He opened the door to 4B, and walked in. He saw Penny on the couch, talking on her phone.

"Yes, Jeanie," said Penny, "See if you can explain it to them… Yes, they can contact Jim and Kelli also…Sure, OK, I'll see you Tuesday…Late afternoon or early evening… Yes, thank you. Bye now, see you Tuesday."

"How was your day?" asked Leonard. "Why are you talking to Jeanie?"

"I was talking to Jeanie," said Penny, "because I talked to my agent today."

"What about?"

Penny thought for a minute, trying to figure out how to explain this to Leonard, "My agent has a problem, she doesn't know anything about what is going on in New York. She is pretty good in LA, for someone starting out, but I'm not in LA most of the time, and I'm being told I have a higher profile now. Remember when we were in New York and we went to that party with William Morris?"

Leonard nodded his head.

"Well, Jeanie is repped by them and so are Kelli and Jim. I might be better off getting them to represent me."

"What if, after the show, you come back out here?"

"That's the nice part," said Penny, "William Morris has offices all over the world. If I was part of them, it wouldn't matter if I was here, in New York, or anywhere. They could find jobs for me, or would be involved with many other people who might need an actress or even some modeling or voice over work."

"But, I don't want to abandon Barb. I mean she took me in, when no one else would. She gets her 10% of all of this series, so if I do leave her, she would still get that. Jeanie said I could specify that she would get 1 or 2 percent of anything for the next few years, and then it would revert back to William Morris. But, I would have to wait to see if William Morris would be willing to give up that one or two percent, and for how long."

"Jeanie is going to talk to her agent at William Morris," said Penny, "and explain to them my situation. Maybe have them talk to Kelli and Jim, since they rep those two. After I get back, Jeanie will set up a meeting with her rep, and I'll see what kind of offer I can get and if or how we could work Barb in."

"So, I guess you just have to wait to see what happens, for now."

"Yep," said Penny, "so, where are we going for dinner?"

"That Italian place, Luciano's, on California," said Leonard. "I want to go there, because after we eat we can…"

"Leonard, I don't want to stay out too late," said Penny. "I have to do some promos tomorrow at Warner Brothers."

"I was thinking about a movie," said Leonard. "It should get done around nine, so it won't be too late."

"OK, give me a second to get my purse, and on the way I can find a movie."

"Hey, what if I want to find one."

"Well, then," said Penny, "I'll drive and you can look."

"Yeah, no," stammered Leonard. "I think I'd rather be driving and letting you find a movie."

"My thought's exactly," said Penny.

Leonard said, "Find us a good one."

Ten minutes later they were on their way. It took only fifteen minutes to get to the restaurant. They both had penne, with a white wine sauce, both meals came with a salad and bread. Penny also had two glasses of wine, with Leonard having none, because he was driving. They skipped desert so they could get to the movie on time. Penny said she found one, but hadn't said which one.

She directed Leonard to head south on Fair Oaks, and five minutes later they went by the South Pasadena Rialto. Leonard looked for a place to park, and found one about a half a block away. As they walked up to the theater, Leonard could see the name of the movie, "Hit and Run".

"What is this about?"

"It's a romantic comedy," said Penny.

Leonard rolled his eyes, "And it has Jennifer Aniston finding the love of her live, right?"

"No, Leonard," said Penny. "It has Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Dax Shepard and Kristin Chenoweth."

"I don't know who those people are," said Leonard, "but, if you want to see it, let's go."

"I think Kristen Bell was in Heros," said Penny, "so, you may recognize her."

Leonard paid for their tickets and they entered the theater, got some popcorn and drinks and went into the theatre to watch the movie. Fortunately, the movie got out at 9 PM, and they were home by 9:30. They knew it was early, but Leonard had to get up to be in by 8 AM, to talk with one of the grad students. Penny also had to be at Warner Brothers by 10:00 to tape the promos, so they both decided to head to bed.

They did their usual preparations and after finishing, they both got into the bed. Both knew they weren't going to go right to sleep, so they snuggled up. Leonard chuckled and Penny asked, "What?"

"You know," said Leonard, "both Sheldon and Mrs Gunderson were complaining about the noise last night."

"Well," said Penny, "how about we really give the something to really complain about?"

Leonard laughed, "You read my mind," as he pulled her in and started kissing her.