Jim did eventually relent. The key word here being eventually. It was only after Mario made a show of readjusting his arms to make it look like he was serious about following through with his threats to break his thumbs that Jim panicked and came scrambling back up into his lap to rescue him.

"Stop that! You need your hands, you're a doctor."

Slick dribbles of lube dripped down Jim's naked thigh and onto Mario's still clothed lap. The wet spot on his leg made him shift, the fabric turning coarse against his skin. It was incredibly lewd, in its own way, and Mario was all the more impatient after feeling it; imagining Jim open and just waiting for him like that... Leaking over his leg like some desperate creature...

"Jim." he said, terse and gravely, the depth of his tone even surprising himself.

Jim fumbled with where he had been unfastening the belt, a small sound coming up from his throat before his eyes found Mario's, "...Yes?"

"Untie me."

He gulped, hastily setting back to work on the belt again, "I- Jesus, I was in the middle of doing that-"

"Go faster."

Another desperate sound, and Jim was, in fact, just a little quicker in his movements.

The moment the belt was loose enough to gain some leverage, Mario practically ripped his hands out and in front of himself, taking Jim by the hips and lifting. Jim yelped. He turned them, depositing Jim onto his back, the material of the leathery couch almost sticky against his naked, sweaty back. Mario's pants were still unzipped from earlier, so it only took a minimal effort to pull himself out from the confines of his boxers to line up with the wet, inviting hole presented before him.

Jim made an absolutely ridiculous, lewd sound, causing Mario to pitch forward, teeth at his neck, ready to bite and claim-Mario was reminded of when he'd fantasized about putting marks on Jim like this... when he'd taken himself in hand and jerked off to the very thought. He groaned, bit down and swallowed up Jim's loud wail.

Jim was grinding forward, back down and against Mario, trying to entice him inside finally- finally.


"I know." he said, "I've got you."

Jim whimpered when he pushed in, eyes shutting and mouth dripping with saliva, arms coming down from up above his head to coil around Mario's shoulders.

Christ, neither of them were going to last long at all.

Mario set a quick pace, aiming to drive in as far as he could, thrusting in until Jim was a gasping, desperate mess beneath him. He moaned, groaned, and every other obscenity under the moon. Sweating against the couch, Jim was a wrecked piece of work, writhing around and stretching his neck so that Mario had an easier time nipping at the freshly marred skin there.

Mario took and took, high on the pure trust Jim gave him as he went lax, doing nothing but making encouraging noises and gestures. He willingly ate up everything Mario gave him like he'd been absolutely starving for even just a little affection. Mario set out to offer him a feast in reward. He lavished Jim with praise, little kisses, bites, smacks at his outer thigh where Mario gripped him for leverage. He licked at the underside of Jim's ear and reveled in the delighted shiver he got in reply.

He eventually came to the sight of Jim tipping his head all the way back, pale throat exposed in submission and a terribly blissed out expression on his face as cum splattered up between them and onto their chests.

Some dirty, scandalous part of Mario wanted lean down and lick every last drop from Jim's body...

Or better yet, pull out and flip him over to suck his own seed from Jim's abused backside.

Wouldn't that be the ultimate picture of a claim? Because Mario had.

Jim was his.

"Wow... that..."

Mario hummed tiredly, still sort of running around a series of deliciously perverted ideas in his head.

"Bed?" Jim offered helpfully when Mario let his head lean against Jim's collar bone.

Again he merely hummed, and let Jim tap his shoulder, lead him up and off from the couch, and into bed.

Mario woke up in unfamiliar surroundings, the light peeking through the dusty window forcing him to squint and a heavy body draped over his side preventing him from sitting up.

He snorted. Jim lay with his mouth hung open, drooling on Mario's chest and snoring just a little on each inhale. He looked lax and near vulnerable like that, blissfully off in the land of sleep. "Jim." he grinned, shaking his arm gently until Jim groaned and rolled around a bit, "I've got to get up to shower and dress for work, Jim."

"Call in sick." he grumbled, flinging his arm out over the rest of Mario's torso.

He chortled, "I'm a doctor. We don't call in when we're not sick." Mario tried to sit up, but when it didn't work he resorted to more direct tactics, poking Jim in the side, "That's probably why your department is so slow to respond. Is skipping work just because you want to a detective thing?"

"'S a people thing." Jim argued, but blinked his eyes slowly awake. "Not my fault you can't lie about being sick to another doc."

"C'mon." he encouraged, trying to lift Jim off of him, "Let's get up."

"Or we could just stay here." Jim smiled, and rolled over a little more, full body now encasing Mario, one leg slipped between his.

"I've got to get up, Jim."


Mario was about to argue again, to tell Jim that he couldn't just stay in bed all morning, but Jim stole his words away with a kiss. Sloppy, a little tainted with bland morning breath, but still pleasant nevertheless. Mario let his hand settle over Jim's hip, rubbing the skin lightly as they kissed. Jim pressed closer, deepening the kiss and setting off Mario's lust. His soft touch turned into a grip, dragging Jim forward until they were flush together, groping at his ass until Jim pulled back to hiss.

Mario blinked, "Oh, shit, right. Last night-"

"It's nothing. Just a little soreness. We both know I can handle it."

Mario shook his head before tapping Jim's hip, "No, you're going to let me check you out this morning. I didn't get to last night." He added, chidingly.

Jim groaned, rolling off of Mario and onto his back in the bed, watching him stand, naked as the day he was born. Jim smirked, "Nice view."

He snorted, coming back with a squeeze-tube of ointment, "Alright, turn over Casanova."

"Say pretty please."

"Jim." he said instead, letting his voice drop low.

Jim opened one eye, cheeks just a little pink. He didn't say anything as he rolled obediently, but he did hum appreciatively when Mario rewarded him with a purred-out "good boy".

Mario spent some time simply running his hands over the welts, taking in every bruise, bite mark and the places where he might have been a little too hard. Thankfully it didn't look like any skin had broken the previous night. He popped open the tube anyway. Even if there weren't any cuts, the cream would help soothe the sting in his skin. It wouldn't take away the deep rooted pain that went bone deep, but that was perfectly fine. That was the part Jim liked best, anyway.

He rubbed the cream back and forth in his hands a few times to warm it before bringing his hands down gently over Jim's skin.

Jim hissed initially, flinching away from the first sting of contact, but he calmed quickly, relaxing his muscles once more so that Mario could work. Mario rewarded him with a pleased hum. He thought about bending forward to kiss the naked expanse of Jim's back... but he had priorities this time. It was his job to care for Jim first and foremost.

He massaged the aching skin carefully, doing his best to work into the bruises without elevating the sting. Beneath him, Jim groaned appreciatively.

"It doesn't look like I broke skin." Mario said conversationally.

Jim hummed, "Next time."

Mario snorted, "It's a good thing, Jim. Less sting, no cuts; no possibility of infection or you reopening a wound on your ass at work." he chuckled then, "Imagine how awkward that would be to explain."

"Harvey would go into cardiac arrest."

"His eating habits will see to that just fine without your help, Jim. That mean doesn't take care of himself at all."

Jim grinned, "I'll tell him you said that."

Mario, more out of habit than any real insult, gave Jim a quick smack on the left cheek, watching, mezmorized, as Jim squirmed beneath his hand. The quick jerk away from his slap resulted in a rather lewd grind into the bedsheets, Jim's ass, previously pink, shimmering from the cream and wiggling around with his movement... it was like a little 'time to wake up' poke to Mario's (slowly becoming very interested) cock.

Jim groaned, low and throaty before peeking over his shoulder at Mario, pouting, "Ow..." he said, but it was such a sultry little complaint, filled with everything but actual dislike.

Mario grabbed a handful of his cheek, right over where he'd slapped, gripping tightly and drinking in Jim's whimpering pleasure.

"Mmmmh... you said you had to get ready..."

"You're the one that started..."

Jim guffawed, "You hit me!"

"You moaned and started fucking the sheets."

Another rumbling moan tumbled out of Jim's mouth, and Mario thought it would be an absolute waste if he didn't do a little something about his partner's obvious state of arousal. One of his fingers, still slick with cream, took a detour from the smoothe crevice of his ass cheek, slipping down and over, pushing flesh aside until Mario was pressing into Jim's hole, butter-soft and gagging for something thicker-more substantial than a finger.

Mario groaned, Jim echoed him.

One finger became two by the second dip inside, and Mario leaned up and over Jim's body to kiss at his neck, his shoulders, any bit of skin he could reach...

"Mario..." Jim sighed, rocking back onto his fingers as best he could, accounting for Mario's body pressed against his own.

"I don't have time to take a shower anymore, so I'm not going to fuck you..." Mario said, and Jim whimpered, thrusting backward more eagerly than before, "But I might have time to make you cum on my fingers like this. Think you can do that for me?"

Jim clenched the sheet into his fists, bringing some fabric up to his mouth and looking like he wanted to bite down. He shook his head, but continued to writhe.

"No?" Mario asked, voice soft, cajoling, "Should I stop? If you don't think you can..."

Jim pressed back with much more urgency, shaking his head again, more desperate, "No, please just-"

"Be good, Jim." Mario said gently, practically murmuring into his ear, "Cum on my fingers for me."

Mario had never heard such a lewd responding sound in all of his life. It egged him on, made him want to do more-give Jim what he wanted. Mario wanted to call in after all; spend the morning fucking Jim into the mattress and helping him make more delicious little noises. Mario wanted to cuff Jim to the headboard and leave him there when he was done, sat across from Jim with his legs forced open so that Mario could watch his own cum seep out of Jim's weeping hole...

Mario thought he might orgasm without even touching himself; just from letting his imagination run rampant like it was.

Jim whimpered, pressing back onto four fingers now, greedy and so so needy.

Mario absolutely loved it.

"Fuck." Mario grunted out, and wrapped a desperate hand around his own cock.

Jim gasped when Mario's fingers twitched, unintentionally crooking upwards and making Jim see stars. "Shit."

"Come Jim-" Mario ordered through a bitten lip, "Fuck, I'm gonna come on your back. You'll be even more marked up, Jim. My cum- shit."

Jim spasmed against the sheets, writhing back onto Mario's fingers and forward against the cotton. He yelled into the pillow, a wet, bastardization of Mario's name drawn out in a slew of desperate staccatos.

Mario followed shortly after, forcing himself up onto his knees so that he could watch his cum stripe up and along the line of Jim's back, coating the bruises and angry red marks, Mario's hickeys, all of it. Jim was the very picture of debauchery. He looked over his shoulder and up at Mario, grinning wide and drunkenly.


Jim tried to roll around, but Mario caught his arm and stilled him in the middle of his mouth straining for Mario's softening cock.

Lifting his eyes in a manner too pleading to be truly innocent, Jim jutted out his lip, "I want to..."

"Not this morning."

Jim made a discontent noise. "I want to take care of you..."

"Last night was for me," he said plainly, "this morning was about you."

"It's not like I didn't also enjoy last night too..." Jim pouted, and Mario simply smiled.

"It's not like I didn't enjoy that." he shot back.

Jim huffed, "Okay, fine." he nudged Mario sweetly, "But when you're back form work, I really want you to fuck my face..."

Jim Gordon was going to be the death of him.

He coughed, "O-kay. Deal."

Jim beamed at him, leaned forward, and kissed his lips gently. "Work?"

"Mmm, yeah. I should really get ready for that." Mario hummed, but leaned into Jim's simple press, running a hand softly up Jim's arm.

He chuckled, "Is this what you're going to be like? Now that we're..."


"Now that we're whatever we are."

Mario snorted, "What are we supposed to be?"

Jim shrugged, frowning, "I don't know. I guess we don't have to be anything. I mean-"

Mario stopped him immediately. "We're definitely something, Jim. Don't worry about that."

He smiled appreciatively, "Okay."

Nudging his arm softly, Mario encouraged him to pick up where he'd left off, "What were you thinking of?"

"I don't know? ...boyfriends? Or something." he covered quickly, glancing away.

"Boyfriends?" Mario smirked.

Jim swatted at him with a chuckle, "I don't know! I'm all gooey right now. Don't ask me these big questions. I mean... Maybe we should just be patient. This is really fresh..."

Mario frowned, "Maybe it's just because I'm with you and feeling especially dominant, but I really want you to be mine. Whatever 'title' it takes to have that, I don't really care, but I'm not very interested in waiting for it."

Jim gushed, smiling wide before his mouth dropped, "You really think you'll be okay if we don't wait at all? I mean... Your relationship only ended literally the other day..."

Mario shook his head, "No, my relationship with Lee ended a long time ago. I spent a lot of time trying to just... be content with her. I thought I could fix it if I just tried hard enough... but fighting so hard for something I knew would be mediocre and unsatisfying really wasn't the right idea. Love is... supposed to be more fulfilling, right? I don't have to try hard with you. It's easy to just be myself. Waiting to say were 'dating' won't make any difference in terms of how I feel about you."

Jim made a face, one that was entirely too smart and giggly for Mario's taste. He narrowed his eyes, "What?"

"All I'm gonna say is that you used the L word first."

Mario blinked, incredulous, then scoffed, "You're taking that out of context. I didn't admit to anything and I demand that it's stricken from the record."

"You said it first."

"I didn't say it to you, Jim."

"Oh come on, it's obvious you're just as in love with me."

"I'm sorry," Mario interrupted, a brilliantly bright smile plastered all over his face, "What was that now? "

Jim stalled, eyes going a little wide as he caught his own faux pas. His cheeks pinked with embarrassment, "I plead the fifth."

"Nuh uh, you can't pull that bullshit with me. You love me, don't you?"

"I have the right to remain silent..."


"If 'anything I say will be held against me', does that mean I can say your-"

"Finish that sentence, Jim, and I'll punish you." Mario snapped playfully, "Say it."

Jim grinned, "Is that supposed to be a threat?"

"I'll punish you in ways you won't like." he reiterated.

"Oh, yeah?"

"I've been looking into it, since you like so many of the things I would normally punish you with. I hear orgasm denial is fun. How does a cock ring sound? I'll make you wear one all fucking day. Maybe even into work... with a plug. You think your partner would notice if you-?"

"Alright! Alright, I give in, I love you." Jim laughed, lifting his hands in surrender.

Mario smiled, "If it's any consolation... I think I might be getting there myself. You're extremely irritating and just as frustrating, but also really easy to fall for." he sighed, pulled Jim closer, and kissed his swollen lips.

Jim grinned, "I'm going to make you say the L word if it kills me."

"Scheming will result in cock rings. Just remember that."

"I'll trick you into saying it while I'm riding you." Jim said, and kissed his cheek, "You won't even realize it was me and my boyish charm swindling you out of it."

"Or you could let me do you one better." Mario smiled, and nipped the underside of Jim's jaw in return, "Wouldn't a sordid romantic like yourself prefer I take you out on a date? Flowers and wine, the whole deal? I'd say it then, watch you go pink in public. I haven't gotten to do that yet and I really want to."

Jim chuckled, wrapping his arms around Mario's neck happily, "My devious doctor sadist returns to fight dirty."

"I fight to win."

He nodded, "I'll think about it." Jim brought his forehead lightly to Mario's, "In the meantime, I have to get to work on making you fall in love with me too."

Mario grinned, and went easily as Jim led him away from the bed, off into the shower to prepare for a new day. He'd wind up late for work today, but it would be worth it. The moment they were naked and pressed together under the pittering pattern of spraying water, Jim set to work on doing just that; 'making' Mario falling in love with him.

Mario smiled, happy for the first time in a long time.

You really won't have to try very hard.