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The heavy sound of boots clomping against the pavement was the only thing cutting the uncomfortable silence. Through his thick sunglasses he stared at the single daisy resting limply in his hand. He had considered bringing her a bouquet but Numbuh 5 had warned him that the choice would only send mixed messages. This was a courtesy call, not reconciliation.

"Thanks for coming with me guys." He said to the duo close by his sides.

"No problem Numbuh 1." Numbuh 4 smiled, "We weren't gonna leave you alone fa' a second with Lizzie anyway."

A ghost of a smile graced his thin lips, but faded away as his thoughts drifted back to her. He had a week to ponder what he would do. Now Lizzie was out of the hospital and a decision had to be made. For that long wait he had spent sleepless nights with his guilt. All for him, she had done it all for him. Was he going to have this effect on her for the rest of their lives? All the more reason to end it for good. He was just going to go in, see if she was all right, apologize for letting her get hurt, and say goodbye forever. The official end of their unhealthy relationship. The remorse still seeped through him. Despite the fact that it was her decision to react so horribly to their initial break up; he still felt it was his fault she took such drastic course. He turned to Numbuh 5 for solace. The look in her eyes told him to stop laying on the self-pity and come to terms that there were some things that would always be out of his hands. Now his relationship with Lizzie would be one of them.

"I am a bit nervous about visiting her after what's happened." He confessed.

"There's nothing to worry about," Numbuh 5 ensured. "We got yo back in case she tries anything."

Numbuh 4 eagerly cracked his knuckles.

"An' if she does it's gonna give 'er a one way trip back ta the hospital." He turned to his comrades with a grin. "Maybe she'll finally end up in the psych-ward where she belongs."

Numbuh 5 snickered in agreement. She looked up into their leader's eyes; behind his drooping shades she noticed them quiver with concealed sadness. She could understand his indecision; after all, Lizzie was his first love. First loves are never forgotten and the betrayal accompanying his memories only bore the pain of loosing her deeper into his heart. But he still had to let go; cut the cord for good, for him and the teammates he cared so much about.

"It's going to be strange seeing her like this." He murmured.

"C'mon boss," Numbuh 5 encouraged. "Stop bein' so wishy- washy. It ain't you."

He took a deep breath, making fists. A look of solid concentration masking his face.

"You're right. I have to stop being so irresolute! I tried to reason with Lizzie and couldn't. It's just the way she is. I'm going to go over there and give her my ultimatum! --- And a daisy." He concluded, examining the flower to see if it had survived his fervor.

Five couldn't help but smile. Under all those plots and missions and yelling and seriousness was a caring and sensitive guy who genuinely possessed strong concern for all kids. She briefly pat One on the shoulder, the simper still on his face, an admiring sparkle in her eyes.

"Yo one of the good ones Numbuh 1."

"Thanks Numbuh 5, it makes me feel better hearing that from you."

A warm feeling of pride filled the dark-skinned girl. She couldn't help but do anything for her leader.

"And I really must thank you for how you handled Lizzie the other day as well." He continued. "I wouldn't have been able to take it that far. If it weren't for you who knows what may have happened."

"It was nothin'." She humbly smirked. "Any one a us woulda done the same thang."

"Yeah, I wan'ed ta punch Lizzie's lights out m'self." Numbuh 4 swung his fists through the air at phantom targets. "Man, if it 'ad been me, she woulda been knocked out longa' then a week, I can tell you."

"I'm surprised to what lengths she went to in order to keep you guys away from me." Numbuh 1 mused. "She must have really convinced herself that you were trying to steal me away from her or something." He paused chuckling. "Really, where would she have gotten such an idea?"

She stopped her pace suddenly. The thoughts crashing through her mind like fearsome tidal waves. His rhetoric immediately reminding her of what Lizzie had said during their fight. For the first time ever, she questioned the reasoning for her loyalty to him. For the first time she questioned the warm pride that encompassed her heart. For the first time she questioned the way she was so eager to fight at his side. Did she really look at him any differently then the others? Was it true or just the delusional ranting of an obsessive and paranoid madwoman? She had always respected him yes, but did she feel something stronger then friendship? An eternity passed in her mind, searching for answers that weren't there. In reality only a few seconds had passed and she hadn't moved an inch, allowing the boys to surpass her without notice.

"Uh, guys," She caught their attention. Pulling the brim of her hat down over her eyes, she continued. "Numbuh 5 just remembered she had ta get somethin' from the candy store."

The boys looked to her, then to each other in silent mutual agreement.

"Oh, you can go ahead then Numbuh 5." Numbuh 1 excused. "I'm sure we'll be all right."

"Yeah, go on." Numbuh 4 agreed "Its'ok."

"Thanks," She said smiling weakly. She falsely strengthened it as she turned away waving. "Catch up with you guys layda'."

"Hey, pick me up some choco-pops while ya there!" Numbuh 4 called after her as she headed down the opposite way and disappeared behind a building.


Now alone with her thoughts, she let the puzzle pieces fall from the box and scatter across her mind. How did she really feel about Numbuh 1? For years they had been together, fighting at each other's side, building a strong plutonic relationship where she could almost always tell what he was thinking. To her he was an open book; she knew he liked to be mysterious and stubborn, enthusiastically upholding his ideals no matter what the cost. But for everything she knew about him he was never predictable. A piece of him he always kept hidden from her and the rest of the team. Something in the fact that he hid his eyes, kept to himself busying his mind with intricate plans and allowed so much to be carried on his shoulders. So many layers he had buried inside, frailly dangling between staying under his control and showing through, revealing something that perhaps he kept secret for a reason. She respected everything about him though and that included his mysteries.

Despite their differences they had so much in common. They both possessed the common sense to solve the many problematic threats to kid-kind. They both had great passion dedicated to their goals. Although she was laidback and he was high strung they seemed to fit well together on the battlefield. He made elaborate master plans, she adlibbed on instinct and kept things as simple as necessary. Although there was tension it never damaged their friendship. He gave her someone to look up to; a hero from her own world. She cared about him greatly as a friend but was this devotion headed for the next level? Was it pulling her deeper into the abyss of her loyal heart? If it were true, would she pursue him?

She shook the thought violently from her head.

'Get it together girl!' she mentally berated herself. 'You can't fall in love with him. He's yo leader and yo friend but nothing more!'

The pain in her heart confirmed her fears. But it was time to let her head take control. He had a girlfriend before and look where that led him. Nothing but torment and painful sacrifice. To be a true leader he could have no distractions. How could she call herself his friend and loyal teammate if she impaired his judgment with the display of her emotions? She would never do that to him. He cared about the Kids Next Door more then anything else in the world. Any split in his devotion would cause his suffering and misery all over again. It was better for him, for the team, for all entire organization of the Kids Next Door if she forgot these feelings immediately and continue things as they had been. Just let it go; keep him free. This was how it had to be. She cared too much to let him be chained again. She swallowed her emotions and ignored the panicked pounding of her heart. Heading for the candy store to drown her feelings in a rush of sugary sweets.


They approached the house with the most timid caution. Lizzie's house was a large and foreboding alien territory. From its dimensions the two boys quickly assumed that the subject of their visit must be well off financially. Numbuh 4 was especially impressed.

"Whoa! Lizzie must be loaded." He gasped awestruck.

It definitely could explain how she was able to afford all the necessary appliances she used to shower her former beau with attention, among other things she had used for on him for other relatively less romantic reasons.

"Let's just try to keep this short." Numbuh 1 sighed.

Gaining entry, the pair headed to Lizzie's room. They stood before the door glancing at each other for emotional support, took a deep breath each and crossed the threshold. Inside the husky red head was calmly seated in her bed, which, like the rest of her room was coated in pink and frills. Numbuh 4 unconsciously let out a disgusted grunt. To him this room was the epitome of "girly." Make-up and ribbons sat on her desk before a large vanity mirror. Everywhere pre-teen magazines and cheep romance novels were scattered about the floor, excluding the thick tome Lizzie currently had her round nose buried in. On a nearby wall, plastered there by transparent tape, were countless photos of her and Numbuh One together in various places. During their relationship he may have found this cute, but now he was finding himself slightly disturbed by the numerous photographs she had kept of them that were enough to completely cover one of the dimensions of her room. He cocked his brow at one picture in particular, wondering just when he had gone with Lizzie to "The Point", not noticing the sound of Numbuh 4 shuttering violently upon gazing at the same glossy, slightly out of focus, snap- shot.

For someone who had recently suffered from head trauma, she appeared to be in the best of health. Reading her book without an apparent care in the world. The only telltale sign that anything had happened to her was the thin shroud of white bandages wrapped around her head.

The creak of the door hinge turned her attention to her visitors, whom she greeted with a gleeful squeal.


Tossing the book aside like last weeks trash, the ever-clingy votary rushed to embrace her bald beloved. So happy she was to see him again, she was sure he had come to make up and be with her once more. Wincing, he retreated a step, his blonde companion reflexively balling his fists ready to attack if necessary. Disappointed she took the hint and retracted her affection, letting her outstretched arms drop to her sides. Cupping her hands together modestly, she looked to Numbuh 1 with reserved longing.

"Hi Nigel." She rephrased.

Dropping his defensive stance, One let out a relieved sigh, holding his hand to his chest. Composing himself he glanced away from her flirtatious eyes, digging the toe of his boot into the plush pink carpet.

"Hello Lizzie." He greeted "I take it you're feeling better."

"Yeah, the doctors said that my glasses took most of the force." She smiled, catching the glint of concern in his concealed eyes. Noticing this he quickly readjusted his sunglasses and cleared the nervous squeak from his throat.

"You wanna sit down?" She offered mostly to Nigel, not really bothering to take notice of his friend standing there, glaring at her like one would a demon of the underworld.

"No thanks," Numbuh 1 declined. "We won't be staying long." He coughed again and produced the daisy he had been hiding behind his back. "I just wanted to give you this."

With a delighted gasp she snatched the flower from his hand and clutched it greedily in her chubby fingers.

"Oh, thank you! I love it!" She held it close to her chest preciously. Its pedals bending pressed hard into her bosom. She looked back at him with sparkling eyes. His however did not exchange any such happiness.

"I'm sorry that you got hurt Lizzie, but you do realize that I'm only here to see that you're all right. Nothing more."

"So don't try anythin' funny while weh 'ere. Or you'll 'ave ta an'sah ta me." Numbuh 4 felt like adding, having been ignored up until now. Numbuh 1 held up his hand, halting the punch hungry Aussie.

"You understand don't you?" He redirected his attention back to Lizzie.

"Yeah, and I'm sorry." She sighed dejectedly, then smiled casually, smirking it off. "I guess I did go a little crazy back there."

Numbuh 4 snarled and gritted his teeth leaning forward.

"A *LITTLE* crazy?" He exclaimed, "You nearly drowned me in a tank of melted chocolate!"

His fists quivered with rage, ready to pound her at a moments notice. She only responded with a blissful grin, not at him, at Nigel, who now was scowling at her, sharing in Numbuh 4's distain.

"You're going to have to get over this Lizzie." He ordered "I'm not ready for the kind of relationship that you are and you're going to have to accept that."

Lizzie frowned taking a seat back on her bed. She sniffled staring down at her feet, eliciting a rise of pity in Numbuh 1's heart, which was surely her plan. Taking a hold of his senses he commanded himself to continue the original plan. He was now used to the pain of his constant divide. And Numbuh 4's fearsome scowl gave him further incentive with a look that said 'If you start this all over again I *WILL* punch you out and drag you home.'

"Now see here." One leaned over to the saddened girl. "There's no reason to be upset. We're both still young. There will be plenty of time for other loves. I'm sure you'll find someone who's perfect for you one day." He gave her a soft pat on the shoulder and a gentle, reassuring smile. Numbuh 4 rolled his eyes. No matter how strong he was in battle, Numbuh 1 would always be a pathetic softy around girls.

Lizzie looked up as sobs subsided. Her glossy eyes glimmering hoping to attract his sympathy.

"Nobody as perfect as you." She said.

He reeled back, suddenly choking on his ego. Stumbled and stuttered as he tried to regrasp his composure. Numbuh 4 took this as their cue to leave. Gripping Numbuh 1 by the arm he began to tug his leader out of the room hoping to successfully take him out of range of cupid's sadistic arrow.

"That's it! This meeting's ova'! C'mon Numbuh 1."

Snapping back to his rational mind and narrowly avoiding the spider's web, Numbuh 1 straightened himself, knowing full well that if he gave into Lizzie again she'd never learn.

"Alright Numbuh 4." He concurred. "We're going now Lizzie. And I won't be coming back. Have a nice---" He paused a moment, "---Life."

For the first time he felt good turning his back on her. Finally free of his irrational addiction. He could at last dedicate his full time to what was the most important. It was strange to feel so weightless and detached from something he had once plunged into with all his emotion. It was both a pleasure and a disturbance, but the negative quickly passed. Lizzie had given up her last chance and like any sensible leader should, he let her go. Now he felt freedom where there was once guilt. Like dropping a dead weight. Numbuh 1 smiled, proud of himself. A pride he had needed all along. He and Numbuh 4 headed for the door only to be halted by Lizzie's voice.

"Nigel, before you go, could you do me one tiny favor?"

He turned, focused and resolute.

"That depends. What is it?"

She smirked, giving him a cutesy look.

"Could you, let me have a little bit of your blood?"

Silence and stares directed on her from the males in the room.

"My--- my blood? Why?" Numbuh 1 blabbered foppishly both disgusted and disturbed. Lizzie only smiled, as if she had asked for something as common as a cup of sugar or a couple of bucks.

"Oh, you know, as a keepsake. To remember you by. I could wear it in a little vial around my neck to keep you close to my heart. I only need a tiny bit, just enough so maybe one day I could use it to clone you---."

The last bit of doubt vanished from their minds regarding Lizzie's sanity. The two boys slowly backed away, deathly quiet, until they crossed the threshold exiting her room.

Rushing from the house as fast as their short legs could carry them. Numbuhs 1 and 4 ran screaming, trying to put enough distance between them and Lizzie as possible. The girl only stared dreamily at the terrified boys through her bedroom window. She didn't care what they had said. The love she felt for Nigel was true in her book and she knew that love would always find a way. At least that's what the novels and movies had always told her. She leaned on her windowsill with a content and faithful sigh, sniffing the bent daisy in her hand watching the boys vanish over the horizon.

At this moment of course, being anywhere near Lizzie was the farthest thing from Numbuh 1's mind. Even though they were now many blocks away from her house the pair felt that it was necessary to ensure the creepy obsessor had been able to follow them.

"I told ya that Lizzie was a freak!" Numbuh 4 shouted among puffs of breath.

In their panic the duo failed to notice they had passed Numbuh 5 on her way back from the candy store. She stared at them awkwardly, grape flavored lollypop threatening to drop form her agape mouth. She cocked an eyebrow at their sprinting forms, shrugged her shoulders accurately concluding that things at Lizzie's hadn't gone according to plan. Calmly, quietly, pressing the candy between her cheek and tongue, bags of sweets dangling in her hand, she paced after them in a casual gate. No need to hurry after them. After all, they were all headed for the same place anyway. The place where they all belonged. The place where his heart would always remain. From the looks of it Numbuh 1 wouldn't be experimenting with any other loves anytime soon. He finally understood what other kids his age knew all along.

"Love is just plain crazy." Numbuh 5 mused, stuffing another lemon drop into her mouth. The sweet sourness blanketing over any residue of infatuation she may have had. His true love was beckoning him in the form of a giant tree house, a series of 2x4 technology weapons, and a crew of loyal teammates. Nothing should taint a love like that, the capped girl knew. But she could see what would make him an object of affection to a girl like Lizzie, or any girl for that matter. After all, he was a beautiful enigma.

[The End]