Hello everyone, Wrighteous here. You may ask why I'm writing this instead of my other. Well, because I currently have writer's block for the combos and all out for Persona 5. So out of boredom and extreme brainstorming, I wrote this as this was my third react story. Detroit was a good story. Androids fighting for freedom...so I wondered what would others think of this, and tada. Let's get in, shall we? This is also the first time I wrote another react fanfic.

"Hmm... Maybe Victorian? No, no, it won't fit. Neoclassical? Nah." Virga pondered as he shifted a huge room what seems to be a theater between different eras.

"Ah, a typical movie theater auditorium then. Maybe add some noir-themed futuristic vibes to it." He waved his hand which then constructed a movie theater with some white and grey neon lights and a huge screen.

"Maybe make the seats arranged like a cinema. Oh, add a small room for food and drinks." He whipped his hand again to place 24 seats in front of the 16 meter-high and 22 meter-wide screen 5x5 and theater-style and make a small room on the right side of the theater which then had a drink counter with a wide array of alcohol on a shelf behind, a fridge twice the size of a normal fridge, a mini-kitchen with basic cooking utensils and popcorn stalls along with vending machines for snacks and tinned drinks.

"Alright, everything's in place. Now to put the final touches: the audience. Gotta thank the boss for lending me his powers." He clapped his hand three times, then a portal appeared, dropping twenty-four people; Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Coco, Velvet, Sun, Neptune, Penny, Qrow, Ozpin, Glynda, Doctor Oobleck, General Ironwood, Specialist Winter, Taiyang Xiao Long, Sienna Khan, leader of the White Fang, Adam Taurus, Ghira and Kali, Blake's parents and Ilia Amitola, a chameleon Faunus proclaiming herself as Blake's lover, in their respective seats, all unconscious.

The first to wake up was Ruby. "Umm... Where are we?" Ruby asked as she woke up. The last thing she remembered was collapsing into bed after a day of Grimm extermination, yet now she was, somehow in her battle outfit. As she looked around she saw her teammates and friends, plus a few people she didn't know.

On a table by the wall was all their weapons and the others were in a deployed state in a display case.

Then, out of nowhere, the figure pulled a rope and a loud train horn blared, waking all of them screaming and scrambling.

"Ow, ow!" Blake and Velvet along with other Faunus yelled as they covered their ears.

"What the hell just happened!? Where are we!?" Weiss and Yang was the first to openly ask after recovering.

"Students? Why are-"

"Professor Ozpin! Professor Goodwitch! Doctor Oobleck!" RWBY and JNPR shouted.

"Sun?!" "Neptune?!" Blake and Weiss were shocked to see the two.

"Blake?!" "Weiss?!" the other two were even shocked.

"James?" Ozpin and Glynda asked.

"Oz? Glynda? Where are we? What's going-"

"Winter!" Weiss was shocked to see her sister

"Weiss? Are you okay?" She asked with concern.

"Winter, I'm fine..."

"PENNY!" Ruby was excited to see her robotic companion.

"Ruby!" Same goes for Penny too.

"DAD! UNCLE QROW!" The Rose-Xiao Long sisters saw their father and uncle.

"GIRLS!" Them too.

"Dad?! Mum?!" Blake was shocked to see her parents.

"Blake!" Both were happy to see her.

"What?! Where am I?! What is this devil magic?!" Sienna yelled and looked around frantically.

"ADAM?! ILIA?!" Blake was now horrified to see the White Fang members.

"What the fresh hell is this?!" Muttered an irate Adam Taurus until he noticed the sight of Blake with her friends and put on his evil face. "Ah, my love! How good-"

"Blake! Why are you here?!" Ilia interrupted Adam.

Before it turned into full confusion, the figure, who was still unnoticed, yanked the rope again, getting everyone's attention in shock.

"Settle down, everyone! Let me explain everything." He said.

"Who are you and where are we?" Everyone asked.

"My name's not important right now, but you are currently in my dimension, a place where I need all of you to watch a movie of upmost importance." He answered.

"Wait, you're telling me that you kidnapped me, my sister, Coco, Velvet, monkey boy, aqua boy, my team, my uncle, my dad, Jaune's team, and three teachers at Beacon, TO WATCH A MOVIE!?" Yang shouted.

"Well, I can assume that this movie's no ordinary movie, correct mister...?" Ozpin asked.

"Virga. Correct Ozpin." Phoenix then looked at everyone. "This movie is special to everyone here."

"Pssh, how is this going to affect us?" Sienna, Adam and Ilia dissed.

"This is the story of three people, all which came from a race enslaved by humans." All Faunus immediately paid attention. "One who escapes the owner she was serving to explore her newfound sentience and protect a young girl," Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Taiyang, Velvet, Winter, Blake and her parents perked to that. "Another whose job is to assist human law enforcement," Ironwood and Penny's turn. "And the last one who devotes himself to releasing others of his kind from servitude and slavery." All the Faunus reacted strongly.

"Protecting a young girl?" The parents and siblings were interested.

"Assisting human laws?' the law faction joined in.

"Devoting himself to releasing his kind from abuse?" all Faunus joined.

"Yes, yes and yes. And before that," Virga held out his hand as an orb flew towards Penny. The moment it entered her, she shone brightly and the glow vanished.

"What happened to me? What did you do to me?" Penny asked in a concerned state as she patted her whole body, to the shock of those who knew her.

"Penny, how can you speak and express like a human?" Ironwood questioned.

"And how can you move like a human?" Winter followed up.

"Simple. What I did, was deviate her from her programmed behaviour." Virga replied.

"Deviate?" Ruby asked.

"Departing from usual or accepted standards. Meaning, she's free from her programming making her an android. She can do move and act like a human." He simplified.

"That's so awesome Penny!" Ruby pulled her into a hug.

"Yeah! It is, Ruby!" Penny said happily as she hugged her back.

Some were heart melted, some were confused on Penny's reveal as an android, and some really didn't care.

"Now then, I believe everything's in order. Shall we start?" Everyone nodded their heads.

"Good, let's begin." The surroundings darken as the big screen showed three words: "DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN".

And there. What do you all think? Leave some reviews and I might continue writing should I encounter another block