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There was a woman, who happened to look like an older Yang, except her hair was black, which was in a ponytail that was tied by a shawl, and she had red eyes, like Qrow. She was dressed in a shallow-cut red and black dress, with stockings and a black skirt. She also wore fingerless gloves, gauntlets, and something that looked like a bunch feathers hung on the right-side of her skirt.

Qrow and Yang were just shocked to see HER in the same room as them.


Yang wasn't the only one who said that, but Ruby said it as well, looking at an older-version of herself, only this person's black and red hair was a bit longer than Ruby's. She was also dressed in a similar outfit to Ruby's, except her clothing were mostly black, while the cloak was white. That was when she simply said,



And with that, the younger Rose tackled her mother into a hug, with Summer Rose hugging her back, Ruby crying her eyes out from seeing mom again. Yang and Tai joined the family hug, and Qrow wanted to join in on the hug, but he curbed that feeling.

"Where are we anyways?" Raven asked.

"It's...kind of a long story." Yang replied.

"I'll handle it." Virga stepped towards them.

One good explanation later…

"...and that's the gist of what happened." Virga finished, catching his breath.

"But how did you retrieve Summer in the first place?" Qrow asked as Summer pet Ruby's head and gave her a bag of cookies.

"Well, I have to thank D for that." Virga answered. "He still owes me for those 666 losses on the past few poker nights." He snickered.

"Who's…D?" Blake asked.


Everyone save Summer shouted a loud 'what'.

"It's true. Did you really think I had no friends, especially when you had to resort to being friends with otherworldly individuals?"

"Ok…what about Raven?" Tai asked as Yang hugged Raven, after punching her in the gut.

"Ghion. He's my eyes and ears in Remnant. He was one of Raven's temporary bandits." Virga answered.

"Bastard…"Raven cursed under her breath. She was on a village raid till Ghion attached a homing beacon on her.

"Matters aside, I get to be reunited with my family and friends!" Summer rejoiced as she hugged her family, team and… Winter and Kali?!

"I…" Raven gasped.

"…can't…" Winter continued.

"…breathe…" Kali finished, making Summer let go.

"Wait, you know Summer?" Ironwood and Ghira asked them.

"Mom, how do you know Winter and Kali?" Ruby asked.

"Oh, Raven, Winter's mom and Kali hang around with me often back when we were in Beacon on girl's nights. You could say we were…the original Team RWBY." Summer answered.

(A/N: Well, that was made up. It would be cool if I get to see them as a team though.)

The Rose-Xiao Long family, Team JNPR, Atlas division, Ghira and Qrow dropped their jaws to that.

"It's true actually…" The older WBY answered.

"Mom told me that Summer proclaimed her as her 'bestie' before I entered Atlas Academy. Mom told me she 'still missed your dorkiness, you dolt.'" Winter said out of her usual tone and pinched the white reaper's cheek.

"I have to thank Summer I met my husband here…" Kali blushingly said as she nudged Ghira.

"Wait, I don't get it. Mom, Ice Queen and Ms. Kitty I understand, but Y?" Yang thought if it was the old RWBY, what about Raven?

"Oh, that's Rae-Rae's old nickname. Still using it, 'Yuno'?" Summer said as she ruffled her hair.

"Stop it, Sum… I've thrown that away when we lost you…" Raven said, bred with embarrassment before shifting to a slight tone of sadness.

"Well, I'm still here, aren't I? Besides, I loved seeing your adventures in Beacon, Ruby!" Summer beamed. Guess that's where Ruby got her cheeriness.

"She can still monitor everyone even when she's in the skies. Thank the Mirror of Everything for entertainment." Virga said, recounting the time he went to Pearly Gates for a visit.

"Alright, introductions done, why don't we get in the show?" Virga said as he took a seat on the rearranged 9x3 seats.

"Finally. Still interested in the reason you brought us here." The Fang said.

Date: November 5th, 2038
Time: 09:38:05 AM

"That's a long time, 3 months after the hostage incident." Blake said.

Brown leaves fell as autumn hits Detroit. A man, with a blue triangle on his back and over his left chest pocket with a right armband on his half-zipped leather jacket, walked by a park.

A package dropped onto Coco's lap. This time she didn't need to open it to know what's inside.

He saw a child run past a flock of pigeons on the ground and hugged a black-skinned AX400 woman.

(buzz) (A/N: this means Penny has new data entered in her mind)

"That's an AX400. Its function was as a domestic worker, housekeeper, and caretaker of young children." Virga explained.

"So, a caretaker better than old sis here." Qrow said, getting slapped in the head by Raven.

"The AX isn't your average caretaker. It can speak 300 languages and prepare more than 9,000 dishes."

"Talk about a good tongue." Weiss was impressed on how fluent the AX is.

Three thick cookbooks appear on Ren's (painfully), Kali's and Summer's seat. "These cookbooks contain every recipe in the AX's databank."

"But what's popular about the AX400 is for its ability to get along well with children and can care for them, entertain them, and help them with homework. It has 9,000 children's stories stored in memory."

"She could be a replacement mom for Ruby and Yang…" Tai thought, the AX would be suitable for him had he not lost both his wives.

"9,000 stories? Is 'The Story of the Seasons' one of them?" Ruby asked.

"I think so, but the favorites are 'Red Riding Hood', 'Snow White', 'Beauty and the Beast', 'Goldilocks', 'The Wizard of Oz', 'Bartholomew and the Oobleck', 'Pinocchio', 'Jungle Book' and many more." Virga said, and somehow RWBY, Ozpin's Circle, Doctor Oobleck, Penny and the Fang felt some sort of déjà vu.

"Would you like to go home now?" the android asked. "Yes, Rose." The kid answered. "Yes, I think that's enough for one day…"

The Rose-Xiao Long family jerked to that.

"Huh, what a coincidence." Virga thought.

After the scene, the man faced forward towards the camera, showing his green eyes.

"This guy has your eyes, Glynda." Ozpin saw the man's eyes.

"Alright, intro time. This guy's Markus, one of the protagonists. He's an RK200 android, a domestic assistant and companion. Not as good as an AX, mind you all."

"Markus here's a prototype initially developed as part of a secret CyberLife program aimed at elaborating a new generation of autonomous androids. He might look normal, but later in the story, he's will become one of the most important key figures, and the reason I brought the Fang all here." Virga pointed at the fang.


Markus walked towards a bench and picked up a magazine. "Tech Addict: Secrets of Androids"

A stack of magazines appeared near the weapon case.

"You all are free to read it during the break."

Markus passed by a playground as two individual ran by Markus and stopped at the exit of the park. "Hey, water." The android passed a bottle of water to the man. "You have run twelve miles, and are five miles away from your goal." The man handed the bottle back and continued running.

"This guy knows not to skip leg day." Yang said.


"An AC700. A commercial android designed as a sports partner." Penny said.

"Can they play 'Break one's Legs' too?" Nora asked.

"Nora, no." Ren held Nora down to her seat.

Markus walked out of the park. At his left, he sees some androids and workers fixing pipes. "Hurry up, you plastic idiots! I want this done by 4!" The android continued working.

"Maybe he would've been faster if you helped him." Jaune said.

Markus looked right and saw a beggar with a sign: "Ban Androids. ANDROIDS RUIN OUR COUNTRY. We want jobs!"

"This is one of the reason why some people hate androids." Virga said.

"True. With androids better than human and Faunus in their jobs, it's no surprise they'd replace human workers." Ironwood put a thinking pose.

"Yep, just like how your sentient garbage ruined Atlas. All the tin cans do the labor while those greedy and arrogant bastards in Atlas relax in luxury." Qrow sipped.

Markus crossed the road as the camera pans the view of Greektown.

"I'll admit, this place is better than Vale." Ozpin adjusted his glasses.

Markus stops in front of a hotdog vendor. "Hey, move it! You're scaring away my customers."

"How can an android scare a human?" Ruby thought.

Markus didn't move. "Are you deaf, you plastic fuck? I said move it!" the vendor got out and shoved Markus.

"Hey! Don't be a jerk." Ruby yelled while the Faunus fumed. Never once they've never experienced this before.

Markus walked to a fountain. He sees a man playing a guitar. Markus sees a small sign: "Human music! $1 to Hear Music with Soul" Markus listened for a while before leaving.

"This guy has better guitar skills than Jaune here." Weiss said, causing Jaune to slump in his seat.

As Markus passes a shop named "James & Carter", he sees a man protesting. "Verily, I say unto thee, the day shall come when we will have to pay the price for our arrogance! On that day, we shall have to explain our acts of idolatry!" He notices Markus looking at him. "Why do you look at me so, demon?" He points at said 'demon'. "I know who you are, I can see through you! You are the one by whom The Evil will come! You are the one who will destroy Detroit!" He stared at Markus before walking away while continuing his 'Androids are Evil' protest.

"Ugh…now I know what Sun meant when he said 'holier-than-thou'. It's like mixing peaceful protests with aggressive approaches." Blake sighed. Sun just nodded along.

"Mixing peace with anger. I like it." Adam and Sienna nodded.

"Of course you two would. Mine is more aggressive and less peace." Raven boasted, getting a pebble to the head by Virga.

Markus enters a building as he passes a clothing store called "Smith & White" and a movie theater.

"That's a place I would go to." Coco eyed the clothing store.

"You think they show Try Hard 2: Try Harderer?" Sun and Neptune asked.

"Nah, they have Try Hard 5: A Good Day to Try Hard. It's the future after all." Virga said as he replaced 'die' with 'try'.

"Cool…" The junior detectives wish to see it. "It was a nice one too. B+ in my opinion." Virga snapped his fingers. To their surprise, a DVD fell onto their laps.

Markus entered a painting store called "Bellini Paints" beside the boutique. He placed his hand onto a digital panel at the counter. The skin on his hand disappeared as the panel scanned his hand.

"Even androids have identification?" Pyrrha asked.

"Yes, both themselves and their owner." Virga answered.

"Identification verified." The cashier grabbed a box underneath the counter and handed the box to Markus. "Here's your order #847. That'll be $63.99. Please confirm payment." Markus' LED turned yellow along with the cashier. "Payment confirmed."

"Wireless transaction? Interesting!" Oobleck wrote notes in his book.

"Transaction complete." Markus takes the box and leaves the store. He passes the theater again as he sees some movie posters. "The Target", "Raken", "Invasion", "3021" and "Annah Mavrick".

"That'll make one hell of a movie night." Yang, Qrow and Tai was impressed at the selection of movies.

Markus continues walking as he passes a CyberLife store. Passing by, he sees a group protest. One of the protestors notices Markus. "Where the fuck you going, tin can? Hm?" Markus tries to walk past, but the protestor blocks his way. "Hey guys, check it out, we got one of those tin cans here…" The group surrounds Markus.

"Ugh...gangups are the worst way one bully can achieve..." Jaune sighed as he remembered the day Cardin and his gang beat him up at Forever Falls.

One of them shoves Markus to the floor from behind. "Look at this little motherfucker. You steal our jobs, but you can't even stand up." The protestor jeered as Markus got up, but a protestor kicks him in the guts as he fell. He gets up again as the same protestor grabs his collar. "You ain't going anywhere. We're gonna fuck your bitch ass up."

"Triple swear!" Ruby pointed as fifteen Lien appeared in her palm. "Take it as a swear pay." Virga told the reaper.

"Alright," a policeman enters the situation. "That's enough. Leave it alone." But the protestor wouldn't let go of Markus. "Let us teach this bastard a lesson." Markus stared back. "You damage it, I'm gonna have to fine you." The protestor finally let go of Markus. "They're gonna take your job next," He pointed at the policeman. "We'll see how you like it…" The group starts to disperse. "Okay…Let's go, move along." The policeman escorted Markus away from the group.

"What a nice policeman…" Taiyang said.

"If only our law force were as useful as them…" Ironwood and Ozpin sighed. Even with the recent outbreaks of Dust theft, not even the police or Huntsmen can deal with the problem.

Markus stood at the side of the bus stop. As the bus approaches, the door opens to see two androids standing stationary. He enters the bus as it took off. Inside the bus, was separated by the normal compartment, and the android compartment. The bus then drives off the horizon of Detroit.

"Now that's just mean, it's like cramping the Faunus in one spot while humans get a large space." Velvet noted, feeling a little unsettled.

"Ah, it seems the next part's going to be related to our two moms here." Virga thought.

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